Euro 2020 Qualifiers includes today's main menu betting coupon, with our national team (which has a young technician debut) being tested at the Finnish headquarters of Tim Pouki.

Let's go to today's games that we have singled out for betting.

Armenia - Italy

At 19.00 Greek time the program of the Qualifiers opens, with Italy being tested against the Armenians. Given the difference in quality, with the Italians having started impressively (4 in 4, 13-1 goals). Of course, the Armenians are also at bay after the victory over Greece. However, they will hardly be able to get something from the Italians, with the "double" being offered at very low levels (1.26 in Betshop).

The Armenians scored in their 3 / 4 games, but we think they will find it difficult to break through the solid Italian defense and so we would prefer 2 & N / G at 1.92 of Betshop.

Israel - Northern Macedonia

The heavy defeat from Poland (4-0) has raised concerns among Israelis, who remain in 2 position after a very good start.

Today, of course, they are facing some major absenteeism issues, something that Northern Macedonia will try to exploit. Good for our neighbors, who are targeting 2 / 2 next time, according to its technician, which shows how the goal will go.

Israel not only scored against Poland, and this was away. G / G is worth the risk on Interwetten's 2.05.

Finland - Greece

Already on our homepage, Manos Iliakis has suggested the "double" of our National Team at high odds, justifying his choice. See the analysis here.

We have no reason to go against him (hopefully we believe in our National victory), however we will go differently and choose G / G on the highest 2.44 of Betshop.

We believe that our national team will need at least two goals, as the Finns have not only scored against the Italians and are in the form of Tim Pucci (5 goals in 4 appearances with Norwich).

The plans of the new Dutch technician seem to be offensive, our national team is only looking for victory and all this can lead to a goal. Between over and G / G, we select 2o. The trip of the "blue-white"

The qualifiers of Euro 2020 have already begun! National Greece is in Switzerland and enters the "dance" against Liechtenstein. The technician Angelos Anastasiadis has called several new players and hopes that the "blue-white" voyage will have a good ending. Today's opponent is clearly inferior in quality, but in the past it has been proven that there are no easy games.

Our National Team has shortcomings in today's game but at the same time has players who are more than capable of winning Liechtenstein. Suffice it to be serious, which is surely able to succeed, having Angelos Anastasiadis at the edge of the bench as their mentor. So we expect a victory for the National team but without scoring away, while the mind of our internationals certainly lies in the upcoming important game / hard test at the headquarters of Bosnia. Our choice is 2 & Under3,5 at 1.67 of

Kostas Fortounis is doing a great season and the new offers you the Olympiacos midfielder in enhanced odds *.

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The ghost goal

Second part of the racing game in Bundesliga, which completes its first round.


Favorable prices are offered Dortmund, which has only two wins in the last twelve, both with the soul in the mouth. In 1-0 with Hoffenheim, she was fortunate enough at the end while on her Gladabach he prevailed with the same score after an unlikely own goal. OR Wolfsburg has two laces, a defeat and a draw in the last ten. In defeat by Schalke was caught sleeping and on the draw last Sunday by Paddborn, did not clean the match first and then paid for it. Prehistory shows Headquarters and Over, and we would choose the second.


Self-destructive once again Schalke, missed the great opportunity to find himself at 3η position. He played only once in the first place, accepted the goal and then did not have the courage to turn the match, with Cologne. Travels to Panteborg, against a group that you can hardly handle. Question mark now Schalke We'll see. This one Stuttgart or against it Freiburg. If the first score is opened, he is lucky. Otherwise, a tough and frozen night will pass.


In the heavens or Herta after the victory over her Dortmund, snapped out of the last positions and can hope to temporarily breathe more comfortable. With goals in the last minutes, it lost Frankfurt in Hoffenheim, finishing a series of three consecutive wins. He had one more day to rest, he has worked in the last and the ace on 2,08 offered by Stoiximan will be one of our choices.


He stayed at 1-1 with LeverkusenThe Gladbach, which is one of the good teams in the category. It measures two big scores against Werder in the last three years, but that does not justify in any way the low price offered by ace. The latter saved one degree against Hanover on Saturday, he had one more day for rest, he is expected to run the opponent, in our selections the 1,61 in the biplane from Stoiximan.


