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A big "bam" in the bet in recent years was thanks to live Betting ("Live bet"). The live Betting can be divided into subcategories of betting, but it is all possible to make decisions during the game's development. But what does that mean? It means that we can change our bet as the game evolves on the pitch.


The most popular type of live bet is the so-called Betting "In play". Here we bet during the race and bet for the final result. The odds of each of the two opponents are changed by the bookmaker, according to the events and developments during the game.


To make this more understandable, consider this: in one football match one of the two teams has a much better performance. At the start of the game and just five minutes later, the other team is preceded by 1-0. From that point onwards to live Betting are changing and the team that was considered favorite may even be in the place of the underdog! If we still believe in the capabilities of the original team to make a dynamic comeback and ultimately win the race then it is the best opportunity for us to bet with better odds than the previous ones.


It is important to know that the market may close for a short period of time. This is done after a goal or injury to a player. In this case, a lot of money can be sent at the same time before the bookmaker even has to change the odds. For this reason, the online betting company closes bets for 1-2 minutes until the odds are changed and re-launched.


Except for the above species live Betting, there is also a "halftime bet", which means we change our bet in half. The two halves of the game are taken as separate games and we (we bet) are betting for the outcome of the second half and not for the final outcome of the game.

Strategy for live betting

To be successful at live Betting you must have understood the rules and the ones that affect the odds. The company changes the odds and these changes affect the team's chances of winning. That is why it is essential to be able to watch the games we are betting on live. The infobeto offers live streaming, with which you can see free online a series of matches, live on your computer!


It is clear that betting companies must frequently change the odds during live bets. This is why confusion can arise as to how this can be done so soon. Changes are made soon in order to avoid favoring players who react very soon. It is sometimes logical to make mistakes, as it is not always possible to take into account all the parameters that can affect a result. With great care and observation a player can find a "blank" spot where he can bet and make money easily. And as the odds change very soon, there are differences from bookmakers to bookmakers. That is why we often lead to a certain profit, which is no more than betting on two different betting companies, thus pondering with different odds. So we manage to have one sure bet.



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