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Η Premier League premieres on Friday 9 August and some of the world's best coaches have already laid out their plans for the new season. Did you do yours?

City? Liverpool; Or maybe Tottenham? For many, the English Championship is the world's top and certainly one of the most ambitious. Last season, the Citizens finished first in the title race. Will they repeat this year? Or is it finally the turn of the Reds?

Klopp, Pochettino, Guardiola. World-class coaches who are called upon to manage top rosters. You can do the same in the Fantasy Premier League tournament of!

How; You have a pre-set virtual budget at your disposal and you can choose from among the top players on the planet. Build your team the way you want, challenge yourself with aspiring technicians from around the world and claim 250.000 € * guaranteed cash prizes.

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* Terms & Conditions apply. It concerns the total amount of prizes of the tournament.

Premier League: Arsenal returns to victory Arsenal returns to victories with a unique offer

Until four games ago, Arsenal seemed to be one of the big favorites to finish in the Premier League's first four final. However, the three consecutive defeats from Crystal Palace, Wolves and Leicester changed the setting and now the "Londoners" run and do not arrive.

The England finals are exciting, and the Emery team has no other choice than 2 / 2 in the next matches and the loss of Tottenham or Chelsea.

Will he be able to return to victories against Brighton?

The match in Emirates is played with a super offer from Obamaayang to score first in enhanced odds *!

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114
*Terms and conditions.

PAS Giannina - PAOK Thessaloniki FC

In Zosimades will be the curtain for the champion PAOK, who will face PAS Giannina burned for the victory. 

The team of Ioannina is in a very difficult position, which is in the 14th place of the standings with 27 points, and it only wants a victory to be able to take the 13th place under certain conditions and to play a draw to be able to remain in the big category. The derby with Asteras Tripolis did not show a winner, a draw without goals ... with the anxiety remaining for the team. In the previous match, it was defeated in Nea Smyrni by Panionios with 2-1. Athanasiadis Lila, Siontis and Xydas will not be at the disposal of Giannis Petrakis.

Obamayang to score first in enhanced odds (Arsenal - Brighton)

PAOK won the championship after 34 (!) Years, this was the third championship in its history. The team of the Romanian coach Rasvan Lucescu remained very stable and remained undefeated throughout the championship. She was the one who won the derby and took the title. The suspension function of the team is very good, which has the best defense in the league (it has conceded only 14 goals). On the 11th of the month he will play in the cup final with AEK and everyone's mind is on that game. Except for the injured Vieririnia, Matos, Vernblum and Mauricio. 

PAS wants only a victory today to be able to hope for a stay. PAOK does not contradict this year easily ... But it will also change today as he wants to be prepared for the final of the cup. Objectively there is a big difference in the two teams, but the question is what each team wants ... Why not let PAOK play the game and save PAS ...?

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Super League
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 3.35
  • Stake 3
  • Bookmaker Opap
  • result 0-2
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -3

Panathinaikos - Panetolikos

Last season in the Greek Super League and OAKA, Panathinaikos will receive OAKA Panetoliko.  

The many problems of Panathinaikos have brought the team pretty low. After the victory on Mars with 2-0, he was defeated by 1-3 from ADH, while the previous match was defeated at Atromitos with 2-0 in Peristeri. The goal of the pentad is lost with the many deductions from the penalties faced by the team. So it can not clear the European penalty this year. A lot of outrageous issues in the team ... but also in the purely football part, the team of clover will come down to today's game with many absences, except for the punishments of the Dionis, Economou, Kourbelis, Insoua, as well as the injured Mavrommatis, Bouzouki, Altman, Muni and Panteleakis. 

Obamayang to score first in enhanced odds (Arsenal - Brighton)

Panetolikos had several ups and downs this year. Although it is one of the teams that has been very good in recent years and with the strength of the headquarters it manages not to score points. After winning 0-1 on Apollo Smyrna, who was already demoted for a long time, he was defeated by 1-2 in Agrinio by Mars. The current match will be the last of Traian Della on the team bench, as announced. Apart from the punished Marinakis, Mazurek and Dacian. While injured are the aggressive Moor, Kamaras.

It is characterized as one of the indifferent games of the game. Panathinaikos will have many and good absences. At the time Della wants to leave with a positive result from the team. Why not right to 4.60 ...?

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Super League
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 4.85
  • Stake 2
  • Bookmaker Opap
  • result 4-0
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -2


Two-digit odds at fairs are not worth analyzing, and this is one of those games where you say: I play it and let's eat ... nine!

