The Poles are in the driver's seat of the group and they are going for two results in the match against Argentina. The bad tongues in the country said after the defeat to Saudi Arabia that Messi's side lost in the opener so as not to cross paths with Brazil before the final.

But if they finish second, the team they will face in the round of 16 will be France and Messi is well aware of the potential of Mbappe and his company. If she wins, she finishes first and finds a passable opponent in the "16" (Australia, Denmark, Tunisia). In the "8" he will probably play with the Netherlands, in the semi-finals he finds Germany or Brazil and if he reaches the final he will probably play with England or France. He just needs to win today.

The Poles, having four points, under conditions, pass as second even with a low-scoring defeat. They have +3 goal lead against Saudi Arabia and +4 against Mexico. But for that to happen, Saudi Arabia must not beat Mexico, or Mexico must win on goal difference.

Argentina did not win and together with Belgium, Poland and Switzerland they are the teams that did not play well in the first two games. But a typical low-scoring Argentina win is likely.

ASSESSMENT: Halftime/Final X/2 with 3,95 performance on

TIR1: The average of 0-1 (6,00) and 0-2 (6,50) to 3,25 on
TIR2: Top scorer Lionel Messi with 3,90 in


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ECUADOR - SENEGAL: With the goals in the final for the "16"

They reached the "final" between them with Senegal only wanting a win, while Ecuador also qualified with a draw. In theory, we are going for a close game with the low prices on the bottom goals clearly showing the trend.

Alfaro's players also impressed against Qatar in which they managed the quick 2-0 with ease, but also in the 1-1 with the Dutch who found themselves chasing the score from the 6th minute. Senegal also did well against the Dutch, regardless of the final result of the 2-0 defeat. Defensively they showed again that they have gaps against Qatar, even though they managed to win 3-1 and stay alive in the qualification race.

Mane's absence was decisive for Senegal. Good atmosphere in Aliu Cisse's team and belief in the victory - qualification against Ecuador. This in turn with Valencia back on the field, he can score goals more easily than his stats suggest. Even if it hurts he can get an hour of play.

We are much more likely to have an open game with goals from both opponents and the third group matches, as well as the knockouts, are ones where the goalkeepers also go down on set pieces in the last minutes.


ASSESSMENT: The combo G & O2,5 with 2,90 performance on

TIR1: Anytime 1-1 in the match in the reinforced 2,77 in
TIR2: Over 3,5 in 4,50 performance on


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In the 2018 World Cup, Brazil and Switzerland had met in the first group stage with a final result of 1-1. Both already have three points from the opening match, but the Swiss will play the Serbians in the last matchday in the qualifying final.

Brazil did not impress in the opener, but they were serious and defensively very capable. Neymar's injury forces him to miss today's match, but the ankle sprain was not as severe as the Brazilians first feared. Richarlison hasn't scored a goal for Tottenham this season, but he scored twice against the Serbians, scoring a very nice goal.

The Swiss were also serious in the premiere, with Shaqiri and Emolo being in the winning goal against Cameroon and paying with good odds. They have met the Brazilians twice in the past in the World Cup and did not lose, even if the second is the 2-2 draw in the distant 1950.

The Swiss are not to be outdone and will be a good test for Brazil's defence, which completely neutralized the talented Serbian attack in their 2-0 opener.

ASSESSMENT: Brazil win, not by a big score, 1 & U3,5 2,10 on

TIR1: Exact Score 2-0 with 7,00 performance on
TIR2: Goal Richarlison or Vinicius in the 1st. in the reinforced 3,20 in


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Argentina beat Mexico 3-1 in the 2010 World Cup. Today, Messi's team wants a win, even if it's a "half-nil", as not only the first place in the group but even the qualification itself is in doubt!

For so long everyone expected the Argentines to make history in this World Cup. They finally succeeded, from the very opening game, losing to Saudi Arabia!

