A goalkeeper, Dutchman Andries Knoppert and a striker, Ender Valencia for Ecuador, were the best of their teams in 2-0 wins over Senegal and Qatar.

The experienced Van Gaal is the definition of a 'selector' as he surprised everyone by handing the 28-year-old Heerenfen keeper a first-team jersey. He made his debut in the match, kept Senegal as long as needed, until the opposing goalkeeper (Medy) made a mistake and his team got a valuable victory.

On the other hand, Valencia needs no special introduction and this year, at the age of 32, he is having an amazing season with Fenerbahce. He showed his skills by scoring twice against Qatar. He left the match injured, but overcame his problem and is available. Gustavo Alfaro has managed to build a team that has long been performing well, keeping a clean sheet for 696 minutes and often finding goals from set pieces. That will be the goal for today as well.

The Netherlands remain unbeaten since June 2021 with 12 wins in 16 official and friendly games. She didn't bat an eye at the premiere but presented herself serious and solid. If they do not lose to Ecuador and with Qatar waiting for them in the last match, they will have no problem qualifying.

ASSESSMENT: "X" does not disappoint anyone and has a yield of 3,75 in Betsson.gr

TIP1: Exact score 0-0 with a return of 8,00 on Bet365.gr
TIP2: Under 1,5 in the match at 3,15 in Betshop.gr


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PORTUGAL - GHANA: Will live or die with the captain

He never went unnoticed. For a lifetime everyone was talking about him. Sometimes with flattering words about his unparalleled talent, sometimes with derogatory words about his peculiar character. But that never deterred Cristiano, who wrote his own story, being one of the best. CR7 is considered by some to be the greatest athlete to ever play the game!

His marriage to Manchester United may have ended in a consensual divorce, but he always plays with passion for his official favorite, Portugal. Fernando Santos knows very well that his big star is now very close to the sunset of his career, but he will choose to live or die with him. If he succeeds, it will show in the applause...

In Ghana they will look to do what they usually do, push the opposition to their limits. The inexperienced 47-year-old Otto Ando took over the team's bench in January. She managed not only to get Nigeria through to the play-offs but also to convince stars like Inaki Williams to wear her shirt. The general feeling is that against a team that seems to be searching, he is lucky to at least make it difficult for them.

ASSESSMENT: Victory towards the end for the favourite, with X/1 H/T at 4,10 in Betsson.gr

TIR1: Portugal win or Ronaldo goal, in the enhanced 3,10 from the Stoiximan.gr
TIR2: First scorer Ronaldo with enhanced performance at 4,75 in Bet365.gr


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Options where the action never stops!

Cheltenham - West Ham U21

We start with a couple who are very likely to score goals. Cheltenham is the best moon of this season as it completed 1 unbeaten matches in all competitions (1-6-4) with its Saturday draw at Oldham (2-0). This year's home side is particularly strong and scoring with ease. Cheltenham is followed by a Saturday night as the game against Newport is postponed. The West Ham champions had one of the biggest upsets in Wales this season as they returned from halftime 4-1 and won 4-5 (!) At Newport. The aggressive orientations of the hosts and the excitement of our guests lead to the choice of many goals.

Points: Over2.5 (1.55) / GG + Over2.5 (1.85) Betting: Betshop

Colchester - Tottenham Hotspur U21

The Tottenham Hotspur League Cup pair has beaten Colchester in the penalty shootout in one of its most historic moments in recent years. Colchester have been impressive in scoring lately, scoring with ease and having just one defeat in their last ten games. Tottenham's only kids with a positive result today can hope for qualification. They may even play to get revenge for the big team. Many goals will be our choice for this pair as well.

Point: Over2.5 (1.70) Betting: Stoiximan 

Stockport - Hartlepool

The national teams' vacations are always given the opportunity in the small English classes to get bored with the television program because the action never stops there! On Wednesday night Stockport welcomes Hartlepool under its cameras for the National League Pitcher. Stockport as a light switch has found them dark last, as they have completed six unbeaten matches (0-1-5), in which they have scored only once.

Hartlepool are on the upswing as they beat the rising favorite, Yeovil, with 2-1 at home in the previous race and completed three unbeaten matches. The problem we face in scoring the home side in conjunction with Hartball's nice away side this year (3-2-2) leads us to the choice of a well-paid double.

Points: 2 (2,99) / 2DNB (2,15) Betting: Betshop

Champions League Predictions (19 / 09)

At yesterday's premiere of his clubs Champions League we may not have seen many goals, but we certainly made some important conclusions.

European champions Liverpool lost at Napoli headquarters (2-0), Inter's' troublemaker 'saved the game against Prague's Slavia, scoring a goal at 90 + 2' (1-1) and a tie-breaker Surprise and won at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea, in a match where the Blue lost a penalty to equalize at 87 '.

