FORMER 09 / 12


SOONSI: There is life without Bonnie and Mitsu for the "swans", who have shown not to be defeated by these two important absences and have dominated Newcastle at home with 3-0. "I'm happy about the players because we needed this victory," said Michael Laudrupp. Reasonably the next game will be returned by top scorer Bonnie (11 / 4) injured against Valencia and there were fears that he will stay out for a long time. Besides aggressive Mitsu (10 / 2), except for 15 days the main defensive Rangel (11 / 0). Extremely doubtful was the aggressor Alvaro Vasquez (7 / 0) who left the injured. 
HAL: With the honorary defeat with 2-0, Steve Bruce's team came from Arsenal's headquarters. He did little to defeat the hosts' home and had more of a defense mind. "We tried very much towards the end of the race, otherwise it would be a shameful night for us," Steve Bruce said. Defender defeated Defens (13 / 1). Traumatized Defender McKein (4 / 0) who will lose a few weeks. Except the offensive Aluko (8 / 1). 

Match Info

  • OPAP 332-1

FORMER 08 / 12

FOULAM: Debut with the left for Renee Mullein on the team bench after seeing his players know the home defeat with 1-2 from Tottenham Hotspur. The hosts were ahead of Dehadaga at the start of the round, but in the last twenty minutes they accepted two goals. "I asked the players an inspiring look to win our fans again and they did it," said Millennium. Doubtful defender Hageland (8 / 0)
ASTON VILLA: He was cynical at Southampton headquarters and despite being in the defense position for the longest time of the race he took full advantage of the opportunities he created and won the 3-2. He doubled to score, but both were equaled. Delf's solution came with a short shot at 80 '. Practically full mission. 

ARSENAL: The loneliness of the top continues to be enjoyed by Arsene Wenger's team, after overtaking Hull's hurdle at home with 2-0. It was very positive that he scored 2 'and proved to be worthwhile in a field - the aggressor - where only Zirou dominates. Excluding Fulk Sanja (12 / 1). Close to attack is the attacking Pontolesky (2 / 2). 
EVERTON: That he could not make it to 11 for years on the bench, Moyes managed in his first season Roberto Martinez. The Spanish coach led his team to the first win (1-0) in Old Trafford after 21 years. Except for the most basic number of Baines (12 / 2).

Match Info

  • OPAP 267-X, 291-1

FORMER 07 / 12


MANCHESTER C.: Everton's 0-1 defeated the Everton home defeat after a defeat. United seemed to have a problem in the suspending field and despite its misfortune (two beams) it did not deserve victory. So 12 stayed behind the top and the title case is a night's dream. The first top scorer Rooney (13 / 8) filled in cards. Defense Defender Jones (10 / 0). The ambitious Fan Last (10 / 7). Except for one month at least, the basic average Carick (10 / 0). 
NEWCASTLE: Maybe he deserved better than defeating 3-0 at Swansea's headquarters. He had chances before taking the first goal at 45 'and rightly cried for a penalty shoot-out at 1-0 as the ball was headed into the net and handed a defender's hand to the home side. No new racing problems. 


WEST BROMSteve Clarke's team was slow to "wake up" in the home match against City and eventually defeated 2-3. The guests were ahead of 74 'with 3-0 and in the last five minutes the hosts scored two goals but did not get any more. Fill in the cards with defensive player Jonas Olson (14 / 0). He learned the basic midle Moulombou (13 / 0). Fosther Goalkeeper (2 / 0) near the return.
NORGUITS: Chris Hutton's Liverpool headquarters left the heads with their heads clenched, having defeated 5-1. All they managed to do was to score the goal with Johnson at 83 '. In fact, the canaries defenders were unable to stop Suarez who scored 4. Except for some time, the valuable Pilsington (9 / 1), Schonthra (9 / 1), and Taylor (7 / 0) as well as the Wolvesbell striker (8 / 1).


CRISTAL PALACE: Dreamy was Tony Powis' home-based debut on the bench as he saw his players win a significant victory over West Ham with 1-0. Samak's head at the end of the first half stood out enough to pull the "eagles" out of the last position and give hope for staying according to Pulis. Except Medium Guinea (4 / 0). The third and last of his punishment will be played by the average Bolasi (4 / 0). 
CARDIFF: With her luggage she left Stoke's headquarters as none of the two were able to score. However, Maliki McKay's team is shouting justly for arbitration, as at one stage in 60 'should be eliminated Adams with a second yellow, but the yellow was finally crowned by Krauch. No new racing problems.


