WALES - ENGLAND: Once again tangles out of nowhere

At EURO 2016 we again had a game between Wales and England in the group. 2-1 in favor of the English was their only victory finishing behind the Welsh. In the last 16, England suffered a humiliating elimination by Iceland and Wales reached the semi-finals where they were knocked out by Portugal, who also lifted the trophy.

Past that for the Welsh. What have you got Gareth, what have I always had – and he is playing last World Cup!

The English may have made an impressive start to their presence, but they did not finish the job properly. Pointless in the 0-0 draw with the USA so now they will have to look for a result against the Welsh. Once again they managed to keep the... tradition of getting into trouble out of nowhere. At least in the battle for first place in the group. Of course, they also draw, but then who listens to them on the "island"...

Bale and company have nothing to lose. They may have been blown away in the previous game against Iran, even so they have some hope. If they win by four goals, they're through! An unlikely scenario even for English people.

There is a difference in capacity between the two teams, but derbies always hide particularities, let alone British ones. Even if it's difficult, logically, the English will... shoulder it.

ASSESSMENT: England win towards the end with the X/2 at 4,10 in

TIR1: Harry Kane scored the first goal in the match to 4,40 on
TIR2: Over 0,5 assists by Bukagio Saka to 3,00 on



Live Tournament* (Playtech) 28/11-04/12

* Terms & conditions apply. 

Champions League Predictions (19 / 09)

At yesterday's premiere of his clubs Champions League we may not have seen many goals, but we certainly made some important conclusions.

European champions Liverpool lost at Napoli headquarters (2-0), Inter's' troublemaker 'saved the game against Prague's Slavia, scoring a goal at 90 + 2' (1-1) and a tie-breaker Surprise and won at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea, in a match where the Blue lost a penalty to equalize at 87 '.

In short, we saw several surprises yesterday (as we highlighted yesterday's column), with only two favorites (Salzburg-Ajax) verified. As you understand, special attention is needed now to get started. Let's go - but - now look at today's games.

Olympiacos - Tottenham: Betshop bet on 1.74 g / g

Difficult star premiere for our country's only representative in the top biennial competition.

Η Tottenham - as we know - is the finalist of last year's competition, has great quality in her roster and comes out of her best appearance this year (4-0 at Crystal Palace). Its powerful weapon is the attack, and defensively we think it will face problems.

Ο Olympic at home he draws strength from the presence of his world, against Krasnodar he has scored 4 times and generally finds the goal one way or another at home. The goal / goal in Betshop's 1.74 is optional.

Paris Saint-Germain - Real Madrid: Value in the "double"

The news that emerges in her report PSZ is the absence of Neymar-Cavani-M-Bape. We are talking about the basic aggressive French triple, which is also its biggest advance. In his last home game against Strasbourg, it took Neymar's (now punished) stunning finish to win the race late.

Η Real Madrid has not yet found a solid footing, but it has players such as Cros, Azar, Benzema, Hames and Bale. Players capable of making the difference and certainly (again) an experienced coach on the bench, with whom he has had many successes.

Stoiximan offers the race with 0% rake, which makes the 'Queen of Europe' 'double' on 3,15 particularly attractive.

Atletico Madrid - Juventus: Card betting

A derby premiere at the 4 Group. The two strongest teams in the group clash again after almost half a year, with all that happened last year (with Diego Simone and Ronaldo) in the back of their minds.

In both of their duels last year we had 4 cards, 3 for Atletico Madrid and 1 for Juventus. Atletico Madrid has for years acquired the aggressive style of its technician, Simone, and easily loses control.

We'll deal with the cards in this particular match by betting on "More home cards" at Betshop's well-paid 2,65.

Gambling day suggestions (13 / 09)

Return to normal after a few days break for National Obligations. The our betting slip "Filled" with championship races and the infobeto editorial team has distinguished those who deserve to be dealt with.

Bet on a goal in Lille - Ange

The game of Lil-Ange (20: 00) opens the gate of the competition in the French Championship. Galtieri's team easily scores at home (2 / 2 over2,5), with fast midfielders in their lineup.

Anze is not a team of the past years, has started strong and seems to have the easy goal. It's no coincidence that 3 has the best attack in the class behind Lyon and Paris Saint-Germain.

The over2,5 to Interwetten's 2,15 rating is an option.

Special Draw on De Graafsap - Ajax II

The home side is a favorite for the rise, not unjustly, as it has a full roster that was recently reinforced by the acquisition of midfielder Van de Boommen (FC Eindhoven).

Ajax II has all the elements of a big team, full attack and coming out, but also defensive naivety because of the young age of his players. Looking at his games, all confirmed g / g + over2,5, and some of them escaped scoring.

