Multiple choices in Manchester and molded Makedas!

Premier League

Manchester United continues to hunt one of the two places leading to the Champions League next season. Not at all easy since three other teams "crack" on the high "shelves" of the scoring. Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea do not want to lose the European train of the biggest club competition and the finals in the Premier League are expected to be exciting.

The first barrier of the Solskyer team is extremely high, as Everton is in good shape, as before the defeat by Fulham, it came from a winning streak and has a very strong seat.

The positive thing about United and its technician is that today it does not face serious racing problems and will make the best of it. Indeed, it seems that Luaku and A. Sanchez are starting in front.

Will the Solskieer team be able to leave the double with Everton? At you find the "double" somewhat different! Manchester United win. with 0-1 or 0-2 or 1-2 * scores.

Greek Super League

In the ... Greek championship, Atromitos and Panathinaikos collide in Peristeri.

The hosts come from an important double against Mars, while the green was defeated at OAKA by OFI. Makedas is the most reliable solution to clover attack this year (8 goal in 24 appearances), scoring in two of the three most recent games of the Greens. Will he score?

The Italian player is charged with enhanced odds * at to score at any time.

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114

Chelsea (-2.0) -Hull (+ 2.0)

Champion Chelsea welcomed Hull for 16's racing and no one questioned Mourinho's team that he is going to be a full-fledged championship and another victory. 

However, I think that Chelsea will be confused as she puts one match after another in England and Europe and finds them dark in Hull, which will likely come out with her favorite figure in such cases 4-6-0.

In essence, 6 has a very hard defense, with 0-0 in Liverpool 2-2 in Arsenal, but 3-0 was defeated by man utd.

I predict a very tight match where Chelsea will be permanently in attack and Hull permanently in defense. I bet the Asian +2.0 in favor of Hull because I consider 1-0 or 2-0 as the most probable score, ie a professional victory for the London Blues , and there is always a small chance of scoring the hal, which will make the job of the home team very difficult,

Anyway, I see few chances for a gel and many for a professional victory, so the Asian handicap +2 for the hospitable Hull is the right bet for the occasion and I find it at odds of 1.975.

I find it difficult at that time Chelsea to find her strengths and show strength in Hull.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Premier league
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 1,975
  • Stake 4
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 2-0
  • WonDrawLost Draw
  • Profit +0

Arsenal (-1.25) -Newcastle (+ 1,25)

In this bet, things are simple, the book offers the ace at 1.50 and the respectively Asian handicap at (- +) 1.25. I think that this match hides great risks for Arsenal and I cost the ace at 1.65-1.70 and I would like the corresponding handicap of 0,75 to 1.0 at most.
So at first reading I see value in x2 and in Newcastle. Beyond that, the news of the match strengthens my bet because Newcastle comes from a huge victory over the undefeated Chelsea until then and is generally on a very good moon.

On the other hand, Arsenal has suffered a humiliating defeat with 3-2 from Stoke with the score to flatter her and not to reflect her miserable appearance. Arsenal will have a dozen other matches for a match.

I think the Arsenal chances are great and I believe that this is going to be happening in Emirac this season, or Arsenal is going to go or to win with one thousand zombies, so the Xanthis + 1.25 over the host is my bet and I bet in 1.90 performance.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Premier league
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 1.90
  • Stake 4
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 4-1
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -4

West Brom (-0,5) -Aston villa (+ 0,5)

West Brom. welcomes Aston Villa and the home side is in a state of crisis as he has stopped scoring the talent of Bérico the team neither scored or defeated, the overall score is tragic in the last games and the team has 5 to win matches.

On the other hand the Villa finally got a form with 2 consecutive victories and 5 match unbeaten, goal scorer Benedetto returning after his long injury and scoring the team to make a psychology in view of continuity, also the defensive defender Flair returned and Delf also.

As the Brom's favorite odds are somewhat absurd, I decided to beat the very good performance of x2 I found in Xxxxx with 365. I think the set of odds should have been shared and X1.80 would have 2-1.5 wherever I find 1.6 and the form and the timetam shows Villa, x1.80 is a one-way street ...

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Premier league
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 1.80
  • Stake 5
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 1-0
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -5

Southampton-Man utd

Tonight is the huge derby between 3a Sautathon and 4 Manchester United, or better still R. Kouman vs. Fan Hal.