LIVERPOOL: The return of Brendan Rogers's team to the victories with the comfortable and at the same time imposing 5-1 at home against Norwich was immediate. Grand protagonist Suarez who scored 4 goals, against a team he disintegrates himself when he faces it. That was his third hatred against the "canaries". It is important to hit the injury by top scorer Sturge (12 / 9) who will be out of action for about two months. Except for the same time and full boss José Enrique (8 / 0)
WEST HAM: Defenders lost to Samak in a corner kick and the latter did not fail. So the "hammers" were defeated from the headquarters of Crystal Palace with 1-0. "A grade would not be a bad result for us. It is our own blame, "said Sam Alardadis, who was quite annoyed at the goal-scoring goal of Samak. He filled in cards with the valuable young Morrison (13 / 3). Except for the striking Carroll and the Intermediate Base Te (7 / 2). Long-time defensive Reed (10 / 1). 


SOUTHAMPTON: He is rather wrong with the home defeat from Aston Villa with 2-3, as he dominated for long periods of the race and had most of the classic opportunities, among them 0-0. He was found twice back in the score against the flow of the match, but both managed to "answer". In 80 ', however, he received an unbeatable goal and experienced the first defeat of the season. A blow to the serious injury of Goalkeeper Borutsu (13 / 0) that will be missing for two months. In addition to the 37 goalie Davis, the 21 old Argentine Gazaniga will sit under the beams. Extremely doubtful is the average Sneijderin average (13 / 1), except for the average Ramirez (5 / 0). 
MANSESTER CITY: Just after the second win of the season managed to get the team of Manuel Pelegrini after 3-2 at the headquarters of Wet Brom. From the beginning, he had a dominant role and preceded 74 'with 3-0. In the end, however, he hit the ball after receiving two goals in the last minutes. Except for a couple of weeks still, the leading mind David Silva (7 / 3). Besides defender Nastasic (9 / 1) and striker Jovanic (3 / 0).


STOUC: With a home-away "white" draw she continued her match against Cardiff. The game does not claim quality laurels with the hosts standing lucky in the 60 'phase, as Adams should be eliminated with a second yellow, but instead of the yellow one, Krauts. Except for three weeks, the basic Push Hut (12 / 0), with the offensive Arnautovitch (9 / 1). 
CELSI: He lost his teeth to Sunderland's head after he left with the three-pointer with 4-3. He was back in the score, but he then balanced and was constantly ahead of the score. In the last few minutes, however, he risked enough, as Mourinho admitted and could well lose the game. Nearly the attacker (8 / 2) and the average Oscar (13 / 5) are coming back. Except Defender David Louise (5 / 0).


SANDERLAND: Guc Poyet's team remained in the last position despite having scored three goals against Chelsea. The "blacksmiths" received four goals and defeated in an otherwise satisfactory appearance. Indicative statements by Mourinho that he pointed out that if Sunderland had 2-3 still in the delays his team would lose with 5-4. Logically, again, the Westwood goalie (10 / 0). Manon is expected to continue (4 / 0).
TOTENAM: He was moderate in the first half at Fulham's headquarters and found himself back in the 56 'score but showed character and managed to turn the game over the last 20 minutes at 2-1. "We have managed to react to the defeat of Manchester City with two wins and a draw with United," said Villa-Boas. Doubtless the aggressive Adébayor (1 / 0). Except for one month average Eriksen (7 / 0). 

Match Info

  • OPAP 133-NO BET,150-1,151-UNDER,152-1/1,153-1X,154-2,221-1X

FORMER 04 / 12


ARSENAL: With Aaron Ramsey on a terrible day, the "Gunners" were also victorious from Cardiff's headquarters with 3-0, marking their tenth victory in twelve games. Major protagonist was young Ramsey who scored two goals against his old team, which of course did not celebrate. Excluding Fulk Sanja (12 / 1). Close to attack is the attacking Pontolesky (2 / 2). 
HAL: Steve Bruce's "answer" was straight in the home defeat from Crystal Palace, as in a second consecutive home defeated the victory against Liverpool with 3-1. The hosts were also fortunate on their part as in two of the three goals the ball changed course to the scorer's body. Punisher defenseman Davis (13 / 1). Traumatized Defender McKein (4 / 0) who will lose a few weeks. Except the offensive Aluko (8 / 1). 