In short, we saw several surprises yesterday (as we highlighted yesterday's column), with only two favorites (Salzburg-Ajax) verified. As you understand, special attention is needed now to get started. Let's go - but - now look at today's games.

Olympiacos - Tottenham: Betshop bet on 1.74 g / g

Difficult star premiere for our country's only representative in the top biennial competition.

Η Tottenham - as we know - is the finalist of last year's competition, has great quality in her roster and comes out of her best appearance this year (4-0 at Crystal Palace). Its powerful weapon is the attack, and defensively we think it will face problems.

Ο Olympic at home he draws strength from the presence of his world, against Krasnodar he has scored 4 times and generally finds the goal one way or another at home. The goal / goal in Betshop's 1.74 is optional.

Paris Saint-Germain - Real Madrid: Value in the "double"

The news that emerges in her report PSZ is the absence of Neymar-Cavani-M-Bape. We are talking about the basic aggressive French triple, which is also its biggest advance. In his last home game against Strasbourg, it took Neymar's (now punished) stunning finish to win the race late.

Η Real Madrid has not yet found a solid footing, but it has players such as Cros, Azar, Benzema, Hames and Bale. Players capable of making the difference and certainly (again) an experienced coach on the bench, with whom he has had many successes.

Stoiximan offers the race with 0% rake, which makes the 'Queen of Europe' 'double' on 3,15 particularly attractive.

Atletico Madrid - Juventus: Card betting

A derby premiere at the 4 Group. The two strongest teams in the group clash again after almost half a year, with all that happened last year (with Diego Simone and Ronaldo) in the back of their minds.

In both of their duels last year we had 4 cards, 3 for Atletico Madrid and 1 for Juventus. Atletico Madrid has for years acquired the aggressive style of its technician, Simone, and easily loses control.

We'll deal with the cards in this particular match by betting on "More home cards" at Betshop's well-paid 2,65.

So the time has come to whip up the start of her clubs top cross-country competition.

Coming up with the ... stars we will go all the way to the end of May, where we hope the best is to lift the mug. Many suitors, two for the final, one for the podium.

Who will lift this year's mug?

At Betshop you will find guaranteed odds of winning the Champions League.

Are you in the category of those who prefer the favorites?

Betshop offers Manchester City trophy conquest on 4,40. One of the best prices in the betting market.

Do you like surprises?

Η Tottenham which arrived last year ... a breath of conquest (finalist) is offered on 27.00. THE Dortmund who is the second favorite (behind Bayern) to win the German Championship, pays 36 times our bet.

Is it believed in football miracles?

Are you one of those who backs up your team to the end? The only Greek team to play in the Champions League is known to be Olympiacos, whose conquest will, if it happens, be a football miracle. Like Leicester in England a few years ago. Betshop offers 500.00 the trophy conquest by the Reds.

Current (17 / 09) betting odds


Lyon - Zenith: Score from both sides and confirm 1.77

Lyon is making a new effort this year, with a coach who is a fan of offensive football. It is very likely that we will see "full" games this year by the French, who are currently the most productive attack in the French league (12 goals in 5 matches).

Zenith possesses powerful offensive weapons (Azmun-Driusi-Jiuba) and can pose a threat. Goal / goal is located at 1.77 in Interwetten and is an option, while we seriously considered the home side, with the "double" (5,00 in Betshop) being high enough for the data (Zenit in recent years is well on its way to creating a competitive team).

Chelsea - Valencia: At 1.85 I buy the ace

Chelsea are coming off a spectacular 2-5 win at Wolves headquarters and want a crazy victory in front of their fans, with Valencia buttering on their bread, as the "Bats" are not enjoying their best days.

The Barcelona crash was painful, but it was to be expected, as after the sudden dismissal (at the owner's initiative) of Martellino (he was particularly dear) it created a negative mood and disorder.

The ace in 1,85 is not an opportunity, but with the data available, it can be an option.

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Gambling day suggestions (13 / 09)

Return to normal after a few days break for National Obligations. The our betting slip "Filled" with championship races and the infobeto editorial team has distinguished those who deserve to be dealt with.

Bet on a goal in Lille - Ange

The game of Lil-Ange (20: 00) opens the gate of the competition in the French Championship. Galtieri's team easily scores at home (2 / 2 over2,5), with fast midfielders in their lineup.

Anze is not a team of the past years, has started strong and seems to have the easy goal. It's no coincidence that 3 has the best attack in the class behind Lyon and Paris Saint-Germain.

The over2,5 to Interwetten's 2,15 rating is an option.