Two teams with a huge aggressive talent will chase the win with nails and teeth not only to sit in 4a but also because 2 coaches will have to take care of their players as they have strong opposition between them.

I think 2 teams will not stop anywhere and we will see quite a few goals in this match, and I think it is a good choice of the XeroxNUMX that is at prices around 2.5.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Premier league
  • Pick Over 2.5
  • Odds 2.05
  • Stake 3
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 1-2
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +3.15

Testimonials for everyone in Premier ...

Instead of clearing the things in the Premier, they start and get more complicated because this racing game hides traps and a lot of trials for the first four teams.

The first in the fight is the champion Chelsea, which remains undefeated after 14 racing and this time it is tested in Newcastle headquarters, with the latter being able for the best and the worst. It is worth mentioning that in the last two hits of the London Team at St. James's Park he suffered similar defeats.

A test awaits Arsenal as well, as it will face Stoke. The difficult program of the "potters" continues, as after "Liverpool" and "Manchester United" come the "gunners".

The City welcomes Everton, with "sweets" not to mention anything in last year's team that was steadily close to the quartet. The Ace, however, is extremely low.

Extremely difficult is the work of United, which continues to be absent, although in recent games it seems to have a pace.

Apparently the KPP has a small lead in the home match against Burnley, but the game is harder than it looks as Burnley is quite molded and remains undefeated in the last four.

Classic epiphone for the stay is this between Hal and West Brom. Both count a series of negative results, but the home team is closer to a good result. 

Crystal Palace (-0,5) -Aston Villa (+ 0.5)

Crystal Palace welcomes Aston Villa and I'm going to support the host and bet on x2 or Asian (+ 0,5) the same thing is.

2 teams are in the same position with the same points as the Palace is 2 match undefeated and the Villa on a clear upward course. Palla wins this year after 1-2 good looks to be unrealistic and to show a racing loss, which I expect today, to underestimate Aston Villa who is a man in the away games and to push it.

Villa on the other hand are 3 games unbeaten with 3 draws where they found themselves 2 times a breath away from the victory, 2 weeks ago they tied at 1-1 from Southampton and last Saturday they tied again at 1-1 away from home with Burnley at 87 '.

Superstar and goal scorer Bendeke returns for Lambert's team and I expect a soulful appearance from the villagers, and a naive and arrogant one from the host.

I think it's time to beat the Villa but I will go to the double opportunity that is currently being offered at 1.875. The Ace is terribly frightening and only for odds 2.05-2.10 is not this year's home where home is moderate with 2-1-3.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Premier league
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 1.875
  • Stake 5
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 0-1
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +4.375

Southampton-Man city

A live match for 13's Premier League racing and 2h Southendon hosts 3 Man. City, 2 grades divide the 2 groups.

Southampton are impressive this year and are 2nd playing very good football, having an impressive record at home with 5 wins and 1 draw and a ratio of 17-1, that is very productive in attack and with granite defense, it is relaxed as it has no Europe and is complete as not has no injuries, so it is unobtrusive to play football that can with the climate be very good and confidence is high.

Manchester City, on the other hand, after the tragic situation before the break, after the interruption did not change much. The climate is not good. The team has a lot of racing problems with a single difference that lied and defeated 2 Crisis Matches with Swansea 2-1 and Bayern 3-2 midweek and somewhat calmed down, with Pegreenini basically wasting time and the year of the city but its future in the team is unclear. Generally the team easily receives a goal from almost all teams and the attack has Angueiro to pull alone the paddle in the last interval as the team except that it is unfair to be deprived of the services of precious Tzak and Silva. Also fatigue from the match with Bayern midweek will be obvious.

With all this, I see a super derby with Southampton looking ready and more ready and Man City scapularizing it from match to match and somewhere it will press it and I end up with the ace that is offered at odds over 3.00.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Premier league
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 3.25
  • Stake 3
  • Bookmaker Stoiximan
  • result 0-3
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -3


QPR hosts Leicester and it is a life or death match for both teams, especially for the home team that is last in the standings. Here I am going to support the QPR ace which is offered at a satisfactory odds of 2 and I believe it will easily or hardly be confirmed and if nothing else it is worth a bet.

