Venezia - Perugia

Its usual fight Venecia took place in Livorno with the Venetian classics having come down to tie or steal the match with a phase. They paid 92 a minute when Livorno made 1-0 and saw their opponent approaching 3 points. A victory in nine games and the nagging for Walter Jingga grew. He said he knew what was wrong in the changing rooms and talked with the president, "giving" his players this way.

And Alessandro Nesta in Perugia does not have him in his arms. Defeat inside - victory outside is the Perugia in the latter. Two victories with Carie and Ascoli, three defeats in. And if both were from Brescia and Palermo. However, Sabbatianis from Cosenza is not digested. Again outside octave, but with victory she can come back to her again.

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Tangle this particular couple. The statements of the former international goalkeeper and coach of Veneccia can not know what reaction they will make to the players. Will they give it all to show that it is unfair to cast their responsibility or will they finish with yet another bad result? However, having a bad result deliberately will be suicide when they play against Verona and Palermo while 3 points are away from the red scores. Whatever they want to do will only play their part in their mood, not their skills. They are no better team than Perugia so they can bring the result they want.
Veneccia as a home team always goes for one goal and then keep it but Perugia is a click away better I think as a team. One fights for the stay and the other for the playoffs but it looks quite shared. I do not see a winner and this was the first game that I considered possible for a draw, seeing the day before yesterday at a glance the games of this match.

Match Info

  • Pick X
  • Odds 3.00
  • Stake 4
  • Bookmaker Opap
  • result 2-3
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -4

Novara - Cesena

Novara comes from a bad result. It suffered a 1-0 defeat at Salerno by Salernitana. Fighting for its salvation, the competition to stay in Serie B continues at a steady pace and remains very intense. So it is easy to understand that the hosts want to give everything to get a positive result to maintain their hopes for salvation even marginally. Coach Di Carlo stated that the current opponent Cesena is a competitor in the battle for salvation and the fight is crucial for the continuation. It should be noted that the hosts have 18/27 g / g but also that at home they are not doing so well as far as away. They owe a good match to their fans.

Cesena is in a worse position than hosts. It is just a point behind the home team and in a playoff position. She was unable to take advantage of the fact that she played in her stadium and stayed at the 1-1 against the strong Perugia in the previous game. He stays in the positions leading to the barrage of the demotion, he is, of course, less than salvation, but he has to try even further in order to escape from the troubles he sees coming. Guests have 17 / 24 g / g and 14 over. With just two victories in the last away 16 I do not know if they can ask for much but will certainly claim their chances.

Derby stay with all his. Choose me g / g at odds of 2.00 (goalbet) 

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Serie B
  • Pick GG
  • Odds 2.00
  • Stake 5
  • result 1-0
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -5

For Vercelli - Avellino

Pre Vercelli is in the penultimate position and the previous game, defeating in addition to Karpi broke the 7 races without defeat. The hosts definitely want the victory to preserve their hopes for staying in the category. 6 / 9 n / g and 4 / 6 did not score. From player and coach statements, they seem to polish their eyes and probably do not intend to hand over the weapons. They will certainly fight it, I assume that a goal will be put.

Avalino is coming from a draw with Pescara. It is only two points from the playoffs, which means that it burns for points in order not to go into adventures. The guests count 24 / 30 g / g and just one win in 12 last away match.

Pre Vercelli is doing a great fight for staying, so is Avelino, which is in a better position. There is a possible match and probably enough goals. g / g at odds of 1.95 (winmasters)

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Serie b
  • Pick GG
  • Odds 1.95
  • Stake 5
  • result 0-0
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -5

Frosinone - Salernitana

Fronzinone after two consecutive unsuccessful results, one defeat and one draw, showed a reaction with Novara, which he won with 1-0 but that he built it down the next game he lost in Palermo. He is second in the score, a point behind the pioneer Eboli. If the hosts want to dream of a direct rise, victory is more than necessary. The hosts are always very strong at home and are one of the most prolific aggressive teams but perhaps the toughest defensive team having scored 4 from 10 home.

Salernitana is in 13th place with 37 points. He is 6 points behind the playoffs, and 8 above the relegation zone. If the visitors succeed and get something from today's match, they should be happy and will be kept on a playoff track, no matter how far they seem for the time being. After the victory over the recently equalized Avellino, although deformed, the guests go with a different air to play against the second in the standings. I think they can do the damage.

My choice is the double g / g at odds of 1,86 (winmasters)

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Serie B
  • Pick GG
  • Odds 1.86
  • Stake 5
  • result 0-0
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -5

Cittadella - Bari 1908

Cittadella is at 4's position on the 49 scoreboard and is 5 points from the direct rise to Serie A, which, it seems, will not be easy. As well as 8 points from 9 in Carpi, a place left out of playoffs. The hosts come from a draw with 1-1 in honest Kremones and if they want not to give rights and chances of better rankings to rival teams, they should do their duty in front of their audience in front of which counts as 3 wins in recent games within seat. Specifically, they were the only n / g. The home side is quite vulnerable, I believe that regardless of the final result, a goal will be accepted.

Bari is in the 6 position of the board, just 3 points behind Cittana. It comes from a tie with Spetsia home with 1-1. Both hosts and hosts are vulnerable defensive. In the last 10 away, count 3 wins and 8 / 10 g / g. That's what the hosts are. Although theoretically they have the stress on their part as they are behind 3 points, I think they will be more relaxed to the anxious hosts and the reason is they will not have their own audiences, they do not care to prove anything. They are in place for playoff off.

If I chose a point, I think the tie is the best option, but I think the match is good enough for both goals on both sides. Select me g / g at odds of 1,86 (winmasters)

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Serie B
  • Pick GG
  • Odds 1.86
  • Stake 5
  • result 0-0
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -5

Avellino - Bari 1908

The Avelino comes from a very important and difficult draw by passing away from Tuscany where 1-1 came with Empoli in the last racing game. The hosts are in a form, have a safety pocket from the playoffs zone and play without stress having only one defeat in the last 9 home match. It also counts 23 / 28 g / g, a performance that at least shows their full race condition after they score but also in the backwards are not distinguished for their tight defense function. They have been struggling with several absences for a long time, which does not seem to be particularly frustrating.

Bari in the racing game did not fight due to bad weather against Spetsia, but in the previous game, he doubled in Ternana with 1-2 and is in 5's position on the scoreboard, leaving 7 points from the direct rise to the boom. If the guests are able to leave with 3 points from Avelino, then they are standing for a higher position if they think they will have a lesser match. They count 11 / 20 g / g and show very strong in the away games having one defeat in the last 6 matches. Like hosts, they also score and receive enough goals, count 13 / 20 over 2.5.

Due to both seat and grade interest, I look for it, but I will choose my favorite ambassador g / g at odds of 1.80 (goalbet) in which I find value and I believe it has many chances to be confirmed.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Serie b
  • Pick GG
  • Odds 1.80
  • Stake 5
  • result Canceled
  • WonDrawLost Canceled
  • Profit 0

Empoli - Avellino

Eboli is coming from a tie with Cittàlla with 1-1, a draw that not only did not cost her, but also took advantage of Fronsinone's back and left her alone first in the scoring. It was the first different result in addition to winning after six consecutive games. Still, 13 has not been defeated yet and is the big favorite for a direct rise to the bell. Hosts are vulnerable, but very aggressive, they usually put more than what they accept. This is shown by combining the position on the leader board with the fact that it counts 21 / 27 biplane. Also mention that they have the best attack on the category. As hosts, they have the first word in today's game.