The newcomer Kocola, it is true that he did not start the championship (0-1-4) but we must not ignore the fact that the cup has reached the semifinals, while in the group stage where he played again with his current opponent, equals 1-1. Obviously the result has also been played by the fact that (until his own court is ready) the team is forced to play the home games in Shinayoki.

Obamayang to score first in enhanced odds (Arsenal - Brighton)

As for Kuopio, it can come from two victories (one with an epic overturning at Marihehamn (3-4 from 3-0) but at home has not yet won. If ours watch Taima's Araud (!), It can not be surprising.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Veikkausliiga
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 9.00
  • Stake 1
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 2-1
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -1

Thisted FC (0) - Nykøping FC (0)

It may have claimed a rise a few weeks ago (3η position), but the eight non-winning races (0-3-5) have brought Nikoping into worry about her stay (8η position -35β).

Obamayang to score first in enhanced odds (Arsenal - Brighton)

On the other hand, Thysedt says "live" as the two consecutive three-pointers with Helsingor and Liebie allowed her to get out of the last position and to be just two points (29b) under the surface!

In a nutshell, Nippon's red-faced board does not seem to pick up favorites.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Div1
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 2.125
  • Stake 4
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 0-1
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -4

Manchester City did not stumble at the "Dream Theater" against United Citizens (0-2) and automatically became the absolute favorite to maintain the Premier League title.

This means that Liverpool sees the title leaving for another season and all she can hope for is to continue herself with victories while waiting for a "civilian" backstop.

This tonight's game against downscale Huddersfield it looks easy for the Clop's team, with Huddersfield coming from 7 with losing streak while winning just one of 22's latest games (1-2-19).

Note that "Reds" have a game for the semifinals of the Champions League the following Wednesday (1May) at Camp Nou, against Barcelona.

Will the "Reds" manage to reach a mighty victory, or will they hold forces in view of Barcelona?

At you will find an amazing combo bet * with over 1.5 goals in the first half and winning Liverpool with 3 or more goal difference!


PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114

*Terms and conditions. This option is available in the "OTHER" category

All eyes turned to Manchester's dingbar Special offer in Manchester's dingbar

Great games include the current football coupon of the bet with games like Werder Bremen - Bayern Munich, Milan - Lazio, Wolves - Arsenal and of course Manchester derby, between United and City.

This year's Premier League is breathtaking the derby in Manchester may determine this year's title.

City is two points behind Liverpool and wants to return to the top and become the absolute favorite for this year's championship. The match in the "Dream Theater" is actually the last big obstacle for the citizens, as they follow 2 altogether (Burnley and Brighton) and 1 in (Leicester). City is forced to look for the victory, especially now, as a new failure, after it in the Champions League, is likely to shake the club.

Not at all UNITED, especially after the "crouching" at Everton headquarters (4-0). The "Red Devils" are chasing a place in the top four, to be found next season at the Champions League top league. Solskieer's team welcomes Chelsea after a few days (28 / 4) and completes its obligations with Huddersfield (off) and Cardiff (inside).

We think we will see a game with a good pace and a lot of goals with it over2.5 is available at 1.57 at

The Premier League finish is impressive and travels to Manchester with a fantastic offer: Manchester City win with 0-1 or 0-2 or 1-2 at super odds *!

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114
*Terms and conditions.

Multiple choices in Manchester and molded Makedas!

Premier League

Manchester United continues to hunt one of the two places leading to the Champions League next season. Not at all easy since three other teams "crack" on the high "shelves" of the scoring. Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea do not want to lose the European train of the biggest club competition and the finals in the Premier League are expected to be exciting.

The first barrier of the Solskyer team is extremely high, as Everton is in good shape, as before the defeat by Fulham, it came from a winning streak and has a very strong seat.

The positive thing about United and its technician is that today it does not face serious racing problems and will make the best of it. Indeed, it seems that Luaku and A. Sanchez are starting in front.

Will the Solskieer team be able to leave the double with Everton? At you find the "double" somewhat different! Manchester United win. with 0-1 or 0-2 or 1-2 * scores.

Greek Super League

In the ... Greek championship, Atromitos and Panathinaikos collide in Peristeri.

The hosts come from an important double against Mars, while the green was defeated at OAKA by OFI. Makedas is the most reliable solution to clover attack this year (8 goal in 24 appearances), scoring in two of the three most recent games of the Greens. Will he score?

The Italian player is charged with enhanced odds * at to score at any time.

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114

For British rematch, South!

H Tottenham looked at Manchester Shit, defended London's 1-0, and despite defeat to Edinhd (4-3), he played a huge qualification in the semifinals of the Champions League.