The QPR is last seen with 8 3 points under Hull which is 17 and marginally out of the relegation zone just above the 10 position in 18 position. In general, it is still early to talk about relegation and stays, but Retain's team, if they want to stay in the class, must defeat such a match, and so far has shown that it can take them.

As I said the home team has only 8 points and they achieved them at home with a record of 2-2-2 and a goal of 9-8 has a very competitive home, has scored in the last 5 at home and comes from a defeat away from Newcastle with 1- 0 where away from home is tragic with only defeats. Inside, he has made excellent appearances such as the victories with Sunderland and Aston Villa but also the unfair 2-2 with MAN. CITY as well as the unfair 2-3 from Liverpool where he lost thanks to the 2 own goals he scored and a goal he conceded in 94 ', In general, the team of Retnap plays the transformed home matches in relation to the away ones and plays very good football.

Now the guest Leicester seems to be the ideal scapegoat for the Londoners' appetite, it comes from 5 consecutive defeats away from home with a ratio of 0-9 and has to score either inside or outside more than 1,5 months where it scored for the last time at home in 2 -2 with Burnley, regardless of inside or outside has to beat from the 5th game that adventurously beat 5-3 Manchester, since then counts 2 draws and 5 losses, with a factor of 2-8, and is in tragic form and rightly fell 18th, in contrast to QPR which is unfairly so low and playing clearly better.

The image of QPR inside is very good it has taken a "mini" form playing nice ball lately and unjustly it is last, hosting a Leicester where it is in a tragic situation (especially away from home) and I think everything leads to the ace offered in Satisfactory odds on bet365 with 2.30, I think that the team of Retnap has the personality but also the quality to bring out this ace, after all the motivation is huge and they know it very well in Loftus Road.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Premier league
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 2.30
  • Stake 5
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 3-2
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +6.5

Southampton (-1 AH) - Leicester

Southampton faces Leicester and hopes to make another victory in her bluff.

There is no more formidable team than Southampton won the Xal 1-0 Hull away and continues her own trip.

4 has a win in its field and a draw and defeat has not yet met

He has the best defense at this time with 5 goals in 10 racing.

Leicester may have started well and did an epic overturn with Manchester United from 3-2 to win 5-3 but until there has been a fall in performance.

He was defeated in West Brom with 0-1 in her last fight.

In the last 5 games count 1 draw and 4 defeats while not scoring in 4 games.

Southampton is a train right now. I believe I will add another win to her but I think she can win against Leicester that has been worrying her performance over the past few months so I will win Southampton with more than 1 goal difference -1 Asian Handicap. If Southampton wins 1 with a difference, our money is back, if we lose or be defeated we lose.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) England Premier League
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 1.70
  • Stake 3
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 2-0
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +2.10

After the busy midweek schedule in Europe's football fields, we are back at normal pace with the Premier teams back in the midfield. Interest now focuses on the middle layers of the scoreboard.

In the big game between Liverpool and Chelsea everything is open with the two teams coming from defeat and draw respectively in the Champions League games. There is a lot of talk in England about Rogers' choice to choose to rest a number of first-class players against Real because it increases pressure and expectations for the match against Chelsea. This year's Liverpool is unreliable, but in the big games it always wakes up. So I will prefer the few goals from going anywhere.

In the West Ham game, Ace has a lead, but it is very low, so I prefer to take the 2-3 goal, as we are not expected to have a goal fest.

In the "Old Trafford" match, the FA Cup team has a unique opportunity to win the victory that will restore smiles and confidence before the break of the national teams, which will be an opportunity for rebuilding, returning wounded and more work. Logically the "red devils" will not stop at one goal. I close with the match of the Burnley singer against the strong Hull. The "tigers" are a difficult game, and I think that the home team's need for points will give hosts space and will be able to go unattained.







BURNLEY - HALL 2 (+0,25) 1.80




Stoke (-0,25) -West Ham (+ 0,25)

Once again I decided to trust West Ham this time going to moderate Stoke City and absurdly giving outsiders, and so we have another chance to bet the "hammers".

