Overnight with Brazil and doubles over fivefold!

"The big news in the Brazilian first division championship is clearly the recruitment of Rosario Seni from Cruzeiro, who will however have a difficult task Sunday night (22.00) against champion Santos.". We were typically told by a good connoisseur of Brazilian football, who gives us his views / suggestions for the current game in the country of "coffee" and samba in a special text prepared by the infobeto team (of course with his help) specialist "). Let's go see them. 

"Known for his aggressive philosophy especially in his home games, this was also evident in his tenure at Fortaleza. We expect an open game, with good pace and at least three goals. The over2,5 is offered at 2,20 of Interwetten and is worth the bet.

In Rio de Janeiro there is a huge derby between Vasco Da Gama and Flamengo on 01.00 early Sunday morning, with ace prices being quite challenging.

Another team with the arrival of Lusenburg is Vasco, just one defeat in seven games and that in Porto Alegre against Gremio. In the strong of the home, she largely supports her stay and finally she is doing exceptionally well, with three victories in her last five games.

Flamengo this week has its first match for the Libertadores quarterfinals against the International. In an interview, coach Jorge Zeus acknowledged that in Latin America, teams are giving more weight to the Copa Libertadores. It will make some changes, in view of the match with the International following.

The ace in the high 5,60 of Betshop is worth the risk, in his opinion.

At Brazil's second category now, where it is of interest over2,5 in the match against America Minneiro with Cuyaba (01.00 Sunday morning). As soon as the home side is looking for points, they must play aggressively to claim the three-point lead and to avoid relegation.

Especially in the matches in Belo Horizonte we expect her to be more aggressive than usual. At 2,29 the price of Over2,5 in Betshop.

Last but not least, Botafogo, after hiring Emerson Maria (a former Fégiersense technician), is almost certain to make it difficult for Sport Recife today at 22.30 tonight.

Emerson is one of the coaches who put a great deal of emphasis on defense and counter-attack.

Sporting Recife against teams that play indoors is a huge issue, and its slow returns always create problems at home.

The double at 4.65 of Betshop, it is essential to look for the 2DNB that is offered at 3,30 of the same bet ".

The host Brazil won 2-0 in Argentina and qualified for the Copa America final. Today's Chile-Peru will judge its opponent "Seleaio" in the big final of July 7, which will take place in Marrakech.

Both were surprised to find themselves in the semi-finals, with Chile overtaking the Colombian and Uruguayan Peru. Their common feature is that both have qualified through Russian roulette (penalty shootout).

Chile is the title holder in the last two Copa America, 2015 and 2016. Sure, she will want to broaden her run with a third cup, but that does not seem so easy.

Peru has qualified for the semifinals for the third time in the last four matches. He is thirsty for a title, 44 for years after Copa America's last conquest. He also has two trophies in his collection, the ones won by 1939 and 1975.


In the World Cup qualifiers of 2018, the Chileans achieved two wins against the Peruvians, with 2-1 on and 4-3 away.

At Copa America, they last met 30 in June 2015 again in a semi-final, where Chile prevailed with 2-1. Overall, in their 82 matches Chile has 45 wins, Peru 22, while 15 games ended in a draw.

Possible strokes


System (4-3-3)

Eleven: Arias - Islam, Medel, Maripan, Boseyur - Pulgar, Arangis, Vidal - Fuensalida, Vargas, Sanchez


System: (4-2-3-1)

Eleven: Galese-Advincula, Sabrano, Abram, Traucco-Yitound, Tapia-Carrion, Cueva, Flores-Guerrero

Bet on Chile - Peru

Peru has casually passed the Uruguay barrier and we think it is not in a position to compete with Chile, which is experienced, solid and thirsty for another title. Ace is our basic choice at 1.80 at Tipbet.gr.

With regard to special bets, it is interesting to see a possible penalty shoot-out, at 2.80 at Stoiximan.gr, and because of the great controversy in the two countries we will probably also have strong play and hard markings, with the over5.5 cards in 1.80 of Stoiximan.gr.

Value bet: How do we spot the value on the bet?

The word value = value it should be A and Z in the betting vocabulary of each betting player. A concept so special, from other incomprehensible and many so misunderstood that has an impact on our own lives, our markets and our transactions.

The Value bet, in simple terms, is a bet capable of delivering long-term profit. The only way to win online betting (and not only), of course, is to exclude the trading technique. If a bet has no value, it should not have been wagered. Otherwise, we have rightly placed our money on top of it.