Finally, the Hopfenheim had two days more to rest than his current opponent Leverkusen. The latter traveled without her new big star, the staff Hakan Calhanoglu and has been defeated just once in Hoffenheim, the far 2003 and total counts 5 wins, 1 draw and a defeat. Very high 3,25 on the ace, is offered at 2,30 with coverage at DNB from Stoiximan. Last season, the Leverkusen had defeated her Hopfenheim with a goal never scored.



Schinarakis Michalis


FB: Michael Sxoinarakis

Midweek unpredictable

We leave behind a totally aloof racing in Bundesliga. Several good teams have been crooked, but life continues.

Fixed value h Bayern as we had written, just dropped the throttle, in 13 minutes cleared inside Augsburg with 4-0. Today he welcomes Freiburg in its last home year. OR Freiburg stayed at 0-0 with Hamburg, losing a penalty that was wrongfully given to her. It will play passively, mainly to keep the score low. Everything will depend on the mood of her players Bayern. Probable 4-6 goals, (12 / 1 / 0) prehistory, at 2,05 on Stoiximan.

An interesting showdown is expected at Hannover - Augsburg. Snake or his defense Hanover, has accepted 13 goals in 4 last, does not remind the team of the first races. First defeat for Augsburg, after four wins, in a normal sense, by Bayern. Two defeats in its field comes from HanoverBy Wolfsburg and Leverkusen, against which he could not resist. Earlier she had proved that she succeeds against a team in her measures. Absolutely divided the odds set, we keep the ace in the DNB. Alternatively the Over, at 1,95 in Stoiximan.

Big match to stay at Hamburg, between HSV and VFB. Past teams, titles, championships, are fighting for their stay. Slowly but firmly he has taken over him, the Hamburg. On his court he makes a fuss and he has gathered valuable points. OR Stuttgart, with the coach change, did the double, then accepted the cue from her Schalke and took a grade in Mainz. She is away from home, she has twice as many points as her at the court. Good prehistory at Hamburg has not lost in the last three. Low ace, no one is worth the draw. We remain incompetent.

Terrible double h Cologne in Schalke. Just a spectator in the first place, he opened the score and then cleared the match. She continues to worry Mainz, seven races without a win, stuck at 1-1 with her Stuttgart. Statistically the match has enough About, in 2,95 on Stoiximan.


Panathinaikos (-1 E.H.) - Panthrakikos

After the 1-1 draw with Estoril on Thursday, Panathinaikos returns to the Greek championship in order to return to the victories. Karelis was more effective at the end of the phases, he could have cleared the victory earlier. In the end, the law of football was confirmed and Estoril took the X and left Panathinaikos without victories for the first time in a Europa League group.

The 1-1 draw with 4-XNUMX with Star in Tripoli, but XNUMX has already won victories over difficult opponents (Panetolikos, Beria, PAOK, Atromitos).
Panthrakikos for its part has 10 points and is at -3 from salvation. In the last games it has made good appearances and got 4 points at home defeating Platanias and bringing X with Ergotelis. with 2-1 in Toumba but lost 3-2. Away from home, however, he is disappointing and has only one point in 7 games.
Panathinaikos is upgraded in the last game and I think it will easily get the match.

Match Info

  • Pick 1
  • Odds 1,70
  • Stake 3
  • Bookmaker Stoiximan
  • result 4-0
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +2.10

Week of truth

The week of truth began in Bundesliga, as within three days, three races will be held and then the teams will be retired for the winter break. During this time, they will clear a lot, especially in the battle of 2th position and in the score queue.

With two matches, the current program is over. Originally there is the derby in Leverkusen, where the local team hosts Gladbach. Both had European matches and with victory remain close to 2η position. Otherwise they will retreat and move away. It dislikes the set of odds on it Gladbach, more open the match than is offered, it will logically open the score, select it About, at 1,70 by Stoiximan.

In the second match the unstoppable Wolfsburg, hosts the newly enlightened Paderborn. The "wolves" come from six consecutive victories at home, on Thursday they passed like a siphon from Lille to Europe and at this time they seem, as the first favorite for the 2η position. The good start of Paderborn, did not have the appropriate continuity, except it was left without a double from the 3-0 in Hamburg. No value in the price of the ace. We hold the double-digit, 1,65 in Stoiximan. Alternatively Over 3.