The words are unnecessary for dear West Ham, good coach has, many transcripts have created a very rich and quality roster, the mid-range line to be really excellent. It is on a terrible moon with its latest 6 appearances to be very positive and comes from winning with 2-1 on England's champions. 4 is located and no one knows who will surely come up with such appearances and such a roster will chase a seat in the first 7a to come out in Europe and why not if he continues to fight for 4a, leading to the Champions League is overwhelming but why not?

Stoke is a modest team in the league without any terrible quality, with no head quarrels ever so far and is in the middle of the 11 position. It is a team that scores in 2 ways, either counterattacks when playing with some big team or with the heads of Krauts who is absent and weakened by its attack and else, also lacking Form Odbedi where the heads and the staves will be quite weak and will only rely on the speed of the Moussos and Dyouff to score something difficult as "Sphyria" approaches the match quite rationally and not with "I will win with that I want", so it will do very few counter-attacks.

For these reasons, West Ham is so outsider that it will play the match in a straight line, face a difficult team offensively in a lukewarm home, I bet the Asian double (+0.25) as I believe that the hammers will logically work and why not the double .

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Premier league
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 1.85
  • Stake 5
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 2-2
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +2.125

Value in the Premiers' anti-trade ...

We have had the League Cup in England mid-week, which many clubs see as a mini-drudge at the moment others see as a first-class opportunity for discrimination. One of the last is Newcastle which made the big bam by taking the qualification at the headquarters of the Manchester City trophy owner. Qualifying with 2-1 gains more value as it came with many youngsters in the opening game as the City had several first-class officials in. Liverpool, on the other hand, was defeated against Bournemouth and confirmed that he was going through a prolonged crisis after the departure of Swaraj. Newcastle has a momentum and against this bad Liverpool it may well be worth it. I continue with Everton's game against the remarkable Swansea. "Swans" have the ability to score and will definitely help them with the fact that the "sweets" have not yet solved their problems in defense since the start of the season. It is quite possible, therefore, to score both.

Leicester is coming from an undefeated run in its last 3 away games and is coming from two consecutive defeats. Inside, he is changing for the better and Nigel Pirson wishes his team to find the good racing face he showed in the early games. He is welcoming a West Brom which is not something special out there and awaits all of them in the scoring from the molded Bérez. The match is at stake and the ace is very good luck. For the most conservative remarkable is the ace in -0,25




NEWCASTLE - LIVERPOOL 1 (+0,5) 1.875

EVERTON - SOONSI     G/G      1,72

LESTER - WEST BROM 1 (-0.25) 1.95

Liverpool (-1.25) -Hull (+ 1.25)

Liverpool welcomes Hull for the 9th game of the Premier League at Anfield and wants every sacrifice the three-pointer to restore calm in its ranks. The question is whether Liverpool can win this match, which the previous S / C defeated QPR 2-3 in a crazy match where Liverpool once again showed its defensive weaknesses. Midweek had a terribly demanding home game against Real Madrid where he suffered a 0-3 defeat (he lost so much at halftime), with Balotelli out of place and time changing shirts with Pepe at half time making his coach furious. The climate is very bad, the team does not play good ball at all, the defense breaks down, and the consecutive matches make things more and more difficult, to all this we add the immaturity of Balotelli and the absence of the player Sturridge who will change as soon as he returns άρδην το κλιμα.

In all this thing called Liverpool all you want is a serious team to challenge it, and such a team is Hull, a serious and above all a Team. Hall is in the middle of the scoring with a fairly remarkable harvest with moderate presence within but a very satisfactory presence outside the home. She often knocked out and last week she missed a winner from Erimach of Arsenal, who scored in 92 for the final 2-2.

I think Liverpool will have a very difficult job against Hull and the Asian + 1.25 of Hull is the best bet I choose because I think Hull has the qualities to score at Anfield or even to be defeated marginally and with luck. 

Match Info

  • Pick 2
  • Odds 1975
  • Stake 5
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 0-0
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +4,875

West Ham (+ 1.0) -Man city (-1.0)

West Ham will host Manchester City by opening the Premier League 9 curtain. Manchester City is 2 on the Chelsea hunt and 5 on it with 17 points and comes from a difficult and demanding trip to Russia and has seen a painful draw from CSKA Moscow with 2-2 with 86 'penalty kick as it was preceded by 0- 2 in the semi-final, and now the qualification qualification becomes even more difficult for the Champions League 16.