When is a bet worth a value-value?


In order to find that a bet contains a value, the probability of confirmation will be greater than the probability of return. And that's because every performance hides "in" a chance that is easily calculated if we divide 100 into performance.


Let's play the Bayern Munich-Dortmund game with odds 1: 2,00, X: 3,60, 2: 3,50

We divide 100 with each yield.

Οπότε 100/2=50%, 100/3,60=27,77%, 100/3,50=28,57%

So, based on the above example, "1" has a 50% probability of performance, "X" has 27,77% and "2" 28,57%.

If you think Bayern Munich has 60% (probability of winning = probability of confirmation) the game then the ace is considered a value bet.

Why; Because as mentioned above.

Value bet = When the bet's confirmation probability is greater than the probability of return.

Interference (rake): Do not be surprised that the addition of the above events exceeds 100%. This is due to rake.

50% + 27.77% + 28,57% = 106,34%

This 6,34% is the rake and varies from company to company or even championship championship. That is the percentage of the bet held by each betting company on its behalf. In simple terms, it is the commission or the profit without even playing the fight.


Proof of the above logic


Let us consider that we find a game where we think the Ace has 50% probability of confirmation and he (our ace) is offered to 2,20 by the "X" company. Speaking of long-term profit, suppose we bet 100 identical bets in the future. That is, we will have 100 times bet on 2,20 with 50% probability.

So, 50 times we will lose and 50 times we will win (based on 50% probability). So, 50 times we will lose from one bet each time and from 50 times we will win by 1,2 (2,20 performance-1) bets at a time. In the end, all our bets will be as follows: 50 * 1,2 - 50 = 60-50 = 10 winning bets.


Let's look at it with real numbers and no commissions from the company:


Suppose we bet 100 times with 100 euros in 2,20. As we said, we will lose 50 times from 100 euro = 5000 euro. But the other 50 times we will win (50% probability) from 120 Euro (net, 220-100 our bet = 120 Euro). So we will win 6000 euros. So we will be winning 1000 Euros, which means 10 bets of 100 Euros.

Note1: The more available performance we find online, it makes sense to lead to greater value, and therefore greater profit.

Note2: Good knowledge of the tournaments you are betting is required to make sure your point of view is correct, otherwise there is a serious case of mistaking you and losing a significant percentage of the value or even of no value.

Copa America 2019: The "stand" and the goals

Great games include today's football bet slip.

Peru - Brazil (22: 00)

At the top of the list is the top derby between Brazil and Peru, a match that will judge the first of the first group in Copa America.

Both of them share the first place with 4 points, with almost identical results, as they "stuck" to 0-0 with Venezuela and relatively easily prevailed in Bolivia (3-0 Brazil / 3-1 Peru).

The Brazilians have largely checked their lead in the next round (they are only left out if terrible things happen) and 12 races (10-2-0) are running unbeaten. It is noteworthy that 10 / 12 races stayed intact while 4 / 5 last scored at least two goals. However, with the criticism of the Tiete team, any result other than victory may cause problems for the hostess.

The Peruvians, too, have secured a great deal of qualification and will fight for the best placement in the group (they can win as 1).

Note that the 5 / 6 last match of Peru confirmed the NG, with 4 of them being combined with under2.5.

Bet on Peru - Brazil

Meanwhile, both sides are defensive, while defensive is not the most stable, with Peru winning Bolivia, while Brazilian defense has not yet been tested under difficult conditions, which is likely to happen tonight. We're going with it g / g at the very remarkable 2.35 of Pamestoixima.gr.

If you want to become a member of Pamestoixima.gr click here


Bolivia - Venezuela (22: 00)

Bolivia failed to win any of 9's latest games (0-3-6), while 4 / 5 most recently failed to score. Against Peru, its end came from the white painting. Minimum chances of winning, and even in the event of a tonight's win, should not win any of the other 3's runners.

As for Venezuela, after the two draws in the first two games it currently holds the first floor to get the best ticket for the teams that will finish third. By winning against Bolivia, 100% seals her qualification in the next round. With any other result, there is a serious possibility of being out of the competition.

Betting in Bolivia - Venezuela

Venezuela has better material and a better team than its opponent and any other than double results will be a big surprise. One qualification is also considered Interwetten 1.50 the "double" is a "support".

