ITALY 2 07 / 03

Analysis and forecasts for the betting of the matches offered by the OPAP coupon for today's Friday 7 March in Italy.



EMPOLI: He stayed with bitterness for losing the "double" to Siena with a goal in 86 ', but he was struggling with 45' with less player. He opened the scoring with a strict penalty shot by Makarone in 67 ', but he did not last until the end. Punished the Poor Hero (5 co.). Traumatic attacker Mendlitz (21 / 1). Back Hishai (19 co.) Returns and haw and chief Moro (12 / 1) return. If the Rugani snapper (25 co.) Fails, his position in the original shape will be taken by Xtrampi (1 co.).
AVELINO: He was better in the 90 minute against Pescara and missed many chances until he finally got to 74 'with Fabra. He scored in 91 'in one of two shots of the Broms throughout the match at home. In addition to fighting, goalie Di Massi, Bak-haf Tzapakosta (21 / 2), Pekaris (19 co.) And Hawk Pizza (2 co.), Massimo (8 / 1) They have overcome their problems and are available to Haf D'Angelo (25 / 3), Shadow (25 / 1) and Castaldo (24 / 6).

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  • OPAP 118-X

FRANCE 07 / 03

Analysis and forecasts for the betting of the matches offered by the OPAP coupon for today's Friday 7 in France.



MARSEILLE: He broke Paris for only a half, he could not do anything more than ... flattering 0-2. He holds a good lead at Beaumont, five consecutive games unbeaten there, stays at the 3 bayηposition. This year's MVP and first goal scorer Ziniak (E, 25 / 12), who was voted a player of the month in Shabiana. The right Flickr Fini (17 / 0) was sent.
NIS: February was for her a month to forget. Just one win in six games (1-1-4), bad appearances and backsliding after good January. With Toulouse, it was the elimination of middle Pallun (55) and was defeated with 0-2 in Nice. The Cup ruled out 5-4 at the same Marseille court at the end of January. Except for another important Digar (M, 24 / 0) and the rest of the long term.

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Analysis and forecasts for the betting of the matches offered by the OPAP coupon for today's 7 March in the Netherlands.
111. VILEM - OS
VILM: The height of psychology as the doubles of the previous game (2-1 on G. Twente), coupled with Dudrecht's draw, brought her one point from the top spot. At her feet, the rise as well, after a few games, welcomes the champion. The old absence of Adrente (M, 24 / 9)
OS: She won the biggest win of the season winning at 4-0 headquarters in UK Eindhoven! With this victory she left behind her by three points as the Akiliz, making an important step for her goal, which is none other than avoiding the devaluation of the last position (which, however, does not degrade). His intention to leave in June was voiced by Coach Adéville. Dennis Jansen (A, 28 / 2)

MAASTRIX: Steady in the upward course of the last games, and after the change in technical leadership, he stayed for sixth consecutive 4-2-0 with 1-0 away from De Graafschap. He has scored in all six games and in three he has not scored goals. Punished for second, defender Verdelen (27 / 1)
HELMONT: He handed a 1-1 tie to Sparta Rotterdam as he accepted the equalization at 90 + and while 80 'played with a numerical advantage. She had preceded 30 'with a penalty kick. Always in the goal of the playoffs as he scores with four other teams in seventh place! No plaything was reported.

NEN BOS: He fell again under the eighth after the episodic defeat (2-3) from the Youth of Ayak. The usual suspects Kekel and Zentrale were scoring, but the ear was not enough as the opponents were more effective. However, the score was made when he was left with nine because of Vanberbrik's (M, 27 / 6) and Bondert (M, 26 / 1) who are losing the current, as well as the Goethe Kekel (E, 22 / 14) yellow.
TELSTAR: Since August, he has made two winning victories and managed on Saturday with the 3-1 triumphant in his home on Fenlo, following the away 1-0 on Osh. Three unbeaten races, but the chances to prevent the playoffs are still too small. Traumatic remains the main average Wardrobe (18 / 1), otherwise complete the mission.