Avelino returned the positive results by winning Novara with 2-1 even hard. 4 took 10 points from the dangerous zone and took a breath for the difficult continuation. It only takes one victory in the last 22 matches, the one we mentioned above, which sends them to Embleu headquarters psychologically upscale. Of course, the opponent does not offer "joy". The guests, unlike the hosts, accept more than what they put on, and they count 27 / XNUMX both. Which means that most games and at least one goal are in any place where they play.

It is the motivation and the performance of the teams that shows that we will have a nice match with many goals. My choice is g / g at 1.80 (interwetten)

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Serie B
  • Pick GG
  • Odds 1.80
  • Stake 5
  • Bookmaker Interwetten
  • result 1-1
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +4

Perugia - Palermo

Perugia comes from a big "x" that took from Parma with 1-1. It is far away from target targets (such as the eight-odd 5 points) and unwanted (such as 4 score points below). hosts want to reward their fans with a good look and why not to accompany it and with a good result.Always fight in their seat.From 6 / 11 / 2017 in the game with Avelino and then, always score at least one goal in the 13 / 19 g / g.Today the athletes are fighting Nadia wounded in Palermo and very strong, something that raises the bar very dyskolias.Pistefo and with the help of the world, a goal to accomplish.

Palermo is coming from an unexpected defeat from Foggia in Sicily with 1-2, which has removed it from the top three points. If the Sicilians want to stay in the hunt for the direct climb in the bell, then the need for double is more than It is important to note that with Spetsia they have the second best defense, which is also shown by 8 / 11 g / g. Just because they play in a very strong place and because of the scoring they will move from scratch to scoring, I think a goal will at least be accept it.

Although the Palermo statistics show an implacable suspension team, I believe that the Perugia law will be confirmed at home, and that the podium gets even more value and will be confirmed. So, I choose g / g at 1.85 (interwetten)

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Serie B
  • Pick GG
  • Odds 1.85
  • Stake 5
  • Bookmaker Interwetten
  • result 1 - 0
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -5

Palermo - Foggia

Palermo is in third place with only 3 points difference from the first Fronzinone and Empoli tie up. Today, there is an opportunity to catch them at the top. It comes from 4-0 from Embolie, something that makes the hosts have a great incentive for recasting and proofs to their audience. The hosts have the second best defense in the category and this also seems to have 8 / 10 ng in 10 most recent matches, as well as 5 / 8 under. However, an important tip for today's match is the absence of the main central defense Strona, which makes the home team's defense automatically vulnerable.

Foggia is just one point above the playoffs, which clearly does not give her any security and instead makes the guests want to get at least the tie. They fight each match and appear on the pitch as they showed a reaction from the defeats of Pescara and Fronzinone taking the next two consecutive matches with Avelino and Entela. The guests count 18 / 24 gg and 17 / 24 over. If they want to continue the effort they make, a goal should be successful and difficult.

I would get the beautiful 2.20 of the biker in combination with over, but I will not risk it because it does not make me special. I will choose it g / g at odds of 1.80 (winmasters).

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Serie B
  • Pick GG
  • Odds 1.80
  • Stake 5
  • result 1 - 2
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +4

Ascoli - Empoli

Ascoli is at the bottom of the scoring, in the penultimate position with 23 points just one over the last Terranas. He shows a will and makes a great effort to get out of the relegation zone. After two consecutive defeats from Citadella and Vercelli, he showed a big double-fight at the headquarters of Novara with 1-2. He has 5 / 7 last game to score and receive goals and in the last 5 matches at home has 3 draws and two defeats and shows that he sells very expensive his top, although it has a relative dystocia. I think easily or hardly, a goal will be found by the hosts.

Empoli is second with 43 points, just three behind Fronzinho. Obviously, it chases the direct rise, something that shows it and the results. From four to four, especially in the last two games with Bari and Palermo where they had zero passive. In particular, 11 / 15 has a game that scores and goals, which means that despite the last four, it is not invulnerable. Every other in ten away games has 4 wins, 4 defeats and two draws and all of this once the two came n / g.

Both teams are motivated and while the difference between the two teams is clear on the scoreboard, I think they will achieve at least one goal. both. So choose me g / g at odds of 1.83 (winmasters)

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Serie B
  • Pick GG
  • Odds 1.83
  • Stake 5
  • result 1 - 2
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +4.15

ITALY B '29 / 12


SILA: She was found to lose to Padua with her own goalie, Lamana, at 22 ', equalizing 45' with a long shot of Puljetti, took the lead in 84 'with Puljetti but was equalized in 88 with a penalty shoot-out Jiacomachi. Paired Belmone, Piper-Haf Tziatomachi (18 / 2) and Bak-haw Angelo (20 co.). Injured Morerio (10 comp.), HFC Vergassola (13 / 1), D'Agostino (12 / 4) and precious Dianetti (17 / 7). New defeats of Gulf Glory (10 / 1) and Matteo Pepper (5 co.).
WATER: Bad weather did not allow the encounter with Novara to "Franco Osola". The fight was scheduled to take place on Sunday 19 January at 1.30 at noon. In its last game, the team of Carmen Gauttieri defeated 4-2 away from Brescia (both goals scored by Povoletti) paying for playing 39 'with a player less and 74' with 9 footballers. Pawned by Frank Franco (16 co.) And Blah Blazi (6 co.). Injured Bielanovic injured (9 / 2), Tremolanda (4 co.).


AVELINO: He made the first half in Calabria, where he was only losing to 2 'from Regina. The repetition was the absolute master. He scored a galloping shot by Galabinov at 57 'and then had a strike with Kassaldo and a terrible missed opportunity with the same footballer. Punished by Dave Angel (19 / 3). Injury to Terraciano (9), Haver Erera (5 co.) And Wrexham Papa Dia (4 co.).
PANTOVA: Fourth consecutive draw in "Euganeo" as he stayed at 2-2 with Siena in an adventurous way. Meanwhile, in the light of publicity, he saw a scenario that wants President Penox to move to replace Bertollo Mouti during the interruption of the championship and to recruit Michele Serena (formerly Spetsia, Grosseto). Injured Survivor (5 / 1) and Welsh Terrier (12 co.). New loss hat Iori (15 / 1).


CARP: He continued the stunning course of the last games by winning both Lantchiano. Indeed, he gains more value, as he has only lost 8 'but has not put it down. He equalized with Meusei at 22 and arrived at 3-1 with Leontias' goals at 40 'and Koncas at 54'. Traumatism is the backbone Polly (14 co.). Returns the halo Lolo (14 / 1). Doubtless is the Romanioli Pepper (15 / 1).
GIOUVE STAMBIA: The home defeat from Brescia was probably the tombstone in any of its hopes to avoid relegation. And all this, though he was playing with a player more than 24 '! In 16 'Di Carmini failed in a penalty and 44' was back to the score. He equalized in the delays of the first half with Di Carmen, but in 53 'he accepted the fatal second goal. Injured were Bak-ha Vital (16 / 2), Chiantius (8 co.) And Haif Gibi. New losses of the Calderon golfer (14 comp.) And the average Scooter (14 / 1).


KROTONE: 1-0 was defeated in Trapani by the local team with just a short shot at 7 'from Gomis's incredible goal-goal scorer. Pawned by the deluxe duke (20 / 1). Wondrous De Giorgio returns (16 / 2).
PALERMO: The expression "magical image" is a bit to describe what was done in "Renzo Barbera" in the Sicilian game against Ternaña. The last one missed three unlikely opportunities in the first half, he scored a goal at 57 ', but the delays could save the draw, but Rispoli failed before a hunger strike. Second ballistic punishment from the three for Milanovic Piper (8 / 1). Injured golren Sorentino (14) and Bak Strona (1 co.). In addition to sending, Haf Batsinovic (8 co.) Was left. Returns to Munios (16 / 3), Backpack Daprela (17) and Haf Barret (16 / 2).