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Brazilian favorites and underdogs

We are at 8 in A'Vrassia, where Vasco Da Gama welcomes Internacional in a game of nodal character, as the home team ignores the victory in these first 8 turns.

A Brazilian: It does

Vasco da Gama-Internacional

With Basque on the bench in Luxembourg comes from two sets of good away games, he may not have managed to score in three but showed team figures after a month. Vasco's technician now debuted at home against Internacional in a ninth game for the sequel, following a second run in midweek with the Ceausesca before stopping for Copa America.

Internacional is coming from an away home win with Avai with a clear goal (2-0) in a match that was in control of the move, but its prevalence was not as easy as the final score. The Odd team has not shown well in its recent sample, with difficulty in scoring and creating opportunities in the opposing frames. He will not have the services of the Molotto boulder but also the aggressive Guerrero who is missing due to his obligations with the Peruvian National Team.

Bet on underdogs

We are expecting a match that the Vasco Da Gama will have the initiative of the move and will close Internacional in its area, with the latter's absences both defensive and offensive will have issues in this game. A great chance for Vasco this match after following a second within the Caraibe midweek, making 2 / 2 and leaving the relegation positions before the break for Copa America. The ace at 2,95 at Tipbet.gr will be our choice.

Brazilian 2nd: Lorraine's ace is interesting


The second match that we were involved with is the match between Londrin and Kuijba for Brazil's second division.


Stunning this year's London course, is in the quadruple of the teams on the rise, relying on its very good defensive function and the prosperity that it has managed as a team. It comes from the big victory at Villa Nova's headquarters, threatened but her defense was there, on one of the occasions she made 0-1 and kept it until the end of the showdown.
Quijba passes a deformation phase, defeated by 1-3 from Ponte Preta in a match that was inferior to her opponent and the score could get bigger.

It's easy to believe that Llodra will get the match but ideally we would like the ace a little higher than 2.10 of Interwetten to deal more strongly with the match.

Turkey - Greece, Rodeo and Copa Sudamerican!

Today's our football coupon consists mainly of toys of smaller or unfamiliar categories. Of course, in this number of races there are also some who are of particular interest and concentrate on the preference and the turnover of the betting players.

Salah to score first and Liverpool to win the trophy in enhanced odds (Tottenham - Liverpool)

Let's go see who they are:

Greece - Turkey

The game (friendly) takes place in Antalya, Turkey, which gives the Turks a lead. Our neighbors have for a while been a new technician on their bench, Senol Gunnes (a Besiktas technician) and have started the Euro2 qualifiers (2 / 2020), and their latest 6 games have confirmed n / g. On the other hand, our National Team is called upon to manage some serious absences, especially in its defense. Positive that it maintains good tradition when hosted by Turkey (1-2-0). We expect a game without much risk at least in the first few minutes and we will go with it X Half Time at 1.95 at Tipbet.gr.

Cittadella - Verona

This is the first final of the playoffs in Serie A, the rematch will take place on Sunday, June 2 in Verona. The team that will score most goals in 180 minutes gets the team up. No extension is foreseen while the off-home goal regulation is not in place. In the event of an equilibrium, Verona will take the lead, which ended higher in the regular season. Verona is the favorite on the rise and today a draw will not bother her, because in addition to having the game at her headquarters on Sunday, she does her job even in the event of a perfect balance. Let's go the draw at Interwetten's 3.10.

Super performance * at Pamestoixima.gr: As the top scorer & champion Tottenham. Salah top scorer & champion of Liverpool! *Terms and conditions

Deportivo Lara - Corinthians

Repeat fight for the Copa Sudamerican, with the first race ending with 2-0 in favor of Corinthians. The great difference in capacity, with Corinthians dominating and generating many opportunities. Corinthia may not need the win to qualify, but it seems to go down with a basic lead (an example that takes the game seriously) and the "Double" at 2.15 at Stoiximan.gr is very attractive (just 1.20 ace this week). We would not say "no" to 2 half-time of 2.90, on the grounds that the Brazilians will get loud and will want to clear the qualifying affair.

Kain to score first and Tottenham to win the trophy in stronger returns (Tottenham - Liverpool)

Cup of Spain and Germany in super odds!

Pamestoixima.gr: Cup of Spain and Germany in super odds!

The season in Spain and Germany ends in the best way. The Cup finals or "Copa del Rey" and "Pocal" steal the performance in today's betting slip.

