Seton Hall - Xavier

We are heading towards the end of the regular season in college basketball in America, with few matches remaining at each conference before the tournament. In Big East today we have two teams that will face the current match differently as they have other goals now with the beans measured.

Xavier wants the current match to keep the difference from his pursuers as he is in third place just 1 in front of the other two teams that hunt her and two in front of the sixth. Much easier is the current match from the last for Xavier that closes the season against the powerful Nova. It is important to finish in the top four as he gives bye in the first phase of the Big East tournament. On the other side, Seton Hall is low on the score, and that in both last matches it will finish in the last four, playing normally in the first phase of the tournament.

Pirates have lost 3 and 6 7 from the last 5 and showing in bad shape. The extra problem they face is that they are also losing top scorer Fuquan for the current match as the coach will not risk not having him in the tournament. 11-9 this season Seton in Big East and 7-6 ats, while this year's home is 11-XNUMX ats.

Xavier considered the best team with his record at 10-6 this year with a similar ats. The team has taken two games in the last major victory in derby against Creighton. 11-6 as the Xavier favorite this year ats.

The importance of the match is greater for Xavier and I believe that he will show more mood and will on the field today against a deformed team that will play more for the prestige tonight and with a serious absence. The fact that Seton won in early January at Xavier in a surprise result will not keep me away and that is why I think we are finding a good line today for the guests. I will go with the favorite here tonight in a match that is needed. At 1.80 the money line for Xavier at Bet365.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) NCAAB
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 1.80
  • Stake 3
  • Bookmaker Interwetten
  • result 71-62
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -3

ENGLAND 2 03 / 03

Analysis and betting predictions for the betting offered by the OPAP coupon for today's Monday 3 in England.



CESTERFILD: He emphatically returned to the successes after Wickom's defeat, winning home away from Cheltenham 4-1. Although the game was a bit uneasy, Chesterfield scored all four goals in seven minutes, from 22 'to 29', with hosts just reducing to 57 '. Absolutely satisfied with manager Kouk, who asks his players not to relax. Undefeated here and 11 games within. Unique absent the main right back-to-back Talbot (24 co.). 
PORTSMOUTH: He took over on 25 / 2 with 1-0 on Juventus in defeating the league and left behind a heavy defeat with 5-1 from Scunthorpe. In + 6 from the dangerous zone, which fills optimism with Barker, who gradually sees his players absorbing what they want to pass into the team. The experienced technician talked about lost status and asked for a job from his team. Defender Devera (27). Returns, average Ferry (18 / 1) and Taylor T. (7 / 3) missing from the match with Accrington, with Ferry perhaps starting off the bench, he does not want to risk his participation. Doubtful Barkam (26 / 3). Waiting for the participation of 20hrono Wremen Drentan (2 / 1), who was called to Irish national U-21.

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  • OPAP 362-X / GG

PORTUGAL 03 / 03

Analysis and forecasts for the betting of the matches offered by the OPAP coupon for today's 3 Monday in Portugal.



ARUKA: He made the surprise with the away 2-2 with Braga, he could win even after he scored the goals at 81 'and 88'. Coach Pedro Emmanuel says that today will be a sweat match. All available players were called. 
ACADEMIC: Draw for herself, home 0-0 with Nacional. It could get the victory if there were no arbitration decisions. Marcello returns to the mission. Punished and coach Concessao. 

Match Info

  • OPAP 363-X

FRANCE 2 03 / 03

Analysis and forecasts for the betting of the matches offered by the OPAP coupon for today's 3 Monday in France.


361. LANS - TOUR

LANS: It comes from a great double at Cretey's headquarters with 3-2, a result that kept her first. The bad thing for her is that she does not take advantage of her seat, four continuous loops at Bolar, with Le Havre in the most recent equaled in the finale. In addition to the main Azerbaijan pitcher, the central defender Cantari (20 / 1), the first scorer Cavaria (23 / 9) and the defensive Lantre (15 / 0).
TOUR: The win over Dijon was back in the title orbit, was not good at another, prevailed with 1-0 and put an end to a negative three-game series. It remains outside Buhour (A, 22 / 0), absent and useful Diaz (M, 13 / 1) as well as the top scorer Kouaku (E, 23 / 9). Lost 6 / 7 last away games.

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  • OPAP 361-Over

GERMANY 2 03 / 03

Analysis and forecasts for the betting of the matches offered by the OPAP coupon for today's Monday 3 March in Germany.



SAN PAULI: He has doubled from Dresden, dominating 2-1 against an anxious rival. He took advantage of the counter-attacks, preceded 35 ', had opportunities then equaled to 44' and doubled his goals three minutes after re-starting. It is coming from three consecutive wins in its field, n / g the last five within. Guter cards were filled in (A, 19 / 0). Traumatas, Beatman (M, 20 / 0). Except Bowl (M, 8 / 0). 
UNION OF BERLIN: First win in 2014, 2-0 at FCB Frankfurt home. He had absolute control over the course of the game, preceded 39 ', threatened very little and doubled his goals at 76'. No double in the last five away with San Pauli. Unbeaten in the last five. No substantial problems.