Special Draw on De Graafsap - Ajax II

The home side is a favorite for the rise, not unjustly, as it has a full roster that was recently reinforced by the acquisition of midfielder Van de Boommen (FC Eindhoven).

Ajax II has all the elements of a big team, full attack and coming out, but also defensive naivety because of the young age of his players. Looking at his games, all confirmed g / g + over2,5, and some of them escaped scoring.

Half, ie 2 / 4, verified g / g in the 1 halftime. It is a fact that De Graafsap does not easily score goals, but here we are talking about the best attack in the class with 12 goals.

The simple g / g in 1,33, the g / g in the first half on Betshop's 2.91 contains value and we will take the risk.

Vallecano wins at home

The first two home games of Vallecano were pretty ... we would say (3-1, 2-2), which made us think over. However, after the defeat by 3-1 from Girona we believe that Paco Hemes has been working on the weak points of his defense and will be more seriously suspended today.

Santander has not started well (without a win after 4 games, 0-2-2), scoring and receiving goals with ease.

We're not saying no to over, but we will we choose the Vaiecas ace in 1.77 performance at Interwetten.

English League Trophy: Favorite, over and underdog

Most of today betting voucher it consists of English games, with the Trophy League having its ... honor. An event ... a chore for most of the island's teams, which comes to add to the already overburdened schedule.

Not too long, or not, today will be the 9o (!) Game within a month for some of the teams, but this is how England's racing program is structured and we have to comply with the data.

What needs a lot of attention is the reportage, which is incomplete, as most teams do not give it much importance. Let's see what we could do better.

Favorites and Over2,5

Her favorite is her ace Salford which at home is strong, is playing against an academy and will want to look for a victory, as its previous (and at the same time unique so far) was exactly a month ago. The ace of the Giggs-Neville-Beckham-Scholes team at 2.30 of Interwetten.

We can also look at the "double" of the upside Peterborough which has no competitive obligations the next S / K and Northampton gives a basis in the championship. The victory of "Pos" at 1.87 of Interwetten.

For goal games we would choose Portsmouth - Crawley, with the guest having an aggressive mentality. Of course, the prices of over are fine, but we can look at the over3,5 of Betshop 2.60.


Usually coaches of teams that have not started the league well, take the institution a little more seriously in order to boost the morale of the players through a win.

We can include them in this category Scunthorpe, Walsall and Southend.

Of course, at the last Southside technician, Bond is counting hours, so it is a good idea not to get into a fight. And the odds aren't helping either.

However, there is a (large) area to look for the fortunes of Walsall, in a place that is not Coventry's physique, with the latter having its mind on the championship, as it has started off tremendously and Saturday against Blackpool. Coventry and the League Cup have made some changes and it shows that it wants to focus on the league.

Walsall has gone awry, but its only victory was far from home and Clark will certainly want to look for a win to make the climate worse. At 5.30 we find the "double" in Betshop, definitely worth the risk. Of course, it can also be covered with 2DNB.

About the same situation is Scunthorpe, who does not even win and travels to neighboring Grimsby (local derby). Grisbee has a strong game ahead of the league and then a League Cup where Chelsea are expected to qualify. The Grimsby technician said he would download a youth team, unlike Scunthorpe (who had been in Grimsby for years) who would pay close attention to the lineup. At 2.85 of Stoiximan the victory of Skanthorp.

Finally, her outsider ace Macclesfield which also needs money and is able to seat itself against a group of academies cannot go unnoticed. Of course, we are frustrated with the Grimsby League Cup game in the next few days. A junior team cannot be favored in a relatively good home field (just 2 defeats in the last 12 at home) of League 2.


Sunday with ... combo bets in Italy and Spain!

First Sunday of the new betting season with such a rich coupon today as next to the big European leagues in progress came to add our own Superleague 1 and Serie A. So let's see what choices we have for tonight's games.


Extremely interesting showdown at the Italian Premier League. On the one hand Sampdoria with new coach Di Francesco who came from Roma to run a new promising project and from the other the cup Lazio which continues in the same, successful we would say, pattern with Simone Inzagki at the edge of the bench. There is enough midfield talent and if we put the factors in the equation seat and excitement on the home side in conjunction with greater degree of preparedness What the visitors have to show is that both teams are capable of scoring a goal and then chasing the winner. Goals and goals over 2,5 therefore in performance 2,10 at betshop.


The second game that concerns us is the one against teams from Rome and Genoa. Roma against Genoa at the Olympics, with the hosts starting the season with very ambitions and Paulo Fonseca in technical leadership after last year's failed season. Many changes in Genoa camp which this year also aims to avoid relegation, with less stress than last season. Shown good items in friendly Roma wants to start with the right in front of their audience against an opponent who has traditionally "had it". So we end up with 1 with over 1,5 terminals in performance 1,90 in stoiximan.