FIRST: Fourth victory for the Lombards, who took the "double" at Castellamere opposite the Ueuvre Juve Stabia with 2-1, although they were playing with a player less than 24. Punti Pachi punished (14 co.). Injured Freddie (7), Haff Diff (1), Midounster Juan Antonio (8 / 1) and Form Mitrovic (7 / 1). He was reinstated outside Corbi (2 co.).
BRAVO: She extended her undefeated run to 7 racing (5 wins, 2 draws), defeating 1-0 Crotonne in Sicily. The only goal scored Abate in 7 ', which took advantage of the huge mistake of the opponent goalie. Gurufo (20 co.) Punished. Injured by Boc Lo Bue (3 co.) And aggressive Juric (13 / 3).


NOVARA: She will stand relaxed in the match with Bari, as her match in Varese was postponed due to bad weather and was scheduled to take place on Sunday 19 January at 1.30 at noon. In its last game, 1-0 was just defeated at home by Eboli, scoring away from more goals. Punished the haf Pharaoh (15 / 2). Injured 7, Xenum 12, 15, 13, 9, 5, Xenum 4, 1 16, . The positive thing is that they are returning in relation to the postponed match in Varese the chaffe Pesse (16) and the striker Latsari (3 / XNUMX).
BARI: He has suffered a defeat at home from Spetsia and now ... the breeds of her technical twin, Alberti - Tavettieri are measured, especially in the event of a loss in the current game in Novara. The name of Franco Colomba is already heard as their possible successor. The Pepittelli Pepper (19 / 3), the average Fosati (12 co.) And the Fat Cartoon are punished. Traumatic the Samnick Patch (6 co.). Long-term except for Mazi and the almondo (2 co.). With a technical choice left out of the Marotta (9 / 1).


PESCARA: She continues her advance to Serie A. She has succeeded in 5η successive victory of having 8-2-0 record at 10's latest races. She even managed to defeat Blueten for the first time in the history of Modena after 12 failed attempts. The scorer of her only finish was Ragusa in an exemplary counterattack on the delays of the first half. Shadowy Pennant (13). Injured (7 / 4), Vocals (8 / 1), Vakuitsch (6 / 2), Massacre (3 / 15) . Returns the hat Ritsos (1 co.).
EMPOLI: Death-shock, this year's first home game for the Tuscans, who lost 1-0 from Citadella, with a goal scored by a former footballer, Coral in 13 '. Traumatis haf Moro (10 / 1). Born Marius Rui (12 co.). Doubtless is Bak Lorini (18 co.).


SPETSIA: He played mentally in Bari and took the "three-pointer", dominating with 2-1, the second with Davis Mantza on her bench. Lizucho (20 / 1) and Haf Bovo (18 / 2) are punished. Injured by McNonx (8), Apert (11), Chelina (4 co.), Albarasin (1 co.). Haff Orsic and the Tsiouria winger (3 co.) Return.
LATINA: He ended the three-point lead but did not manage to return to victory by giving a "white" draw to Cesena in "Domenico Francioni". Last Penalty for aggressive Jefferson (14 / 2). Injured by Bak Ristovski (13 co.), Baldann (1 co.) And the Fuel Reservoir (16 co.). Returns back-to-back Alhassan (18 co.). A technical choice was left out by the average Baraka (7), Shecha (6) and Intermediate Negro (8 / 1).


TERNA: Value of her fate in Palermo. He made an excellent first half, where he lost three unlikely opportunities to open the score. He eventually received a goal in an unsuspecting phase at 57 '. On delays, Rosopoli lost another incredible opportunity to make 1-1. Injured boot boot (6 co.), Bernardy (5 co.). In the long run, the average Siaka and the alfazeme (3 / 1) are absent. Returns the Mafia Mayor (16 / 1).
RETZINA: He does not say anything to raise his head. He was ahead of Avelino with the goal of Michele just at 2 ', but he did not "disappear" from the court and was defeated by pure luck. He remained in the penultimate position. Given the re-removal of Gianluca Atzori in the event of a new defeat in Terni, it should be considered. Injured Gentilli (2 comp.) And Bak-haw Mawon (15 / 1) injured. The offensive Fiscaler (13 / 1) is logical. Returns back-to-fold (14 / 1).


TSITANTELA: 10's non-winning streak ended in an impressive way for Claunio Fosquerini's players who took the "double" to Emble with the goal of former Tuscan footballer, Coral, at 13. Pecorini (20 / 1) is punished. Injured al-Xafum (10 / 1), Colombo (11 co.), Midfielder Di Donato (10 co.), Laura (3 comp.) And Mornini (4 co.). The average Busselot (12 comp.) And the Duty Meter (13 / 1) return. 
LANTSIANO: He is going through a period of crisis and this is most obvious after the home defeat with 3-1 from Carrie. Dated Vastola (8). Injured Kazandi Goalkeeper (1) and Assault Tham (9 / 2). Returns the Goalkeepers (17), the Xenum (17 / 3) and the Cassarine (16 / 2).


CESA: He brought 4η home away from home "white" draw, this time in Latina. It was confined to a purely passive role in almost the entire 90 minute. In the first half he scored with the head of Coppola, but the goal was canceled as offside, which was marginal. Punted Path Ride (18 / 2) and Haf De Feud (20 / 1). Injured Canyon Golfer (11), Bak Injegen (3 co.), Hawk Capelini (4 co.) And Nendarevic wizard (7 co.). The returns are Bak Almitzi (3 co.) And Bak-hu Redzetti (19 co.).
MONTENA: It goes from evil to worse. Meet 4η defeating 8 while defeating without victory. This time he lost 1-0 to Pescara's "Alberto Braalia" with a goal in a counterattack on the first half-time delays. Were injured from the last match and were knocked out by Sophie Salifou (13 co.), Sinori (17 / 2). Outside of the mission were the surreal Surakow (6 / 1) and the Bruno (7 co.). Returns the hat Ritsos (14 co.).

Match Info

  • OPAP 224-1,230-1,231-1,232-X,233-X,234-1,235-1,236-No Bet,237-X,238-X,283-1

ITALY B '26 / 12


WATER: He was defeated by 4-2, 14-2, 0-16, 40, and 16-0. Pawned the left back Frank (6 / 0) and the defending Hawk (15 / 0). Returns available to left left Lazar (14 / 1) from injury and punishment Rea (XNUMX / XNUMX)
NOVARA: A straight home defeat from Eboli (0-1) and maybe flatter the score. Punished the haf Pharaoh (15 / 2). The top scorer Rubino (9 / 5) and the Moliere Pickup (12 / 0) were knocked out. Again, the average Latsari (16 / 3), Wafer (16 / 0), Navy (7 / 0), and XemumX (4 / 1).


LANTSIANO: Unfortunate defeat from Spetsia (2-0), again paid her aggressive dystocia and of course several absences due to punishment. Punked for the second game, Goalie Seppe (17 / -11), cards were filled in by Kazarin (16 / 2). (17 / 3), hack Pogerra (12 / 1) and the X-YUMX / 8 winger (2 / 15), left-handed Mamarela (0 / 18) , Bouchel (1 / 14).
CARP: With the 71 Penalty, he won a huge victory over Palermo (1-0) and raised distances from the danger zone. Punished the average Lollo (14 / 1), knocked out the defensive Pole (14 / 0).


