Play Responsibly!

As 2006 today, RGA established it 29in November as a Responsible Day of Awareness Betting (Responsible Gambling Awareness Day). 

The infobeto supports the "Responsible game"To protect players, vulnerable social groups and minors from the likelihood of harm and the negative consequences associated with gambling participation and their protection against fraudulent and criminal behavior.

Everyone's goal is to ensure, through Responsible Gaming policies and actions, a pleasant, exciting, and fairly fair fairplay experience for players in a perfectly safe and reliable operating environment where gambling is conducted .


One of the most serious problems that can cause uncontrollable and uncontrollable gambling is addiction. The problem of addiction affects not only the people who play but extends to their families, to the well-known but also to the wider community. Some of the consequences of this situation may include feelings of guilt, depression, over-indebtedness, ending up with poverty, separation, attempted suicide, and, in extreme cases, involvement in crime.


Please read the following questionnaire:

- Have you ever been criticized for betting?
- Have you ever lied to cover the amounts you wager or the amount of time you spent playing?
- Do you gamble alone for long periods of time?
- Do you avoid work or your university to bet?
- Do you gamble to escape from a boring and unpleasant life?
- Do you feel unwilling to spend money for betting on anything else?
- Have you lost interest in your family, friends or fun because of betting?
- After you lose, do you feel that you have to try and win back your losses as soon as possible?
- When you bet and you run out of money, do you feel lost and desperate and feel the need to bet again as soon as possible?
- Do you bet until your money is over?
- Have you lied, stolen or borrowed only to find money to bet or to pay for betting debts?
- Do you feel depressed or even have suicidal tendencies due to your wager?

If you answered positively to any of the above questions, gambling addiction may in fact be a problem for you and ask for help and advice from a professional.

WHICH I CAN SEE FOR HELP INTO THE SEA IN THE ROOM offers you foreign language and Greek service for anti-addiction. The web pages you read below offer support and guidance. Each link contains help phones and email addresses that you can contact in case you wish to receive confidential help and support: (for help in English)

If someone thinks they have a gambling problem (or thinks they have a problem with their relatives or friends), they can contact 1114, KETHEA-ALFA's psychological support and telephoning service for addicted gamers.
Through this program help and guidance is given to him, his relatives or friends.

- The Helpline runs from Monday to Friday from 09: 00 to 21: 00 with fully qualified staff, such as sociologists, social workers, psychologists.
- The goal of the program is those interested in gambling addiction, through personal meetings, to be deported and reintegrated into society.


Online gambling in Greece is banned for eons under 21 years. Gaming companies must have many ways to control to ensure that no one under 21 has access to the online game. In an effort to prevent access to minors, we recommend that you install and use filter programs on every child-enabled device that can be used by minors. This will allow you to control and block the content by entering a password that prevents access to prohibited sites and makes them inaccessible to minors. suggests you for a filtering program:


Before you play in a company, make sure you have the ability to set the amounts you want to bet or set your maximum loss limit, 24, weekly or monthly basis.


Before you play in a company, make sure you have the option of self-exclusion, be it for a specific time period (1 or 2 months) or indefinitely.


Responsible player is one who:

- Playing gambling sets from the beginning a sum of money and does not exceed it for no reason.
- He does not borrow money to play.
- He does not play the money for his other daily needs.
- He does not try to "reap" risking extra money.
- He is conscious and believes he can not influence gaming.
- Avoids spending very little money or shifting too often to participate in gambling.
- Avoids considering the game as a solution to its problems and concerns.
- He never borrows money to play.
- He thinks that the money he spent to play is the price paid for having fun.
- He does not lie to his loved ones about the money he spent or the time he devoted to playing.
- Asks for help from experts when they realize that they tend to spend more or play more often.
- He does not leave his job or his studies to play.
- He does not play when he feels sad, alone, bored, charged or anxious.
- It always puts limits on the game and it does NOT exceed NEVER !!!
- It stops playing when it exceeds the predefined financial limit.
- Is aware of the amount of time he spends and the amounts he spends.
- It makes use of the possibility of self-restraint where feasible.
- It is informed about the odds of winning.



For a player who has overcome his limits on gambling, it is important to realize that:

- He is not alone with his problem and can find understanding and support either in familiar faces or in special scientists,
- It is important to be honest with yourself and with others,
- He must be prepared for the appearance of a withdrawal syndrome,
- He will help himself by finding activities that will distract him from gambling.

The help and support of relatives and friends of gamblers who are addicted to gambling can be a determining factor in their detraction from them.
We help our addicted friend when:

- We accept it as it is because by condemning it we can exacerbate its situation,
- We urge him to realize his dependence,
- We explain him that he is responsible for his actions
- We give him an incentive to change,
- We urge him to receive help from mental health professionals or from mutual help groups


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