Legends-Atletico Madrid

We'll close our tonight with a game from La Liga's 2 race. H refreshed Atletico she goes to fight in a place she's used to having trouble with Leganes. Tonight's match will be difficult too for the Madrilen, however, if serious, they have quality to get the double. After all, Real and Barcelona's gigs so far have given Atletico a great opportunity to head into the title battle so early on, something that should never let Chloe's players go astray and given that the Argentine coach will have them prepare properly.
2 in performance 1,90 in interwetten.

Rich today's bet slip, with both the Champions League and the English League Cup games gaining players' preferences.

Clearly, the top inter-club competition is the one that catches the eye, but also has a special interest for the Greek fans, as two Greek teams (PAOK & Olympiakos) give their battle for qualification to the playoffs.

The work of Olympiakos against Turkish Basaksehir is easier, especially after 0-1 in Turkey. It is extremely difficult for PAOK, but he does not put it down and will claim every chance he has at the Johann Cruyff Arena in Amsterdam.

At this point, let us remind you that expert (and molded / started the season with 3 / 3) in our turkey tipster, Ertzan has made an early bet on Olympiacos 'game against Basaksehir, betting on the Reds' victory. See his analysis.

Ajax - PAOK: Value at halftime

Most likely over on Betshop's 1.40, but now the market has downplayed the odds and is obviously not worth the stake. The opportunity was in Tuba's first fight, where he (initially) played at an outsider. Point suggested by the infobeto team in the column. See here.

Studying the game, we believe that PAOK will try to avoid a quick finish that will give the Dutch a boost and with a defensive tactic they will want to play the game at a low tempo.

Of course, Aianas can find a goal in every way possible, but considering that he will push from the first second an opponent who will probably play indefinitely, we find value in the corner. The firstX over4.5 corner is offered on Stoiximan's 1,88. Ajax is a team that plays well off the sidelines and raises its sideways high enough. Over5,5 corner kick in 2,75 first half.

With two options on Monday's betting coupon

Today's betting slip It consists mainly of Scandinavian matches, but also the German Cup, with Bayern Munich hosted by Cottbus.

Of course, there are also some "scorpion" matches from European leagues, such as that of Poland, the second division of the Netherlands and Portugal.

Look at them turnover of the day

In the infobeto we developed the OPAP coupon and turned it into a super interactive coupon that any player can choose to see wherever they want, from the basics of 1, 2 and X to special Goal / Goal bets, accurate score total goals, etc. There is also a live TV program, and most importantly everyone can vote for the points they have chosen for each voucher match. The voting results automatically appear on special tables (popular points, popular games and better points rates) and show us the statistics of the players' choices, giving you food for study before your final choices.

Please vote and you to have as many samples for study as possible.

InfTo infobeto is the only forum betting site where you can express your questions, discuss and exchange views, from betting to cinema, technology, music. You can also share your forecasts.

German Cup with favorites

Wolfsburg is testing at the Halser headquarters, 3 category group. Hallesser is a contender for promotion to the 2 category and will try hard to put Oliver Glasner in the squad. The young Wolfsburg technician left Austrian Linscher to take the big step in his career.

Our opinion about the "Wolves" is that this year they will have a remarkable face and are rightly given a victory favorite. Good technician, good roster and thirst for distinction in the cup (last time won by 2015). "Double" on Interwetten's 1,60 is an option.

Goal goals in Gothenburg

Η Gothenburg may have preceded 0-2 in the Erebro, but failed to escape with the three-pointer, leaving several gaps in defense. Today, in fact, it will be extended with absences to the back, which increases the chances of receiving at least one goal. Aggressively he may have been weakened, but he made substitution moves and Erebro proved effective.

Η Falkenberg looks pretty much improved lately, with 4 points in the last two games and has the potential to make it difficult for its opponent. Over2,5 on Betshop 1,75.

Saturday Coupon with 2,80 Performance Dice!

It grows and grows our betting slip, with several leagues to make a premiere this week. From the next they enter the dance and the little Englishmen, like the Dutch, with the anxieties of the everyday football fans are expected to .. hit red.

Premiership with second goal in Germany

We focus on the game of Holstein Kiel against Sadhauzen. A very aggressive team is expected to be the home team this year, as is the coach's philosophy. Sandhauzen is a solid set that is accustomed to ... striking against, while in the late stages of last season it showed aggressive virtues. The g / g is a reasonable option, even if it is offered in its small 1,62 Betshop.