Half, ie 2 / 4, verified g / g in the 1 halftime. It is a fact that De Graafsap does not easily score goals, but here we are talking about the best attack in the class with 12 goals.

The simple g / g in 1,33, the g / g in the first half on Betshop's 2.91 contains value and we will take the risk.

Vallecano wins at home

The first two home games of Vallecano were pretty ... we would say (3-1, 2-2), which made us think over. However, after the defeat by 3-1 from Girona we believe that Paco Hemes has been working on the weak points of his defense and will be more seriously suspended today.

Santander has not started well (without a win after 4 games, 0-2-2), scoring and receiving goals with ease.

We're not saying no to over, but we will we choose the Vaiecas ace in 1.77 performance at Interwetten.

After Colombia, Brazil and Venezuela their tickets for the next (knockout) phase of Copa America.

The Venezuelans were surprised to overtake Peru, which will have to wait until tomorrow (maybe today the results) to see if it will be one of the best thirds of the three groups.

Let us recall at this point that apart from the first two, the best two thirds of the three clubs are in the next phase.

Today's games (both played at the same time: 22: 00), beyond the pregame game, are also indicated for live betting, so you should have in your notes what is happening in possible ties.

In the event of a 2 tie or even several groups in a group, the following criteria will apply:

  • Better goal difference in the group
  • Better attack on the group
  • Points in between games. If 3 is the teams, how many points they have accumulated ONLY in the games between them
  • Goal difference between games
  • Better attack on the games between them
  • Ranking based on fair play in the event
  • Draw

Bet on Qatar - Argentina

The Catarians fought to the end to Colombia but did not conquer anything from the game. Nevertheless, they once again showed that they are a valuable set with several possibilities. Argentina disappointed again against Paraguay, with 1-1 flattering her. Both of them only want a win to qualify for the next round and with this logic we expect to play at a good pace and at least three goals. This over2.5 is located at 1.65 at, for those who want to risk a little more, the g / g in 2.40 of the same bet.

Predictions for Colombia - Paraguay

Colombia is definitely the first and is expected to make a turn as it will want players to rest, on the other hand it wants to protect some of the possible punishment. The oxymoron of the case is that the "double" instead of falling, rises in the last few hours. From 2.50 that was after its initial decline (due to Colombian qualification), he went to 2.95 from Interwetten. In this performance and based on the data (indifferent Colombia and with changes) the "double" of Paraguay is a clear choice.

Copa America's 2 racing game offers exciting games!

In the impressive "Marrakech" of Rio de Janeiro for the 1 tournament group, Peru faces Bolivia.

With Ricardo Gareca in technical leadership, the Peruvians have made progress in recent years and are among the most liked "Latin" ethnic groups. The "balmy", like its nickname because of its colors, it has gathered quality medium, with players like Kueva, Cario and Guerrero. Bolivia will try to threaten the opponent with Martins and Alvarez on the strike line.

At you enjoy the Bolivia - Peru match with 0% rake * for the "final result" market until the start of the match.


BOLIVIA (4-5-1): Lampe- Diego Beharano, Aquinas, Hussino, Marvin Beharano (Torres) - Saavedra, Ramiro Waca, Justiniano, Leo Waka, Tsumasero-Martins

PERU (4-2-3-1): Galese- Antvincula, Abram, Samprano, Trauco- Yotun, Tapia, Carigio, Cueva, Flores- Guerrero.


In the event of a 2 tie or even several groups in a group, the following criteria will apply:

Better goal difference in the group
Better attack on the group
Points in between games. If 3 is the teams, how many points they have accumulated ONLY in the games between them
Goal difference between games
Better attack on the games between them
Ranking based on fair play in the event


Based on the important note and draw in the first match against Venezuela, we consider the qualifying for the tie, so they know in Peru that they have to win as many goals as possible and of course they can against the weaker team in the tournament. Choose our Peru-1 Handicap at 2.25 at 

* Applies only to purchase 'end. Result "until the start of the match

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Binary from Euro U21 2019

The final EURO 2019 at U21 began yesterday on the Italian and San Marino stadiums and continues today.

WHAT IS VALID: Matches for the 2nd group of the final phase of Euro Under 21. Only the first of each group and the best second of the three groups advance to the semifinals.

The premiere hid surprises, as the underdogs (Poland & Italy) prevailed. In fact, the victory of the Italians came against the 2nd favorite (Spain) to win the trophy.

Today, the favorites are the Serbs (against Austria at 19.30) and the Germans (against the Danes at 22.00).

More specifically, in Udine, Germany faces Denmark in the 2 group of the event.