LIVERPOOL: He slumped to fourth place after defeating Hull with 3-1. Her luck turned her back twice, as in the first and third goals the ball changed course to her defensive body. It is important to hit the injury by top scorer Sturge (12 / 9) who will be out of action for about two months. Except for the same time and full boss José Enrique (8 / 0)
NORGUITS: Hopper's goal at 30 'home match against Crystal Palace was enough to give her the precious three-pointer. So he moved away from the dangerous zone by four points with Chris Hutton pointing out "It's a big victory for us." Except for some time, the valuable Plymouthton (9 / 1) and Synodra (9 / 1), as well as the Wolvesbell striker (8 / 1).


MANCHESTER C..: The weight of the draw in her luggage left the team of David Moyes from Tottenham headquarters as they both managed by two goals. He was found twice in the scoring but both found the way to "answer" with Rooney. Fill in cards with defender Jones (10 / 0). The ambitious Fan Last (10 / 7). Except for one month at least, the basic average Carick (10 / 0). 
EVERTON: Extends its undefeated run in five games after an impressive home win over Stoke with 4-0. Roberto Martinez's team was excellent and the very positive thing was that they scored four different players. The leading role was played by young Deofeo who scored the first and created the second. Except for the most basic number of Baines (12 / 2).


SANDERLAND: He played in the home of Aston Villa and left with the grade, although 0-0 may be wrong. He also had the most classic opportunities with Gucky Poyet saying "We did not get the three points, but it's a step in the right direction." The basic O'Shee (12 / 0) prevents logic. Unless again the Westwood goalie (10 / 0). In his place again Manone (4 / 0).
CELSI: With stubbornness and a lot of difficulty he took the three-pointer against Southampton with 3-1. "Stamford Bridge" froze in the first minute, as the visitors were immediately ahead of the club after a wrong turn from Michelle. In the repetition, however, he put a great deal of pressure and was finally justified. So he was in second place. The aggressive Eto (8 / 2) is logical. Excluding defender David Luz (5 / 0) and average Oscar (13 / 5).


SOUTHAMPTON: Second consecutive defeat for Maurizio Poettinio's team, after defeating 3-1 from Chelsea's headquarters. Rodriguez took the wrong turn of the home team to Chech and put it ahead of the score a few seconds after the center. But then he was pressured and eventually bent at the repetition by accepting three goals. A blow to the serious injury of Goalkeeper Borutsu (13 / 0) that will be missing for two months. Except for the 37-year-old golfer Davis, so 21-old Argentine Gazaniga will sit under the beams. Traumatic and the mean Sneijderin (13 / 1), except for the average Ramirez (5 / 0). 
ASTON VILLA: Paul Lambert was unbeaten for the fourth consecutive game after 0-0 gave Sunderland. The truth is that he risked more than threatened. "If you can not win a game then do not lose it. We did not deserve to win the game, "Lambert said frankly. Doubtful Weiman striker (12 / 1) with his chances in favor. 

Sousson - Newcastle

SOONSI: He scored a goal early in the City and since he did not take advantage of the classic chances he made until the end of the first half, he "paid" to the rebound by taking two more goals. Positive new top scorer Bonnie (11 / 4) injured against Valencia and there were fears that he would be out for a long time. After exams they are expected to return in ten days. Besides aggressive Mitsu (10 / 2), except for 15 days the main defensive Rangel (11 / 0).
NEWCASTLE: Happy Gospel for Alan Pardy who saw his team win their fourth consecutive victory, this time home at West Brom with 2-1. "I perceived it in the locker room today that there was a belief in victory," said Pardiou who saw his team climb to the sixth position, while some time ago he was in danger near the dangerous zone. No new racing problems. 


STOUC: Defeated hands for the Potters after they left Everton with four goals. "We have to pick up our tracks for Wednesday. We have to go better, "said Mark Hughes. That was the fourth defeat in its last five away games. Except for three weeks, the basic Push Hut (12 / 0), with the offensive Arnautovitch (9 / 1). 
CARDIFF: He can keep Manchester United at 2-2, but against Arsenal he was unable to repeat the same feat, knowing the home defeat with 0-3. However, Malki McKay had only good words to say about his players and the appearance they made, and a special mention made for Arsenal's young star, Aaron Ramsey, who left Cardiff at age 17 (2008). No new racing problems. 