The tie Braunschweig, broke the yesterday absolute in Germany. Today the program dominates the big derby in Ingolstadt, with the pioneer to welcome her Kaiserslautern. The match of the year for the last one, as with a victory, goes back to 2η position and reduces its difference from the top and can maintain the absolute until the winter break. Good prehistory Lauren and with the odds to do so. The provocative value in the double, this option with coverage in DNB, which is offered in 2,15 by Stoiximan.

Of the other two matches, we hold the 2-3 goal Aalen - Nuremberg. Both on a good moon with the second difficult outside, but after the change the coach has improved significantly. In 2,02 the performance on Stoiximan. In the third match, the hoop Pauli, welcomes everything dangerous Darmstadt. The minimalist is the last to score a small margin, where he has no doubles in the last six but with five draws. Open to every result, leave it out.

Last match for 2014 with derby in Austria. The Champion Salzburg, Welcomes the Rapid, the only team that can look her in the eye. The "bulls" often stumble after a European match, they have rewarded the "greens" with six goals in the last two. Possible and low g / g, now classic 4-6 goals.


Schinarakis Michalis


FB: Michael Sxoinarakis


More goals in 1 half-time

A goal of the Firimino at 87 'broke the final result in yesterday's Bundesliga match. Fresh buns today.

Augsburg - Bayern at the beginning. Once 75 km separates the two cities, with the Augsburg, silently found in 3η location after the amazing 4X4. In its field it comes from five consecutive wins, all will depend on its mood Bayern.

With an extraordinary tradition Werder (8 / 3 / 1) today Hannover is coming, with the last double being 2003. With 1-2 new problems Werder, it is offered in good performance and with a clear lead. Cover with DNB Offered at 1,75 by Stoiximan.

Undefeated in the last eleven (8 / 3 / 0) is the Schalke against its current rival Cologne. Efficiency has gone into the last games Schalke, comes from winning-qualification in his "16" Champions League and despite their absences Boateng, Obshi and Draxler, seems to be "better" on the pitch. Successive defeats come from Cologne, tightening the straps. After a good start, he has begun to worry, and he is easily accepted by the latter. Select o aceAt 1,90 in Stoiximan, near the n. of the market.  

Open match at Freiburg today, with the local team welcoming it Hamburg. Expect a match with a lot of power, running and many personal duels. Totally unpredictable, it is worth the price offered Hamburg, covered in DNB, at 2,00 by Stoiximan. Alternatively, 1,72 in the ambush by the same company.

Now, in 1,65 its double Dortmund on Herta on Berlin, which only the jerseys remind Borussia. Of course at some point it will break out, make, score, will, will, will, will. Yes, but when? Today. Maybe. The upcoming week. Possible. We leave it in peace and continue.

Four consecutive wins on her court come from Mainz, against his current opponent Stuttgart. The latter, after changing the coach, shows once again that he is better off away from home. Logically he will be closed back and waiting for the opponent. An opponent who remains without a win in the last six and on his court does not inspire any confidence. If it's worth it, it's the counter. Otherwise we leave it in peace.

Due to the inaugural midweek match next week, the German program includes three matches this afternoon. Poor bracketing is the defeat the last game for her BraunschweigIn Karlsruhe. Today she welcomes her Unison, which with both consecutive wins scored a breath of breath, while away from home it remains undefeated in its last three away games. Higher Eitrach qualifies to return to the big category, we keep the ace in 1,90 from the Stoiximan.

Rise is seen also by Karlsruhe. An undefeated run of seven consecutive undefeated matches runs away from home, staying up to Darmstadt and passed by double from Fiat and Like Paulie. Looking again Munich 1860, a turbulent winter break is waiting for her. Difficult to deal with Karlsruhe, at this time. We keep the double in 1,95 on Stoiximan, lower than μ.ο. of the market.

With the two consecutive defeats, the Fortuna, shattered the excellent image he had before the catastrophic defeat at Aalen. Today he is facing the home away from home, with the latter being the only team without a win in the field, having just won three draws. Excellent 2,40 on the double by Stoiximan, in the p.o. of the market.

In the winter holidays Swiss, only us have left Austrians today. An important match at Altach, Welcomes the Sturm. Both in good condition. An open match will logically score both. Statistics spoke at Austria-Rocky, we select that there will be more goals at 1ο half time, with 2,85 performance on Stoiximan.  Undefeated at 18 last Reed, against Neustadt. Expected low performance on the ace, we keep it ambiscer. End 2,45 in the Wolfsberg doubles will be our choice. Ten games without victory, Antrim, has scored just two goals in this period (both against Neustadt).  