Predictions for Germany u21 - Denmark u21 (22.00)

The effort of the young "panthers" guides the former international Kaiserslautern, Stephan Kungz, from the edge of the bench. Denmark will stand with Nils Fredericksen as a coach who, although he has agreed with Brondby, will normally give the "present" to the major event. Probably today is the favorite, as the Germans outnumber almost all Danes (mainly in quality) and are able to confirm the ace at 1.67 at 

At you can play in the great match U21 Germany - Denmark U21 with 0% rake * for the "final result" market until the start of the match.

Predictions for Serbia u21 - Austria u21 (19.30)

The two teams also met in the qualifying phase, with Serbs dominating 1-3 at the Austrian headquarters and staying at 0-0 at their headquarters. Let's point out how tradition "shows" goals, as 3 / 4 games between them confirmed g / g + over (over3.5). Over2.5 at 2.10 at is worthwhile, for an event that, as it showed yesterday, is expected to fascinate us with its spectacle (3-2 & 3-1).

* Applies only to purchase 'end. Result "until the start of the match

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114

Prometheus welcomed Panathinaikos 18: 30 into the 2 final of the Basket League, with the "clover" ahead of 1-0 in the series.

Prometheus Patras wrote a story in Greek basketball and became the first provincial team to win the Basket League final.

But returning to OAKA for the first final was not the best.

Ο Panathinaikos OPAP he prevailed with great ease in the first show, surpassing even the 100 points (103-77). Nick Kalathis just fought 21 minutes, but managed to double-double and leave his mark on the 1-0 of the greens.

The team from Patras is returning to their headquarters and they want to prove that the qualification to the finals was not just a coincidence. Today's game has a historical character, as it is the first game in a series of Basket League finals held in Patras. This is the reason why "Dimitrios Tofalos" by Prometheus is expected to be full, since has already been announced sold out! is playing with the demons Nick Kalathis and offers you the Panathinaikos OPAP leader with 0% rake * at over / under points.

Will Rick Pitino's team manage to make it 2-0 in a row in the crowded "Dimitrios Tofalos"?

Prediction for the match Prometheus - Panathinaikos OPAP

Panathinaikos is a logical favorite, with saying his victory just at 1.15. We think there is value in his points Nick Kalathi, with over13.5 being offered at 2.00, while with a little bigger risk we would also choose: Good first scorer at 4.75. Nick is rested as he did not fight enough in the previous fight and will probably get the team on his back in a match that is not as easy as he did in Athens.   

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114
*Terms and conditions. The market is available in the "Other"

Odds ... go to the final of the Champions League!

The Champions League final between Tottenham and Liverpool is taking place at Madrid's Metropolitan Stadium

WHAT APPLIES: Final of the Champions League. In the event of a tie, a half-hour extension, and if necessary, the penalty shootout procedure. In the prolongation the teams will also be entitled to 4 change. He is the first final Champions League to use the VAR.

The time has come for the biggest match this season, when all the football fans of the world and of course the fans of the two teams expected. The racket of the match is Slovenian Damir Skomina. 

42 Slovenian slogan this year was a Champions League referee after he whistled in four games, two in clubs and two in the 16 phase, as in two other in the Europa League.

Let's note that Skomina has never whistled a final of the top European cross-country competition. Of course, VAR will be used. The odds ... escape to the Champions League final!

Spain is dressed in England and Madrid welcomes the two big contenders of the trophy. Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool. Potterino's surprise team overcame the obstacles of Manchester City and Ajax, even proving in Amsterdam that nothing is over before the referee whistled for the last time. And if the "fens" made a great reversal in the Dutch capital, then what the Liverpool "reds" did was impressive.

Clop's team overturned Barcelona's 3-0 and, despite absences, qualified with the imposing 4-0 of Anfield.

Special Stats:

♦ First final in Tottenham's history, first for her technician, Poketino.

♦ In any of her 12 European games Tottenham has not managed to score in the semifinals. 0-6-6 its account.

♦ "Cats" have never won on Spanish soil, counting 0-3-3

♦ This is Liverpool's 9 final. Only Real Madrid (16), AC Milan (11) and Bayern (10) have more entries in the Champions League final.

♦ Liverpool is unbeaten in the past five times when it came across English teams in Europe (3-2-0).

Jürgen Clop vs Maurizio Poetino

Battle between two top technicians. Today will be the tenth game between the two. Klop won the four, Pocetino just one, while another four ended with a draw.

Son vs Salah

This year's final is an English affair. Effective Shon, who scores 4 in the Champions League, is the one who takes over most of his final efforts. Against him the demons Salah and he with 4 goals and most Liverpool finals.

Harry Caine vs Sadio Mane

Gary Harry Kane (first goal scorer with 5 goals) against Buffalo Champion Santo Mane (Liverpool's first scoring in all 26 finishes, which of course Salah). Which team will pick up the Cup?