Join betshop by clicking here

In order to .. shine like a Svarovski jewelry

The first presence of the newcomer Svarovski Vatten in the Bundesliga in Austria and the enthusiasm that surrounds the club creates conditions for a game of good rhythm and several goals. On the other hand, Austria of Vienna showed aggressive moods in most of her friendly games, while 9 scored an amateur team with XNUMX. With a new technician (formerly of Vacker) and having in good shape their aggressors we will go with it over2,5 of 1,77 from Interwetten.

Join Interwetten.gr by clicking here.

Summing up, we will go with a double of goals from the German and Austrian Bundesliga.

My game:

Binary (performance close to 2.80):

(G / G) Holstein Kiel - Sanhadowen

(Over2,5) Svarovsky Vathens - Austria

with 3 / 10 bets.

Sunday with Copa Africa!

Tonight the two semi-finals are held for Copa Africa and as it is natural, most of the friends' lights on football, as well as the bet, are turned on.

Senegal - Tunisia: Thin balances and a bet on the favorite

-Senegal: Without showing their good face in another game, Ali Cisse's team managed to prevail 1-0 over Benin and reach the semifinals for the 5th time in its history, while only one of them qualified for the final (2002), no winning the trophy however. There are problems in the match, as Niang and Diane are doubtful, at the moment when Shar and N'Day overcame their own problems and are expected to play normally. An interesting fact is that in tonight's semifinal the Senegalese players will face their former coach and current coach of Tunisia, Alain Zires.

-Tunisia: Winning her first win in the tournament (3-0 in Madagascar), Allen Zirre's team qualified for the semifinals after the far-away 2004. There are no racing issues for the current nodal game in which Tunisia is expected to once again rely on the 'tight' tactics that have been successful so far.

Proposal: Reasonably go to closed match which is likely to be judged on the goal, since we have to do with two teams very good defensive lines. We appreciate that the favorite on paper, Senegal, mainly because of it personal talent which has been a click closer to getting the qualifying for the final. So we will go with him ace, which we find on 2,00 units in the interwetten.

Algeria - Nigeria: Quality ahead and goal betting

-Algeria: Dzamel Belmandi's team reached the semifinals by winning the Ivory Coast on penalties (1-1 in the regular season). The Algerians have the best attack of the tournament with a score of 10 goals in 5 games, while they have conceded just one, this one in the quarterfinals. The absence of the back, Atal, is important, while the midfielder Fegouli is also doubtful. An important factor that may affect tonight's match is the fatigue that Algeria may cause, at the moment that for this reason coach Belmandi in the previous days followed a conservative training program for his players.

-Nigeria: With "buzzer-beater" Trust-Ekong in 89 ', the "eagles" prevailed over South Africa in the quarterfinals. The game image of Gernot Rohr's team in another match did not change, as the Nigerians were excellent offensively, however they had problems defensively. Musa, Igalo and Avaziem, both key players in the team's course so far, have been facing minor injury problems but are expected to play normally.

Proposal: Based on quality from the waist to the front and racing style of the two opponents, we think they are extremely likely to find it both from one end in the match. So its choice GG in performance 2,15 in winmasters automatically comes to the fore.


Midnight bets on MLS

The action at MLS, a championship that every year becomes more and more impressive and competitive, continues at a steady pace. The tonight coupon is particularly rich, as it includes 7 games, of which we have outlined some choices that deserve attention.

Canadian Derby with an Ace Bet

The confrontation Montreal-Toronto (02: 30 Sunday dawn) will be the first to concern us, in a duel that has strong elements of rivalry since both teams are based not in the United States, but in Canada. Both opponents are in the eastern region, with them home team more specifically to be in 4th position with 30 degrees (9-3-9) and their guests marginally within playoffs, at 7i with 23 points (6-5-8), and 2 matches less. One element that must clearly be taken into consideration is that international yet have not returned following US National Obligations. for the Gold Cup, something to do affects more Toronto, as the two top team players (Bradley / Altidore) will not fight. Montreal is coming from two consecutive defeats, while Toronto has suffered a defeat and draw in this period. Something else seat, something important absences of the guests seems to be tilt the scales in favor of the well paid this one, an option we find in performance 2,40 on tipbet.

Goal bet on Portal

The second game we choose is this between Portland and Colorado (06: 00 Sunday morning). In 9th position of the western region are the home team with 23 points (7-2-8), who have played 2 or even 3 games less than the top scorers. On the contrary, the Colorado seems to have already lost the playoffs train as he is in the last position of the West with 19 points and 2 matches more than his tonight's opponent and has one of the worst defenses in the category. The 13 by 17 his match Portland they ended up with me above from 2,5 goals, while at 6 from them came out over 3,5. Also, 12 by 19 his games Colorado they came over 2,5, while Rapids is the team with them more over 3,5 in the western region with 10. 2,5 overbetting pays 1,50, but we'll take it one step further by selecting over 3,5 to the satisfactory 2,20.