Schinarakis Michalis


FB: Michael Sxoinarakis

Very obvious to be verified

Who will stop Kiriat Smona after the big double in Haifa? Barack Bashar's team leads, and in fact undefeated, the championship race in Israel and today plays at home with the "uncoordinated" Hapoel Akko of Salihi, which after the home defeat by Netanya's unpaid, fell into the zone of demotion. First against last, formed against deformed, this 1,40 of the ace is probably a lot… says logic. The point is, such "obvious" bets are usually made by the bettors. I started to think more intuitively about this, but in the process I also came across the match news that speaks of 4-5 basic absences (the mission was completed by the teenager). Difficult though, but at odds that reach @ 7,00 (Stoiximan) for a net double or at @ 5,50 for DNB (Bet365) it is worth the risk

As a second choice from Israel we can see the double of the trained Ashdod at the headquarters of Netanya in which we can say that the mobilizations of the players were suspended as they received some money from the arrears of salaries. It should be noted, of course, that the last time Ashdod left Netanya victorious (1-0) was five years ago with coach Misrachi and scorer Sriki, who are now in the opposing camp! The DNB at @ 2,10 by Stoiximan while the net double is at @ 2,80.

We are leaving Israel to go to Azerbaijan where Inter Baku seems capable of challenging Karabakh's supremacy. Her weapon, the invincible defense which in 13 games has conceded only four goals! (Karabakh has accepted 13). Today, however, Inter's defense will go through difficult tests as it will have to withstand the cannon fire of Simurk's attackers who shoot from anywhere on the field. It is no coincidence that Simurk has been scoring consistently in the last eight, while the last time he was left untouched was in the first round match against Inter! I estimate that Inter will manage to pass victoriously, but I also estimate that the host will score at least one goal. A first choice from such a scenario is Over (2,5) at @ 2,10 from Bet365

Y.K. Difficulties in communication do not allow me to put picks on the main page, I hope that early next week we will enter the normal pace.


Manolis Iliakis


Hoffenheim's questionnaire.

Exceptional yesterday's proposals were confirmed most, while a little failed to succeed Alan's hat-trick, with performance at 17,00. The European matches for 2014 have been completed and we are turning to the domestic championships until the winter break.

At Bundesliga, there is currently in the program, the local derby between Hoffenheim and Eintracht. Without any particular rivalry, just 120 kilometers separates the two cities. Double person Hoffenheim, started "modest and humbly" while the last races reminded something of her old self and returned to his joy About, while in the last two in the + 7 goal was verified. On the other hand Frankfurt, comes from three successive major victories, resulting in a significant improvement in score. Only to Hanover failed to score, while at least he has scored at least one goal. It is difficult to repeat the soup since their last encounter. Probable tie with 4,20 return on Stoiximan. He plays the 2-2 score at 12,50. For the most conservative, low biplane and classic Over, it is fortunate for this at the limit of 3,5, with 2,00 performance on Stoiximan.

Finale of the first round in the 2nd category, where the Aye remains without a win in the last six, resulting in a fall to last place. He has difficulty scoring and faces a modest away Hainenheim. It does not come out with this match, much will depend on the weather and the situation that will be found in the field.

In the second match of the game, the wretched Gretner Fiert, hosts the ambitious Leipzig. What 'I've always had' Fiert, capable of the best and the worst. With absences, RB has an away defeat and away from home it has not scored in the last three. Open match, all scenarios are possible, it's worth double the performance. Alternatively, 2-3 goals, with 2,02 performance on Stoiximan.

With service until the winter break, she will go Bochum. She faces her Sandhauzen, which has suffered a terrible double from Fortuna and her stadium remains undefeated in the last three. No bet, is bet.