Tottenham vs Liverpool at with even higher odds and unique combo bets *!

  • To score first and Tottenham to win the trophy in enhanced odds
  • Kain to score first and Tottenham to win the trophy in enhanced odds
  • Salah to score first and Liverpool to win the trophy in enhanced odds
  • Manne to score first and Liverpool to win the trophy in enhanced odds
  • Exact 1-1 or 2-2 or 3-3 scores on enhanced odds

Get to and find the great Champions League final in the odds you wanted!

Predictions for the Champions League final

Huge game, an English "civilian" that is sure to hold us in anxiety until the last second. Four out of six finals between teams from the same country ended up with draws, with three of them being judged in the penalty shootout and one in the overtime. We will not go that far, as it is likely to play the role as well tie in the regular time the fight is a result of pays well (3.60) to

Y.K. invites its readers to vote which of the two English teams will be crowned European champions.

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The second and final round is aimed at the Euro Cup ticket.

WHAT APPLIES: First game, the regulation of the away goals. In the event of the same scoring in the rematch, the penalty shoot-out will be extended and if necessary.

The Dutch after a 34 racing marathon (plus playoffs) continue their duties, wanting to give the last ticket to Europe. This will be judged between Utrecht and Fitze.

Get to and find the first Dutch "battle" for the playoffs with super odds!

The red-white (2 / 2 victories), and they are giving their home the first battle for the European ticket tonight. From the strong teams and seats in the category, especially after taking over the technical leadership from Dick Advokat. Without any particular problems, her mission. First final between Utrecht and Fitze!

On the contrary, the It was but he managed to overturn the 2-1 of the first semifinals and with 3-1 to celebrate the big qualification in the final of the playoffs. She is accustomed to .. getting water when she is called to fight away from her headquarters, where she also reports her most recent results (just 3 wins 15 last away / 3-3-9).

Who will take the lead at Utrecht Stadium?

Predictions for Utrecht - Gameplay

Utrecht is particularly strong at her headquarters and against Heracles, she has shown how she has the way to play the game where she wants. Fiesta is a stronger opponent, but away from home it loses much of its momentum. The ace at 2.30 at

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114

Lazio - Bologna: Everyone is left (X) Excellent!

Η Lazio was the big winner in the final of the Italian Cup against Atalanta (2-0) and raised the trophy high up in the sky of Rome, securing a place in the Euro Cup of the following season.

The Latsials preceded Milinkovic-Savic's goal at 82 ', while Korea made the final 2-0 at 90'. Difficult predominance, with the Inchaki team having the chance to take part. Also, it should be noted that it had a big advantage, as the final took place on her .. baseball.

On the other hand, the Bologna after yesterday's results it takes just one point to secure its salvation from today and wants to take advantage of the climate .. a celebration that will prevail in "Olivio".

Will Bologna manage to ... spoil Latsiali's party or will the home team win another home win? is playing with Lausanne and offers you an aggressive first goal scorer at enhanced odds *!

In the event that Bologna fails to get a positive result, it will become involved in demo scenarios, with triple or even quadruple ties, most of which are lagging behind. Of course, all of this requires a victory for Eboli in Milan, with Inter ... burning for the Champions League.

Special Info: It is worth mentioning that the Bologna coach, Sínisa Mihajlovic, was a player of Lazio in the past (1998-2004) and quite dear to her audience. Also, the two technicians, Simone Ungaji and Sinska Mihajlovic, were teammates in Lazio for 5 years (1999-2004).

Predictions for Lazio-Bologna

Lazio is indifferent, as her goal was to go to the Euro Cup and reach through the Cup. In Olimbico there will be a ... feast, today's match with Latsiali's last home game. The motivation is with Bologna, so the logical thinking is towards X2. Bologna, of course, is absolutely secure and we do not think he will want to get anything more, as Lazio would not want to end the season with a home defeat. So, the draw at 3.00 (quite good performance for such a season) of is good enough and we will prefer it.


PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114
*Terms and conditions.

Η CSKA Moscow of our own Dimitris Itoides and Ms. Ephorates of the East (21: 30) in the big Euroleague final in Vitoria. At the same time the Greek technician claims the second trophy of his career after 2016.

Earlier (18: 30) will confront the small final the two losers of the Final Four. The pollination of the 10 trophy and last year's trophy player Real Madrid, which was lost by CSKA with 95-90 and the Fenerbahce Zeljko Obradovic, who lost to Efes with 92-73.

Efes Anadolou from 16's position in the regular season he got last year, this year is in the big final of the event.

Η Efes Anadolou with the Turkish coach exorcising her ... curse, will be found for the first time in the trophy claim, in the third Final-4 of the top European cross-country competition in its history.