Copa Africa: Value on Special Bet .. due to VAR

The Senegal-Benin game opens the "8" tour of Copa Africa, with Mane's team being the big favorite of the showdown (at Tipbet.gr 1.40 Ace).

In 19.00 time Greece the start of the race, which is the biggest one turnover on bet slip.

Three hours later, Nigeria and South Africa seem to be fighting hard to find themselves in the next phase. Interwetten offers the ace at 2.10, the "X" at 2.95 and the "double" at 4.05.

What is true:

Single encounters for Copa Africa's 8. In the event of a tie in the regular time, an extension and, if necessary, a penalty shoot-out. 

Important note:

A game of historical importance as it is the first VAR to be used in the African Nations Cup.


For Senegal the overall tradition in its confrontations with Benin. Benin's unique victory, in the first match between them in history, at distant 1961.

Nigeria has the whole of the tradition on its side. In 12 aggregation, 6 counts wins and four draws. Just two for South Africa. However, 2014's last victory in Nigeria has seen 5 as a total of 4 races since XNUMX draws and a victory for South Africa.

Bet on Senegal - Benin

A great favorite for conquering the trophy at the moment is Senegal, which, despite the convenient draw, also has the roster to reach the trophy conquest. Reason is the ace at 1.40 at Tipbet.gr, of course, Copa Afrika has shown that it is the organization of surprises and we should avoid such returns.

Value to Special Bet .. due to VAR

First VAR match at Copa Africa between Senegal and Benin. We think there will be marginal phases in the Benin area, with Senegal's qualifying players creating conditions for a penalty shoot-out. Like in Copa America, VAR is expected to work beneficial to such a possibility. Stoiximan.gr offers the bet: "penalty shootout" at 3.20.

Fine Balances in Nigeria - South Africa

Groups that are famous for their defensive skills and hardly .. opens the score in their games. Characteristically, the 4-to-now-South Africa games at the event confirmed the "0-1" goals. Also, the 4 first half of South Africa ended in a draw and even all with the same score (1-1). Choose our "X Half-Time" at Winmasters 1.83.

After 24 days of almost daily matches in Brazil, it's time for the grand final of Copa America.

In the "Maracana" of Rio de Janeiro the great Copa America final between Brazil and Peru will be held. Big Brazilian winners are the Brazilian hosts who also have the tradition on their side as they hold the ultimate of the conquests as many times as they took over.

Brazil passed to the final, surpassing Argentina's hurdles with 2-0, while Peru surprised him to exclude Chile (former winner of the event) with 3-0.

The last ten winners of Copa America:

2016: Chile
2015: Chile
2011: Uruguay
2007: Brazil
2004: Brazil
2001: Colombia
1999: Brazil
1997: Brazil
1995: Uruguay
1993: Argentina

The multi-champions of the event:

Uruguay 15
Argentina 14
Brazil 8
Chile 2
Paraguay 2
Περού 2

Special bets

Each final has its own peculiarities and the winner comes out after a combination of things. At the moment, the Brazilians seem to have the upper hand, as they have shown in the group's game, where ... they broke their opponents. Of course, today is a completely different race but we think the Brazilians are very close to conquering.

Surely, the world will have an important role to play. The to open the score for Coutinio and to win the Brazilian trophy offered at 6.00 by Stoiximan.gr.

Also interesting is the possibility of having penalty shootout (using VAR all phases go through the sieve), with Stoiximan offering at 2.75 this possibility.

Based on this, we find great value in over1.5 of "use VAR" at 1.80 of Stoiximan.gr, as in a final like this, there is a high possibility of controversial phases for which the referee will not want to have doubts, when he will ask for the help of the VAR.

The host Brazil won 2-0 in Argentina and qualified for the Copa America final. Today's Chile-Peru will judge its opponent "Seleaio" in the big final of July 7, which will take place in Marrakech.

Both were surprised to find themselves in the semi-finals, with Chile overtaking the Colombian and Uruguayan Peru. Their common feature is that both have qualified through Russian roulette (penalty shootout).

Chile is the title holder in the last two Copa America, 2015 and 2016. Sure, she will want to broaden her run with a third cup, but that does not seem so easy.

Peru has qualified for the semifinals for the third time in the last four matches. He is thirsty for a title, 44 for years after Copa America's last conquest. He also has two trophies in his collection, the ones won by 1939 and 1975.


In the World Cup qualifiers of 2018, the Chileans achieved two wins against the Peruvians, with 2-1 on and 4-3 away.

At Copa America, they last met 30 in June 2015 again in a semi-final, where Chile prevailed with 2-1. Overall, in their 82 matches Chile has 45 wins, Peru 22, while 15 games ended in a draw.