The Mexicans showed very good evidence against the Poles, they were slightly better, but they did not get the three points. If it wasn't for the golden man Ochoa to save Lewandowski's penalty, today they would be playing with a gun to the temple. While now even a draw seems like a good result, given that they will face Saudi Arabia in the last match.

Messi and his company will be looking to avoid the fiasco of Zinedine Zidane's counterpart in 2002, when they were eliminated from the first phase. However, sending them will not be easy.

Defensively both teams are very capable. In the past, in the three times they have faced each other in the World Cup (1930, 2006, 2010), the Argentines have won the same number of goals in all three matches. More recent between them, the 2019 friendly, when Lautaro Martinez scored all three goals in the 4-0 win.

ASSESSMENT: Argentina win without conceding a goal with 1 & NG to 2,22 on

TIP1: Anytime scorer Lautaro Martinez in 2,82 by
TIP2: Half Time – Final X/1 in her 4,00 Offer* Early Payment for 2 Goal Lead

Get paid your odd bets if your team leads by 2 goals. For multiple bets, the selection will be marked as won with bet365.

*Bet limits and Terms apply.

Everything is fluid in the group after the first match, except for the lead that France took with 4-1 against Australia.

The 0-0 in Tunisia-Denmark left the qualification window open for all teams. Australia took an expected loss and will go all out today against Tunisia. The match between them is the easiest, but also the most decisive for both.

The art of the Tunisians against the power and passion of the Australians makes for a very interesting pair. The Tunisians have conceded a goal in just one of eight games and in their sixth appearance at the World Cup – second in a row – they hope to get through the group. Her world is on her side and today she will have 30.000 red shirts in the stands.

The Australians made their presence felt against the French, even in the first 25 minutes of the match. Speed, strength, good atmosphere in the team, but also a defense that makes mistakes easily. The good center but also the absence of a classic goaltender is a common feature of the opponents. The Tunisians have a strong defense, but the solutions available in the position of goalkeeper are also mediocre for the inexperienced coach of Zazel Kadri.

ASSESSMENT: To pass the match from 1-1 to her enhanced 3,25

TIP1: With a more aggressive shape, Tunisia, in o Khazri and 3,70 to score in
TIP2: Denmark - Tunisia had 20 corners over 10,5 to 2,77 in


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How to play Seri

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Each encounter will feature a series of dilemmas with two answers. For example in Qatar-Ecuador both teams will score (Yes or No?). 2th in England-Iran, will England win the 1st half (Yes or No?).

Each correct answer increases your Seri, while if you reach the Seri of 31 correct predictions you win the Grand Prize!

If your prediction is wrong, your current Seri is reset to zero. Don't worry though, your Max Seri remains and is what will determine your ranking in the leaderboard! Don't forget: The top 4.000 in the ranking with the best Seri will win cash prizes, with the 1st place awarding €30.000!

* Terms & conditions apply

WALES - IRAN: Consistent goals and qualification "final".

A decisive match, with the loser being eliminated and the winner maintaining their hopes of qualification. From what we saw in the premiere, they are the two worst teams in the group.

In the second half against the Americans, the Welsh reacted, drew 1-1 and remained alive in the case of qualification. The Iranians suffered an expected defeat against the English, but the final 6-2 came down heavily on them.

The difference for Rob Page's team was the entry of Kiefer Moore in the second half. The 1,96m tall Bournemouth striker looks good and can team up with the national flag, Gareth Bale, to send the ball into the back of the net.

Carlos Queiroz brought down the Iranians with defensive changes and the "three lions" bit them six times. There is grumbling in the team and today Iran will be focused on their blocking duties and will try to score from a set piece, or a counter attack. He has the strikers to do it.

A common characteristic of the two opponents is that their attack rarely stays at zero. In 13/14 last friendly and official the Welsh scored, in 22/23 the Iranians.