If you want to become a member of click here


On the other hand, the CSKA Moscow will try to conquer the second Euroleague title on the days of Dimitris Itoudis and eighth in the history of the Russian team.

The Russians may have been back in the scoring for the longest period of the Real Madrid match, but they have reached the top of the table and will give the "present" to the final.

In a triumph for Efes Anadolou, the Turkish "civilian" fought against Fenerbahce, with the Cinderella being the top player of Shine Larkin, who scored 30 points.

Predictions for Anadolu Efes - CSKA Moscow


Of the most stable teams in this year's Euroleague, Efes scattered Fenerbahce's Obradovic in the semi-final and is right in the final against the bear. Betting now we are closing on the victory of Efes Anadolou with Seine Larkin, with American Guards doing a great season and a great game against Fener.

Proposal: Anodolos (xNUMX with handicap + 1 points) at 4,5 at

Napoli - Inter: Risks at the San Paolo Derby

Two races remain for completion Serry A., but European tickets have not yet found a definitive owner.

The derby in San Paolo is singled out in today's schedule, with Inter that she does not feel safe at her ... back. Napoli, on the other hand, is not in second place, but will not let the Milanese spend a quiet night.

Her indifference Napoli it is assumed that it affects the performance of its players (3 winning victories that came with difficulty and without impressing), especially in games with low level opponents, where the motivation is absent. Of course, today is somewhat different things, as every derby gathers the eyes of the fancy world.

The big derby are played at with super offers and you find Millik and Ikardi to score first in enhanced odds *!

Η Inter after 3's draws, he reverted to victories with 2-0 of the ugly Kiev. It does not impress with its performance, but at the given time, results are what counts. Note that winning today is 100% in the Champions League next season. Luciano Spaleti is positive for the technician that he will again be available to Brozovic and D'Abrozio returning from punishment. Last game raises Emblem.

Prediction for Napoli - Inter

Napoli may not have a strong incentive, but there is no way he can indulge in the Inter, as the games between them have been partaking in recent years. In fact, there is not enough time since the game of the first round, where Napoli has had two mistakes and Inter is punished for racist slogans against Napoli's defender, Kulibali. As Fun Bet we can bet on the possibility of having Red card and in today's game, at 4,30 at

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114
*Terms and conditions.

Manchester City - Watford: England Cup Final

Η Manchester City withstood resistance to Liverpool's pressure and held the sights of this year's Premier League. Series takes the English Cup, the oldest football institution on the planet. Guardiola's team is dreaming of the doubles to make it, but he has to throw on the canvas Watford.

The "wasps" come from a stunning overturn to the semi-final against Wolves, but they know that City is the big favorite for the title.

In the championship: Watford - Mann. City 1-2 (4/12) & Man. City. - Watford 3-1 (9/3)

WHAT APPLIES: Final of the cup, held at Wembley. Knockout, in the event of a tie, there is an extension and, if necessary, the penalty shootout.

The big England Cup final is played at with a unique combo bet: Win City of Manchester City with 3-0 or 3-1 or 4-2 in enhanced odds *!

The event has a long tradition as an "institution of surprises", where less powerful or popular teams often exclude - even outside - well-known forces of domestic and European soccer. The reputation is confirmed by 19 different lower-tier clubs from the top, which qualified to final 25 total times (one 5 ½ years) and 8 titles were crowned equally. In 21 cases they belonged to the 2nd category, while four of 1890 and 1902 had not yet been elected as members of the Football League (two levels), with Tottenham 1901 being the FA Cup's only winner without even participating in national and professional championship. England Cup final with super combo bet!

However, the discrimination of lower class groups is rarer, indicating that the last cup of the B 'category is dated by 1980 (West Ham United-Arsenal 1-0) and the finalist from 2008 (Portsmouth-Cardiff City 1-0). The decline in surprises is further illustrated by the fact that while popular clubs tend to focus more on lucrative Premier League and European competitions (little in the League Cup), 17 from 20 trophies in the recent 1996-2015 ended up in the so-called "Big Four "(Big Four):

* Arsenal and Chelsea from 6 times
* Manchester United 3 and Liverpool 2


In her last games, City showed up to maintain forces, which resulted in her games going to low tempo and few goals. Of course, today is a different game and after winning the championship, we expect the Guardsiola team to be more liberated. Capable of contributing to a playful play at Watford. Choose us it 1 Half-Time / 1 Final at 1.60 at

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114
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Portsmouth - Sunderland: For one place in Wembley!

League Championship 1 is in the final line. Portsmouth and Sunderland collide tonight and claim a seat in Wembley's final.