Schinarakis Michalis


FB: Michael Sxoinarakis



The European tour of Panathinaikos will be finishing today, which will now aim for the victory against Estoril in order not to finish for the first time in the history of the Europa League groupings without a victory.
Anastasios team is in form and has made great appearances in the previous month. In the championship defeated PAOK, Panetoliko off, and Atromitos, Veria while on Sunday, although not good, he took the tie against the Stars with 1-1 in Tripoli. In Europe, although he played with changes in Moscow, he lost 2-1 from Dynamo by paying his defensive gaps.
For today's game Anastassiou will turn in but from the middle and front he has many options and today he will probably score better than the Tripoli. He has left Mendez, Nano, Sidefeld and Petris for rest and wounded is Kotsolis. According to the latest news, Panathinaikis' ten will be made up of
Styl, Bourbo, Risbanni, Koutroupi, Houhumi, Dioni, Lagos, Pranic, Dina, Klonaridis and Berg.
For her part, Estoril has 4 points and is also blocked since she has not managed to win Eindhoven in the previous game. Kousseiro is expected to make changes and give time to some players who do not have enough minutes.
I will bet on the Panathinaikos ace that is at 2.25.

Match Info

  • Pick 1
  • Odds 2,25
  • Stake 3
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 1-1
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -3

Performance with 17,00

Finale today for this year's European events, with the last round in the Euroleague League.

At 1ο groupThe Gladbach receives the Zurich. To Germans the tie is enough to qualify, while winning the first prize in the group. OR Zurich in turn she only wants the three points to qualify against her Gladbach. "Final" for them Swiss who had rested several players on Sunday and was defeated by her Thun. The technician Gladbach, Lucien Favre he knows his current opponent very well as he spent four years in Zurich, with which he won the last championship Switzerland. No value in the low ace, alternatively we keep it About on 1,60 in Stoiximan.

Power Demonstration by Salzburg at 4ο group, has secured the first in the group, scattering the tremor in its passage. Without an opponent in the last, he cleansed Celtic and Dinamo Zagreb. She is in excellent condition the scorer Alan, who will fight for a chance without the first-time boxer Sororan. The latter was ill and reasonably guarded for her derby Sunday against the Rapid. Scorer AnyteamoAlanDouglasBorgesdeOak, in total odds 1,83 and 17,00 for hat-trick. The point was chosen 1 & About3,5 in total odds 2,35.

Choose from Wolfsburg in 8ο Group after home defeat by Everton the last game and today calls at least the draw against Lille in France not to knit in adventures. Final for them French, they have to look for the goal. In an exceptional situation Germans, many will depend on the final eleven, choosing the ambiso, which is offered at 1,80 fromStoiximan.

Only victory wants YB at 9ο group in order to qualify for the next phase. The home team has taken advantage of the plastic carpet of its stadium many times in the past. He is facing her today Sparta Prague, which is enough for the tie. Overtaking the ace with the YB to confirm it many times, especially to the clubs from the first half. Good value is offered at About, with Czechs you have to look for the goal in order not to play with the fire for 90 minutes. In 2,50, the clean ace, 3,90 this half and 1,83 Over, all in Stoiximan.

Schinarakis Michalis


FB: Michael Sxoinarakis

All open to Schalke


Basel managed last night, endured in England and qualified for the next stage against Liverpool. Today is the end of the match for the current season, as the last entries will be blocked.


In 5 group, the indifferent grade Bayern, having secured the first in the group, welcomes it CSKA Moscow, which burns for degrees. The Russians tie up with City and Roma, they are looking for a victory in order to hope for qualification. Of course a lot will depend on the result in the second match between the last two in the eternal city. Everything will depend on her mood Bayern, which has five key outside, two alternates among them and one Pizarro, plus two substitute goalkeepers. Almost all the best will be played Russians. Of course the betting value is in the double and in all its variants and coverings. Attractive biplane offered at 1,80 by Stoiximan.

All scenarios are open for her SchalkeAt 7ο group. It can get qualified in Champions League, to continue on Yuropa or be excluded from the sequel. She faces her Maribor, which only asks for the victory to qualify Yuropa. With many problems Germans, have interfered with the three consecutive wins in the championship, a result of the new system put forward Die Matteo. In between he had accepted the pentar from Chelsea. The Slovenes have three draws in their active and both home are completed with the same 1-1 score. This was also the result of the first match between the two teams. Very low the double price offered, we keep the ambiscer which was verified in the last three instances for the Maribor and which is offered at 1,61 byStoiximan.


Schinarakis Michalis


FB: Michael Sxoinarakis



It will hardly find such an opportunity.

It was completed in the worst way a full three days, from which we were not entitled to the high demands we had on Friday. The current program distinguishes the Bavarian derby between Nuremberg and Munich 1860.

