Burnley - Southampton

To return to victory after a negative turn of three defeats the "Agioi" want.

Southampton played in turn with Manchester City, Arsenal and Manchester United. And if against the "citizens" lost right, against Arsenal and United had to get at least the tie, if not the victory. Burnley has a chance to win back, as hosts show their teeth only against teams that are low on the score. What made me particularly impressed by the Southampton team was the pressure put on by the players in all games, even against teams of world-class players. It kicks the opponent and scoring is a matter of time. 

The double is not a very nice but it is one of the best points in the game. 

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Premier League
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 1.75
  • Stake 4
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 1-0
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -4

Swansea-Crystal Palace

Swansea and Palla confronted 13 for the racing and bet on XenumX at outsider 2.5 prices, it is a belay that supports both team statistics and form but also the general 2.05 team image.

Both come from consistently good results, Swansea did lose to Etihad but with 2-1 and probably wronged itself, as far as Palace was concerned, they had a big victory with a 3-1 upset over Liverpool and the 2 are in relatively good positions in score, they have no sound, they play very good football and I think we will see a fairly open match.

Statistics now, Swansea has scored in most home games and Palace is the same away from home with 9 goals in 6 away. Swansea also has 4 / 5 OVER2.5 in the last matches as well as the 4 / 5 OVER2,5.

I think bad in outsider is the overs as the timing played by 2 teams and their general presence suggests a great chance for a fairly open match by 2 teams that play a nice last ball without any special purpose and will win the win one for her own account.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Premier league
  • Pick Over 2.5
  • Odds 2.05
  • Stake 3
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 1-1
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -3

Fighting fights early in the Premiership

Saturday is probably the least impressive in terms of program since the big matches are absent. Where everyone's interest is focused is on the battle for survival. One of the two most important games takes place in Leicester with the local team hosting Burnley. Both are known since last year when they gave their battle in the Championship for the direct promotion to the Premier. Eventually Leicester got on a train and Burnley followed it second. Their course was then anti-diametric, as Leicester chose to strengthen the moment Burnley was left more or less with the same roster. As we said in the last game, the goal is the huge problem that Burnley is facing, and the absence of key executives in these first games does not help, in contrast to Leicester, which has a pluralism in scoring and is strong at home, since bent against Arsenal, Everton and Manchester United. After this mountain program the "foxes" face a team in their measures and are close to a significant victory.

In another important game for the battle of staying, Hull of Steve Bruce welcomes Crystal Palace. Hull spent enough in the summer and everyone was expecting it even stronger after the highly successful last year. Instead, he is making a modest start unlike Crystal Palace, which was not hurt by Tony Powys' sudden surrender. Neil Wurnock is doing just fine and has just brought it over the middle of the scoring. I think Hull is a lot better than his ranking position and against a team like Crystal Palace can prove it. For a more secure bet, the ace can be selected at -0,25. So in case of a tie we lose half our bet.

I close with West Ham's Sunday match with the KPP with the "hammers" having made a good start, contrary to the KPP, which has been showing since the beginning of the season that it will fight to the end to avoid relegation. Ace in 1,90 is acceptable and the absence of KPF away allows the "hammers" to get the three points of victory.




HALL - CRYSTAL PALACE 1 (-0,25) 1,75

WEST HAM - KPR 1 1,90

They love hating

Quietness is not the players in the Island, since midweek most of the teams had obligations to the League Cup. Arsenal and Sunderland were defeated by Southampton and Stoke with the same score (1-2) while Liverpool swept until it reached home in Middlesbrough after many penalty shoot-outs. Chelsea and Manchester City made the first easy second, while the Everton and Norwich farewell. On the contrary, Tottenham, West Brom and Newcastle continue.

The program, of course, is dominated by the two big derbys at the Liverpool port, with Liverpool welcoming the hated Everton and London where Arsenal is hosting Tottenham. Let's go to the first match. None of Liverpool and Everton has last year's freshness and, as Brendan Rogers said, is starting again from the basics in order for the newcomers to be grafted into the team and to find the Reds again the terrific form that had ended last season. Liverpool does not hit well and the goals are very difficult, as opposed to what happened last year. Today will be the one who has the stress after the last negative results, which Everton can exploit, as he has proved so far.

In the Manchester United match against West Ham we have to wait for the finals. Fan Haal has just a ready-made shot, which means he's going to turn one of the middle, or he'll try a young guy from the 2nd team next to Roche. Aggressively, United makes fire, but defensively wants a lot of breads to stop getting out of the way. The About 3,0 pays 1,80, that is, if three goals total we get our bet back, while About 3,25 pays the best, 2.08.

In Sunderland - Swansea with odds division I will go to the right, while for more conservative play the double in DNBis played on the unimportant 1.95 and double at + 0,25 on 1,66.

 Steve Bruce's Chelsea hosts Manchester City, who fired and wounded midfielder against Sheffield Winsted with 7-0. The "tigers" often find dense nets and 1,83 in scoring both covers me.

Formed Southampton also showed Arsenal midfielder's head that he does not understand against opponents and against the weak offside KPR can cover the Asian handicap of -1,25. So if you win with just one goal difference, then you lose half our bet.

I close with the London Derby where I think the bets are against the Tottenham Hotspur and the set should be more balanced. Even for the most conservative the double at + 1 pays 1,66. It is worth mentioning that the dry double touches the 5 units.