FK AINTWOVEN: He kicked the whole season with a heavy defeat (0-4) from the Oskar escape. With eight points away from the top but with four intermediate teams, the direct rise is now a dream of a summer night. From 3-7 goals her last five games. No racing problem was reported in view of the current local derby.
JOHN AINTXOFEN: He surpassed his January abdomen well (0-0-3) by building a positive series of four races (3-1-0). In the previous game 3-1 won 20-27 away from Almeria. Two goals have been scored by 8Others (M, XNUMX / XNUMX). No support is expected from the A team that will compete tomorrow.

FORCE: On a steady upward course, he pinched the 1-1 tie from Dontrecht's home by completing five non-defeat games (3-2-0), while 2014 seven lost only once (4-2-1) . The point, of course, is continuity as competition for playoff tickets is particularly tough. The irreplaceable mean Fourn (23 / 4)
EXCELLIOR: In top form, he made a fourth consecutive win, 3-0 on Achilles and entered the group of teams claiming a direct rise. Fourteen goals have been scored in these four wins, and in the latter two it has kept its home away from home. Scratch the formidable Feldvik again (29 / 21). Without problems.

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  • OPAP 111-NoBet,112-1,113-2,114-2,115-NoBet

DENMARK 07 / 03

Analysis and forecasts for the betting of the matches offered by the OPAP coupon for today's 7 Friday in Denmark.



BESTZELAND: By playing with a double defense zone and essentially ignoring the creative part, the team of Owe Pendersen managed to leave with the grade from Olborg, drawing a "white" tie from local Aalborg. The striker Rasmuss Wiesner (16 / 3) and midfielder Henrik Mansen (19 / 1) are punished. In addition, it is sometimes the main striker Mark Nath Henne (17 / 2), who will be ready for a test this afternoon, while average Zoltan Tibampa (6 / 1), who loses the remainder of the season.
RANDERS: He had two beams, four big chances and 16 shot in the host of Brondby, but he left the field with a lowered head, accepting the fatal goal at 88 'with a severe penalty, which was strongly challenged and to which Alexander Fischer was expelled. Defended defender Alexander Fischer (16, 2 Assist) and midfielder Christer Keller (19 co.), While the lead striker Nicolas Brook-Mansen (20 / 2 goals, 4 assist) left behind and left out. Both long-term injured, top scorer Ronnie Schwarz (15 / 9) and defensive Adama Tampoura (11 co., 1 assist) were stable off-plan.

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Analysis and forecasts for the betting of the matches offered by the OPAP coupon for today's 6 March in Argentina.



ARSENAL SARANTI: After three consecutive victories, defeat Armanto Maradona with 0-2 from the Argentine. He claimed the match, but the two goals scored in 43 and the half-time delays, which brought him out of tempo and psychology. 
Marconi was excited and returned as Franco Zuculini did. However, the coach will make six overall changes to the eleven. The two above mentioned, plus Nervos, Brahieri, Role and Furgh, instead of Casas, Pires, Cardoso, Sanchez, Carrera, Caraglio. 
Possible 11: Cristian Campestrini; Hugo Nervo, Mariano Echeverria, Diego Braghieri, Damián Pérez; Franco Zuculini, Matías Zalvidia, Iván Marcone; Martín Rolle; Julio Furch, Emilio Zelaya.
KILLS: Finally, Karuso's team managed to defeat 1-0 and beat Tigre with the first win in the championship. He did not have possession but this time he had the efficiency and the above shots, conquering the three-pointer with Romero's goal at 18. 
Permanent Guards (19 / 1) and Leandro Diaz (m, 7 / 0) are injured, injured by Joaquin Bogosian (e., 19 / 1), Jonathan Zacarias (MN, 16 / 1) Olivera (a., 3 / 0).
Possible 11: Silvio Dulcich; Cabral, Sebastian Martinez, Cristian Lema, Leonel Bontempo; Díaz, Rodrigo Braña, Pérez Godoy, Benitez; Miguel Caneo, Diz.