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  • OPAP 360-X

GREECE 03 / 03

Analysis and forecasts for the betting of the matches offered by the OPAP coupon for today's Monday 3 in Greece.



PLATANIAS: Stay in Platanias after 2-1 from Mars in Crete. All money phase of 77th minute on the head of Faiska that Dyoudis had driven out. The assistant saw that the ball crossed the line and followed ... a war that only badly did in the many-legged Greek football. 
Anastasiadis's last training session ended with Cathy and Kazneferis overcoming their problems, but not Giorgalidis and Nazlidis.
PAS GIANNA: An unexpectedly lucky PAS lost inside from Veria with 0-1 at 92. The mistakes he had made throughout the championship made them gathered, failing for the elemental, to the point that at the end he was very disappointed by his fans, who felt ... betrayed. 
The obligations in the national are deprived of LAS, Villa and Strona by their PAS
Shipping: Vellidis, Abbari, Sotiriou, Dassios, Michail, Beius, Skondras, Kolvetissios, Tsoukalas, Avgenikos, Yakos, Harisis, Tzimopoulos, Korovessis, Ilic, Akosta, Kitsu, Leonstor, Songgo, Chavez.

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  • OPAP 359-1

ENGLAND 1 02 / 03

Analysis and forecasts for the betting of the matches offered by the OPAP coupon for today's 2 March in England.



COVENTRY: He wounded the bad for the "blue skies" after losing losers from the headquarters of Tranmir with 3-1. All they managed to do was to reach the goal price at 79 'with Petzaso. "We have to come to places like today and win," said Stephen Presley. Close to top return top scorer Wilson (23 / 14). Doubtful the defector Delphousseo (loan from Aston Villa) as well as the no. Bak Adams (28 / 0). 
SURIUSPERI: He pulled from the penultimate position after the unbelievable overthrow that achieved at Notts County headquarters as he turned the score from 2-0 to 3-2. "In the first 20 minute we were afraid and we were lucky," said Michael Jackson who officially took the coach's hand. Doubtful average Somerset (23 / 0). Close to the middle Walding (21 / 2). Excluding the top scorer Brantsoon (24 / 5).

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  • OPAP 311-1

FRANCE 02 / 03

Analysis and forecasts for the betting of the matches offered by the OPAP coupon for today Sunday 2 March in France.


297. AZAXIO - LIL 

AZAXIO: He did not do anything in Montpellier, he just lost 0-2 without threatening the Kurbish team at all. He seems doomed, has compromised with the idea of ​​relegation but will do damage until the finale. Punjabi (A, 12 / 0), with the exception of Bonar (A, 16 / 0) and Zubbar (A, 14 / 1), as well as Pendriti (M, 9 / 1).
LIL: Slightly better of Lyon, he got the minimal he could on the derby, stayed at 0-0 but stayed at 3η position. Difficult out, just four wins in 13 matches. Except for Punished Swahar (A, 24 / 3), absent and Long Beans (A, 7 / 0) and Marvin Marth (M, 13 / 0). He has won in the last two years in Corsica, and he has two wins with Over.


LYON: He qualified with the ... courage against Chernomorets, after a very beautiful goal of Lakazet at 81, regarding the match Thursday. He did not lose in the match with Lille, being slightly worse. Good impressions and victories lately. Except for the important Gurgay (M, 14 / 3) and Bisewatch (A, 20 / 0). Doubtless, Captain Gallonon (M, 23 / 0) who was missing on Thursday.
MONOPLEY: Without impressing, it has the way to get results. 11 arrived without a victory, making it more difficult than the final score, 2-0 of Ajax. Only lasting absentee has not lost the last five away games. Three consecutive defeats in Zerlan in recent years.


PARI: It was more difficult than the final 4-2 of Toulouse and held the difference of five points and has the opportunity to expand it after the Monagas are defeated. Kavani (E, 21 / 3) missing one month is on the mission, "the climate in the team is excellent, players are renewing a contract while they are already in the CHNUMX" of CHL. No newer absence.
MARSEILLE: Better Lorien throughout the game, had very good phases to open the score earlier, did it at 82 and won the 1-0 victory. It has scored in its last five games, two wins in the last five years in Paris. It is important to return the Roma defender (M, 24 / 1) without any further problems.

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  • OPAP 297-Over, 319-1,350-Over


Analysis and forecasts for the betting of the matches offered by the OPAP coupon for today Sunday 2 March in the Netherlands.



UTRECHT: It comes from a stressful win over Groningen on the same court, but was much better in the match, it could have finished earlier, lost a shot and several opportunities, absolutely right 1-0. Poor delivery to Twente in Gallenburg, just a win at 10 last. Except for Fan Den Hoon (M, 7 / 1) and Bullhoch (M, 17 / 2).
TBENTE: He was not good on Derby with Feyenoord, saved the game in the finals, betting from 0-2 to 2-2. He scores in ten consecutive away games, if he wins and beaten, Ajax stays in the hunt for the title. Benton (A, 23 / 5) is punished, the rest long. Good tradition in Utrecht.