Possible strokes


System (4-3-3)

Eleven: Arias - Islam, Medel, Maripan, Boseyur - Pulgar, Arangis, Vidal - Fuensalida, Vargas, Sanchez


System: (4-2-3-1)

Eleven: Galese-Advincula, Sabrano, Abram, Traucco-Yitound, Tapia-Carrion, Cueva, Flores-Guerrero

Bet on Chile - Peru

Peru has casually passed the Uruguay barrier and we think it is not in a position to compete with Chile, which is experienced, solid and thirsty for another title. Ace is our basic choice at 1.80 at Tipbet.gr.

With regard to special bets, it is interesting to see a possible penalty shoot-out, at 2.80 at Stoiximan.gr, and because of the great controversy in the two countries we will probably also have strong play and hard markings, with the over5.5 cards in 1.80 of Stoiximan.gr.

Value bet: How do we spot the value on the bet?

The word value = value it should be A and Z in the betting vocabulary of each betting player. A concept so special, from other incomprehensible and many so misunderstood that has an impact on our own lives, our markets and our transactions.

The Value bet, in simple terms, is a bet capable of delivering long-term profit. The only way to win online betting (and not only), of course, is to exclude the trading technique. If a bet has no value, it should not have been wagered. Otherwise, we have rightly placed our money on top of it.


When is a bet worth a value-value?


In order to find that a bet contains a value, the probability of confirmation will be greater than the probability of return. And that's because every performance hides "in" a chance that is easily calculated if we divide 100 into performance.


Let's play the Bayern Munich-Dortmund game with odds 1: 2,00, X: 3,60, 2: 3,50

We divide 100 with each yield.

Οπότε 100/2=50%, 100/3,60=27,77%, 100/3,50=28,57%

So, based on the above example, "1" has a 50% probability of performance, "X" has 27,77% and "2" 28,57%.

If you think Bayern Munich has 60% (probability of winning = probability of confirmation) the game then the ace is considered a value bet.

Why; Because as mentioned above.

Value bet = When the bet's confirmation probability is greater than the probability of return.

Interference (rake): Do not be surprised that the addition of the above events exceeds 100%. This is due to rake.

50% + 27.77% + 28,57% = 106,34%

This 6,34% is the rake and varies from company to company or even championship championship. That is the percentage of the bet held by each betting company on its behalf. In simple terms, it is the commission or the profit without even playing the fight.


Proof of the above logic


Let us consider that we find a game where we think the Ace has 50% probability of confirmation and he (our ace) is offered to 2,20 by the "X" company. Speaking of long-term profit, suppose we bet 100 identical bets in the future. That is, we will have 100 times bet on 2,20 with 50% probability.

So, 50 times we will lose and 50 times we will win (based on 50% probability). So, 50 times we will lose from one bet each time and from 50 times we will win by 1,2 (2,20 performance-1) bets at a time. In the end, all our bets will be as follows: 50 * 1,2 - 50 = 60-50 = 10 winning bets.


Let's look at it with real numbers and no commissions from the company:


Suppose we bet 100 times with 100 euros in 2,20. As we said, we will lose 50 times from 100 euro = 5000 euro. But the other 50 times we will win (50% probability) from 120 Euro (net, 220-100 our bet = 120 Euro). So we will win 6000 euros. So we will be winning 1000 Euros, which means 10 bets of 100 Euros.

Note1: The more available performance we find online, it makes sense to lead to greater value, and therefore greater profit.

Note2: Good knowledge of the tournaments you are betting is required to make sure your point of view is correct, otherwise there is a serious case of mistaking you and losing a significant percentage of the value or even of no value.

After Colombia, Brazil and Venezuela their tickets for the next (knockout) phase of Copa America.

The Venezuelans were surprised to overtake Peru, which will have to wait until tomorrow (maybe today the results) to see if it will be one of the best thirds of the three groups.

Let us recall at this point that apart from the first two, the best two thirds of the three clubs are in the next phase.

Today's games (both played at the same time: 22: 00), beyond the pregame game, are also indicated for live betting, so you should have in your notes what is happening in possible ties.

In the event of a 2 tie or even several groups in a group, the following criteria will apply:

  • Better goal difference in the group
  • Better attack on the group
  • Points in between games. If 3 is the teams, how many points they have accumulated ONLY in the games between them
  • Goal difference between games
  • Better attack on the games between them
  • Ranking based on fair play in the event
  • Draw

Bet on Qatar - Argentina

The Catarians fought to the end to Colombia but did not conquer anything from the game. Nevertheless, they once again showed that they are a valuable set with several possibilities. Argentina disappointed again against Paraguay, with 1-1 flattering her. Both of them only want a win to qualify for the next round and with this logic we expect to play at a good pace and at least three goals. This over2.5 is located at 1.65 at Pamestoixima.gr, for those who want to risk a little more, the g / g in 2.40 of the same bet.