WEST BROM: He finished the mini-undefeated run of the three races, having been defeated at Newcastle headquarters with 2-1. Steve Clarke's team was back at the 36 'score, but in 53' he was equal to Brad. But her joy did not last long, since at 57 'the hosts took the lead again. Fill in the cards with the basic midle Moulombou (13 / 0). Fosther Goalkeeper (2 / 0) near the return.
MANSESTER CITY: Maintain the absolute record of home games after winning 3-0 on Swansea. Nefredo's foul to 8 'put her in front of the score, but he was seriously in danger until the end of the half-time. At the repeat he scored twice with Nasri and sealed his victory in this way. On the mission was the irreplaceable Kobani (4 / 0) after missing ten games. Except for three weeks still, Master Monsieur David Silva (7 / 3). Besides defender Nastasic (9 / 1) and striker Jovanic (3 / 0).


FOULAM: The West Ham defeat with 3-0 was the swan song for Martin Yol who was kicked off the team's bench. 57 was the coach of Fulham since June 2012, but the fifth consecutive defeat ended co-operation between the two sides. Rene Mulestein (former Manchester United technical staff at Ferguson), who had come a few days ago as the first gymnast, but all knew he was destined to replace Yol. Defense Defender Richter (10 / 0). The defensive Hageland (8 / 0) and the striker Berbatov (11 / 1) are logic.
TOTENAM: André Villa-Boas was away from the win for the fourth consecutive match, giving Manchester United a tie with 2-2. The "spurs" were preceded by two, but they were twice equaled by the molded Rooney. Doubtless the aggressive Adébayor (1 / 0). Except for one month average Eriksen (7 / 0). 

FORMER 03 / 12


CRISTAL PALACE: Toni Powis first defeated the bench after seeing his team run away with 1-0 from Norwich's headquarters. The "eagles" received a goal at 30 'and touched the equalizer, but the effort of Badan stopped on the bar. In the repeat the guests showed the same zeal, just did not take advantage of their opportunities. Except Medium Guinea (4 / 0). The second of his three penalties will be played by the average Bolasi (4 / 0). 
WEST HAM: Without much effort, the team of Sam Alaray won the home win against Fulham with 3-0. The game was one-dimensional with the hosts pushing constantly and the guests to be in a passive role. Thus the "hammers" were removed from the danger zone by three degrees. Extremely dubious is the number of Bat Rat (8 / 0). Except for striker Carroll. Long-time defensive Reed (10 / 1).

FORMER 01 / 12


TOTENAM: Andrew Villa-Boas said he was dismayed after his club was upset at Manchester City headquarters with 6-0. The match can not withstand criticism with "spurs" accepting the first goal just after 14 '' after the start. On Thursday he defeated Tromso with 2-0 on the Europa League, playing as usual with changes. Doubtless the aggressive Adébayor (1 / 0). Except for one month the average Ericson (7 / 0). 
MANCHESTER C.: He missed the opportunity to get even closer to the top, having "stuck" at Cardiff headquarters with 2-2. The Moyes team accepted the equalization of delays. Midweek broke out on Leverkusen, which he broke away from home with 5-0. Doubtful defender Vindic (8 / 0) and striker Fan Last (10 / 7). Except for one month at least, the basic average Carick (10 / 0). 


HAL: Steve Bruce was the first to be defeated in the first home game, as he could never "answer" the goal he received from Crystal Palace at 81. "As time went by, you saw that they were getting more confident," Bruce said frankly. Traumatic defender McKay (4 / 0). Except the average Queen (6 / 0). 
LIVERPOOL: He was saved in five by Stewart at the derby with Everton after winning a draw with 3-3. The team of Brendan Rogers preceded the score twice, but 82 'found himself losing with 3-2. Eventually the young striker gave the solution to 89 '. Except Fuller Jose Hendry (8 / 0) who will probably need surgery. 