GRUPPERGEN: He was lucky enough at Utrecht in a few moments, found a breath from the tie but eventually defeated with 0-1. He scored in four of the last five, lost only by Heerenven and De Haag. Spanked in the match, without new absences.
CABOUR: He had to win the match with Ronda, and he did. He easily prevailed with 1-0 at home, despite the fact that the score made it difficult. He has not yet won the championship yet, except for Ogpetset (E, 3 / 1), Emen (E, 18 / 7) does not advance, returning the precious El Makrini (M, 24 / 1).


Federer: He could get a great victory at Twente and narrow the gap from Ajax, but the delays were matched 2-2 and the score was 2-0 in favor. Except for Former again (M, 8 / 1), the fast Indy (A, 20 / 2) returns. The tradition shows G / G, six consecutively in Rotterdam. It's De Kaipe.
AGIAX: In the championship, he succumbed easily to Alkmaar's 4-0 and took another step for the title. Europa Leauge disappointed on Thursday, lost to 2ο match from Salzburg with 1-3 and the only goal is the championship. In addition to Sine (E22 / 7) and Fischer (E, 24 / 3), Boilisen (A, 15 / 1) was not sent.


ALKMAR: Powerkeeping made at 1-1 on Thursday with Liberec, qualified for the next round. For the championship, it comes from a cue in Amsterdam from Ajax, a very bad appearance after a long time. Available Guuneli (M, 21 / 3), except Avedtic (E, 8 / 0). Undefeated in the last few years from the Bavarian with 5-1-0 series.
VALVAC: He managed to resist only in the first half against Fitze, then woke the Arnhem team and lost normal to 1-3. The last six away games finished G / G, poor tradition in Arnhem. Without new absences, only the long-term are out.

Match Info

  • OPAP 289-2,300-1,301-1,317-No Bet

PORTUGAL 02 / 03

Analysis and forecasts for the betting of the matches offered by the OPAP coupon for today Sunday 2 March in Portugal.



ZIL VIDEO: It goes from evil to worse and now it is in direct danger of relegation, where they first spoke about Europe as well. His last result was 2-1 off Olansees, with 90 'goal. Change of management mid-term, coach Joao De Douro called all available, spoke for good morale. 
SETOVAL: No thought of relegation, with a little luck above, Europe might also be chasing. The previous homecoming tour with 4-1 on Pacos. All 2 golf coursesο half-time and preceded by an own goal. Except Cardoso. Coach Kousseiro fears Zil sees the match as the final. 


NATIONAL: In theory, 0-0 with Academic for the Masados ​​team targeting Europe is of course positive and of course only considers the victory to be an acceptable result today. Game without special phases, 0-0 is logical. Apart from Zaianandin, Koeliu and Rui Silva, these are the 3 changes in the mission compared to the previous match. 
RIO SA: It is 6 points out of the dangerous zone, but only survivors can not consider themselves. The previous game, very fighting but unfortunate, was defeated within 2-1 by Sporting. Coach Nuno Shanto tries to improve performance stability. 


PAKOS FEREIRA: In the last position of the scoring, he wants only a victory today to recover deeply. Of course, with a performance like that in Setúbal where he scored 4 in half, he can not hope for much. At least the management changed coach, Kalisto left and the well-known Zorze Costa, who is trying to improve psychology. 
MARITIME: In the best phase of the season is Maritimo, coming from an easy home 2-0 on Belenenses, where the score could be bigger. Winning streaks ahead of Europe. Few changes to the mission by coach Martins. 



BELLENES: He had no luck in Maritimo and having accepted two goals since half time was defeated by 2-0, with arbitration being the main protagonist. In a thread hanging on whether to get into the relegation zone, tie with Olansees. Coach Mark Paulo has only outside of Linz. 
BENFIQ: Very strong champion of the championship, defeated in Greece and Europe, with categorical victories. On Thursday, however, he struggled to break the defense of PAOK and waited for arbitration to make the final 3-0. Coach Zezou asks humility from his players, expecting a tough match. 


GIMARASES: She received a big blow to Benfica in the previous game, she may find herself lucky to be defeated with just 1-0. Europe's goal is to help win the strength of its home today. Except for Bariendos. 
PORTO: Estoril forced Porto in its first home defeat after 5 years, 0-1. The fans were furious, fortunately midweek with aggressive football took the away 3-3 with Eintracht and qualified for the continuation of the Europa. In a big torch, Guillah is expected to start basic.

Match Info

  • OPAP 326-X,327-Under,328-No Bet,334-2/2,345-1

GERMANY 2 02 / 03

Analysis and forecasts for the betting of the matches offered by the OPAP coupon for today Sunday 2 March in Germany.



AALEN: He was locked back and conquered a two-legged double, 2-1 in Kaiserlautern. From the beginning it was gathered out of the great area and easily or hardly managed to keep its focus for a long time. From corner, he was ahead of 24 '. It caused irritation to the opponent, who exploited, doubled its goals in 54 'and with massive defense kept the result, just to accept it reduced to 68'. Over three out of four last within. Available first scorer Valentin (M, 18 / 5). Claus injured (M, 19 / 4) and Messmer (A, 10 / 0). 
KARLSROUI: He stayed for the twelfth straight consecutive racing, after 2-1 on Sadhauzen. Moderate in the first part, improved in the repeat, took advantage of its supremacy and preceded 51 '. Gained numerical superiority from 72 ', doubled to 79' and accepted the reduction to 86 '. He has scored in the last five. Nazarov is punished (M, 15 / 3). 