West Ham are 4th with 13 points and are on a very good moon as they play good football and the 4th place they hold is extremely flattering for her and generally she has no serious problems, she has a very competitive roster and she plays 1 game a week as she does not have obligations in Europe so in every match she plays 100% focused and 100% prepared for the respective opponent and has a very experienced coach to prepare her.

I think Mann. City has a very difficult mission and I see a high probability of a gel for the champions so I choose the Asian handicap of West Ham (+1.0) because if City wins it will be done with a lot of effort so it seems to me quite safe bet the Asian of West Ham which does not is afraid of no opponent and I remind you beat Liverpool 3-1 at home and beat Man United straight at Old Trafford and although they lost 2-1 they deserved something more, fatigue from consecutive games and a slight disappointment for 2-2 will turn the plastic in favor of the home team.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Premier league
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 2,05
  • Stake 5
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 2-1
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +5,25

Outright trials for Grand Prix ...

After the midweek feast of play and finals in the Champions League and the Euroleague games, we return to our regular weekend program. I start with the West Ham game with Manchester City. "Citizens" seem to have important issues in the defense line and with the aggression shown this year the "hammers" will probably have a difficult task. Alarway's team was known for trying to ruin the game of its rivals, but this year it is a pleasure to play football as an initiative. To score both gives 1.66, well above the underestimated double.

 Then I find 2.30 overpaying under in the Liverpool match with Hull. The Reds have difficulty scoring this season when Bruce's team is quite tied. With Balotelli not playing, Liverpool will have to look for goals from elsewhere and are not expected to see an open game. Performance in under is extremely tempting.

After the impressive start of the season, Swansea moves to mediocrity, and despite being ahead of Newcastle and Stoke, it ended up taking only one point. Leicester remains a tough team, but aggressively does not fire and is a team at the "swans".

I close with Everton's double at Burnley headquarters on Sunday. The newcomers have a lot of trouble as they have not yet celebrated three times when Everton raises, the truth is slower than expected. The home side has a tremendous difficulty in scoring and I think the "sweets" will make a comfortable victory.



WEST HAM - MANCHESTER CITY            G/G      1.66

HAL - LIVEPUL          UNDER 2.30




At normal rates again the Premier ...

After the break for the national teams, we return to our regular weekend schedule. Newcastle is looking for its first victory and this game faces the newly-leveled Leicester. The hosts are in a dangerous zone, although in the last games they have shown a soul, especially in the away draw against Swansea where 2-0 has reached 2-2. The game is at Newcastle's pace and with Papi Cisse to find his form again he is able to break the pomegranate. We continue with the unstoppable Chelsea that is being tested at the headquarters of Crystal Palace. The excellent image and stability shown by the Mourinho team gives us the chance to go to the double with Asian handicap 1,25. In the event of Chelsea winning only one goal we lose only half our bet. I continue with the Burnley match with West Ham. The "hammers" have risen to a level this year, and they look as strong as possible away from home, a field they have been in trouble for last year. Burnley is doing pretty well with respect, but he will not have an easy task in this game. With the odds set, we go to the right. I close with Everton's showdown with Aston Villa, where I'll risk right. "Sweets" do not convince this year against Aston Villa, which is making an impressive start. Yields definitely underestimate 'peasants', so it's worth the double at + 1,25 with 1.65 performance. Even if Aston Villa defeats a goal difference, we win half the bet.




CRYSTAL PALACE - CHELSEA 1 (-1,25) 2,025

BURNLEY - WEST HAM 2 (+0,25) 1,60

EVERTON - ASTON VILLA 2 (+1,25) 1,65

FORMER 21 / 12


LIVERPOOL: Suarez scored twice, and Henderson, Flagagan and Sterling to help the Brendan Rogers team beat Tottenham Hotspur with 5-0 and narrowed the gap from top to two. From 62 'acquired a numerical advantage with the score at 2-0. Serious blow with the injury of the leader and middle Gerard (15 / 3) that will be missed for at least a month. Except for a two-month time the top scorer (12 / 9), except for the same time and full-time José Enrique (8 / 0). 
CARDIFF: Peter Wittenham's goal at 65 'home match against West Brom, was enough to give her the tremendous treadmill that took her away from the dangerous zone at 3 points. A great deal has been fired between coach Maliki McKay and owner Vincent Tan, with the first one asking for transcription aid and the latter saying that he will not spend a penny because he has put enough money in the summer. 