GIOUVE STAMBIA: Draw 1-1 in Crotone, managing to stop a team in the form. He was ahead of 24 'with Die Carmine and accepted the equalizer at 57' from Conti's own. Defended defender Martinelli (12 / 0) and goalie Viteti (2 / 0), the last two of them. The left hat / winger Viatale (16 / 2), defeated Jidway (10 / 0) and right-back Chadzio (8 / 0), the question mark and the Mourlo (14 / 0) last due to injury.
FIRST: Having Caratcio in the big day has achieved an important home win by dominating Varese with 4-2 and achieved the third consecutive victory, approaching the playoffs. The Xreds (7 / 0), the XIVUMX / 7, 1 / 5 and 0 / 8 mean midfield XANUMX / 1.


EMPOLI: More easily than what 1-0 looks like, it was victorious from Novara and regained the top. Always out of the middle Mora (10 / 1) while playing the precious Walfifiori (18 / 0) and returning to the spot. No other problem for Sarah to make the best possible turn.
TSITANTELA: In ten games without a win, from nowhere he saved a point with Bari (1-1), equalizing in the sixth minute of the delays with Peres. Punished by the Bosselato (12 / 0). A disease has outgrown the talented aggressive DUMIT (13 / 1). (11 / 0), Alfonso (10 / 1), Haf Di Donato (10 / 0), Laura (3 / 0) and Molin (4 / 0).


LATINA: Third consecutive defeat, 1-0 from Siena, practically the Brent team paid off several absences (four punished). The Alassian midfielder (18 / 0) and the Jefferson (14 / 2) are punished in second. Knockout in the third right-wing defender Ristovski (11 / 0), while offspring Flying (16 / 0). With the choice of the coach, the barbarian (7 / 0), the Xxxx / 6 and the mid-term Negro (0 / 8) were left out of the coach, the 1 / 17, 1 / 10.
CESA: Back to victories after eight games, easy and fair 3-1 on Regina. The left midfielder Renzetti (19 / 0) is punished. (11 / 0), the third Xosum (6 / 0), the X (2 / 0), the Xenumber 3, 0 / 7), hat Capelini (0 / 4) and right-back Alcizi (0 / 3).


MONTENA: (2-1-0) and Pescara can be a defining point for Valter Novelino. It's a good game to play in the game. Punished the hat Ritsos (3 / 4). A question mark is that Govtsi (14 / 0) will hardly get started, but Novelino again has a punishable punishment by X. Xinum / 13, while he intends to confirm the twin Babacar (0 / 16) and Matzarani (2 / 18) in the attack.
PESCARA: He came to 80 'to break the defensive wall of Padua, scorer Kutolo who had changed to 77', took the three-pointer (1-0), extended the undefeated 9 match (7-2-0) and entered for well at the bay of the climb. (12 / 0), Nielsen (8 / 1), Viking (5 / 2), Chosic (7 / 0) and Budhuits (3 / 0).


BARI: Through her hands she lost the victory to Cittana (1-1), at 96 'accepted the equalization. The defendant Romici (14 / 0) and the left-hand Calderoni (19 / 2) are punished. The injured Samnik (6 / 0) and the attacking Alonso (7 / 0) injured.
SPETSIA: Successful Devis Mantza's debut, 2-0 by Virtus Lantzianos, but with lots of luck, Spetsia, and in terms of appearance, things did not improve. Steadily outside of the Hapl Avelt (12 / 0), the right-back Manton (8 / 0) was knocked out.


PALERMO: He immediately missed the top with the defeat by Carrie with 1-0 finding the easy victim to blame, the referee, who however correctly gave the penalty to 71 'from which came the only goal. He objected to the prestige of the match, which of course was not accepted. Four Pentecostals, the precious Hare Barret (16 / 2), the Pune Munios (16 / 3), Milanovic (8 / 1) and the left-handed Dakrela (17 / 0). Knockout Goalkeeper Sorrentino (14 / 0),
TERNA: In-home loss with 0-2 from Trapani and Mimos Toscano will be on the bench in both games until the end of the first round. Punished the Mafia Mayor (16 / 1). Knockout Boot (6 / 0), Bernardy (5 / 0), and Alfazeme (3 / 1).


PANTOVA: He played mainly for 0-0 in Pescara and had a top player for the Magnon goalkeeper, who also caught 23 'but did not lose the defeat, losing 1-0 to 80'. But he complains strongly about a penalty that was not given to 92 '. The right-hand chek Tsakareli (13 / 0) is punished. It would be hard to use Sandakroche (13 / 0), Trendy (5 / 1), while 13 / 0 stays out in third.
SILA: Second consecutive win, she took advantage of Latina's absences and won her with 1-0, so she was in the privileged first eight. The top scorer Jianetti was knocked out (17 / 7). They remain outside the precious DU Agnostic (12 / 4), the Morerer (10 / 0) and the average Vergassola (13 / 1).


RETZINA: New defeat, this time away from Cesena with 3-1 and a new slide in the scoring. Penalty Left Left (14 / 1). On the sidelines, the Benghini baseball player (17 / 0) will logically withdraw from the championship, leaving Jadrini (3 / 0) under the beams.
AVELINO: An important home win over the Modena with 2-1 and stabilization in the top five of the scoring. Fixtures outside of goalkeeper Terraciano (9 / 0) and winger Papa Dia (4 / 0), while the technical choice was left by hack Tony (5 / 0) and Biancolino (3 / 0).


BRAVO: Great appearance in Terni and her fair win with 2-0 on Terranas. Injury for Juric (13 / 3) and right-back bokeo Lo Bue (3 / 0) did not have any other problems for Bostalia, he could practically tie the best possible. Basics include the right-wing bak Gulf (17 / 0) and Haf Bass (6 / 2).
KROTONE: He did not make it with the Urue Yue Stambia and 1-1 threw her from third place. Punjar midfielder de Gaulle (16 / 2), in the only serious absence Drago has to face. Lizzi (16 / 1) turned and went back to the line.

Match Info

  • OPAP 119-1,120-X2,121-X2,122-1,123-X,124-X2,125-1,126-1,127-No Bet,128-2X,129-X

ITALY B '21 / 12


CARP: Highly efficient in another off-game game, she took a breath from 5οthis year's "double", but it was equaled at 91 'in Bari. Under 7 from 8 home matches. Traumatism is the backbone Polly (14 co.). Returns to Back Bay (15 co.), Pasuti (9 co.).
PALERMO: The mission was carried out for Bee Jaykin, who brought the "rosaneri" to the top of the scoring, after their last victory in "Renzo Barbera" on Citadella. 6 from 7's latest matches showed 2-3 on the finish line. 7 from 9 this year's offside matches showed 2-3 in the goal set. Injured Sorentino (14), Bak Strona (1), Extreme Stevenovitch (8) and the striker Dibala (13 co.). Terminator Terzi (13 comp.) And Haf Vere (10 co.) Return.


KROTONE: Fifth this year's "double" for the Calavers who beat 3-2 Latina and are now only at -2 from the privileged double. Goal / goal and over 7 from 10's last matches. Over 6 from 8's latest home games. Punished the Lizzi (16 / 1).
GIOUVE STAMBIA: In the home defeat by Juve Stabia he filled 13 without a win. It measures 6 goal / goal in its last 7 games. Injured Xenumber coach (4), Vitales (16 / 2), Chiantius (8), Mourolos (14), and 10 co.


FIRST: Cristiano Bergogi has even deferred his revenge from Modena, leading the Lombards to the "double" to "Alberto Braalia" with Scalea's goal at 87. It comes from 7 draws on 11's latest games. Goal / goal 7 from 8 this year's home matches. Injured Freddie (7), Bakhsh Lassik (5), Haif Dyuf (1), Mid-Attack Juan Antonio (8 / 1) and Form Mitrovic (7 / 1).
WATER: With an impressive appearance, 4-0 broke Spetsia in "Franco Osola" (Paulette, Forte, Bielanovic, Jake's scorer) and went back to the top eight. It has not won 7's last away games (5 defeats, 2 draws). Rhea (14 / 1) is punished. Injured by Bak-haw Lazar (15 co.) And aggressive Bjelanovic (9 / 2), Tremolanda (4 co.). Normally the top scorer (15 goals).