The feast may not have stopped in the "fallen" ranks, but they are invited to visit Manchester again for the championship in a very critical match.
On the one hand, Guardiola's team wants to stay on top (in fact to return as he has a lesser game against Liverpool) and on the other side, Pottsino's team feels "Arsenal, Chelsea and United" the Champions League next season.

Who will open the score in City - Tottenham Hotspur? Dagger Anguer or City Executioner, Shun? travels you to Manchester with a super offer. Anguero and Shon score first with enhanced odds *.

Clearly, the psychic of Guardiola's players is in tartar after another failure in the long-term goal of winning the Champions League, but today we think they are able to put things in place and take a mini-revenge from the opponent their.

Although today Tottenham manage to cut her points, then we will be talking about a huge failure for the club.

1.27 on the ace is for ... crying, we do not say it, it showed history. Under no circumstances are the differences between the two teams and although we see a home win, it does not say that we will be betting on the ace. Besides, we do not play PROPO, but bet.

Bet on Manchester City - Tottenham Hotspur

Just a few days earlier, we saw the 7 finish with a total finish, we do not think it will change so much in a few days and we will bet on over3.5 at 2.00 at

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114
*Terms and conditions.

Nordsjaelland - Esbjerg (Skov Olsen over 2,5)

The NND 19 aggressor, Andreas Skow Olsen, has been crazy for the statisticians. The youngster, in his first professional appearance, is in the second place of the scoreboard with 20 goals and has broken his team in a lot of fights. In particular, he has scored 10 of the last 14, while in the other four he did not score, his team remained completely unspoken.

Liverpool win with 2-1 or 3-1 or 4-1 in enhanced odds (Liverpool - Chelsea)

Apart from the "gold shoe" in Denmark, the young man is hunting for an incredible record. To score in one season against all teams in the championship and not only. He has already done it with 12 from the 14 teams of the championship, but also with all the European teams played by Nordsjaelland for the Juventus League (Cliftonville, AIK and Partizan). The only ones that have not been defeated by Olsen are Esbjerg and Alborg, but today the young man has the opportunity to correct one of his two "mistakes".

The "score any time" performance in @1,83 is logically low, although for greater risk there is the option of "scoring first" or scoring 2 +. I say I want to ask for 3 + that is his first hat-trick.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Superliga
  • Pick Scorer
  • Odds 15
  • Stake 1
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 0
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -1

Fiorentina - Bologna

In 32's Italian Serie A Championship, Fiorentina faces Bologna in Artemio Franchi.

Fiorentina closes almost two months without a victory and the many negative results have troubled the team. The defeat at home in the previous match overflowed the glass with the coach of the team, Stefano Pioli, leaving the technical leadership. Vicenzo Modella takes his place. In the standings he is in tenth place with 39 points having 8 wins and 15 draws. The injured Piatsa is out of mission. 

Liverpool win with 2-1 or 3-1 or 4-1 in enhanced odds (Liverpool - Chelsea)

Bologna did their job last season and beat Chievo 3-0 at home to Renato Dal'Ara. A victory that took her out of the relegation zone ... She is running to save the year. He has 30 points with 7 wins and 9 draws, two more than Empoli. He will fight to the end for the stay. Swedish defender Hellander, full back Mathieu and striker Destro are out due to injury.

Fiorentina tries to change her image. New coach Models that will try to change the whole situation. It certainly does not burn for something ... But the defeat from Frosinone leaves questions ... Bologna burns for points in the battle to avoid relegation. Surely Viola is not good, but I do not think she will make "allusions" to everyone ...

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Serie A
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 2.05
  • Stake 5
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 0-0
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -5

With no margins in Liverpool! Without Liverpool!

Manchester City easily won 2-0 Cardiff and was again at the top of the Premier League. He entered and scored twice before the half-time was scored by De Brouin (6 ') and Xenum (' 44 '). Surely he could have scored more goals in a game that had 27 final actions (11 out of them at the finish). This means that as much as the "citizens" win, Liverpool has no room for loss of points, starting from the tonight's game against Southampton.

Guardiola's team has Cup obligations this Saturday, so the "reds" will catch the top and will re-challenge the champions.

The Battle of the Premier League has faded for good and the show at "St. Mary" is played on with super odds.

In their previous game, the Reds survived in Tottenham Hotspur (90 'own game) and reached the 4 successive victories in their last official games. Note that it was 13 in the series game that remains undefeated for all competitions, having keep their focus on 6 intact.

On the other hand, it is not the game for Southampton that is close to the relegation zone and wants to "get off" as quickly as possible. Particularly improved (3 wins in 4 more recently) under the instructions of technical Hawkshuttle the "Saints", is by no means an easy ... hindrance to the team of Klop.