SAN LORENTZO: After three consecutive wins came the defeat in the River with 0-1. He wanted but could not have the "cyclone" as River, especially after the goal at 21, gave possession from time to time but did not know what to do and how to make phases. Fairly lost. 
Punished is Oporto (m., 20 / 0) expelled to 85. Romanioli returns and two changes are made for the sake of fotation, with Emmanuel Ma and Mauro Matos heading for Caneman and Blade. 
Possible 11: Sebastián Torrico, Julio Buffarini, Carlos Valdés, Santiago Gentiletti, Emmanuel Mas, Ángel Correa, Juan Mercier, Enzo Kalinski, Ignacio Piatti, Leandro Romagnoli, Mauro Matos.
POWDER INNTRAL: He was second to the Rousse team as he lost this time from Colon Santa Fe with 0-1. Yes, but the overwhelming occupation, yes, but the final one but in 32 received the goal without repaying. 
In spite of the defeat no changes are planned. Apart from the battle, defender Lisandro Magagyan remains. 
Possible 11ad: Mauricio Caranta; Paulo Ferrari, Tomas Berra, Donatti, Rafael Delgado; Hernán Encina, Domínguez, Jesús Méndez, Federico Carrizo; Walter Acuña, Carlos Luna.


Tiger: The first defeat to Alegre's Tigre is after 0-1 in the non-victory before the match Killies. Everything was judged at 18 where he received the only goal without finding a response although he had possession of the ball throughout the match. 
Without racing problems.
Possible 11: Javier García, Lucas Vesco, Ignacio Canuto, Erik Godoy, Guillermo Cosaro, Emiliano Ellacopulos, Joaquín Arzura, Diego Castaño, Ramiro Leone, Matías Pérez García, Ariel Nahuelpán.
PIVER PLITE: Back to victories for the team of Dia, who defeated the champions of San Lorenzo with 1-0 after a poor quality match. Gutierrez in 21 has missed the goal for River, which defeated and counter-attacked to the end, keeping the results comfortable. 
Alvarez Ballada and Topfield Gutierrez, but Gabriel Mercado returned to defense. 
Potential 11: Marcelo Barbero, Gabriel Mercado, Jonatan Maidana, Ramiro Funes Mori, Leonel Vangioni, Carlos Carbonero, Cristian Ledesma, Ariel Rojas, Manuel Lanzini, Fernando Cavenaghi, Juan Carlos Menseguez.

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  • OPAP 155-NoBet, 157-1 (X), 159-NoBet

CHILL 06 / 03

Analysis and forecasts for the betting of the matches offered by the OPAP coupon for today's 6 Thursday in Chile.



PALESTINE: Aston Martin's great victory in Comberlo with 1-0 despite the modest appearance. In a generally sluggish match that seemed totally delighted with X, he took advantage of the impressive performance of Champrett and in a counterattack he scored 79 with Duma. 
OATSIPATO: Surprise winner of the Salon team who defeated OXiggins with 1-0 and somehow graded the relegation table (last). He took advantage of Oxygnes' generally modest play and also of dietary favor (no clean penalty was given to OXiggins), he won the penalty shootout with Xerox in Arue. 


SANDY WONDERS: The one continued in Santiago, which this time lost to the Everton class with 2-1. He fought the match and was comfortable in X until 47 staying with ten players. He accepted the goal at 64 and although he won red then he did not take advantage of it. He rightly missed one and wrestled subdued Santiago. 
The resulting defeats eventually had an impact, with a logical consequence, that the entire technical staff, that is, coach Basai (now that he had played with players), and the staffs of Daniel Moron, Alejandro Isis and Gaston Mathias Joveras, had a decisive impact. An office coach for the fight with Nymblense was taken over by Don Hector Roberts. He was previously a coach in the team and has not clarified whether he will remain. 
Punted is the average De La Fuente (6 / 0). 
NEWBLUE: Back to victories after two defeats with 1-0 on Rangers in "Death". Abuse of football from both teams that struck incredibly the football sport, in which the caster of the two lost. Riker at 89 gave the three-pointer. 
There are no serious problems in the team. There will be a change where Tomas Lanzini hits instead of Alba's wounded (e., 1 / 0). 