The "blacksmiths" keep the lead from the first battle (1-0), although they competed for 25 minutes with ten players, but Pompey are competing in "Freton Park" and are expected to push the guests to overturn.

Portsmouth ignores the win in its last four official games (0-2-2), but it should be noted that Fraton Park was strong enough throughout the regular season (12-7-4).

British battles are played with high odds and at you will find a special offer for the tonight semi-finals: Portsmouth's victory with 1-0 or 2-1 or 3-1 in enhanced odds *!

On the other hand, Sunderland, at the end of the regular season, was one of the most stable teams, based on its off-season presence, while taking into account its performance (10-9-4), is included in the top three of the best off team seats.


→ Portsmouth is unbeaten in 7 home games against Sunderland (5-2-0), with its latest defeat dating back to November 1997.

→ Portsmouth has never won a play-off match in a total of five attempts so far (0-2-3). Of particular interest is the fact that both home games played in the playoff were 2-2 (vs. 1992-93 Leicester and 2015-16 in Plymouth).

→ Including the playoffs, Sunderland has received eight red cards in League One this season, most with Fleetwood Town

→ The Portsmouth coach, Kenny Jacket never missed a playoff game at home (2-1-0) as a coach. If Portsmouth goes to the final, it would be the fourth final playoffs to take on as a technician, with Neil Wornoc being the only one to have more 5 finishes.

WHAT APPLIES: League 1's second semi-final. The regulation of the away goals does not apply. In the event of the same total score, the penalty shoot-out shall be extended and if necessary. The two winners who will appear, play in the final (single game), their rise to the Championship. The final is in neutral "Wembley". For a place in Wembley!

* The other pair to fight for the final is Charlton-Doncaster (playing tomorrow).

In the normal duration:

Portsmouth - Sunderland 3-1
* Sunderland - Portsmouth 1-1


Predictions for Portsmouth - Sunderland


5 is home to Portsmouth, 4 away from home from Sunderland. Possible attacks, defenses that do not inspire much confidence and the g / g is a marginal favorite at 1.95 at

In style be funt, we can bet on 2-2 exact score (17.00 performance), confirmed in the two previous Portsmouth games at playoffs, while the same score had appeared in the League Trophy game between the two teams but after prolongation (1 -1 the normal duration).

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114
*Terms and conditions. The market is available in the "Other"

We are in our week Eurovision and it is logical that all competing countries prepare the latest details of their appearances. The popular musical contest, as usual, is divided into three parts:

1. The first semi-final: It was held on Tuesday 14 May
2. The second semifinal held this evening (Thursday 16 May)
3. The spectacular final to be held on Saturday 18 May 2019.

What happened in the first semifinal: In the first semifinals, a total of 17 countries participated, including 10. To the great satisfaction of all, among the 10 countries that christened their ticket for the big final was Greece, with Katerina Duska and "Better Love" as well as Cyprus with Tamta and Replay.

What to see in the 2nd Semi Final: In the second semi-final there will be 18 countries.


Right to vote in the 2nd Semi Final, only the countries that take part in it. Greece and Cyprus had the right to vote only in the 1st semifinals, but we should emphasize that they will be able to vote in the great final on Saturday.

Let's stress that viewers have the ability to vote through the Eurovision Song Contest App.

Country of organizing

Given that Israel won 2018's Eurovision, 64 (now) Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Tel Aviv, Israel, with the participation of 41 countries and with Bulgaria and Ukraine being absent.

Which countries are already in the final

His countries «Big Five» (Spain, United Kingdom France, Germany, Italy) and the Israel (as an organizing country).

The final will include 26 countries, including 20 from both semi-finals (10 from each semi-final), Big Five and Israel.

Odds and Earnings for the second semifinals

The great favorite of Eurovision 2019 is the The Netherlands with Duncan Laurence and the Arcade song.

From the very first time he has impressed the Euro fans because of his enchanting voice and charming presence.

2014 took part in The Voice Of Holland and won the impression, and was selected by direct assignment to represent his country.

Currently to win the semifinal is offered at 2.20 by Stoiximan.

His performance is about the same level (2.50) to be the winner of the 18 May Grand Final.

Eurovision's conquest of Duncorn Laurence is offered by in an attractive way, along with dozens of other options, such as ending a country in the top four or ten but also head to head markets among the contesting countries.

At the same time, the battle of ... queue is also interesting. Germany and the United Kingdom seem to have little hope of discrimination, while Montenegro seems to be the weakest member of the Balkan countries.

Predictions for the second semifinal

A great semifinals, with several possible countries already given in returns that make it to the top ten of the big final. More specifically there are 5-6 songs that can end up in the top ten, perhaps 2-3 in the top five.

The Swedes and the Dutch "pay" little to qualify for the final, although we do not think they can "break" this, but 1.005 is not talking.