Significant loss for the "saints" of the striker Inges (19 / 7).


Prediction for the match Southampton - Liverpool


Southampton loses enough of its momentum to attack in the absence of Inggs, Liverpool gives base in the defense, no matter whether it was accepted in 4 last. Our choice is the under2.5 crash on 2.10.

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114

Southampton - Liverpool 2 & Under 4,5

The difference of Porto - Boavista from Southampton - Liverpool is that we are now in England, where everything is known to happen in the context of ... .we are England.

Prediction for Southampton - Liverpool

That applies to Porto also applies to Liverpool. Same objectives, themes and meeting with each other.

Countless options in sportsbook and Live Betting. Enhanced combo bets (21+) * Terms & conditions apply

Southampton play with the motive of salvation and Liverpool with the motive of the league. But I do not trust Liverpool, for which we have been stunned. Okay nice team, good team but as a limit guys. This is related to the team of Douglis or Keegan. That is, mercy now. We have memories of other eras and we have seen gamblers.

Like I said trust (see Grober and who once played and what he said) none in England for this and conservative choice based on prehistory.

Match Info

  • Pick 2
  • Odds 1.70
  • Stake 2
  • Bookmaker Betshop
  • result 1-3
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +1.4

Tenerife - Gijon

Tenerife - Gijon. Triple. That point and telling how it can come will be right. Can not come the double when Gijon suddenly has a turf (he remembers it late) and makes many victories? Can not come home from the tumultuous Tenerife, which has not been saved and very recently turned 0-2 with Osasuna and defeated it with 3-2 ?. Obviously the match can come and X. Fight, sweat and do not lose, the result of which, like the situation, is more appropriate for Tenerife.

The Battle of the Premier League has faded for good and the show at "St. Mary" is played on with super odds.

X will be my choice as the best of the worst solutions ever since I get involved with this PROPOTZIDIKI triple.

Match Info

  • Pick X
  • Odds 3.20
  • Stake 2
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 0-1
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -2

Dundee in Anfield Dundee in Anfield with a super double offer

The big derby are played at the new OR Liverpool welcomes Tottenham in a key game for this year's title.

The two teams have in their minds the quarter-finals of the Champions League, but it is clear that fans of the "reds" want crazy to return the Premier League title to "Anfield". The visitors, on the other hand, see Arsenal and Manchester United approaching threateningly and do not want to leave their eyes third.

Join the new and find a super double offer with the molded Mane and Kane.

Manne and Cain are the first to score at the new with enhanced odds *.

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114
*Terms and conditions. Back to the European Championships

The first two matches for the Euro 2020 qualifiers were exciting.

Betting action returns to the European Championships and puts you in the Premier League stadiums.

Η Manchester United Welcomes Wattford and the climate is expected to be ... festive! The reason is the signing of a permanent contract on the bench of "red devils" by Oli Gunnar Solskieer. Will the Norwegian reconcile his new contract with victory?

Clearly, over again, Yuewayd has managed to win the character of the winner with the Norwegian on the bench. It is also the circumstances that have benefited man with the angelic face (as they used to call him in the years that he grew up in English stadiums as a player). The obstacle Watford it will not be easy, as the odds suggest, but we think it is easy for the "Red Devils" to win.

For us, 1.44 is not worth the Ace, but we think we will see a game with a good race pace and two phases in front of the two foci. To have at least three goals our game (over) is offered at 1.60 by Interestingly, there is g / g on 1.80 on the same site. Can Watford have a mind at the Wolves Cup semifinals but always a game with Manchester is a challenge for the players of each team. Basic choice over over at 1.60, but we also think it is possible over + g / g, like the 1 + over.

The "Old Trafford" match is played with a super offer.

Go to the new and find Paul Pogba as the top scorer in enhanced odds *.

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114
*Terms and conditions.

Crystal Palace - Manchester United

Good evening to his company Infobeto. Racing action at Premier League England and tonight, where in the framework of 28 in the top league of the UK Crystal Palace welcome to London and the Selhurst Park the Manchester United. Homecast Crystal Palace shows to be in excellent condition after Saturday's 1-4 on Leicester's wounded. The host Manchester United took the spot as the big Liverpool game ended with a 0-0 score that totally reflects the poor image of the big derby who was greatly lacking in terms of both spectacles and opportunities.

Crystal Palace:

It is in the 14 position of the Premier League rankings of England with 30 points in 27 games that has fought so far for the championship and counts 8 wins, 6 draws and 13 defeats having achieved 31 goals and received 35 goals altogether in 27 Championship games who has fought so far. Inside has played 13 times and counts 3 wins, 4 draws and 6 defeats having achieved 9 goals while her foal has been violated 12 times in 13 races she has given so far on her court. In the last 5 games he has given for the league counts 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 defeat.