Barcelona and Valencia collide in the neutral "Benito Vieiamarin" in a super showdown. The "blaugran" are aiming for the second consecutive double, while the "bats" return to final after 11 years when they won the Getafe (3-1) starring Juan Mata. Lionel Messi wants to pick up another title and complete a very productive year. Will he be able to open the score in the big final? Or will Provider put Valencia in front of the score?

"Copa del Rey" is played with super offers * at Pamestoixima.gr:

  • Messi to score first with boosted odds
  • He was able to score first with enhanced odds
  • Barcelona Win with 2-1 or 3-1 or 4-2 with enhanced odds
  • Winning Valencia with 0-1 or 1-2 or 2-3 with enhanced odds


Final and in Germany. Like Barcelona, ​​Bayern is hunting for the doubles while the underdog, Leipzig, is for the first time in the history of the final Cup of Germany. Who will lift the title to Berlin's neutral stadium? Who will score first?

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? DKB Pokal

Pamestoixima.gr travels to the German capital with two offers *:

  • Levadovski to score first with boosted odds
  • Werder to score first with enhanced odds

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114
*Terms and conditions.

Ain M'lila - Paradou AC

Home team Milla fights for her stay. Its feature is that it has tightened its defense, especially at home that remains undefeated. He knows that he has to rely on it to be accused. It is located just 2 points away from the demo. The point is that it has a lot of difficulty in the goals since most of the matches we scored were under the goal.

On the other hand, Paradou is fighting for a championship which will be difficult to win. Of course, it will be difficult to stay out of the Asian Cups. Therefore the interest in the match seems to be one-sided. Also with such an attack that Milla has and with such a defense that Paradou has, we may see a fairly closed match.

Bet with under

I do not miss Mila today. I think that to get from the match must score 1. But I do not see a lot of goals coming in. Fearing that the match may be crooked, I will go with the few goals and not more than 1 goals in the match.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Ligue 1
  • Pick Under 1.5
  • Odds 2.68
  • Stake 3
  • Bookmaker Betshop
  • result 1-0
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +5.04

Greek SuperLeague


Barcelona may have struggled yesterday, but eventually confirmed the 1.75 ace, with the column continuing its profitability. Today, we will deal with the Greek Championship and the game of Panetolikos with Olympiakos, which is one of the most important Greek games in Greece bet slip.

Pamestoixima.gr: Fortune scoring with enhanced odds!

Olympiacos has set a goal to end this year with victories, and the next obstacle is Panetolikos. Piraeus comes from a 5 consecutive winning streak (without including Panathinaikos), with the most recent difficult win over Atromitos. There, Martin's team was back in the first place, but with a very good appearance in the second, scored twice (Gjerme-Buchalakis) and took the three-pointer. Note that the Olympiakos has retained only once (and this against the Apollo drum) 10's latest official games (in all competitions).

Della's team, on the other hand, is coming from two consecutive defeats against PAOK and AEK, staying away from the emphatic victory against Panionios (5-0). At home, the Agrinio team is always competitive, making it difficult for the big teams. It is worth noting that Della's team scored at 11 / 13 this year's home games.

Prediction for the game Panetolikos-Olympiakos


The game has a clear favorite, but the hosts are not expected to close in on their "shell", as a defeat against Olympiakos will not mean "disaster", with the people of Agrinio having "saved" the category. Select over2.5 at 1.80 at Pamestoixima.gr.

The open game will help the big score and Pamestoixima.gr offers you Costas Fortouni to score at any moment in enhanced odds *.

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114
*Terms and conditions.

Pamestoixima.gr: Maceda returns to the goal

Federico Macceda was introduced to us in September of 2018 and has shown from the outset that he can become the leader of the green attack. Maybe he has not managed to find nets in the last seven league matches, but he is always close to the stages and will not be late to return to the goal.

Pamestoixima.gr offers 5.00 the chance to score first in the game Federico Maceda, which is considered good if we think that the "Light Brigade" faces serious problems in the center of defense and in the established phases, with the Italian "Green" being able to take advantage of the situation.

At the given time, the Frederico Maceda is the most reliable scorer of the "Greens", with 6 goals and we expect to be in the most phases that the Greens will create.

On top of that, Apollo Smyrna is an ideal case as he has the worst defense of the league with 45 goals in 25 races, which means he receives 1.8 goals on average per match. However, it should be noted that at the last place he is competitive, with the sole exception of the heavy defeat by the PAOK champion.