ASSESSMENT: Wales win with either goal and 1 & Goal at 5,60 in

TIR1: Kiefer Moore to score with a header at 8,40

TIP2: Assist Gareth Bale at 5,50 from the


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Today, the Swiss and the Cameroonians will upset the morning zone of the World Cup. The Europeans are second favorites to qualify from the group and the Africans last.

The mixture of ethnicities that makes up the Swiss National Team, with the inexperienced but at the same time capable Murat Yakin on the bench, has cohesion and a fairly good presence in the major events. Their entire game passes through the feet of Shaqiri with his supporter Xhaka and the on fire Emolo the final recipient of the ball.

Samuel Eto'o, the president of the Ghana Football Association makes statements about participation in the final and the inexperienced - but equally iconic - Rigobert Song is his ... representative on the bench. Her image is tarnished in friendlies against weak teams, but she does not lack talent.
Sommer managed to find himself under the beams of the Swiss and whenever necessary he can stop Eto's elites.

ASSESSMENT: Low-scoring Switzerland win, combo 1 & U3,5 at 2,25 of

TIR1: First scorer Brill Ebolo in the enhanced 6.70 from the
TIP2: To take out assist by Shaqiri with 4,50 performance on


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SPAIN - COSTA RICA: Costa Ricans no longer need food

For years the Spaniards terrorized their opponents, sweeping everything in their path, capturing every title in their path. Now the new guys, who have taken over the reins, hope that one day they will be able to walk in the footsteps of their glorious predecessors.

Currently, their roster is both talented and inexperienced, while their scoring will come from turning the ball over a lot and attacking whoever has the best field. The goal scorer is missing from the team, but experience (Alvaro Morata) and youth (Ferran Torres) can load the opposing nets. And Luis Enrique does not change the 4-3-3 even in training.

The Costa Ricans have always been one of the most likable teams in the competition. With a continuous presence and remarkable appearances, they give their own Latin color, having fun with the title of outsider.

For some years now, Costa Ricans have not needed...stops, like what coach Milutinovic did in 1990, before the match against Sweden, in order to achieve a victory. Of course, this does not mean that they will perform miracles every time!

ASSESSMENT: Spanish win in both halves with enhanced performance at her 2,55

TIP1: Over 10,5 corners in 2,44 of
TIR2: To have at least one penalty a game at 2,62 of


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MOROCCO - CROATIA: Against the...Croats of Africa!

The sixth group enters the dance today and is expected to be exciting and perhaps more open than what the odds and, respectively, the chances of the teams indicate.

The Croatians are considered favorites behind the Belgians. They never lacked quality, seriousness was the point. When they found it too, the Croatians achieved a miracle four years ago, reaching the final in Paris. since then, of course, they have followed a rather downward path in their performance, with the pathologies of the past appearing again. In the League of Nations they improved and went on a four-game winning streak.

The Moroccans may have failed in the previous tournament, easily eliminated from the first phase, but they returned with wild moods. they hope that this time they will be one of the pleasant surprises of the tournament.
The talent of both teams is undeniable, but the thirst of the Africans for distinction can make the difference.


ASSESSMENT: Risk to Morocco win with return to draw to 2,66 on

TIP1: Ο Ace in 3,88 of
TIR2: Combo 1X&U 2,5 to 2,49 in



Seri returned to Stoiximan with a prize of up to €1.000.000*!

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When Leo started his career in football no one could have imagined that he would reach this high. As the years went by, many believed that he could surpass even the huge Diego Maradona.

But the lies are bad, this seems to be his last chance to win a World Cup, an achievement which the absolute legend of the game managed almost on his own. In Lionel Scaloni's team, its big star is flanked by Angel Di Maria, Lautaro Martinez and Julián Alvarez, while its defense is very difficult to concede the goal.

Saudi Arabia seems like the ideal opponent to start with. Renard and his players know very well that in this group they will have to look for the points in the next two games. In the opening match, just the commemorative photo with Messi will make them more than happy.  