WEST BROM: She has not stopped her racing downhill as she suffered the fourth consecutive defeat, this time at Cardiff's headquarters with 1-0. So he shrank even further on the score and found just two points above the danger zone. So the administration did not remain in a crossed hands and dismissed Steve Clark. Fosther Goalkeeper (2 / 0) near the return.
HAL: A further step was added by Steve Bruce's team after stealthy 0-0 in the home match against Stoke. Both had opportunities to open the scoring, but both goalies were alert. "It was probably a fair result," said Assistant Steve Agniy. Practically full mission. 


CRISTAL PALACE: He looked at Chelsea but could not get a positive result in their off-home confrontation after being defeated with 2-1. Samak temporarily equalized to 1-1, and after his second goal, he lost classic chances to bring the game straight. Doubts are no. Mox MXX (15 / 0) and Average Tom (6 / 0). Except Medium Guinea (4 / 0). 
NEWCASTLE: Gunnar's goal at 27 'home match against Southampton was not enough to win the Alan Pardou team, as 65' received the goal for the final 1-1. Pardiou is pleased with the fact that Momentum has been building his team for several races. The extraordinary average Cumbay (13 / 3). 


MANCHESTER G: In a match that will remind everyone of the extreme weather events, including a ten-minute break, the Moyes team managed to win the 2-0 at Stoke's headquarters to ensure its presence in the semifinals League Cup, where he will face Sunderland in double races. Except for three weeks the aggressive Fan Last (10 / 7). Except for two weeks, the average midfielder Carrick (10 / 0), while offside will be the offensive Rooney (14 / 8). Doubts are the defensive Vindic (11 / 0) and the average Phelai (8 / 0). 
WEST HAM: With two goals in the last 10 minutes, Sam Ararday's team has won a 2-1 winner from Tottenham, and celebrated the semi-finals of the League Cup, where they will face Manchester City in double games. The final medal of Nolan (15 / 1) will be the last of his punishment. Lose the festive season with the average Downing (13 / 0). Except for the striking Carroll and the Intermediate Base Te (7 / 2). Long-time defensive Reed (10 / 1). 


SANDERLAND: Her participation in the semi-final stage of the League Cup was secured by the team of Guc Poyet after her win with 2-1 in the extended home match against Chelsea. The "blackheads" were found behind 46 'with Kateroulle's own goal, but Borini turned out to be a golden change after equalizing 88'. And while the game seemed to be going on, there was another golden change to score at 118 '. Ki made the final 2-1. Logically, again, the Westwood goalie (10 / 0). Manon is expected to continue (7 / 0). Logically, he overcame the vivacity suffered by the average Klobak (15 / 0). 
NORGUITS: Gary Hopper started making his money, having scored his fourth goal in the last six and gave him his home team a home match against Swansea. Chris Hutton's team was losing to 12 ', but Hopper's naked shot at 45' shaped the final 1-1. "It was important not to lose the game," said Hutton. Except for some time, the valuable Philtonton (9 / 1), Synodra (9 / 1) and Tetra (7 / 0). Close to the return of the attacking Wolvesiegel (8 / 1).


STOUC: In a match held in adverse weather in midweek, Mark Hughes's home defeat with 0-2 from the United and was eliminated from the League Cup. The game was stopped at 29 due to extreme weather events. Except for a week, the basic Hut Pruh (12 / 0).
ASTON VILLA: The defeat at Fulham was followed by a new defeat, this time home from Manchester United with 0-3. The game took a procedural character from the first half, as the "peasants" received two goals before the first XOXX '15'. Average Delf (18 / 13) accounted for. Doubtful Defender Flair (1 / 14). The aggressive Agonlachor (0 / 13) has filled in cards.