GROTHER FIRT: Despite the difficulties he faced before the fight with gastroenteritis, he managed to stand in Cologne, taking a draw with 1-1. Distributing the first 30 ', he accepted 36' the only goal and then tried not to collapse with massive defenses, with the opponent dominating and constantly creating opportunities. Bring and equalize to 86 '. Under the four of the last five within. It comes from four wins against the FB, having just scored one goal in the last five. 
ΦΒΒ ΦΡΑΝΚΦΟΥΡΤΗΣ: He did not overcome mediocrity and lost 0-2 right to Union. A little offensive, he did not actually threaten the opponent, 0-1 (39 ') became a penalty, with the final result being 76'. He has scored goals in the last seven away games. Uumani (A, 17 / 1) has been excited. Except Kazdzijora (A, 11 / 0), Jelen M, 11 / 3), Conrad (A, 18 / 0).


INGOLSTAND: He continues to impress away from home and remained undefeated for the eighth consecutive match where he counts five doubles. She did what she could best, was back, had patience, took advantage of her speed in the counterattacks and scored in 51 'and 83'. He remained undefeated for a fifth consecutive. M. Hartman (E, 13 / 5) and Kaioubi (M, 20 / 3) grew up. Available by Eggler (E, 18 / 2).
DIADIS OF DRESS: She did not manage to use her seat, knowing 1-2's defeat by San Pauli, remaining at the bottom of the scoring. He stayed back at 35 ', he was lucky with the opponent not to clear the match, equalized to 44' and to the start of the 48 'restart. Under pressure, coach Jansen. No double in the last five. Constantly outside of Mravac (A, 8 / 0), Auntia (E, 15 / 6). Kembe (M, 11 / 2), Troyan (M, 6 / 0), Dante (E, 21 / 3).

Match Info

  • OPAP 293-2,294-No Bet, 295-1

GERMANY 02 / 03

Analysis and forecasts for the betting of the matches offered by the OPAP coupon for today Sunday 2 March in Germany.



HOPHENHAIM: He fought and although he was early back in 0-2 (4 ', 18'), he managed to remain for the fourth consecutive match unbeaten with the final 2-2 in Gladbach. He gradually balanced the match, reduced to 57 'and equalized with a penalty shootout at 82'. Over and eleven in home. Polansky (M, 20 / 0). Doubtless Abraham (A, 17 / 2). 
Wolfsburg: Fourth consecutive victory, with 3-1 on Leverkusen, began to dream of the Champions League. Against the flow of the race, preceded by 13 ', he was then pressed, the opponent had chances and equaled 45'. Improved in repeat, scored second in 58 'and shaped the final result in 73'. He has scored in the last four games. Over the last four off. Douglas is doubtful (E, 10 / 3). Except Pollack (M, 10 / 0), Bernines (M, 6 / 1). 


AINTRACHT FRANKF .: With two draws against Porto, he was disqualified from the continuation of Juventus. After the 2-2 of the first match in Portugal, in an excellent match, with a reversal, he accepted the equalizer at 86 'for the final 3-3. Earlier in the championship, tired of wrestling in the Werder match and though he fought with ten of 38 ', he stayed at 0-0 at home for the championship. First match not to score after nine consecutive games. Sggeler cards (M, 12 / 0). Except Selowi (A, 7 / 0), Ronde (M, 17 / 0), Stenter (M, 0 / 0). 
STOUTGARD: Without a tomorrow match for the Schneider technician, as the management's patience has been exhausted and the most likely changes, if he does not win today. Already heard with Holger Stanislavski the first possible replacement. The last game was defeated by 1-2 from Herta on her court. He got nervous, stayed back in 4 ', equalized with 45' fireball, had opportunities, accepted 87 'the second. It comes from seven consecutive defeats, all Over and g / g. He scores the third of the five penalties, the first scorer Ibezevic (E, 20 / 10). Lieder (M, 16 / 1) excited. Available by Gentner (M, 16 / 2). Except for the Head (M, 7 / 0), Devian (M, 0 / 0) and Roas (M, 0 / 0).

Match Info

  • OPAP 310-GG, 332-2

TURKEY 02 / 03

Analysis and forecasts for the betting of the matches offered by the OPAP coupon for today Sunday 2 March in Turkey.


Common seat because of punishment only women and children.

KAISERISPORT: He could also draw the draw at 1-2 from Trabzonspor. He sounds right for a penalty shoot-out at the start and preceded 39 '. The start of the iteration was reduced (49 ') and nine minutes later the final result was formed. In the finale he had opportunities to tie. Unbeaten in last five innings (1 / 4 / 0). Kinzanilli (A, 17 / 0), Serenino (A, 13 / 1), Ulluang (M, 16 / 0) and Norbe (E, 16 / 1) grew up. Except Yilmaz (M, 16 / 3), Simic (M, 7 / 0)
KAESERI ERSIGESPOR: Second consecutive win, 2-1 Karabukspor on her court. Better over the longest, he pressed superbly on the midfield and from two "steals" he scored an equal number of goals (67 ', 71'). He accepted the lowered corner kick (76 '), he was lucky, and from a similar stage the rival had a short bit later and the finale was able to tie. A double (Akissaspor) in the last six. No substantial problems.