NOVARA: She scored her second consecutive win, this time in Castellamere against the Urue Yue Stambia. Goal / goal 6 from 8's latest games. Injured by Nina (7), Pope Pesse (16), Zeviewie (7), and XemumX (4 / 1). Return the Mori plug (11 comp.) And the Lewig (6 / 1). Available also by Gonzalez (16 / 3), who overcame the injury problem he was facing.
EMPOLI: Third-place draw for the Tuscans, who retreated from the top of the scoring. They stayed at 0-0 with Cesena in "Carlo Castellani" with Tavan and Macarones losing important opportunities to find nets. It comes from 3 draws. 7 from 11's latest matches was 2-3. Punished the Hald Valfiyori (17 co.). Traumatic remains the pooh and leader Moro (10 / 1).


SILA: He "cleaned" in 9 minutes the match in Calabria against Regina scoring twice with Rosina in 39 'and Rosetti at 48'. For both goals - especially for the first one - the golfer has a huge responsibility. He was again found in -2 from the first octave, and has the best attack in the category. Goal / goal 13 from 18 matches. Under 6 from 7's latest matches. Bull Belmont and striker Palaucci are punished (16 / 4). Injured Murrero (10 comp.), Gryllos (10 / 1) and Hugh Vergassola (13 / 1), D'Agostino (12 / 4), Manni (4 co.). Return Fenthal Pendulum (9 comp.) And Hop Puljetti (14 / 4). With 3-4-3 the Tuscany with Rozina, Jianetti, Rosetti in the attack triad.
LATINA: He has suffered a second defeat and first home win with Roberto Breda on his wheel, this time from Crotone. The newcomers reduced to 2-1 and 3-2, but they did not manage to save even one point. Under 11 from 15's latest matches, No Goal 11 from 16 latest. He has brought 5 draws to 8's last away games. Penalty of three games starts with aggressive Jefferson (14 / 2) and two back-fo Alhassan (18 co.). Pentecostals are also punished (17 / 1), Filmineni (10 co.). Injured by Bak Ristovski (13 co.), Baldann (1 co.), Pepper De Jiza (2 co.). The Resource Pitch returns (15 co.).


SPETSIA: The crash in Varese by the local team gave the best alibi to the administration to go ahead with the dismissal of Giovanni Stropa. His substitute was Devis Mantza (Palermo, Italy's national U21) with whom the first contacts had been made since mid-November. Goal / goal and over 4 from 5's latest home games. The average Apelt (11 co.), Chelina (4 co.) And the Tsiouria winger (3 co.) Were injured. Haff Albarasin returns (1 co.).
LANTSIANO: She met her first defeat this year. "Puskara" in the neighboring derby. Under 14 from 17's last games, No Goal 12 from 16 last. Two goalscorer penalty kicks off the goalie (17). The precious Bam Mamarela (16 co.), Haff Bouchel (14), and the wrestler Diego Cecco (18 / 1) are also punished. Injured Omenta (17 / 3) and aggressive Thames (9 / 2).


CESA: He filled 8 without a win (6 draws, 2 defeats) and 403 'without scoring, but 0-0 at Embleli's headquarters is a very positive development for the "romanioli", who remained in the first eight. Fill 8 with no "three-point" (6 draws, 2 defeats). Injured (11 comp.), Alcici (3 co.), Indien (3 co.), And Hawk Capelini (4 co.) Are injured. Returns the Golder Cosser (6 comp.), The Camborez (4 / 1) and the Cassie (9 / 1).
RETZINA: Meet 7η defeat 9's latest games, this time at "Oreste Granillo" from Siena. He has a 1-1-7 record at 9's latest matches. 6 No Goal counts on 7's last away games. Traumatized Gentil Pepper (2 co.). Outside of the mission were the Benaki Goalkeeper (17), Baku-Maf (15 / 1) and the Camps (4 co.), Falco (3).


TSITANTELA: He reached 9 without winning defeat in Palermo with 3-2. It remains without winning 9's last matches (5 defeats, 4 draws). Injured by the Xboxes 10 / 1, Colombo (11 comp.), The midfiers of the Donato (10 comp.), Laura (3 comp.) And the Xantum (6 / 2), Monti (4 co. ).
BARI: The racing track (2-2 with Carley with Stadela equalizing at 91) goes on a second footing because of what's going on in the off-competitive front. There is a new deduction of a grade for late payment of wages in September - October, and for other overdue debts, but the worst is that 3 million is required to "come out" the season, which only miracles will be found. He has brought 9 goal / goal to 10's last matches. The midfielder Fatati (11 co.) And the striker Caputo were punished.

Match Info

  • OPAP 135-2,136-1,137-X,138-X,139-1,140-X,141-1,142-X

ITALY B '20 / 12


TERNA: He made a good appearance and was injured by 1-1 in Padua with the local team, in a match under dense fog. Goal / goal 12 from 15's latest matches. It comes from 3 home run under. The injured Ferronetti (12 / 1) and the Haf Boot (6 co.), Bernardy (5 co.), Were injured. In the long run, the average Siaka and the alfazeme (3 / 1) are absent. Returns back to Backpacker (12). Brillianty Goalkeeper (18 co.) Advances, overcoming the vivacity that has plagued him over the past few days.
BRAVO: He must feel very lucky that he was not defeated in Sicily by Avelino, as the whole match was an aggressive monologue of her opponent. He was back in the 77 score, but he was equalized in the next minute with the usual suspect, Manzou. It remains undefeated in 5's last matches (3 wins, 2 draws). 4 of them was goal / goal. It comes from 3 away from home. Traumatio de Boc Lo Bue (3 co.). One month off will be the aggressive Juric (13 / 3).


PESCARA: Thanks to Manriore's successful penalty shoot-out, 11 took the double to the adjacent derby with Virtus Lancyanos reaching 20 points in 8's latest games (6-2-0). Has a 6-2-0 account on 8's latest games. 3 counts goals in goal / goal and over. Injured Cossic (7 comp.), Hak Ritso (12), Nielsen (8 / 1), Vibani (6 / 2) and Voukushic (3 co.).
PANTOVA: He took first goal at 70 ', but managed to tie Vantatzato 6 minutes later, although he played with 10 players from 69'. It remains undefeated in 5's latest matches (1 win, 4 draws). 4 of these were under. She has been defeated in 6 by 8 this year's away games. Punished the Karyn Pari (11 co.). Injured Survivor (5 / 1), Back-Sander Sandakrose (13), and Xenumix (12).

Match Info

  • OPAP 104-X, 124-1

ITALY B '15 / 12


LANTSIANO: In the last phase of the game managed to keep its home defeat equalizing Palermo, taking advantage of the fact that her opponent turned back in the last few minutes to maintain her lead. However, her scorer, Turki, seems to be doing a hand control. Earlier and in particular 49 'was back in the score. Under and 8 games this year at 4-4-0. Under 13 from 16's last games, No Goal 11 from 15 last. Second penalty of three for the valuable Mamarela (16). Traumatically the aggressive Thyam (9 / 2). Returns to the wizard Michol (13 co.).
PESCARA: She continued her upward course by winning from Siena with the goals of Ragusa, Politano, Maniero. Overall it has taken 17 points in its last 7 races, resulting in the first time this year at 7η position.
Has a 5-2-0 account on 7's latest games. Goal / goal and over 3 from 4's last matches. Injured Cossic (7 comp.), Hak Ritso (12), Nielsen (8 / 1), Vibani (6 / 2) and Voukushic (3 co.). Returns to Forsford (1). Available in the Skavia (10) and Bartzano Balzano (16).