MANSESTER CITY: He has proved for the first time why it is considered the best headquarters of the Premier League. In the last game, the team of Manuel Pelegrinini raced Tottenham with 6-0, while midweek continued with 4-2 in the home match against Victoria Plzen for the Champions League. Close to the return of the irreplaceable Kobani (4 / 0), another game will overtake today. Except for three weeks still, Master Monsieur David Silva (7 / 3). Besides defender Nastasic (9 / 1) and striker Jovanic (3 / 0).
SOONSI: Finally win for the swans, after they managed after five fruitless attempts to celebrate the three-pointer with 2-1 at Fulham headquarters. Golden change turned out to be Selvey who went through a change and scored the winning goal at 80 '. On Thursday he was defeated at home from Valencia with 0-1 for the Europa League. Except for a long time the top scorer Bonnie (11 / 4) injured against Valencia. Besides the main defender, Ranghel (11 / 0) and the striker Mitsu (10 / 2). 


CELSI: After two fruitless attempts, Joze Mourinho's team reverted to victories with the impressive 3-0 at West Ham headquarters. "We played with Tottenham Hotspur in the second half, but today it was the same in 90," Mourinho said. Frank Lampard, who scored twice against his old team, was a great protagonist of the show. Midweek Chelsea defeated 1-0 in Basel for the Champions League. Except for the aggressive Eto (8 / 2), while defending David Luzis (5 / 0) is not over.
SOUTHAMPTON: After eight games, the team defeated Maurizio Poketino, after defeating 0-2 against Arsenal's headquarters. Irritated by the way Pocetino defeated. It is indicative that Arsenal's first goal came from the goalie of Goalkeeper Borut which Ziru exploited. Returns the average Cork (4 / 0).

FORMER 30 / 11


ASTON VILLA: He stumbled into West Brom's seat and paid him two goals in the first period. But the repetition was more serious and managed to reach the equalizer with El Ahamdad and Westwood. Lambert's triple change at 57 also played an important role. "We are fantastic in the second half," said Paul Lambert. Practically full mission. 
SANDERLAND: Defeated with 2-0 left Guc Poyet's team from Stoke City headquarters, although defeat came in an unfair manner. The "blacksmiths" took 30 'goal and 35' left with ten players due to the elimination of Will Brown. The elimination was unfair and this was proven by the fact that his team was right in the appeal and has the right to fight normally. The defenders defeated (2 / 0) and the average Catemolo (6 / 0). 


WEST HAM: By defeating 0-3 in the home match against Chelsea, Sam Armandy's team has continued his racing duties. The "hammers" were unable to look at any point in the fight with Alaray to point out "If you make the mistakes we made today against a team like Chelsea then all you can expect is to be defeated." Except for striker Carroll. The defensive Reed (10 / 1) was operated and will be gone for a long time. 
FOULAM: Inside the dangerous zone remained Martin Jol after the home defeat from Swansea with 1-2. The Londoners received a goal at 56 'from Hughes' own goal, but equalized with Parker at 64'. 80 'finally got a second goal with Yol to point out' If you do not score goals you can not win matches'. The defector Richter (10 / 0) is punished. The defensive Haguelton (8 / 0) is logical. Berbatov (11 / 1) is doubtful due to the merger but is expected to be ready. 


EVERTON: He was very close to a big win at Derby with Liverpool but eventually gave a tie to 3-3. Roberto Martinez's team was twice behind the score, but both managed to tie and return the match to 3-2 at 82 '. For 89 'on the other hand that had a terrible day. Except for the most basic number of Baines (12 / 2).
STOUC: Celebrated the second win of the season after 2-0 in the home match against Sunderland. "Potters" preceded 30 'and 35' gained a numerical advantage which they took advantage of achieving a second goal at 81 '. Doubts are defender Wilson (10 / 0) and striker Jones (6 / 0). Except for a while, the basic Hut Porn (12 / 0) will need surgery, with the offensive Arnautovitch (9 / 1). 


CARDIFF: He showed character to United and never left the game. So after equalizing 1-1 with Campbell at 33 'he showed enormous mental reserves and equalized the delays in the final 2-2 with Kim's head. Tharalea described his team as Maliki McKay. No new racing problems. 
ARSENAL: He increased the lead from Liverpool to four points after winning home in Southampton with 2-0. "Gunners" have struggled a little bit more than usual, while midweek dominated Marseille with 3-0 for the Champions League. Explained the average Flamines (8 / 0). Except mid-term Chamberley (1 / 0).