The new Pamestoixima.gr is playing with Maceda and offers you the Italian striker to score first in enhanced odds *.

Panathinaikos, after the new scoring, does not want to challenge his presence in the Super League and we expect to be even more difficult to beat Apollo. Based on the statistics (from 6 consecutively under UnderNUMX o Panathinaikos) as well as the prediction for victory of the team of the Dion we will choose 2 & Under3.5 at 1.73 of Pamestoixima.gr.

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114
*Terms and conditions.

Panathinaikos - Real Madrid: Sold out at OAKA

Pamestoixima.gr: Sold out at OAKA and 0% rake in Kalathi

Ο Panathinaikos OPAP is undoubtedly her hottest team Euroleague. The double in Milan best qualified the racing rising of the greens and automatically brought their qualification to the hands. Expected to be sold out at home with Real Madrid, where Pittino's victory team seals her participation in the playoffs.

Nick Kalathis is the ultimate clover orchestra in the attack, adding another great show in Italy with 27 points in about 39 racing minutes! How many points will score against the Queen?

The new Pamestoixima.gr offers you the leader of Panathinaikos OPAP with 0% rake * in over / under points.

PLEASANT RESPONSE. Competent Regulator. Gambling is only allowed to people over the age of 21. Frequent participation involves risks of addiction and loss of property. Support line: 1114
*Terms and conditions. Applies to buying over / under points until the start of the match.


Onduparaka - Villa SC

Strange for her special weight Villa, but the team instead of claiming a title, fights to move away from the danger zone. For Oduparaka he has finished the season as he is relaxed in the middle of the scoring.

Bet on Stoiximan | Legitimate and Safe Online Stoixima

Extremely strong, with a regular 0-1 score! In the last year the only defeat he had made in (7-7-1) was from the Villa he had won off. This year he has won the offside with a scorer who is the usual suspect Rashid Thatcha who will be missing today due to injury.

Bet on "Double"

Motivation, racing news, prehistory, jersey weight... like many did not get together in favor of the double;

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Uganda Premier
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 4.3
  • Stake 2
  • Bookmaker Stoiximan
  • result 2-1
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -2

With national ones I rarely get involved because they are tiring me now. I find no interest and motivation. So today our national team plays in a hostile place. We do not like it at all.

I saw the match of our national team with Lieke's amateur amateurs and I was crazy. So I did not expect to see anything different than other times. In spite of what is written, the group lacks quality overall. And how to make it different when the first teams are filled with strangers. The PAOK champion gives the national one a player. The AEK three marginally and the CPAF four also marginally.

The thing generally does not go well anywhere. And of course, how sick we are in the comments of idiots at the venue at the time of the race, where you read popular criticisms of the national. Illness, brainwashing, but all of these burning brains have a step in writing their stupidity, and they are even reinforced by various sites in order to have clicks and also to fight a war through a national team. Loathe.

Betfair with cards


As for the race. I'm waiting for the logic that everyone thinks. To push us. On this I guess we will sometimes have to mark hard and yellowish more than the Bosnians. Usually the team that defends most of the time is in danger with yellow, penalty shootout and to eat goals. How stupid, then, it must be some time when they make fancy reports of how many penalty shootings or yellow wins its team over the others.

Good luck to OUR national team and let it turn more yellow. Option you offer us at 1.86 by Betshop. 

Match Info

  • Pick Win Outright
  • Odds 1.86
  • Stake 2
  • Bookmaker Betshop
  • result 3-2
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -2

Indiana Peicers - Denver Nuggets (-4.5)

Here we are dealing with a mistake of bouquets, in my opinion, which is very likely to correct it until tomorrow. Pears as mentioned in an older Post this season is not doing well. After the injury to Olatipos, the team does not play well. It has difficulty in scoring and receives several baskets. If he had not already qualified he would have a problem right now, but now all he is pursuing is 4's position that I can not see as I see it.

Basketball betting on line

In the home after the injury, it can only have 3 defeats but it has an easy schedule and just one, in my own eyes, a good team defeated. Everyone else was in her hand. On the other hand, Naggets have set 1's position in their Region and it seems that nothing stops them. 6 counts victories and continues to play terrible basketball. I do not need to say much, as long as you sit down to see them. They are quite enjoyable in how they play.