UNION SPANIOLA: Great point in Chile after 3-3 won. Argued by the arbitration, stood and lucky (Chile lost the penalty), played with a player more than half an hour but failed to get the victory he held until 77, when after the elimination Chill had turned the match in two minutes from 1 -2. 
OUEDAX ITALIAN: Second-place draw after 2-2 conceded to Consepilion in a match with a terrible finale. 1-0 is only in 9a Ramms but 1-1 on 22. Penalty to 91 and goal Mora who would give the victory but a good shot and a new shot at 94 that surprisingly brought 2-2
In addition, injured Juan Cornecho (a., 21 / 1), Saaverda (a., 10 / 2) and Gonzalo Menendez (m., 3 / 0). 

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  • OPAP 154-NoBet, 156-X2,158-NoBet

Brooklyn Nets-Memphis Grizzlies

The Xit champions did not stand in Houston and lost 106-103 from the hot in the final Rockets.
The current program has 10 games but most give low odds to the favorites so the handicap is big and difficult to predict.
Let's go to one of the most ambitious matches of the day and the fight between Brooklyn (Nets) and Memphis.
Brooklyn is in 6's 29 position at the 29-0.500 record and has reached a rate over 2 since November when 2-10 was at the beginning of the year. Although all the lights have fallen to Colin who became the first openly homosexual playing in the NBA, the team seems to find a rhythm, resulting in the last 7 matches to have 96 wins. In their last game they won the Chicago Bulls with 80-3 playing amazing defense. Besides the current game will be the long- Garten who will lose XNU MX continuous game due to the problems he faces on the back.
On the other hand, Memphis since returning to Gasol show a good enough person, and have a record of 7-2 in their last 9 games. Before 2 fights came back and sg T.Allen who is one of the best defenders in the NBA. their game won with 110-104 in Washington starting their tour in the East with a win. Plus, they are half a win behind 8 in the West (Phoenix Shawn) and if they stay healthy by the end of the regular season they will definitely get into the play offshot of the Nets have condemned 3 from the last 4 games. In what they lost played without their tall highs Radolf and Gasol.
The match for me has a clear favorite Grizzlies and especially now Gasol and Randolph will not have a serious opponent under the racket since the main tall Nets are injured.
I do not believe Plumli and Collins will be able to stop them.
The 1.80 given to mybet and elementary is value and I will get it.



Match Info

  • Pick 2
  • Odds 1,80
  • Stake 4
  • Bookmaker Betshop
  • result 103-94
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -4

ENGLAND 1 05 / 03

Analysis and forecasts for the betting of the matches offered by the OPAP coupon for today's Wednesday 5 in England.



COVENTRY: After 4 months managed to keep the scratch in the defense and take the "white" draw in the home match against Shrewsbury. Both had good times with 0-0 being judged to be fair. So it ended in the negative series of three defeats and is away 3 points from the dangerous zone. Doubtful the defector Delfouneso (loan from Aston Villa).
WOLSOL: Second consecutive defeat, this time at Preston's headquarters with 2-1. Dwinkle's own goal scored it back to 3 ', but at 5 he was equalizing with Manto. Shortly before the half-hour he received a second goal with the score not changing to the end. In fact he finished the game with ten players due to the elimination of the MENTOM (33 / 5) in 81 ', with the team appealing. Doubtful again the no. Baker Taylor (23 / 1).

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  • OPAP 136-X


Analysis and forecasts for betting on the OPAP coupon for today's Wednesday 5 in Argentina.