Both have remained behind in the score, although they had started with many dreams. The Franks, set the goal of renewal, brought the infinite Ismailto carry out a very difficult task. Changing the coach and his coming Rene Weiler was a desperate attempt by the administration to stop the free fall. The first samples were positive, he has left behind, in his subordinate and less demanding championship Switzerland to Aarau. Today he has two good returns and will rely again on the militancy and passion that football players have recently made. Deeply sick Munich 1860, wants but can not. Overwhelmingly, it comes from two important doubles and has twice as many points as away from the Alien Arena. Today he has the first goal scorer Rubin Otto, who came from her unclaimed Aurstria and has been up to now with his choice. With his participation he would be lucky About. We now turn to the ace that is offered at the limit of 1,90.  In 1,88 Stoiximan.

In the finale at B ' SwitzerlandBy Schaffhausen to welcome her Vil. The Schaffhausen remains without a win in the last five and home is the weakest team. Today he has the opportunity to recover against Vil. The latter after six consecutive defeats, changed coach and managed to score four points in the last two. But today, a major problem is faced, as its three top scorers, each scored three goals, will be left out, due to injury or punishment. It will be hard to find such an opportunity Schaffhausen, with the ace being offered near 2,00. At 1,93 η Stoiximan.

Schinarakis Michalis


FB: Michael Sxoinarakis


Delivery in double

It collapsed Stuttgart yesterday and rightfully stayed in the last place. On the contrary Wolfsburg, Salzburg, Sturm they did a good job, while Lucerne was little.  

In the queue we are currently focusing on the two games. Hamburg and Werder, are looking for success to get off the bottom, towards teams that feel more comfortable at the level. The group of the great harbor, which is passionate, combines combat strengths in time, begins. Today 3 is out of date Werderman, Behrammi, Jansen and this weakens it significantly. Her opponent Mainz comes from the cuff against Schalke and remains without a win in the last five, as well as the matches left without a double (2 / 3 / 0). Low 2,17 offered by Stoiximan, would have value if Hamburg was complete.   

In the second match, Werder you host on Frankfurt. The Eintracht stems from its significant success Dortmund - if it can be characterized by the image of the latter - has begun to feel more comfortable after the two successive successes. OR Werder has improved significantly after changing the coach, away from home is damage. An open match is expected, low on the classic offer About, selecting this at 3 goals.

A lower class, there are three extremely ambiguous matches. Originally the Karlsruhe receives the EintrachtBraunschweig. Both unbeaten in the last six with the second coming from five consecutive wins. Karlsruhe is a good team, but on the pitch it lags slightly, has two draws against subordinate teams and defeated the soul in the mouth Aye. On the contrary Eintracht, has improved significantly, feels confident and able to claim the rise again and has a good return today. Excessive 3,60 offered the double, keep it covered with DNB.

Distributed match expected in Leipzig, as revealed by the set of odds. The undefeated inside RB, hosts the best off-season team and champion Ingolstadt. We stay unpaid. One of the most strange games in the game is UNION - BSB. With a terrible tradition the first, with four consecutive doubles or the second, with the value being in the double.

From Austria in the match Wolfsberg - Rapid does not come out, we only keep the ambiscer.

Choice we have from Switzerland. Seven doubles in the last eight games at Thun, counts Zurich. The first has scored just one goal and this with an own goal in the last six, while it was very lucky to double on it Vaduz. Quality is superior Zurich and her technician Thun was for years at the price of his current opponents. Worth the 2,50 offered by (Stoiximan)


Karlsruhe - Braunschweig 2 DNB@ 2,55 (Stoiximan)

Thun - Zurich 2 @ 2,50 (Stoiximan)


Schinarakis Michalis


FB: Michael Sxoinarakis


Stoke - Arsenal

Torts continue for Stoke as Liverpool and United face another of the group's megacities. This time Arsenal is welcoming. 

Stoke 's last four home games have been G / G and Arsenal are not known for their defensive virtues. I think he will concede a goal so we go to a safer game with G / G than to risk at any point. 

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Premierleague
  • Pick GG
  • Odds 1.83
  • Stake 5
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 3-2
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +4.15

Testimonials for everyone in Premier ...

Instead of clearing the things in the Premier, they start and get more complicated because this racing game hides traps and a lot of trials for the first four teams.

The first in the fight is the champion Chelsea, which remains undefeated after 14 racing and this time it is tested in Newcastle headquarters, with the latter being able for the best and the worst. It is worth mentioning that in the last two hits of the London Team at St. James's Park he suffered similar defeats.