FOULAM: The team of René Mullenstein could not follow the winning results, as the victory over Aston Villa was followed by a defeat at Everton's headquarters with 4-1. the only thing the Londoners have done was to temporarily equalize to 67 'with Berbatov's penalty shoot-out. Doubtless defender Hageland (8 / 0).
MANTESTER CITY: She sealed the League Cup semi-final ticket with her comfortable victory at Leicester's headquarters with 3-1. The "citizens" did what they wanted in the first half and with one goal in the beginning and another one at the end of the first half they went to the changing rooms with 2-0. At the beginning of the repeat, Dzhek made 3-0 and somewhere there the game played a procedural character. Close to attack, aggressive Jovec (3 / 0). Big hit with the injury of the top scorer Ayouero (15 / 13) that will lose a month. Apart from the defensive Nastashits (9 / 1) and Riches (2 / 0).

Match Info

  • OPAP 130-1/1,148-G/G,149-X,150-Under,151-1,152-X2,153-2/2

FORMER 14 / 12


MANSESTER CITY: The opportunity to move to second place was lost to the team of Manwell Pelegrine, after he scored a draw at Southampton headquarters with 1-1. Aguero put it in front of 10 ', but then the home team upgraded their performance and reached the equalizer at 42'. Midweek made the big break with 3-2 at Bayern headquarters, but was second in the group, despite the two teams having the same points. He returned and fought back against Bayern Master Monsieur David Silva (7 / 3). Besides defender Nastasic (9 / 1) and striker Jovanic (3 / 0).
ARSENAL: The Ulsil goal at 80 'home match against Everton was not enough to give her the victory, after four minutes later the guests equalized to 1-1. In the delays, however, luck turned his back on the Wenger team as Zirou had a beam. Midweek was defeated by 2-0 at Napoli's headquarters and passed to the Champions League 16 as second in the group. Doubtless full-ball Sanya (12 / 1). Close to attack is the attacking Pontolesky (2 / 2).


WEST HAM: Sam Araldeys has been defeated for the second time since he left with heavy 4-1 from Liverpool headquarters. The "hammers" seemed to withstand the pressure of the home team, but at 42, Demel achieved his own goal. "We did not manage to come back after the second goal and that was the most disappointing," said Sam Alarayis. The precious younger Morrison (13 / 3) met. The first of three of his punishments will be played by the main average Nolan (15 / 1), which was expelled to 82 '. Except for the striking Carroll and the Intermediate Base Te (7 / 2). Long-time defensive Reed (10 / 1). 
SANDERLAND: He headed to 37's home match against Tottenham Hotspur with Jonsson's goal after a mistake from the goal-goal but was eventually defeated by 1-2, with the goal scored by O'Shei at the expense of the team of. "One or two goals are a coincidence. The five are not, "said Gucy Poyett for the five goals this team has achieved this year. Logically, again, the Westwood goalie (10 / 0). Manon is expected to continue (4 / 0).


EVERTON: He showed once again this year that he does not understand the factions and molded teams and is able to stand in front of any of the Premier's megasters. In her last game he showed a character again after taking 80 'goal at Arsenal's headquarters, but managed to reach the 4' equilibrium later with Notellofeu. Except for the most basic number of Baines (12 / 2). Fill in cards with the average McCarthy (12 / 0). 
FOULAM: He had forgotten what the London team would win, but eventually managed to return to the three-pointers with home win over Aston Villa with 2-0. That's how it ended in the six-point defeat. That was the first victory with Mülleigh on the bench. Doubtless defender Hageland (8 / 0). Against the aggressive Bent (10 / 2) who was not eligible to compete against Aston Villa to which he belongs. 


CARDIFF: Maliki McKay's team defeated Maliki McKay's defeat after being unable to "answer" the two goals he received at Crystal Palace headquarters. "In the first five minutes we had a great chance to score," McKay said. No new racing problems.
WEST BROM: The downhill continued to score for Steve Clark's team after the second consecutive home defeat, this time from Norwich with 0-2. He had the lion's share in possession and classic chances, but the one who scored the goals in the few stages he created was Norwich. Main defense defector Jonas Olsson (14 / 0). Fosther Goalkeeper (2 / 0) near the return.