291. SIVASPOR - Elazigspor

SIVASPORT: He wants to quickly forget the humiliating 2-6 from Casimbasa in the last game. As if it was not in the first place, it was left behind with 0-3 (6 ', 27', 36 '). He accepted the fourth (47 ') at the beginning of the repeat, from two goals then both. It comes from four consecutive wins within. Da Costa was expelled (A, 19 / 6). Eros (M, 21 / 8), Taul (M, 20 / 0) grew up. Except Utca (E, 14 / 2).
Elazigspur: He could also win in 1-1 with Fenerbahce. At the start he was closed back, kept the hearth intact and hit the counter-attacks (1-0,45 '). He gained numerical superiority in 58 ', created opportunities, equaled 83' and the finale had two major chances, one of which the opponents pushed on the line. He has scored goals in all ten away games which counts twice (2 / 0 / 8). Except Kas (M, 9 / 0).


CONDITIONING: Continuing good looks and in an otherwise split match, he stayed in the 2-2 with Gedler Birmingham off. Better and more efficient in the first part, preceded his finale with 20-9 (41 ', 45'). At the start of the repeat he accepted the reduction (46 '), equalized with 67' penalty shootout, and was lucky with the opponent to have a stake afterwards. Six o'clock in the last few. Ali Touran (A, 12 / 0). Gkkas (E, 15 / 5), Guven (M, 16 / 1), Campbell (E, 15 / 5) are difficult.
TRABZONSPORT: With two defeats, both with 0-2, Juventus froze the Euro Cup. The last game in the championship with a lot of anxiety and a lot of luck prevailed at Kaisersporn's 2-1. First victory after four games. Without a double in the last seven, it comes from two draws, with Riesespor and Karabuck. Zokoras (M, 20 / 0). Traumatic Dad (A, 9 / 0)


RIZESPORT: He did not have the significant appearance and victory over Gaziantepspor. Although he had opportunities he did not succeed and lost 0-2 to Bursaspor from a better opponent. A little at the start, 24 'accepted 0-1. It gradually improved, created opportunities and became unlucky, marking the beam, with the final result being formed in 67 'with its own goal. A victory within the last seven. Ussamane Viraja (A, 21 / 0) was the winner. Except Meric (M, 7 / 0), Lua Lua (E, 3 / 1), Batear (M, 3 / 2), Corkmass (M, 0 / 0-winter transcript). 
GALATASARA: He stayed at 1-1 with Chelsea on the field and now will have to claim in the second match against the qualification in the next phase of the Champions League. In the home league with a penalty shootout at 39 ', he won the Besiktas derby and won 1-0. It helped repeat Kimper Muslim to keep the result. Undefeated in the last eleven, just one double in the five most recent away from her stadium. Fixed except for A. Yilmaz (M, 6 / 0). Difficult ballet (A, 15 / 0).

Match Info

  • OPAP 290-Over, 291-1,309-1,335-Over

BELGIUM 02 / 03

Analysis and forecasts for the betting of the matches offered by the OPAP coupon for today Sunday 2 March in Belgium.



CLUB BRIEF: Long-distance 5-2 win over Leuven away from home confirming the team's racing performance after re-championship. Today's game, as well as a win, will reduce the gap from the top four to the four and will be of great interest in the upcoming playoff for the championship. In any other case, Standard will be the one who will have a clear lead in winning the title. 
STANDARD: In a thriller match, he lost to 2-3 headquarters in Ghent, giving new interest to the head of the title. Let's remind that in the playoffs, the teams carry half of the regular time. Stanad's goal is at least to keep the difference of seven points from Bruges. Available today, after punishing the top scorer Batsuagi (E, 26 / 17)


ANTERLEXT: Without being bad, he lost to Lokeren 1-2 by paying the defensive mistakes. Goal 3x3 to go in the bar with a difference of less than six points from Standard Liège. At least she has no problem at her headquarters where she records six consecutive three-pointers. Long-term absences.
GKEN: The defeat of the previous match by B. Beveren sent Binn to the unemployment fund and brought Emilio Ferrera to the bench. With Ferrera on the bench, he welcomed Anzhi for the re-election of the Europa League, but lost 0-2 and said goodbye to the institution. The last exit to save the year is the playoffs with her participation, however, being insecure as yesterday's results brought her roommate in sixth place with Ghent. 

Match Info

  • OPAP 299-Under, 333-1

AUSTRIA 02 / 03

Analysis and forecasts for the betting of the matches offered by the OPAP coupon for today Sunday 2 March in Austria.



SALZBURG: With two victories he eliminated Ajax from the Euro Cup. On Thursday he won with 3-1 and in the next round he will face Basel. On the last game, with many changes to the original shape, 6-1 prevailed on Antrim and 19 points from the second team. It was the eighth consecutive victory, while remaining unbeaten at 27 last at its court. The first scorer Alan (E, 21 / 21) and Ulmer (A, 23 / 1) were injured. Except Force (A, 0 / 0). 
RAPID VIENN: He had the absolute control, he created a lot of opportunities, but the ball did not want to make the play, staying in the final 0-0 with Groning away. It is the team that last defeated Salzburg. Without a double in the last five, it comes from four consecutive defeats away from its stadium. Boskovic (M, 14 / 1) and Hoffman (M, 20 / 14) grew up with no problems.