NORGUITS: "Both goals could be avoided. At this stage we need to score more goals, "Chris Houston said after defeating his team with 2-1 at Newcastle headquarters. This was her third consecutive defeat away. Apart from the valuable Pickington (9 / 1) and Synodrah (9 / 1), as well as the Wolvesbell striker (8 / 1). 
CRISTAL PALACE: The first away win of the season was achieved by the "eagles", after being victorious with 1-0 from the headquarters of the other newly-defeated Hull. 77 'stayed with ten players, but it was not hurt as four minutes later, Basan won the winning goal. So he disengaged from the last position of the score. All this under the eyes of new coach Tony Poulis who signed for the next two and a half years. Except Medium Guinea (4 / 0). The first of three games of his punishment will be played by the average Bolasi (4 / 0). 


NEWCASTLE: Continue its upward course with 2-1 in its home match against Norwich. The "karaakas" were ahead of 2-0 with a goal in the early stages and another one at the end of the first half and simply excited at the end as they received a goal at 80. Thus they celebrated their third consecutive victory. Defender defeated Defender (11 / 1). 
WEST BROM: He drove the rubbish into two goals in the last Monday's match against Aston Villa and eventually he was in the rank, as he rejoined two goals. "We missed a classic opportunity to do 3-0 and finish the game there," Steve Clark said. Probably Jones defenseman (10 / 0).

FORMER 25 / 11


WEST BROM: She came close to her first win at Chelsea's headquarters in 30 for years, but eventually she was just on the draw with 2-2. Steve Clark's team was back at the 45 'score, but 2-1 was the "turn" of the match. At the last minute of the delays, a non-existent penalty was charged against her and was balanced on 2-2. 
ASTON VILLA: The "top scorers" took a deep breath after the home win against Cardiff with 2-0. Paul Lambert may have had several absences in the attack, but Bakunas and Kozak have managed to score a goal in the last quarter of the match. "I think we deserved victory," said relieved Lambert.

FORMER 24 / 11


MANTSESTER CITY: Anxious for the away form of his team is Manuel Pelegrini, after a new loss of points, this time at Sunderland. The "citizens" were defeated with 1-0, as they were unable to find a "answer" to the goals they received at 21. In addition to the commander David Silva (7 / 3), aggressive Jovanic (3 / 0) as well as the irreplaceable Kobani (4 / 0).
TOTENAM: She was unable to take advantage of her superiority in the home match against Newcastle and eventually defeated 0-1. He created a lot of opportunities, but found against a stunning Kroul who stopped trying to "spurs". So he stayed away from the win for second consecutive match and retreated to the score. Except the average Ericson (7 / 0). Doubtless defensive Kirakes (4 / 0). 


CARDIFF: The Maliki McKay team was unable to follow suit, after defeating Aston Villa with 2-0. The Welsh could have been in possession, but the hosts seemed more adept at the final effort. "Overall, I'm not disappointed, as if we show this self-denial we'll be fine," McKay said. Gunnaron (11 / 1) and striker Onttembigi (7 / 1) are ready for battle.
MANJESTER YOUNG: Maybe he did not have possession but had the substance in the home match against Arsenal and smiled in the end with the win with 1-0. Faneyear's incredible head at 27 'gave her a three-pointer with which he cut the gap from the top to five. Except for one month at least, the basic average Carick (10 / 0). Except Defender Jones (9 / 0). The ambitious Fan Last (10 / 7) and Wellbek (6 / 2) are doubtful. 

FORMER 23 / 11


EVERTON: He missed the opportunity to get even higher in the score after the "white" tie he won at the headquarters of Crystal Palace. Roberto Martinez's team got in a lot of trouble. He then balanced and seemed more creative without being able to score. Better moment the Jagiellka head. Practically full mission. 
LIVERPOOL: After defeating Arsenal, Brendan Rogers's team managed to return to victory with the impressive 4-0 on Fulham at home. The "Reds" took care to "clean" the win case from the first half, scoring three goals. The score was scored by the visitors, while on the big day was Swaraju who scored twice. So he remained in second place. Except Fuller Jose Hendry (8 / 0) who will probably need surgery. 