LIVERPOOL - EVERTON 2 (+0,5) 2,025 BET365

MANYWEIGHT - WEST HAM          ABOUT US 3,25 2.08      SBOBET

Sunderland - Swansea 2 (dnb)  1.95      PINNACLE


SOUTHAMPTON - KPR 1 (-1,25) 1.99      SBOBET

ARSENAL - TOTENHAM 2 (+1) 1,67      188BET


FORMER 23 / 11


EVERTON: He missed the opportunity to get even higher in the score after the "white" tie he won at the headquarters of Crystal Palace. Roberto Martinez's team got in a lot of trouble. He then balanced and seemed more creative without being able to score. Better moment the Jagiellka head. Practically full mission. 
LIVERPOOL: After defeating Arsenal, Brendan Rogers's team managed to return to victory with the impressive 4-0 on Fulham at home. The "Reds" took care to "clean" the win case from the first half, scoring three goals. The score was scored by the visitors, while on the big day was Swaraju who scored twice. So he remained in second place. Except Fuller Jose Hendry (8 / 0) who will probably need surgery. 


ARSENAL: He met the first away defeat for this year, having never been able to "answer" Fan's last goal at 27. It is obvious that the players '58' s first team was on - So after 16 matches he found a team that kept the "Gunners" in mischief. Fill in cards with the average Flamines (8 / 0). The attacker Walcott (4 / 0), defeat Merzacker (9 / 1) and average Rosicitch (6 / 0) return. Except mid-term Chamberley (1 / 0). 
SOUTHAMPTON: The highs of the rankings found the "saints" after the impressive victory over Hull with 4-1. The Maurizio Poketino team has taken care to "clear" the game early on just before with 3-0 in the first 45. The superiority of the hosts was also admitted by coach Hull, Steve Bruce. Pleasant that they scored four different players. Except the average Cork (4 / 0).


NEWCASTLE: He had a terrible day for goalie Kroul, who made 14 interventions and kept zero at Tottenham headquarters. Thus, Remi's goal at 13 'turned out to be enough to give the three-pointer to Alan Pardy's team, which was the second consecutive victory over Chelsea. Fill in the Defender Deck (11 / 1) cards. 
NORGUITS: The 7th of Manchester City shook the players of Chris Houston and in the next game they wanted to give "answers". That's how they beat West Ham with 3-1 in a game that needed to overturn and they came out of the danger zone. Except the attacking Wolf Wolfgang (8 / 1). Plinkington (8 / 1) is logical. 


STOUC: He was ahead of 2-0 at Swansea's headquarters just at 25 ', but in the rebound he accepted three goals. And while he was breathing from the defeat came the controversial decision of referee Madley to charge a penalty shoot-out in favor of 90 + 4 '. Adams looked cool and equalized in the final 3-3. Doubts are defender Wilson (10 / 0) and striker Jones (6 / 0). 
SANDERLAND: She made the big surprise of last season with her home win over Manchester City with 1-0. Barnesley put her in front of the 21 'score and in the final stages of the game he was put on a tremendous pressure, but he stood up and took a valuable three-pointer. Excellent defensive Brown who looks born again with Poyet who took him out of naphthalene. In the last game of their punishment, the defensive Dona (2 / 0) and the average Catemolo (6 / 0) will play. 


FOULAM: In an even more difficult place, Martin Yol was found after his new defeat, this time at Liverpool's headquarters with 4-0. The Londoners withdrew for 25 ', as at that point Amorebbeeta achieved an own goal and for the next ten minutes they lowered switches, accepting two more goals. This was a third defeat and everything is fluid. The defensive Richter (10 / 0) is punished. Except defensive Hague (8 / 0) and midfielder (6 / 0). 
SOUND: He came close to the absolute reversal in the home match against Stoke, but eventually he was confident in the draw with 3-3. The "swans" were found to lose 0-2 to 25 ', but in the rebound they scored three goals. In the last minute of the delays, however, the referee saw a penalty shoot-out in Rutland's hand that deprived them of the victory. Many complaints of the hosts about this decision. Excited the main goalball player (10 / 0). Except the average Pablo Ernantez (4 / 1) and striker Mitsu (10 / 2). 


HAL: He was defeated by the formidable Southampton headquarters with 4-1, in a game he wanted but could not do anything else. She went to the dressing room with the 3-0 and Steve Bruce to highlight "Sometimes you have to admit that you were defeated by a better team." That was the third consecutive defeat in away games. Returns from injury to main goal McGregor (8 / 0). Except the average Queen (6 / 0). 
CRISTAL PALACE: Their first rank after seven races was celebrated by the "Eagles" as they held Everton at 0-0. They were better in the long run, but they were unable to take advantage of the classic opportunities they created. However, they were lucky with the beam to save them in one case. The directors were in talks with Dan Petrescu to take over the technical leadership, but in the last few hours he seems to be very close to an agreement with Tony Poulis (formerly Stoke). Returns average Williams (3 / 0). Except Medium Guinea (4 / 0).


WEST HAM: He was ahead of 32 'with Morrison at Norwich's headquarters and everyone thought he would leave with the win. A foolish overturning of Yasklainenen gave the hosts the opportunity to tie off the "white" ball and to score two more goals later. The defensive Reed (10 / 1) was operated and will be gone for a long time. Defendant is Defender Rat (8 / 0). 
CELSI: With a penalty that neither Abramovich himself would not have given, Mourinho's team saved the game in their home match against West Brom and took the draw with 2-2. Ramirez dived and Mariner indicated the penalty shootout at 90 + 4 '!! So he remained unbeaten with Mourinho on the bench for 66 home games. Torres (8 / 1) is not totally ready. 

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