NEWCASTLE: Alan Pardiou's team has been in a very good shape since 5 has been winning 6 last. Manchester United's last victory with 1-0, which was to win away from 1972. Goalie Goals at the 61 '. So it was just found 3 points away from the fourth place. He filled in cards and loses today's excellent average Cumbay (13 / 3). 
SOUTHAMPTON: He gave up the three-point defeat to Manchester City with 1-1. He was found back at the 10 'score but in 42' Ovaldo equalized to 1-1 in a split game. "Overall, the performance of my team was amazing," said Mauritsio Poketino. A blow to the serious injury of Goalkeeper Borutsu (13 / 0) that will be missing for two months. 37's long-time goalie Davis is hard again, so 21-old Argentine Gazaniga will sit down under the beams. Extremely doubtful is the average midfielder Schneiderlin (13 / 1), while the other midfielder (14 / 0) is doubtful. 


CELSI: A great opportunity to get to the two points from the top lost the team Jose Mourinho, having seen the defeat with 3-2 at Stoke's headquarters. Shirley scored both goals, with Chelsea losing to 2-2 at 53 'and Sirla to have a stake afterwards. Chelsea eventually "paid" its inability to "finish" the match in 90. Midweek stamped her 16 Champions League qualifier as the first with 1-0 at home on Steaua. Nearly the attacker is back (8 / 2). They returned to the middle line with Steaua the average Oscar (13 / 5) and defender David Louise (5 / 0).
CRISTAL PALACE: The renaissance with Tony Poulis on the bench continued, as the "eagles" celebrated their second consecutive victory with 2-0 in their home match against Cardiff. Jerome and Samak scored one goal at the start of each half of the season and led their team to another valuable trefoil that has brought them a breath from the zone of salvation. Except Medium Guinea (4 / 0). Average Bolasi (4 / 0). 

220. HAL - STOUC

HALSteve Bruce is rightly calling for Steven Bruce after being blamed for a remarkable penalty shootout in an away match against Swansea that ended 1-1. Hull was excellent in the first half and was right ahead with Graham in 9 ', who scored after 30. Practically full. 
STOUC: Mark Hughes' great victory celebrated Chelsea with 3-2. The winning goal scored in 90 'Asaidi. "We had a tremendous performance from start to finish," Houz said, pleased. So Stoke got a deep breathing score after being removed from the dangerous zone by 4 points. The cards were handed to the attacking Wolters (14 / 1). Doubtful average Adam (13 / 3). Except for two weeks, the basic Hut Pruh (12 / 0), with the offensive Arnautovich (9 / 1). 

Match Info

  • OPAP 128-X2,147-No Bet,148-1/No Goals,149-X,150-Under,151-Under,220-1

FORMER 09 / 12


SOONSI: There is life without Bonnie and Mitsu for the "swans", who have shown not to be defeated by these two important absences and have dominated Newcastle at home with 3-0. "I'm happy about the players because we needed this victory," said Michael Laudrupp. Reasonably the next game will be returned by top scorer Bonnie (11 / 4) injured against Valencia and there were fears that he will stay out for a long time. Besides aggressive Mitsu (10 / 2), except for 15 days the main defensive Rangel (11 / 0). Extremely doubtful was the aggressor Alvaro Vasquez (7 / 0) who left the injured. 
HAL: With the honorary defeat with 2-0, Steve Bruce's team came from Arsenal's headquarters. He did little to defeat the hosts' home and had more of a defense mind. "We tried very much towards the end of the race, otherwise it would be a shameful night for us," Steve Bruce said. Defender defeated Defens (13 / 1). Traumatized Defender McKein (4 / 0) who will lose a few weeks. Except the offensive Aluko (8 / 1). 

Match Info

  • OPAP 332-1
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14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 to reach the semi-finals
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 to reach the semi-finals
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 1st & 2nd places of group E
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Top scorer of the competition
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Ronaldo & Kane goals
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 BetBuilder with England & Kane
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Top scorer of the competition
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Goal Dombryk (Ukraine)
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 To reach the quarter-finals
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14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Semi-final four
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 First groups
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 First groups
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Top scorer in Group E
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Top scorer of the competition
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Final Pair
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 To reach the semi-finals
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 team with the fewest goals
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Over 0,5 cards
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2025 Over red cards
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Over yellow cards
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Total penalties
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Winner & 4th place Group F
14/06/24 22:00 Euro 2024 Winner & 4th place Group D
16/06/24 19:00 Euro 2024 to finish in the first two places of the XNUMXth group new
18/06/24 19:00 Euro 2024 Georgia points

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