Match Info

  • OPAP 316-X2


Analysis and forecasts for the betting of the matches offered by the OPAP coupon for today Sunday 2 March in Switzerland.



TOUN: She exploits the plastic mat that owns her stadium, resulting in being the best home team with Basel. In the last game 3-1 prevailed over Sion. After 30 ', 1-0 (31'), shortly before and shortly after the rest, 42 '50' and 84 'was awarded a penalty. Undefeated at six last in, he has scored at all. M. Snyilie (E, 18 / 3) was excited. Except Hediter (M, 17 / 2). Available Beting (M, 0 / 0). Doubtful Sanogo (M, 17 / 1).
REIGN: He beat 3-0 on Maccabi Tel Aviv and qualified for the next stage of Juventus, where he will now face Salzburg. In the last game he was lucky and won 1-1 from Grasshoppers away. Once again, Kimper Sommer, kept the result, repelling a penalty shootout at 90 '. Xaka (M, 18 / 2) excited. Finally for this year Ivanov (A, 11 / 0). Unpacked (A, 15 / 3). Off Diff (M, 12 / 2), Safari (A, 14 / 0).


GALLEN: He continues to worry and remains without a win in the last five and moves away from the original goal of the second. Unknowable, he lost 0-3 at the headquarters of Lausanne. He seemed a bit aggressive, stayed behind 37 'and received two goals in a minute (55', 65 '). However, Mutz is injured (A, 19 / 0). Punisher is Nushi (M, 18 / 0). Constantly outside the five long-term injured.
LUKERNI: He did not have the victory over Aarau. The last game lost 1-2 from Yung Boys as her stadium. He had control, against the flow he accepted 0-1 (10 '). He then questioned, had no opportunity and accepted the second (55 '). Just reduced to 72 '. He has scored in the last eight. G / g six of the last seven in, g / g the last five. Except Shar (A, 14 / 1), Thieson (A, 15 / 0).

Match Info

  • OPAP 296-Over, 312-GG

ITALY 02 / 03

Analysis and forecasts for the betting of the matches offered by the OPAP coupon for today Sunday 2 March in Italy.



KALIARI: He can stay for one more game away from the win, but 1-1 from Inter to Milan is absolutely successful. He opened the score at 40 'with a pinnacle of Pinia, was equalized in 52', and a clean penalty kick was given to the home side. Punished by hh Kondy (22 / 4), Extn (16 / 1). Returns Back to Pizzano (13 co.).
URINE: He was found to lose to 24 'making the first half in the first place. He was equalized with a penalty shoot-out by Die Natale in 71 'and then the two teams showed a total of "X". Penguin Domeci punctured (16 co.). Injured Bombnitz (3 comp.) And Haw Latsari (20 co.). The Xtreme (21 / 3) and Hover Override (23 / 1) return.


ATALANDA: He made excellent first half in Udinese, where he scored with Bribio in 24 'and could score at least one more goal. He scored in 71 'with a penalty shootout, while in the end he also had a shot in a shot at Bonaventura. Injured Bull Bellini (5 co.) And hacker Katsola (6 co.). Except for disciplinary reasons, he was attacked by Livia (15 / 2). The midfielder Briensa returns (14 co.). The intermediate Morales (24 / 4
KIEV: The negative series of 9 races without victory broke for the Veronesians, who took the precious "tripod" to "Benetondi" in the tail derby with Catania and climbed over the dangerous zone. Pawned Sarko (21 / 1). Unable to get the newly-gained Paeres.


BERON: He was impressive in the first half in Livorno when he scored three goals (Jankovic 33 ', 43' Rumor, Tony 45 ') and was not given a penalty shoot-out. The repetition took off speed and this resulted in two goals in 51 seconds (72'-73 '). The precious Luka Tony (22 / 13). Trauma to the Gonzalez (12). The Maeeta (17 comp.) And Haff Halfredson (23 / 1) return.
BOLOGNA: He made a good effort against the Roma in "Dallas Ara", but that was not enough to avoid defeat (0-1). However, this development is normal following the sale of Dhimanti in China. Injured by Paw Paintsenza (13 / 1), Della Roka (9 co.) And Akvafreshka (8 co.). Returns the Pooh Pee (20 co.).


SASSOULO: Tenth defeat in 11 last matches this time in "Olimpico" from Lazio. The comforting, however, is that they fought, balancing their opponent twice (72 'Flocker, Flora Flores 79'). Injured by Bak-haw Longi (17), Rosie (4 co.), Zigler (13 co.), Manfredini (3), Terranova (3), Ahernby (13 co.), Alex (7 co.).
PARMA: She extended her undefeated run to 13 racing, but she did not have to feel happy with 2-2 in "En Tridini" with Fiorentina. That's why he was two times ahead (Cassano 39 ', Amouri 51' pen.), While he also played with a player more than 53 '. Punished the Poor Moon (5 co.). Traumatic the Vergara Pepper. Returns Haff Akouah (14 co.).