A test awaits Arsenal as well, as it will face Stoke. The difficult program of the "potters" continues, as after "Liverpool" and "Manchester United" come the "gunners".

The City welcomes Everton, with "sweets" not to mention anything in last year's team that was steadily close to the quartet. The Ace, however, is extremely low.

Extremely difficult is the work of United, which continues to be absent, although in recent games it seems to have a pace.

Apparently the KPP has a small lead in the home match against Burnley, but the game is harder than it looks as Burnley is quite molded and remains undefeated in the last four.

Classic epiphone for the stay is this between Hal and West Brom. Both count a series of negative results, but the home team is closer to a good result. 

Kazma - Al Kuwait

The rise in Al Kuwait's performance makes the stake on the team extremely value and is worth betting.

Al Kuwait spent a difficult season in the season, but since Ibrahim's coach got everything, everything has changed for this team. One of the best Middle East coaches gave a winner in Al Kuwait, and somehow they have created a series of hits that culminated on Tuesday when they blocked hated Al Quadsia in the semifinals of the Cup.

Kazma has been criticized enough this year for the boring and slow soccer that he plays because it has players who can play much better. Already looking for some players in the market will speed up the team. With a thousand lives in the previous game they won Khaitan and certainly did not convinced that they were in good shape.

Al Kuwait, on the other hand, is in very good shape, plays smartly, exploits the weaknesses of its opponents, and certainly wants the victory today as it follows the derby with Al Quadsia and the final cup with Al Arabi. A failure today can cost a lot to Al Kuwait, but they are ready for another victory.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Kuwait Premier League
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 1.90
  • Stake 4
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 1-1
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -4

Al Sailiya - Al Arabi

For a championship they started at Al Arabi, but somewhere along the way they lost it, the bad results gathered and somehow Dan Petrescu's home was sent home and hired the Uruguayan Saudi champion with Al Nasr, Daniel Carreno.

The new coach said he came to improve the team and as he did in Saudi Arabia, at 2 years to get the title with Al Arabi. Whether it will be very doubtful, but psychology in the group has been reversed, especially if one thinks that Carreno's name has been played these days for Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

The first barrier to Al Arabi's new start is Al Sailiya, a team that always plays according to its potential, has a ceiling and is much lower than the Al Arabi ceiling.

The match depends 100% on Al Arabi's moods and capabilities and I will support it in this new start as I think the performance should be a bit lower.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Qatar Stars League
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 2.12
  • Stake 3
  • Bookmaker Stoiximan
  • result 2-1
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -3

Ahli Sedab - Jalalan (+ 0.75)

Sultan's Cup in Oman, the country's most important tournament, the trophy that every player who starts a career in the country dreams of winning and shaking hands with the Sultan. Especially in those days when the head of the state of Oman is going through difficult times, such success gains historical significance.

In one of the 32 games we have the showdown between Ahli Sedab second class and Jalalan 3 class. In my opinion the performance is totally wrong. We are talking about a country where the differences between the teams are not big. From the first of the first category to the last of the third category, the differences are proportional differences between Olympiacos and Nikis Volos in Greece.

In an event such as the Sultan Cup, where so far we had 7 from the 12 games to be judged on the penalty shootout or the prolongation, I can not leave the performance given to Jalalan to go that way. They can of course also lose 2-0 easily and simply, but the value is big and worth the bet.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Oman Sultan Cup
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 2.00
  • Stake 3
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 1-0
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -1.5

Al Ittihad - Ala'ab Damanhour

Ittihad's performance from Alexandria has gone up enough to be worth a small bet. It's not a candle or a huge opportunity, but there's a difference in capacity between the two teams and it's a racing game.

If he wants to avoid the relegation adventures, the historic Ittihad then does not have many options here, he must win and get the 3 points and leave his opponent 8 points back to the scoring. Besides, in the last games the team of Alexandria has improved, 3 has undefeated races, but that is not enough.

Damanhour guests filled 5 without a point and as much as they tried to get better teams, they did not manage to do much and always leave with a bowed head.

I believe in Ittihad, he has a heavy jersey and is not such a bad team to deserve these adventures, he has the first say in this game.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Egypt Premier League
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 1.85
  • Stake 3
  • Bookmaker Stoiximan
  • result 1-0
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +2.55

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