Match Info

  • OPAP 251-X2

ITALY B '14 / 12


WATER: He met the first defeat with Carmine Gautéeri in his wheel, 1-0 in Carpi, with only 4 'goal. It remains one of the three teams in the category that still hold the undefeated at home. Bullman Goalkeeper (8, 13), Chris Xenum (2 / 7), Cristian (1 / 13) and Nero Pereira (1 / XNUMX) return.
SPETSIA: He once again confirmed that he has a big problem with his home games because he has no way to break tight defenses. He stayed in 0-0 with Avelino in "Alberto Pico", with both teams having a stake. Under 5 from 7's last away games. The average Apelt (11 co.), Albarasin (1 co.), Chelina (4 co.) And Tsiuria witch (3 co.) Were injured.


GIOUVE STAMBIA: He filled 12 without winning with 1-1, which he gave to Kastelemare in Bari. He completed 12 without winning (8 defeats, 4 draws). It measures 5 goal / goal in its last 6 games. Injured by Bak-Haf Vitalle (16 / 2) and Haf Djinday (10 co.).
NOVARA: The 13η was also lucky for the Piedmontes who broke the 12 racing series without winning the 1-0 of Modena in "Silvio Piola". The only goal scored by Captain Rubino in 14 '. Goal / goal 5 from 7's latest games. Injured Mori (11), Nave (7), Hae Zhenviei (7), and Xenumix (6 / 1), Jerome (4 / 1) injured.


EMPOLI: Second consecutive draw for the Tuscans, this time with Crotonne, but the positive thing is that they stayed on top, since their persecutors did not win. They opened the score at 15 'with Makarone, they were on 42'. 7 from 10's latest matches was 2-3 goals. Traumatis haf Moro (10 / 1). Returns back to Bak Lorini (15 co.).
CESA: The home defeat from Padua (0-1) with which he filled 7 without a victory brought insults inside and there are already papers that want Pierpaolo Bizoli to "play his head" in the game with Emble. Injuries (11 comp.), 6 / 4, 1 / 3, 3 / 9, 1 / 6, 2, . Haff Ghali returns, the Nendarevic winger (1 co.) And the Rodriguez (XNUMX / XNUMX).


LATINA: The undefeated run of the 13 racing broke for the Roberto Breda team in Terni. He accepted the fatal goal at 67 ', five minutes later he also stayed with 10 players, with his opponent also dropping in a penalty shoot-out. has the second best defense, but also the third worst assault in the category. It comes from three consecutive home wins, all with 1-0. Penguin Flying Pond (15 co.). Injured by Bak Ristovski (13 co.), Baldane (1 co.), Pepper De Jiza (2 co.) And Barack Obama (7 co.). The Xbrooks (13), Kotafafa (15 co.), Haff Krimi (12) and the striker Gecel (9 / 2) return.
KROTONE: Her 20 goalie, Gommis, made an incredible getaway at 15 'giving the lead to Emblei, but the re-run was excellent, keeping 1-1, which Crispin scored in 42'. Goal / goal and over 6 from 9's last matches. Injured Prestia (6) and Petrin (14 / 4). Returns Isak (6 / 2).


MONTENA: She made her worse this year's appearance by losing 1-0 to Novara, much easier than showing the final score. It filled 5 without winning, with its misalignment largely due to the defeat of the Senegalese on Babacar (16 / 9). Goal / goal 4 from 5's latest games. Over 4 from 6's latest home matches. Injured by Bak Minarini (3 co.) And Haf Burai (1 co.), Salifu (10 co.).
FIRST: Returning to victories for the Lombards, who made it difficult for Regina to resist "Mario Rigamondi" (2-1) and escaped from the last three. The defining goal was scored by Grossi at 74 '. It comes from 7 draws on 10's latest games. 4 scores consecutive off-home draws. The punters Dice Chaseer (11 / 2), Pacchi (12 co.) Are punished. Injured Cranio Goalies (12), Freddie (7), Mid-Attack Juan Antonio (8 / 1), and Form Mitrovic (7 / 1).

137. BAR - CARP

BARI: Without making a very good appearance he took 1-1 in Castellamere from Juve Stabia, thanks to Marotta's goal at 72 ', for which the opponent's goalkeepers bear great responsibility. He was found to lose only on 2 ', while on several occasions 2-0 was saved. He has brought 8 goal / goal to 9's last matches. 6 counts within home goal / goal. Chartered Kaptuto was punished. Traumatic the Samnick Patch (6 co.).
CARP: He scored just this second home win of the 1-0 of Varese, thanks to his goal at 4 '. He has won 3 from 5's last away games. Punished bac Gallio (15 co.), Pasuti (9 co.), Kakis. Traumatism is the backbone Polly (14 co.).


PALERMO: It is news that for the first time this year he was offended by the arbitration, since in the goal of the match against Victorios Lantzianos in the last minute of the delays, Turquie seems to be doing manually. Earlier and in particular 49 'was preceded by the usual suspect, Belotti. And 6's last races showed 2-3 on the finish line. Puntize Terci Terci (13 co.) And Haf Vere (10 co.). Injured Sorentino (14), Bak Strona (1), Extreme Stevenovitch (8) and the striker Dibala (13 co.). 
TSITANTELA: He has every reason to complain about the arbitrage in the match with Trapani, after two clear goals were canceled. However, the goal of the 2 'equalizer (2-81) by Di Roberto was a penalty shoot-out, but he was out of range. It remains without winning 8's last matches (4 defeats, 4 draws). The coral is punished (13 / 3). Injured al-Xafum (10 / 1), the average Laura (3) and the aggressive Donaruma (6 / 2), Montini (4 co.).


PANTOVA: This year's "double" for the "biankusundi", which won the Cesena with the goal of Pasquato in 54 ', extending their unbeaten run in the four games. However, they remain in the last three, and have the worst assault on the category. Punished by Haos Osuzi (13 co.), Mujaci (8 co.). Injured by the Boc-Opper Sandakrose (13 comp.), The Tremblay (5 / 1) and Roy.
TERNA: The goal of Massi in 67 'gave her the "three-pointer" to Latina in the "Libero Libera". Goal / goal 11 from 12's last away games, without doubles from 16 March (8 draws, 5 defeats). In addition to the fight, Bak-Hop Rispoli (11 co.) And the Boff Boot (6 co.), Bernardy (5 co.). In the long run, the average Siaka and the alfazeme (3 / 1) are absent.


BRAVO: She reached the 10 points in her last four games with the 2-2 that she won in Cittanla. He was two times with Ritsatos at 26 'and Manzoux at 58', both at 65 'and 81', the second with a penalty shoot-out, with the offense being marked off a large area. Under 5 from 6's last home games. Traumatio de Boc Lo Bue (3 co.).
AVELINO: He took without much pressure on the "white" tie from Spetsia. He had a stake with Galabinov, but in the end he saved the beam in the effort of Embagoua. The midfielder is the away match against Juventus for the Cup. Punished the Pijackane Pepper (15 co.). Injured Terraciano (9 comp.), Fembro (11 / 1) and Wrexham (4 co.).