I think it is a big mistake for the books to open the game with such a small Line. I will raise it a little and I will take it to a difference that I think will be greater than 5 points at 2.60 of Stoiximan.gr.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) NBA
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 2.60
  • Stake 2
  • Bookmaker Stoiximan
  • result 124-88
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -2

Lyon Duchère - Chambly

After a short break we return with the showdown between Lyon La Duster and Sabli for third category in France.

Five points divide Lyon from the third position leading to the rally bar

It is natural that it will want to get a positive result that will keep its hopes high. On the other hand, Sabli due to the defeat with 3-0 at the home of Jean d'Arc and the white tie that followed in front of Laval fell from the top and in case he does not get the three points today, acquire other contenders.

In the last five home games the home team has scored just one win, while Sampli offside with 2-1-2 has lost much of its momentum.

Until two weeks ago, the climb for Shambli looked confident, but if it does not win today for a third consecutive match, then it will start to get anxious. If the game leaves the draw, I'm more likely to go to the double, so 2DNB with 2.32 performance on betshop seems at least satisfactory.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) National
  • Pick 2 DNB
  • Odds 2.32
  • Stake 3
  • Bookmaker Betshop
  • result 1-2
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit 3.96

Panetolikos - PAOK: Mazurek vs Ackom

Pamestoixima.gr: PAOK continues undefeated

PAOK is the absolute favorite to win this year's Super League. What remains to be seen is whether he will succeed without knowing the defeat in the 30 racing. Will the biceps of the north at the head of the Panetolikos? Della's team comes from a super show against Panionios (5-0), which is expected to give extra psychology to the home team. The great battle in Agrinio is played with a fantastic offer from the new Pamestoixima.gr.

Aggressive Mazurek (Panetolikos) and Akpom (PAOK) score at any time in the game with enhanced odds * .-

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*Terms and conditions.

Fleetwood Town - Plymouth Argyle

Another confrontation that will be of concern to us today is this one Fleetwood and Plymouth for the League 1.

Fleetwood's two consecutive defeats against Walsall and Coventry greatly reduced any hopes for a playoff position. From news for the hosts it seems that time and again will give time to young players, which shows that they are more involved with the next year than with her.

Live Streaming in big matches (21+) * Terms & conditions apply
Low rake at Betshop (2

Significantly improved in Plymouth 2019, which is also reflected in its results, with its record in the last ten being 5-3-2. In the last against Shrewsbury, although he needed a penalty shootout to win with 2-1, he made quite good looks.

Flywood is out of target, and Burton is expected to give time to academics. On the other hand, Plymouth has fully exploited her good form and has climbed high in the score, yet she is under no circumstances assured and has a great need for points. My choice will be 2DNB with 2.91 performance on betshop.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) League 1
  • Pick 2 DNB
  • Odds 2.91
  • Stake 4
  • Bookmaker Betshop
  • result 2-0
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -4

SPAL - Roma (2 & Over 1.5)

Good evening to his company Infobeto. I am interested in the racing action in Italy with 28's third 19 racing game held at 00: XNUMX time in Greece and is no less than that of Spal and the Roma. OR Spple Leonardo Semplici is welcoming at Stadio Paolo Mazza Roma of Claudio Ranieri in a game of crucial importance for both teams, with the home team fighting to stay in the class and the guests to fight to climb the scoring and catch the quadruped that leads to the exit in the Champions league top Championship League.


It is in 16's position of the Serie A ranking of Italy with 23 points in 27 games that has fought so far for the championship and counts 5 wins, 8 draws and 14 defeats having achieved 23 goals while its outbreak has been violated 41 times in total 27 fights he has given so far. Inside has played 13 times and counts 2 wins, 6 draws and 5 defeats having achieved 11 goals and her outbreak has been broken 18 times altogether in 13 games she has so far put on her court. In the latest 5 games count 1 draw and 4 defeats.


He is in the 5 position of the Italian Championship table and has 47 points in 27 games at -3 from 4 position leading to the Champions League. It counts 13 wins, 8 draws and 6 defeats having achieved 51 goals while its focus has been broken 37 times overall in 27 matches it has given for the championship. He has the third best attack of the championship after Juventus and Atalanta. The away team has played 14 times and counts 5 wins, 4 draws and 5 defeats having achieved 19 goals and has received 18 goals total in 14 games that has been given away from its field. Doubtful is the left-wing / winger Alexandre Kolarov with Ranieri thinking of Zesus Zwan for the left-hand edge of the defense of the Roma. Normally, Jake and Zanillo were trained and counted for the Spal game. Do not count Florenz who is punished.