JENOA: On Monday he found himself back in the "San Paolo" score against Napoli, but a former "partenope" footballer, Calais, equalized with a great foul hit at 84. He even fought without Gilardino, who was in trouble. Punished by hu Matsualem (19 co.). Injured Golanper Donaruma, Bak-haw Walsalik (18 co.), Gabernet stopper (8 co.) And Khow Kucka (11 / 2).
DANIEL: Under the circumstances, another 2-0 from Chievo was defeated in Bendigonti and fell back to the penultimate position. Punished the precious Berkshire (19 / 3). Injured Almiron (13 / 1) and Terror Castle (23 / 3), Barrient (17 / 4). Returns the attacking leto (16 / 2).


TORIN: In a third consecutive derby with Juventus he was defeated due to decisive dietary whistles against her. "We deserved the draw," Ventura said. Gilek Zile and hacker El Kadouri (17 / 3) are punished. Injured Morite (25 / 1), McGee (8), and Laroldo (4). Bareto (6) returns.
SAMFORD: He met a fair defeat at "Luigi Feraris" from AC Milan (0-2). In the first goal of 12, her goalie, Da Costa, has a great responsibility, while the second in 58 'was not supposed to count, because Patchini's foul has been preceded by the Genoese goalkeepers. Punished by Costa Costas (18 co.), Paul Palombos (22 co.) And Max Max Lopez (2 / 1). Traumatized by Rod Rodriguez (1 co.). Gustaldela (21 / 2) and Back De Silvester (23 / 1) return.


LIVORNO: Delayed a half to get into the match with Verona in "Armando Picki". He scored three goals in the first XNUMtime (45 ', 33', 43 '). He "woke up" to the repeat when he scored two goals in a minute (45'-72), but he did not even save the draw. Injured midfielder Luci (73 / 22) and midfielder Siligardi (1 / 16). The Cserkerini (3 comp.) And Haff Benassi (24 / 9) return.
NAPOLI: She saw her ... Her eyes on Thursday night in "San Paolo" in the repetition with Swansea for Europa League's "32", but eventually took the ticket for the 16 of the institution, where she will face Porto the first match in Dragoo. Now punished Raul Albiol (23 / 1) and precious Luray (24 / 13). Injured raffaelli (8 co.) And Masta (8 co.), Zuniga (4 co.).


MILAN: He got a significant "three-pointer" in Genoa on Sampdoria with the goals of her two newcomers, Taarab in 12 'and Ramie in 58'. The second one, however, did not have to count as it was an aggressive foul. At -6 now from 5η position.
Punk hat Mountari (17 / 4). Injured Zapati (19 / 1), Silvestre (4 / 1), Haf Kristande (3 / 1) and Ballot (18 / 10), El Saarwui (4 co.). The returns of the Abu Dhabi (17), Dexter X (11), Haf Birsa (12 / 2) and Roxin (18 / 3) return.
JUVENTUS: He made a great appearance in Trebizond, reaching 2-0 very easily on the Turkish team and taking the Europa League 16 ticket to Fiorentina. Paffed Vidal (25 / 11) punished. Wounded by winger Pepe and vo Vucinic (9 / 2). Available bac-fi Amazon (22 / 1) and Kellini Pepper (20 / 3).


PHOENENTINA: She stayed away from her good at rematch with Esbjerg for the 32 phase of the Europa League giving 1-1 a draw at Artemie Frankie. He opened the score by directing Ilicic foul at 47 ', equaled to 91'. However, he qualified with a total 4-2 score and will face the next round of Juventus in the Italian "Civil War". A four-game penalty kicks off by Bossa Valero (22 / 5). Dickie Paczaro (3 / 19) and coach Vincenzo Models are punished. Injured Hengazi Pepper and Aggressive Rosi (1 / 18), Rebecca (14 co.).
LATZIA: Federico Marketti reappeared in Lazio after nearly three months, but he was fatal in the match Thursday in Sofia with Lundogorec, essentially defeating his team qualifying in the Europa League 16. 0-2 was preceded by Baldets 'goals at 1' and Xetra 'at 54'. Lutogorec reduced Bejak to 67 'and equalized to 2-2 with Zlatinski on 78', who made a long shot, Markey did not calculate the course of the ball well and blocked it a bit from the goal line. Injury (14 / 1), Interson (15 / 1), Alpharo and Attacking Pitta were injured. It is not 100% aggressive Klose (19 / 6) ready, but it will be in the line.

Match Info

  • OPAP 288-X,304-1,305-NG,306-Over,307-X,308-No Bet,338-2,346-Under,347-Over

LNG CAP 02 / 03

Analysis and forecasts for the betting of the matches offered by the OPAP coupon for today's 2 March in England.



MANSESTER CITY: He stayed close to the top after the home win against Stoke with 1-0. The three-pointer was difficult and the "citizens" had to wait until 70 'to score Jiaja Toure the only goal of the game. Instant battle is considered the top Azerbaijan scorer (17 / 15).
SANDERLAND: "The combination of Arsenal playing well and we being bad with the ball made it hard for us," said Guc Poyet after defeating his team at Arsenal with 4-1. In the half he lost already with 3-0 and all he could do was to score the goal at the end. Brown defeated (13 / 0). Logically, except for the aggressive Fletcher (19 / 3). Westbourne Goalkeeper Loses the Season (10 / 0). 