Where we will bet is Denmark's qualification for the remarkable 1.87. Good song, not something impressive, but with its alliances in Denmark, we think he is able to qualify for the final.

Proposal: Danish qualification in the final at 1.87 at

The European Song Contest is here and the game starts!

***You can take part in the discussion and submit your proposals and your reasoning for Eurovision in the thread we opened in our forum.

At Euroleague and NBA rhythms Super Offer at Final 4 with Kosta Slouka

Maybe Panathinaikos OPAP and Olympiacos have failed to qualify for the Final 4 of Vitoria, but Greek representation is not lacking.

Kostas Sloukas is the main gear in Fenerbahce's machine and is undoubtedly one of the great stars of this year's event.

The Turkish team's play maker measured about 12 average points in 31 matches and is sure to claim not only the heavyweight trophy but also the prize for the first scorer in the magical weekend that is coming. puts you in Euroleague rhythm and today offers you Kosta Slouka as F4's top scorer at amazing odds *.

For NBA fans, today's day is special. Giannis Adétocunbo enters the court for the first game of the East Finals final. The fights of "Greek Freak" against Leonard are thrilling. How many points will the Greek ace score in Game 1 against Raptors? opens the finals dance with a super offer: 0% rake * to Giannis Adétocunbo over / under points.

Malcolm Braddon talked about this line and his teammate Yannis Antockunbo.

Deer Guard referred to the "Greek Freak" with the best of words, while stressing that he is absolutely worth the MVP award this season and said about the current game

"It will be a great matchup. I support my own person, I think he is MVP, but he will have a great player opposite him. Giannis showed this year that he not only has a high average score, but he performs extremely well on both sides of the floor.

Every year it is better. He is already shooting three-pointers with much better rates and his leadership skills are getting better. He works hard and has steadily big midfield points, "said the Baks.

Predictions for Milwaukee Battle - Toronto Raptors

Since we are dealing with the 1 final region game, we expect a closed game to score, much less when dealing with two top-down equivalents. So the double + 7,5 point is judged to be satisfactory and can fit into our selections. This option in 1.80

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114

*Terms and conditions.


WHAT APPLIES: Double playoff semifinals, no goals are counted. If after the two matches the total score is a draw, then a half-hour extension and, if necessary, a penalty shoot-out.

* The playoffs winner is promoted to the Premier League.

In the normal duration:

* West Brom - Aston Villa 2-2
* Aston Villa - West Brom 0-2


Looking at the statistics of this year's Championship will make it clear that West Brom was better in the season than Aston Villa.

He finished one position higher on the score and took 4 points overall in their medals. Even in their first duel, at Villa Park, he was ahead of 0-1 and showed that he would be the boss at the playoffs semifinals. West Brom - Aston Villa in terrific odds!

However, the "peasants" reacted and won the victory (with 4 '75' 79 ') with their first scorer, Abraham, putting his signature in the final 2-1.

West Brom has returned to its home base from 5 consecutive wins and 5-1-0 on 6's latest regular games.

Aston Villa is in astonishing condition, being defeated only once in its latest 14 games, counting 11-2-1.

Racing News:

Significant absence for the hosts, that of the penalized center of Gael (39 / 23), in a second away game (punishment) by the center of Form Robson-Kanu (35 / 4).

Without any particular problems, Aston Villa will be featured.

Bet Info:

* 6 over on 7's latest games comes from West Brom (all combined with g / g)
* West Brom's outbreak was violated at 19 / 23 this year's home games.
* 7 / 9's latest Aston Villa games confirmed g / g (6 / 9 was over)

Prediction for West Brom - Aston Villa

The statistic "speaks for itself" and makes g / g a favorite, in a game where both have strong offensive lines (2nd & 3rd best attack in the category in regular time). The g / g we are offered to the little 1.60, however if combined with the over climbs to the remarkable 2.17. offers you a unique combo bet for the big rematch *! West Brom's win with 2-0 or 2-1 or 3-2 or XNUMX-XNUMX in enhanced odds!

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114

*Terms and conditions. The market is available in the "Other"

"Hold" the 1.95 of the race at "Anfield"!

Major European competitions enter the final line. Repeating matches in Champions and Euroleague will determine which teams will see the finals in Madrid and Baku respectively.

For Champions League, Tottenham did not make it to the first match of London (0-1) and must compete in Amsterdam against Ajax, while Liverpool chases the overrun at Anfield after 3-0 in Barcelona. Deficit performance in English finals!

In Europa League, Arsenal and Chelsea have been ahead of Valencia (3-1) and Eintracht (1-1).

The current football betting slip includes the big game between Liverpool and Barcelona. As is logical, having the preference of the world, he is first on the list of the biggest turnover of the day.