ARSENAL: He met the first away defeat for this year, having never been able to "answer" Fan's last goal at 27. It is obvious that the players '58' s first team was on - So after 16 matches he found a team that kept the "Gunners" in mischief. Fill in cards with the average Flamines (8 / 0). The attacker Walcott (4 / 0), defeat Merzacker (9 / 1) and average Rosicitch (6 / 0) return. Except mid-term Chamberley (1 / 0). 
SOUTHAMPTON: The highs of the rankings found the "saints" after the impressive victory over Hull with 4-1. The Maurizio Poketino team has taken care to "clear" the game early on just before with 3-0 in the first 45. The superiority of the hosts was also admitted by coach Hull, Steve Bruce. Pleasant that they scored four different players. Except the average Cork (4 / 0).


NEWCASTLE: He had a terrible day for goalie Kroul, who made 14 interventions and kept zero at Tottenham headquarters. Thus, Remi's goal at 13 'turned out to be enough to give the three-pointer to Alan Pardy's team, which was the second consecutive victory over Chelsea. Fill in the Defender Deck (11 / 1) cards. 
NORGUITS: The 7th of Manchester City shook the players of Chris Houston and in the next game they wanted to give "answers". That's how they beat West Ham with 3-1 in a game that needed to overturn and they came out of the danger zone. Except the attacking Wolf Wolfgang (8 / 1). Plinkington (8 / 1) is logical. 


STOUC: He was ahead of 2-0 at Swansea's headquarters just at 25 ', but in the rebound he accepted three goals. And while he was breathing from the defeat came the controversial decision of referee Madley to charge a penalty shoot-out in favor of 90 + 4 '. Adams looked cool and equalized in the final 3-3. Doubts are defender Wilson (10 / 0) and striker Jones (6 / 0). 
SANDERLAND: She made the big surprise of last season with her home win over Manchester City with 1-0. Barnesley put her in front of the 21 'score and in the final stages of the game he was put on a tremendous pressure, but he stood up and took a valuable three-pointer. Excellent defensive Brown who looks born again with Poyet who took him out of naphthalene. In the last game of their punishment, the defensive Dona (2 / 0) and the average Catemolo (6 / 0) will play. 


FOULAM: In an even more difficult place, Martin Yol was found after his new defeat, this time at Liverpool's headquarters with 4-0. The Londoners withdrew for 25 ', as at that point Amorebbeeta achieved an own goal and for the next ten minutes they lowered switches, accepting two more goals. This was a third defeat and everything is fluid. The defensive Richter (10 / 0) is punished. Except defensive Hague (8 / 0) and midfielder (6 / 0). 
SOUND: He came close to the absolute reversal in the home match against Stoke, but eventually he was confident in the draw with 3-3. The "swans" were found to lose 0-2 to 25 ', but in the rebound they scored three goals. In the last minute of the delays, however, the referee saw a penalty shoot-out in Rutland's hand that deprived them of the victory. Many complaints of the hosts about this decision. Excited the main goalball player (10 / 0). Except the average Pablo Ernantez (4 / 1) and striker Mitsu (10 / 2). 


HAL: He was defeated by the formidable Southampton headquarters with 4-1, in a game he wanted but could not do anything else. She went to the dressing room with the 3-0 and Steve Bruce to highlight "Sometimes you have to admit that you were defeated by a better team." That was the third consecutive defeat in away games. Returns from injury to main goal McGregor (8 / 0). Except the average Queen (6 / 0). 
CRISTAL PALACE: Their first rank after seven races was celebrated by the "Eagles" as they held Everton at 0-0. They were better in the long run, but they were unable to take advantage of the classic opportunities they created. However, they were lucky with the beam to save them in one case. The directors were in talks with Dan Petrescu to take over the technical leadership, but in the last few hours he seems to be very close to an agreement with Tony Poulis (formerly Stoke). Returns average Williams (3 / 0). Except Medium Guinea (4 / 0).


WEST HAM: He was ahead of 32 'with Morrison at Norwich's headquarters and everyone thought he would leave with the win. A foolish overturning of Yasklainenen gave the hosts the opportunity to tie off the "white" ball and to score two more goals later. The defensive Reed (10 / 1) was operated and will be gone for a long time. Defendant is Defender Rat (8 / 0). 
CELSI: With a penalty that neither Abramovich himself would not have given, Mourinho's team saved the game in their home match against West Brom and took the draw with 2-2. Ramirez dived and Mariner indicated the penalty shootout at 90 + 4 '!! So he remained unbeaten with Mourinho on the bench for 66 home games. Torres (8 / 1) is not totally ready. 

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The infobeto organizes 3 new major competitions for the Champions League, the Europa League and the Greek Championship!

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