Match Info


DENMARK 02 / 03

Analysis and forecasts for the betting of the matches offered by the OPAP coupon for today Sunday 2 March in Denmark.



ESBREGER: Transformed team of Nils Fredericsen, paid the resistance of hosted Nordsjaelland prevailing 2-1. The decisive role played by the beautiful goal scored by Bakenga half-time, who took the ball into the center and after crossing the half-field stacked close. Doubts remain the goalie Frederic Reno (18 co.) And the defensive Jens Berthel Assou (13 co., 2 assist).
DONTESE: The bats of the bats were played by Troels Beh in the home match against champion Midtjylland and scored a great victory with 2-1. 21's XNUMX scored the ball with Espion Rudd, five meters away from the big area, but the hosts were in the lead. Without a new racing problem.


AALBORG: They pull their hair in Olmporgk about 2-2 with Brondby in Copenhagen, he received the equalizer in 90 ', having taken a lead in 89'! Midweek, qualified for the semifinals of the Cup winning away from Aarhus with 4-1. Doubts remain regular defender Henrik Ntalsgkornt (16 / 2 goals, assists 3) and the main attacker Anders Jacobsen (16 / 5 goals, assists 5).
VESTSELAND: She disappointed her 2.500 fans found on the platforms of her struggle with Santerese. Cruel, timid, and generally inconceivable to fight, he became passionate about the appetites of passionate guests, losing with the embarrassing 0-4. Doubt remains the striker Thiago Borges (13 / 3), firmly outside the average Joel Tsimpampa (6 / 1), losing the rest of the season due to injury.


RANDERS: Draw 1-1 won away from Vyborg team Thomas Tomasmpergk, who in his debut as head coach replacing submitted to heart surgery Colin Todd, saw his players to stand well on the court and perhaps deserve more. Doubts remain midfielder Ronnie Schwarz (15 / 9) and Jonas Camber (15 / 1 goals, 2 assist).
Brondby: Draw 2-2 gave the team of Thomas Frank's home in Aalborg, in a game that as it evolved should be pleased, since he indeed lead, but was back to 89 'to tie in 90'! No new problems.


COPENHAGEN: Draw 1-1 emerged away in Aarhus, in a match that took precedence in 72 ', but accepted the equalizer in 89' after a tragic mistake of the goalkeeper. Aggressive Nikolay Jorgensen (13 / 6 goals, 5 assist) remains ambivalent.
MEDITATION: With a lowered head, Glen Ridersholm's team set off from Odense losing 2-1! The result, which according to the flow of the fight is a "magical image", as the "Wolves" were better and had a lot of opportunities. Once again, Sylvester Igboy (17 / 6 goal, 2 assist) is punishable, the four long-term injured.

Match Info

  • OPAP 292-Over, 303-1,320-X, 339-GG


Analysis and forecasts for the betting of the matches offered by the OPAP coupon for today's 2 March in England.



ASTON VILLA: He reached the point at Newcastle headquarters, but bent on the delays, accepting the goal of the match. "I think we deserved at least one grade, especially based on the appearance of the first half," Paul Lambert said. Loss of the season by Kozak (14 / 4).
Whenever he is in a difficult position Chris Hutton, his team gets a win and calm the spirits. This is what happened last season with the "canaries" taking a significant home win over Tottenham Hotspur with 1-0 in a match with a few good phases on both sides. So 4 points were extracted from the danger zone. Confident again, defender P. Bennett (12 / 1). Logically, except for the defensive Turner (17 / 0).


SOUND: He finally got the European dream for the "swans" after defeating Napoli with 3-1 on Thursday in Italy. Earlier he was defeated at the Liverpool headquarters for the 4-3 championship. Thus, it still distances 4 points from the danger zone. Doubtful valuable Selvey (22 / 4). Near the return the star Mitsu striker (12 / 2).
He was unable to keep up with the victories after being forced to beat Manchester United with 0-2. Samak took a penalty at 62 'and at that point his team accepted the first goal to bring 6' second goal later. Pulis knightly admitted that the penalty was correctly charged. Practically full mission.


TOTENAM: From the disappointment for defeat at Norwich's head at 1-0, fans of the "Spurs" have come to the joy after a difficult home win over Dnieper with 3-1 on Thursday night, a score that secured to the Tim team Serudit qualifies for the 16 of the event. Doubtless remains the defensive Xerxes (13 / 1) and the average Silverstone (16 / 3).
Solscher's team suffered a heavy defeat in the home after being unable to react to 4's goals from Hull despite being in possession and ending in the match against her opponent. So he stayed in the penultimate position, while 6 counts without defeats, without having scored in 4 from them. Doubtless the most valuable Mid Matches (24 / 4). Explain Formule (14 / 1). Meanwhile, Medal Defender (24 / 0) has long been out. The leader and defender Hudson (2 / 0) is losing the season. 

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  • OPAP 329-1,330-1-331-1/Over

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