Klope's team comes from a tough victory with 2-3 at Newcastle headquarters, where he preceded twice, equals and took a goal from Origie in 86 'to stay alive in the title fight. A title, whose chances of winning it fell to a minimum after yesterday's victory against City against Leicester (1-0). Inside all, she lost her best player, Shahlah, with injuries. For nowadays neither the Fiorentin is available, but the game and the talented Keita are losing.

Four English teams claim their entry into European finals. How likely are the four of them to do? Enter now at and see the incredible performance * with English clubs in the Champions League and UEFA Champions League final!

Barcelona was defeated with 2-0 at Celta's headquarters (he had earlier won the championship), with Valverde resting all his basics, wanting to have them fresh in today's game. You see the last clash with Roma (he had won by three goals: 4-1 in the first match, as in Liverpool and traveled tired in Rome where he was defeated with 3-0 and lost the qualification). is left engraved in the memories of "Blaugranna" and they do not want to repeat anything like this, so Valverde is taking action.

Prediction for Liverpool - Barcelona

It is logical for Liverpool to be disappointed with the victory in the championship and the Champions League, as it is very likely at the end of the season not to win anything from what he dreamed a few months ago. On top of that, he also had important absences while he was in trouble with Newcastle. On the other hand, Barcelona is more ... fresh, is in good shape and will play for victory. We think it is worth a bet, based on all of the above, on the underdog "double". More prudent solution, 2DNB at 1.95 at


PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114
*Terms and conditions. The market is available in the champions league's "LONG-TERM" category

Manchester City does not look back at the Premier League finale. The defense of this year's title is exclusively on her own legs and she intends to make her head this evening against Leicester.

The team of Gurdiola, having been eliminated in the Champions League, has the sole goal of winning the title and will do so if he makes "2 at 2" until the end. Her opponents, Leicester (this evening) and Brighton (last) / away.

Η City comes from 12 (27-3), and 29 / 01, away from Newcastle with 2019-2, has been defeated for the last time.

It is obvious that in her last games, "Citizens" put particular emphasis on their defensive function and manage to overcome their obstacles, without scoring several times, as we are used to. Characteristic of this is, 2 / 3's last victories came by a goal difference, with only one of six last scored more than twice (Crystal Palace).

The "Foxes" they beat the last races and proved it with the impressive 3-0 on Arsenal. Note that 9 / 11's most recent Leicester games ended with over2,5. puts you in "Eichhat" with a super offer: Manchester City win with 2-1 or 3-1 or 4-2 in enhanced odds *!

It is worth mentioning the presence of Brendan Rogers at the Leicester counter, a technician who was on the Liverpool bench over 3 years (June 2012-October 2015).

Prediction for the match Manchester City - Leicester

It is very difficult for the League to lose the championship, but we can not rule out anything. Leicester will play it straight and will probably find it difficult to play in the Guardsiola team. We, we will choose over1,5 half-time at 1.87 at, as we expect the City to come in and try to drive as fast as possible, while Leicester can easily score, but it is hard to keep its focus intact.

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114
*Terms and conditions.

The entire football world is waiting for the big semifinal between Barcelona and Liverpool. Two of the biggest teams in the world collide in Barcelona for the Champions League against a backdrop to qualifying in the final of Madrid. Separate bid for Barcelona's victory

Η Barcelona with the victory over Levante, he also mastered the Spanish championship and is now turning to winning the Champions League, having a high hurdle ahead of her. Her aim is to make the thrumble, with the "Blaugranna" being in the final of "Copa del Rey". Eight consecutive wins at home, with only one last pass in 5 last (for all events). The last time he qualified for the final and won the trophy was four years ago (the 2015) and just the previous four years ago (2011). Barsa runs an amazing undefeated racing game against English teams (8-4-0) *. In the previous round Manchester United (0-1, 3-0) was relatively impeded.

The top European matches are played with great odds, and makes a unique offer for the "Camp Law" game: Barcelona's Win with 1-0 or 2-1 or 3-1 at amazing odds *!

Η Liverpool is in the Manchester City hunt for the championship, but the Champions League is a great craving. Kokkini is the only team that has won twice at Camp Nou, the last time 2007, but since then the Spaniards have taken ... the English (*) of the English (in general). He arrived here, having excluded Oporto emphatically (3-0, 1-4).

Prediction of the match between Barcelona and Liverpool

Barcelona has always had the lead, but the Spanish Spaniard has begun to take the downhill. At 1,87 now at, it is up to everyone to include him in his game. An alternative is live when the ace gets a bit over it. We, we will take the half-time draw at 2,25 at We do not say no to 1's "Chemical-4,65 final".

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114


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