Match Info

  • OPAP 132-1,133-X2,134-1,135-1X,136-X,137-X,138-1,139-1,140-X2

ITALY B '09 / 12


SPETSIA: With "double" in Calabria on Regina he confirmed once again that he is one of the most unpredictable teams in the category. He was only losing on the first minute, but he made the match with Miliere's goals at 49 'and Empaugh at 59'. Midweek defeated 3-0 in Pescara's Alberto Pico for the Cup in a match where her opponent fought with 9 players from 29 '. Goal / goal and over 3 from 4's latest matches. Goal / goal and over 4's last home games. Avert (11 co.), Alparasin (1 co.), Chelina (4 co.) And Tsiouria (3). Back Magnuson (5 co.) And Ferrari Wizard (4 / 1) return.
AVELINO: He brought the first "white" draw to "Parteno" after 52 (!) Races. Meanwhile, 2-1 was placed on the Frosinone's court for the Cup, and in the next round it will face the Juventus Steadyum. Over 3 from 4's last away games. He switches goal / goal with No Goal to 7 this year's away games. Injury of Goalkeeper Terraciano (9 comp.), Fembro (11 / 1), Bak-haf Amber (1 co.), Haf Erera (5 co.), striker Biancolino (4 co.).

Match Info

  • OPAP 330-X

ITALY B '07 / 12


LANTSIANO: Third home away from home with zero pass for the Abruzzi who lost 1-0 to Trapani with goals scored in a counterattack at 68 '. Under and 7 this year's home games. Under 12 from 15's last games, No Goal 11 from 14 last. The three-game penalty kicks off by the valuable Mamarela (16). Injured aggressive Thames (9 / 2), Picolo (13 co.). 
PALERMO: 19's Andrea Belotti continues to steal the show as he scored two more crucial goals, reaching 5 at 8, leading "rosaneri" to the stressful 2-1 on Novara in "Renzo Barbera". 6 from 8 this year's away matches showed 2-3 in the goal set. It is coming from 3 consecutive wins. Besides fighting, goalie Sorrento (14), Bak Strona (1 co.), Extreme Stevenovic (8 co.) And striker Dibala (13 co.). With 3-5-2 the guests with Belotti and Ernandes start attacking.


GIOUVE STAMBIA: He stood quite well in Latina on Fulbio Pea's debut at her bench and might have opened that score. Eventually he accepted it at 74 '. He made the 11 without winning (8 defeats, 3 draws) and of course stays in the last place. It measures 4 goal / goal in its last 5 games. Punished the Kondini Pickup (9 comp.), Lanzarote (10 / 1). Injured by hackers of Caserta (5), Jinday (10), Gibbi and D'or Carmine (13 / 2).
BARI: As in the match against Padua against Ternaña, Roberto Alberti's players preceded 2-0 early with Galanos at 10 'and 33'. Their opponent lowered to 38 'and the repeat came several times close to the equalizer. It measures 7 goal / goal at 8's latest matches. Shaithonde (16 / 1) and Ford Caputo are punished.


CARP: De Bitis's elimination to 30 was the one that essentially condemned her in defeat in Pescara. He temporarily equalized with Koncas at 36 ', but he then scored three goals before Di Gounios at 87' formed the final 4-2. Under 6 from 7 home matches. Punished by Haf De Viti (6 co.). Traumatism is the backbone Polly (14 co.).
WATER: He defeated 2-1 Chittagone in "Franco Osola" in debut of Carmine Gautieri on her bench, since her opponent had four beams! Midweek was lined up with an alternative to Parma and defeated 4-1 staying away from the Cup. It has not won 6's last away games (4 defeats, 2 draws). Punished by Chris Christine (7 / 1). Injured Bersan Goalkeeper (8), Hak Jekin (13 / 2) and Nero Pereira (13 / 1).


KROTONE: He stood quite defensively in Padua taking 0-0 comfortably. He held for the first time zero in the defense after 8 racing. It has the second best attack in the category after the champion Embleli, but one of the worst defenses. He has brought 6 goal / goal and over to 8's latest games and 5 over to 7 last home. Injured Prestia (6) and Isaac (6 / 2).
EMPOLI: He lost the defeat in defeat to Carlo Castellani from Brescia, thanks to his second goal of Tavanos. He has not drawn a draw at 7 this year's away matches (4 wins, 3 defeats). Born Lorini (15 co.) Punished. Traumatis haf Moro (10 / 1).


FIRST: One breath was found from a huge "double" in Empoli, but it was balanced in the last minute of the delays. He was found losing to 53 ', but he made the game with the goals of Carathios in 61' and 72 '. This was 5η draw on 6's latest games. He has a 1-8-3 record at 12's latest matches. Goal / goal 6 from 7 this year's home matches. Injured Cranio (12 comp.), Freddie (7), Haff Sculls (14 / 1), Finnitsi (12), Midounster Juan Antonio (8 / 1) and Form Mitrovic 7 / 1), Corks.
RETZINA: The new defeat, this time from Spetsia to "Oreste Granillo", though it was only ahead of the first minute with Maicon, led to the dismissal of Fabrice Kastori, who only sat down for 6 games on the bench with 1-1- 4 and the return of Gianluca Adzori, 1,5 month after his departure from the same post! For the Cup, 4-1 was defeated in Verona from Chievo. It comes from 6 away from home No Goal. None of these 6 scored. Injured jockey Jadrini (2) and defeat Contesa (1 co.).


NOVARA: Another good appearance for the Piedmont with Alessandro Kalogri on their bench, but they were bitter about the way they defeated in Palermo (with 90 goal). Gonzalez had temporarily leveled at 53 '. Novara now completes 12 without winning (7 draws, 5 defeats) and stays in the playoffs zone. Punished by Hawk Pesse (15 co.) And precious Gonzalez (15 / 3). Injured hacker Zeveni (7) and assault knight (6 / 1).
MONTENA: It was just a few seconds before the delays to Albert Alberta from Siena. Of course, a big share of responsibility is also Valter Novelino, who turned the whole team back in the second half. It has not beat 8 this year's away matches (4 defeats, 4 draws). Goal / goal 6 from them. Last racing punishment for the Bak-Haff Garofalf (12 co.). The injured are Haf Burai (1 co.), Salifu (10 co.).


SILA: 19X Rosetti 20 with Under 85 crossed 93 'to Fenthal and 1 scored for the Tuscans by making 1-2 in Modena, justifying Mario Beretta who had been in the last minutes to play with four aggressors. Midweek the Tuscans defeated 1-120 away from home in the Bologna Extension for the Cup with Fenthal's goal at 12 'and will face Catania in the next round. Goal / goal 16 from 5 matches. It comes from 13 under under. Pawned by Bec Belmondo, Hawk Valiani (15 co.) And precious Gianetti (7 / 10). Injured by XCUMX / 1, Xerex (10), Haf and Head Vergasola (13 / 1), Medium Bentinel (3), and Offensive Thomas (3 co.).
PESCARA: It continued its upward trend and is now in -1 by 8η position. A decisive point in favor of her confrontation with Carpi in was De Bitis's elimination to 30. Midweek missed 3-0 on Specia for the Cup in a match that fought with 9 players from 29 'due to Zoparic and Kutolo miscarriages. Injured hackers Rizzo (12 comp.), Nielsen (8 / 1), Vibani (6 / 2).


TERNA: He met another defeat, this time from Bari to "San Nicola". He was found to lose 2-0 to 33 ', lowered to 38' with Zito and in the repeat he was several times close to the equalizer. Goal / goal 5 from 7's latest home games. In the long run, the average Siaka and the alfazeme (3 / 1) are absent.
LATINA: With her favorite score, 1-0 also bounced the resistance of Juve Stabia having scored the usual suspect, Zona, at 74 '. He completed 13 without defeat (6 wins, 7 draws) and went to 6ηposition. Under 11 from 13's latest matches, No Goal 10 from 14 latest. He has brought 5 draws to 7's last away games. The Prussian Brosco (13 co.) And the Haf Crime (12 co.) Are punished.