Predictions for Colombia - Paraguay

Colombia is definitely the first and is expected to make a turn as it will want players to rest, on the other hand it wants to protect some of the possible punishment. The oxymoron of the case is that the "double" instead of falling, rises in the last few hours. From 2.50 that was after its initial decline (due to Colombian qualification), he went to 2.95 from Interwetten. In this performance and based on the data (indifferent Colombia and with changes) the "double" of Paraguay is a clear choice.

Copa America 2019: The "stand" and the goals

Great games include today's football bet slip.

Peru - Brazil (22: 00)

At the top of the list is the top derby between Brazil and Peru, a match that will judge the first of the first group in Copa America.

Both of them share the first place with 4 points, with almost identical results, as they "stuck" to 0-0 with Venezuela and relatively easily prevailed in Bolivia (3-0 Brazil / 3-1 Peru).

The Brazilians have largely checked their lead in the next round (they are only left out if terrible things happen) and 12 races (10-2-0) are running unbeaten. It is noteworthy that 10 / 12 races stayed intact while 4 / 5 last scored at least two goals. However, with the criticism of the Tiete team, any result other than victory may cause problems for the hostess.

The Peruvians, too, have secured a great deal of qualification and will fight for the best placement in the group (they can win as 1).

Note that the 5 / 6 last match of Peru confirmed the NG, with 4 of them being combined with under2.5.

Bet on Peru - Brazil

Meanwhile, both sides are defensive, while defensive is not the most stable, with Peru winning Bolivia, while Brazilian defense has not yet been tested under difficult conditions, which is likely to happen tonight. We're going with it g / g at the very remarkable 2.35 of Pamestoixima.gr.

If you want to become a member of Pamestoixima.gr click here


Bolivia - Venezuela (22: 00)

Bolivia failed to win any of 9's latest games (0-3-6), while 4 / 5 most recently failed to score. Against Peru, its end came from the white painting. Minimum chances of winning, and even in the event of a tonight's win, should not win any of the other 3's runners.

As for Venezuela, after the two draws in the first two games it currently holds the first floor to get the best ticket for the teams that will finish third. By winning against Bolivia, 100% seals her qualification in the next round. With any other result, there is a serious possibility of being out of the competition.

Betting in Bolivia - Venezuela

Venezuela has better material and a better team than its opponent and any other than double results will be a big surprise. One qualification is also considered Interwetten 1.50 the "double" is a "support".

Join Interwetten.gr by clicking here.


It is logical that the current Champions League final draws all his eyes on him and we at the infobeto are here to give you as much information as possible so that you are as up to date as possible before you end up playing your game.

Note that Tottenham - Liverpool is first and with .. difference to turnover of the day (as naturally expected), with the amounts betting to be .. vertiginous.

How many times have they been confronted in the past

The two opponents have been counted 170 times in the past. The "Reds" count 79 wins, 43 matches have ended, and 48 times have prevailed in Tottenham Hotspur. Note that despite the large number of matches, just one of 170's previous matches was final. It was that of the League Cap, Milk Cap, as the event was called. On 13 March '82 the two teams played a shocking final in front of 100 thousands of viewers at Wembley, with Liverpool prevailing with 3-1 in the 1-1 extension.

Cards (Premier League & Champions League)

Tottenham has accepted most cards at the event (23 Yellow). Liverpool has two fewer (21).

Liverpool's midfielder, Fampinio has accepted 9 times the yellow card (3 in the Champions League) this season. Behind the other midfielder, Milner with 7 yellow (just one in the Champions League) and one red card (2i yellow).

Tottenham Left Leader, Danny Rose has accepted 8 yellow cards (3 of them were in the Champions League), with Harry Kane following with 6. In fact, the 3 cards of Rose were in 4's latest Champions League games.

Assist (Premier League & Champions League)

From the efforts of the instrument Ericson Tottenham Hotspur 16 has begun this season. Of those of the aggressive Snoo other eight, while six assists count the average Deal Ali.

As for Liverpool, with 16 assists, the top right is in the list Alexander Arnold (4 in the Champions League), having behind them Salah, Robertson with 13 (two in each Champions League) and Firminio with 8 (7 + 1).


→ Over2.5 foul to concede by Fambino of Liverpool (2.00) Stoiximan.gr

→ Danny Rose of Tottenham (2.50) Stoiximan to receive a card

→ Eriksen over0.5 attempts on goal (1.60) Stoiximan


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