Manchester United:

He is in the 5 position of the English league league table having 52 points in 27 games that has fought so far and counts 15 wins, 7 draws and 5 defeats having achieved 52 goals and has received 35 goals total in 27 games he has given for the championship of the Premier League so far. He has played 14 times and counts 8 wins, 2 draws and 4 defeats having achieved 27 goals while 19 14 5 times have been infringed on 3 games away from her headquarters. The latest 2 games that has fought for the league count XNUMX wins and XNUMX draws.

The odds you wanted at the new!


I will choose Manchester United's double as Ole Gunnar Solskieer and Manchester United are aiming to find the team in a position that will lead them to the Champions League next year and to do that the team must continue with victories. The game with Crystal Palace is not easy for United, as the London team has proved to be a "hard nut" but Solskieer's advent has given the team another breath and now shows that it can easily or hardly get the result. The Liverpool game was a bad shot that Solskieer wanted to forget where he was forced to 3 due to injuries in the first half. The quality, the prehistory of the games and the Manchester United form will play a part in the tonight's game with the United to definitely want the victory to be placed in the quadruple leading to the top league league, the Champions League.

Crystal Palace - Manchester United -----> 2 (2.25) 3u (Units)




Match Info

  • Pick 2
  • Odds 2.25
  • Stake 3
  • Bookmaker Opap
  • result 1-3
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +3,75

Chelsea-Tottenham: Gonzalo Higuaín vs. Harry Kane

The London Derby between Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur steals the show in her current program Premier League and is one of the games with the biggest turnover.

Ten points divide the two teams into scoreboard, with Tottenham Hotspur standing at 3, 6 points behind Liverpool Champion and 5 behind 2 Manchester City.

Sarah's Chelsea gives her own fight for 4a, having three points off Arsenal's "Army" who are currently at 4.

Tottenham Hotspur is coming from a defeat at Burnley's headquarters and wants the victory today to stay in touch with the top positions. Chelsea, on the other hand, took a breath from conquering the final of the League Cup but was defeated in the penalty shootout of Manchester City. Still, he retains the improved image and reaction he took after 6ara in the championship a few days ago.

Chelsea at its headquarters is particularly strong (8-6-1), while having their second best defense championship, with only 9 passive goals. Azar is the first 12 goalscorer to score and with Iguay are the two players who put the weight on the attack.

Tottenham has managed most of its away games (11-14-11) and today will try to reach 0, at a location where 3 (!) time prevails (last year with 12-1) in a total of 1 visits for all events.

Harry Kane will be in yet another game the spearhead, with the English striker having scored 15 times this year in 23 games that took place.

Average odds of bookmakers: 2.28 - 3.42 - 3.28

Assessment: Chelsea is not experiencing her best days, Sari seems to have lost control of changing rooms, it comes out of it scenery with Kepa on Saturday. Tottenham Hotspur is particularly risky and can ... freeze the Stamford Bridge. Our choice is 2DNB (no bet bet) in her 2.25

New The game resumes with super odds!

Predictions in scorers: As we mentioned above, Kain from Tottenham and Iguayin / Azar from Chelsea are the strongest "arms" of the two coaches. All three are offered in the excellent performance of 6.00 by to score first in the game.

Kein to score first @6.00

Imgain to score first @6.00

Azar to score first @6.00

Stoke City - Everton

Stoke, being at -1 from the danger zone, every game until the end of the season is final for her. The "Potters" in the previous game, although they fought hard for the point, were defeated 2-0 (at home) by Manchester City. This is the situation they have to chase even in such match points. Remaining the first goal for the team of the North that remained without a win for the sixth (four draws, two defeats) consecutive game in the league, just one in the last 10. Clearly scoring the motivations of the home team that will surely look for the goal.

Everton, on the other hand, when it finds them "dark" and is ready to go lower in the standings, takes out character and wins. This is what happened in the previous one, when the "candies" prevailed 2-0 (inside) Brighton and brought smiles back to their camp. They rise in the standings and aim for the best possible placement within the top ten. At the moment they have 37 and are in 9th place in the standings. Just two wins in the last 10 away matches. Also, the guests have a very bad tradition at Stoke, where they won in 2016 and before that in 2008. Logically, in addition to points, they will also want to change the tradition that has been created.

I rely on the motivation of collecting points for different reasons for both teams, since their statistics do not help much and I choose my favorite g / g at odds of 1,90 (bet365)

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Premier League
  • Pick GG
  • Odds 1.90
  • Stake 5
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 1-2
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +4.5
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