Live Streaming in big matches (21+) * Terms & conditions apply
Low rake in Betshop (21 +)


I chose the double and over 1.5 as I believe that the quality of the Roma is superior to Spal. Blood and sand the game as they play a lot for both with hosts looking for points to ensure the stay and guests to be at Inter's hunt for 4's position leading to the top inter-league tournament. Roma will score relatively easily in their games and will seek to open the scoring early to give the rhythm of the match. I believe that it is possible to clean up the Roma and to confirm at the same time the over 1.5.

SPAL - Roma -----> 2 & Ovr 1.5 (2.24) Betshop 3u (Units)

Match Info

  • Pick Win Outright
  • Odds 2.24
  • Stake 3
  • Bookmaker Betshop
  • result 2-1
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -3

Orlando City - Montreal Impact (Home Over 1.5)

Good evening to his company Infobeto. As in the previous two analyzes, I will deal with the Major League Soccer games of the United States of America as many toys with great interest in betting and entertainment are featured on the voucher. One of these games takes place at 22: 00 GMT time in Orlando with Orlando City James O'Connor to welcome to their Orlando City Stadium Montreal Ibbat of Remi Gardi for the third American Championship.

Orlando City:

He is in the 5 position of the MLS Eastern Regional Ranking having two points in two games that has fought so far and counts two draws having achieved 3 goals while his outbreak has been infringed an equal number of times in two games he has given for the championship moment. Inside, he played in the MLS premiere game with New York City where he scored a draw with 2-2 final score in a game that had several opportunities to get the three-pointer. The second game to be played was at Chicago's headquarters where they scored with a 1-1 final score, with the promise of a new transcript from Sporting, Nani, the promising American Ford Doer found nets and opened an "account" for his team Orlando.

Stoiximan Top Odds Live Stream Specials

Montreal Ibbat:

He is in the 4 position of the US District East Board Scoreboard having 3 points in two games that has fought so far and counts a victory and a defeat having achieved 3 goals while his outbreak has been violated 3 times in two championship games . At the premiere he played in San Jose with the Eratkoueks where he won with 1-2 final score and in the second game he played in Houston where he was forced to defeat 2-1. The goals of the team have been achieved by Safir Taider and Ignacio Piatti.


I choose Over 1.5 from Orlando City. The hosts have enough quality in the roster after adding Nani who finds his footsteps in the new chapter of his MLS career and seems to be adapting quickly. The aggressive line of the team creates opportunities and Montreal's Imbct defensive line is not worthy of trust with the hosts being able to score over 1.5 as they have the ability to score.

Orlando City - Montreal Impact -----> Home Over 1.5 (1.88) Stoiximan 3u (Units)


Match Info

  • Pick Over 1.5
  • Odds 1.88
  • Stake 3
  • Bookmaker Stoiximan
  • result 1-3
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -3

Paok - Ifestos (+ 7.5)

In the shadow of the big derby the basketball league 19 is being held, which seems to remain a shadow as Olympiacos with the data so far has no purpose to come down to fight. In Pilea an interesting game is played where PAOK welcomes one of them his pleasant surprises this year's Hephaestus Limnos.

PAOK attempted in the middle of the league with AEK, but despite the victory, 62-63 failed to qualify since it was defeated in 9 in the first match. It was a game in which defenses and anxiety starred, and this resulted in a very poor quality game as the two teams' guns broke wreaths and dashboard. PAOK's trump cards continue to be dishonest and without them PAOK is a totally different group. The Greek torso is good but it can also win, but as we saw in a previous against Holargos a bit relaxed in the end and the 22 difference became 7 in five minutes. Once again, Jamal Jones will be missing by the end of the year.

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On the other hand, Hephaestus again showed how good he is and especially at his home where Peristeri was his next victim. Though he started slowly, he found his footsteps passed ahead, and shortly before the finish he had a difference of 12 points that was reduced by Peristeri but in the end Hephaestus was more cool and he won the 77-73 victory. In the latter has gained confidence and showed that it can also win away from home with the last victims of Panionios and Colossus whom he won comfortably with 17 and 18 points respectively.

Summing up I think Hephaestus will find one tired PAOK and with them Hatcher, Gos deforme he can hit the game. But I'll go one more sure choice ... Hephaestus (+ 7.5) in performance 2.00 in Goalbet.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) basket league
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 2.00
  • Stake 4
  • result 73-75
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +4

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