TSITANTELA: He was defeated at Varese, although he was ahead of 9 'with Coral. In fact, it had two beams before a vacancy! It remains without winning 7's last matches (4 defeats, 3 draws). Punctured Column Pickup (12 / 1). Injured by Bak-haw Alborn (10 / 1), the midfiers of Don Donato (10 co.), Laura (3 co.) And the aggressive Donaruma (6 / 2), Montini (4 co. In addition to the expedition, the stopper Gasparotto (10 co.) Remained.
BRAVO: It comes from three consecutive wins, thanks to which it has escaped appreciably from the last five. Midweek, her players and 3.000 fans found on the San Siro platforms lived their dream of seeing their team face Inter. Trapani rejoiced the Cup with his head high knowing the defeat with 3-2 from the "withered" (he lost 3-0 at halftime). Katcheta at 54 'and MANDONIA at 90' scored the finish. Under 6 from her latest 9 games. The striker Martinelli (11) and striker Juric (12 / 3) are punished.

Match Info

  • OPAP 135-X2,136-X2,137-X,138-X,139-NO BET,140-1,141-1,142-2,143-NO BET

ITALY B '06 / 12


CESA: Playing with defensive orientations took 0-0 into a difficult seat, like Avelino. Goal / goal and 6 last home matches. Injured (11). Injeneri (3 co.), Hassie Cassion (3 / 9), Ghali, Nendarevich (1), and Rodriguez ( 6 / 2). It is not 1% ready to shoot Coboreze (100 / 4).
PANTOVA: He tried in a totally unorthodox way to break Croton's defense into the "Euganeo". He did not succeed, and on several occasions in the second half he was in danger of getting back to the score. In the meantime, he was denied the objection he had made to take the broken match against Carrie on the cards. This will continue from the point of interruption (0-0 to 27 '). She has just scored a point in 7 this year's away games. Injured by the McCarthy Modesto (6), the Xtreme Trembling (5 / 1) and the Voltaine (1 co.), Rockie.

Match Info

  • OPAP 115-X

ITALY B '30 / 11


AVELINO: 3-2 was defeated by Crotonne. And 5's goals scored in the first half. They remain, however, at a shot from the top. Without a draw in 9's latest games (6 wins, 3 defeats). Injured Terraciano Goalkeeper (9 co.), Fembro Observer (11 / 1), and Bak-Ampex (1 co.). 
CESA: It was brilliantly defensive to Brescia and thanks to the very good interventions of her goalie, Kozer, managed to get the "white" draw. It measures 5 goal / goal on 6's latest matches. Punished hack Coppola (14 co.). 


WATER: Stephano Sotilli has been dismissed by the administration, replacing him with Carmen Guateiri (last year at Virtus Lanciano), who was already on the platforms in the last match of Varese! Last Race Penalty (12 / 1). Punished and Episodic Ellie (14 co.). Injured Bresan (8), Bak Franco (13), Hak Jekin (13 / 2) and Nero Pereira (13 / 1) injured. 
TSITANTELA: He stayed at 0-0 in "Tombola" with Regina in a bad qualitative match. It remains without winning 6's last matches (3 defeats, 3 draws). Second Penalty Race from the Three for Penny Collars (12 / 1). Punished and Gasperate (10).


LATINA: He also managed to win from Palermo, although he was losing to 18 ', keeping undefeated for 12η racing (5 wins, 7 draws) and went to 7ηposition. Her scorer was Gelzal at 25 and Jefferson at 45. Under 10 from 12's latest matches, No Goal 9 from 13 latest. The defensive player Bruno (15 co.) Is punished.
GIOUVE STAMBIA: The new home defeat, this time from Trapani (2-3), led to the dismissal of Piero Bralia from her bench. His substitute was Fulvio Pea (last year Padua, Sassuolo). He completed 10 without winning (7 defeats, 3 draws). Punctured the Mullos Pepper (12 co.). Injured by Haff Caserta (5 co.), Gibbi and Dor Di Carmine (13 / 2).


MONTENA: Positive is 1-1 taking to Terni as he fought with several absences. Over 4 from 5's latest home matches. Second ballot punishment for the three for Baccarat Garfield (12 co.). Injured haf Burai (1 comp.), Salifu (10 co.).
SILA: This year's "double" for the Tuscany, who beat 1-0 in Carpi with Vergassola's goal at 60 ', in a game that was delayed by 24 hours, since Saturday's bad weather did not allow it to take place. Goal / goal 11 from 15 matches. Bull Belmont and coach Beretta are punished.


PALERMO: First defeat with Bee Jaykin on her bench and even in Latina Sicily, although he was ahead of 18 with Ernandes. No Goal 4 from 5 last matches and 4 from 5 last home games. Injured Sorentino Goalkeeper (14), Bak Strona (1 co.) And striker Dibala (13 co.).
NOVARA: She made a good appearance on Alesandro Kalogri's debut at her wheel, but she did not manage to get the "three-pointer" in Silvio Piola against Pescara, although she was better than her opponent. He remains unbeaten by 14 September (1-0 in Padua) and is now in the playoff zone. Injured by the defeat of Potourides (8), Hae Zenvievi (7) and the aggressive Lepidoptera (6 / 1), Lebed (4 / 1).


PANTOVA: He showed character in Bari taking his first off-season this year (2-2), though he was found to lose 2-0 to 32. He has a 3-1-0 record at 4's last home matches. Pawned by Mr. Sandakroce (11 co.) And Chief Iori (10 co.). Injured McCaffer Modesto (6 comp.) And Perna Pernah (7 co.), Trembling (5 / 1).
KROTONE: He returned to victories XELUMX-3 of Avelino in a fascinating match. It measures 2 goal / goal and over on 6's latest games. Traumatism Isaac (7 / 6), no other significant problems are reported. 


PESCARA: He missed the "white" tie in Novara by the local team, but in many cases he saved the goal. Goal / goal 4 from 5's latest home games. Injured Cossic (7 comp.), Horn Viviani (6 / 2), Nielsen (8 / 1) and aggressive Vukushic (3 co.), Pistella (4 co.), Sporzini.
CARP: She met her fourth home defeat, this time from Siena 0-1, in a game that was delayed 24 hours, since Saturday's bad weather did not allow it to take place. He accepted the fatal goal at 60 '. He has brought 10 under and 9 No Goal to 14 matches. Punished the halo Lolo (12 / 1).


RETZINA: He was placed in Citadella having as his first goal not to lose and easily managed, in a match that was made in heavy rain and even stronger air.
Under and No Goal 3 from 4's latest games. Goal / goal and over 3 from 4 last home. Pentecostal Guardian (14 co.).
SPETSIA: He met a second consecutive defeat and third in the last four races, this time by Eboli 1-3, although he was just ahead of 5 '. Goal / goal 6 from 8's latest matches. Under 5 from 6's last away games. Serious injury to hat Apelt (11 co.), Which will be out of action for some time.


BRAVO: Second-place win for Sicily and first away from home in the Pantova Premier League. Their "victim" was the owl Juve Stabia (3-2). Under 4 from 5's last home games. The striker Judit (12 / 3) starts a three-time penalty. 
LANTSIANO: Return to the victories for the Abruzzi, who defeated Varese's resistance to "Guido Biondi" with the goals of Casanini at 34 'and of Dj Ceko at 45'. Under 11 from 14's last games, No Goal 10 from 13 last. Injured by the goalie Goalkeeper (1), Hack Pogerra (10 / 1) and aggressive Thames (9 / 2), Picolo (13 co.).

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