The ace odds leave no room for doubt, but the goals give plenty of – and good – opportunities to play. Lionel Messi will have to charge from the start as Valencia (Ecuador) and Xhaka (England) have already scored twice each. The weak Saudi Arabia is expected to collect the ball from their net many times today.

 A win for Argentina with a score of 3-0 or more means its verification combo NG&O 2,5 and yield 2,67 in

ZIP Code:
 Messi is the first scorer in the match, with 3,00 performance on



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The year that ended found infobeto continuing to sit on the throne of the winners. We have proudly confirmed that we still have the top team of tipsters with dizzying numbers.

The previous betting season can be considered a thing of the past, but as every good professional player does his account, so we, wanted to share with you all that we achieved through hard work despite the many difficulties that 2020 brought us with the arrival of Koronovirus .

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In the infobeto, experienced gamblers write and advise you and at the same time you will find analyzes and betting predictions from selected players who show absolute respect to the reader under strict rules.

In the year 2020 the two "young people" in the team of infobeto tipsters Tolis Pragia and Nektarios Kalampalikis were thrown with their forecasts with 26,52% and 22,14% yield respectively and sat in the first 2 places! Unrealistic numbers if you consider that each player's goal is to catch 10% to be happy.

For the master Manos Iliakis you all know them, young and old. His name is engraved in gold letters and appears EVERY year in the positives with a huge yield. All time first tipster in Greece something unique in the betting chronicles!

Ο Ercan Baglamatzi He was late to start his predictions, but within a few months he reached 8% Yield. Hopeful if nothing else ... supplies for the new year of 2021.

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In betting nothing is guaranteed nor does the previous success guarantee the next one! It requires attention, consistency, study, patience, self-control and of course luck. The only sure thing is that we will give our best to finish 2021 with profits!


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  • Yield (or production yield): the net profit or deficit relative to the total bet on the betting slip
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Sunday Predictions: Duo with goals and only at 2.05!

The column continues the successes, as the last proposal concerning yesterday's match between Olympiacos and Panetolikos at odds of 2.10.

Fourth consecutive fund for the ... Socket, in very remarkable returns (2.10 / 1.77 / 1.90 / 1.98).

Sunday today, with the our betting slip be very full and contain races from all lengths and breadths of the earth.

Let's go for a walk and see the possible betting options that our study came up with.

Goal betting

Starting from the second division of Portugal, where the game starts in a short time Mafra-Benfica BW. Mafra is a champion after 3/3, while Benfica B 'team that scores and concedes goals with great ease (3-2 / 6-0 / 3-4: its first 3 games). Bet1.95's 365 over value is a value.

We move on to France and Lique 1, where the Monaco welcomes Strasbourg. Kovac is trying to build his own team, but he seems to be having a hard time. However, the games of the Monegasques have a lot of goals and that pushes us towards that over of 1.85 of Bet365.

The Strasbourg comes from a victory where he built his psychology, while he could have scored more goals, if luck had not turned his back on him (3 beams).

Good attacks, mediocre defenses advocate in a goal game.

Forecasts of Italy

In the big game of the night, the Juventus of Andreas Pirlo travels to Rome for only one result. Pirlo's first derby as a coach is very important for him and he has good luck to win it, as Roma is in a frenzy after the illegal participation of a player in the match against Verona.

The new Juventus showed good elements in the premiere and with Ronaldo in its lineup and with empty stands it has a clear lead. The double at 2.07 of (0% rake *).

* Valid only for the "Final Result" purchase until the start of the games.
PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114



Arsenal - Liverpool

Arsenal and Liverpool duel at Wembley, winning the first title in England for the 2020-21 season. A couple with a tradition of high scores, they rarely disappoint the fans and I expect them to appear a bit more relaxed in today's game. The Londoners' defense responds to pressure in a few cases, both midfielders have quality, select the Asian Over 2.75 goals at a price of 1.72 at Bet365.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) England
  • Pick Over 2.75
  • Odds 1.72
  • Stake 6
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 1-1
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -6

Haugesund - Vaalerenga

Haugesund is generally unstable and with several ups and downs in its performance. Lately he has been scoring and conceding goals with the same frequency, he welcomes Valerenga which comes from five consecutive Goal / Goal + Over 2.5. Excessive 2.00 odds on Bet365, which pays Over 2.5 goals and is worth the risk.   

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Norway Eliteserien
  • Pick Over 2.5
  • Odds 2.00
  • Stake 5
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 2-1
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit 5

Varbergs - Sirius

Varberg and Sirius compose an interesting couple. Both play openly, the hosts concede goals in every possible way and the guests are distinguished for their aggressive philosophy. I expect an open game with several phases, select the Asian Over 2.75 goals with odds of 1.82 on Stoiximan.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Sweden Allsvenskan
  • Pick Over 2.75
  • Odds 1.82
  • Stake 6
  • Bookmaker Stoiximan
  • result 2-0
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -6

Norrköping - Haecken

Norrkπινping and Hacken are an interesting couple, with the two teams only one point apart. The hosts with the victory in Gothenburg interrupted a series of five games away from the successes, while the guests come from two consecutive three-pointers. Common denominator is the easy scoring and they have one of the best attacks in this year's championship. Bet on Asian Over 2.75 goals at odds of 1.81 at Stoiximan.  

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Sweden Allsvenskan
  • Pick Over 2.75
  • Odds 1.81
  • Stake 7
  • Bookmaker Stoiximan
  • result 0-1
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -7

Molde - Odds Ballklubb

Molde comes from two consecutive defeats in the championship. He lost ground in the battle for the top spot, he is at -7 with less matches and he has no room for a new gel. Odd is in excellent condition, counting five consecutive three-pointers. In fact, four of them were combined with many goals. Both with quality in the attack, I expect an open pair and logically the score will get high. Select the Asian Over 3 goals with odds of 1.70 on Bet365.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Norway Eliteserien
  • Pick Over 3
  • Odds 1.70
  • Stake 6
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 2-0
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -6

Sirius - Hammarby

Sirius and Hamarbi come from a series of positive results. Midfielders find solutions, at the same time defensively they do not inspire confidence. The last 6/8 matches of the hosts ended with Over 2.5 goals, while 5/7 of the guests showed a great score. Bet on Asian Over 2.75 goals with odds of 1.67 on Bet365.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Sweden Allsvenskan
  • Pick Over 2.75
  • Odds 1.67
  • Stake 6
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 3-1
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit 4.02

Helsingborg - Sirius

Sirius was in the middle of the week and defeated Helsingborg 3-1 at home. Team with offensive virtues and scores comfortably, at the same time with defensive weaknesses and most games have goals from both sides. Helsingborg, with the exception of the three-pointer-flash against Norrkπινping, is in a tragic momentum and now fights in every match to survive in the category. The 25 goals he has conceded in 15 obligations this year, is the worst performance in Alsvenskan. Somehow I expect a "repetition" of a great score, as happened a few days ago between the two teams. Select the Asian Over 2.75 goals at a price of 1.82 at Stoiximan. 

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Sweden Allsvenskan
  • Pick Over 2.75
  • Odds 1.82
  • Stake 6
  • Bookmaker Stoiximan
  • result 1-2
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit 2.46


The two teams met on 13/08, with Hacken prevailing 3-1 away from home at the end of the first round. Stable team in general, has a satisfactory season and is in 5th place. Warburg plays openly and concedes goals with characteristic ease. The majority of this year's games have rhythm and goals, in today's game I expect him to receive pressure, while I do not rule out that he will contribute to scoring. Bet on Asian Over 2.75 with odds of 1.84 on Stoiximan.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Sweden Allsvenskan
  • Pick Over 2.75
  • Odds 1.84
  • Stake 6
  • Bookmaker Stoiximan
  • result 2-1
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit 2.52

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