LANGUAGE: And a new failure of the Selotos team lost in Tigre with 0-2. Although he played with a player above 15 and having the absolute possession of the ball, the shoot and the final one, he surprisingly received the two goals in 83 and 93 losing the match. Bad effect. 
Changes in view of the current race. Liandro Somola and Max Velasquez go to rest, Viktor Ayala (Paraguay) and Ale Silva (Uruguay) are absent in an international duty, injured by Lautaro Acosta. 
RACING CLOUD: Merlo's low flight continues. This time, 1-1 was given to its headquarters against All Boys. He struggled to advance with Villar at 30 but two minutes before the finale came the new "stroke." 
Defensive Luis Gomez was defeated, but not the average Luis Champagne, but the Zuculini (m., 17 / 4) and Hautece (e., 20 / 2) were the ones to play.
Possible 11: Saja, Nelson Ibáñez, Gómez, Ortiz, Saveljich, Cahais, Cabral, Corvalán, Quilez, Villar, Zuculini, Campi, De Paul, Cerro, Aued, Camoranesi, Hauche, Viola, Vietto, Dinenno.



BELGRADE: Continuing to be unbeaten in the Championship, Zielinski's team after the worthy pass in the Atletic Raffaella with 2-1. He struggled with 3 and 0-1 but then took control, first he equalized with Aveldaniel after all Rodriguez at 30 and then won the 60 with Pittinari. 
Injured and doubtful, but with the odds in favor of them, are Juan Leandro Kirga and Estebbon Goncalves who did not play against Raphael. 
STANDINGS: First draw in the finals for the "students" after 0-0 that they gave to Newell. He was in possession and pressed losing an important phase with Veron in the first half. In repeating though she risked more, she did not have a good phase. 
Two serious problems for the students as injured are Juan Sebastian Veron and Franco Hara. 


BOCA JUNIORS: As far as the Boca problem is concerned, it has added a negative result to the finals, losing this time with 0-1 in Velez. He accepted the goal of the match at 29 without finding a response to a match that had only a few phases. 
In the rain, Boca's trainings began with a delightful event, the Rikelme theme, which, as they all seem, will begin basic. However, Fernando Gago is an international duty. 
OLIMPO: Against the evolution of the game, the team of Perezos scored a great home win against 2-0. Although it was only found by 15 as a player less and playing defensive, he took the two-goal match at 83 and 93 with Furies and Valencia.
Punished is Lugersion (e., 15 / 0), which is the only remarkable absence. 


NEWSLETTER: And a new tie for Newell, which you consider to be a success, as it was won by Estudiantes, where 0-0 was won. With purely defensive orientations, he was able to withstand the pressure of Estudiantes looking only at the counterattack for the goal. 
Maxi Rodriguez and Ever Bangea are absent in international duty, injured by Marcos Casserés and Fabian Muniz, while Tresequé who has been feeling annoyed again will rest.
VELEZ: Returning to the victories for Velez who defeated at the headquarters of the problematic Boca Juniors again with 1-0. The protagonist of the show was Zarate (who is now the five-goal star) who scored the 29 goal in a balanced match, better with Velez. 
Without racing problems, there is little room for change. 
Possible 11: Sosa; Cubero, Dominguez, Tobio, Papa; Allione, Romero, Canteros, Cabral; Prratto y Pratto. Además viajan Perafán, Desábato, Correa, Nanni, Caésres, Cardozo, Villalba.

Match Info

  • OPAP 146-1(X),147-1X,149-1,151-2(X)

PROCR. EURO U21 05 / 03

Analysis and forecasts for the betting of the matches offered by the OPAP coupon for today's Wednesday 5 in Europe.


It takes place at the Astana Arena, at the biggest stadium in the country. The two teams belong to the 10 group of qualifiers of the European Championship, the finals of which will be held in the Czech Republic in the summer of 2015.

KAZAKSTAN U21: With two games remaining in -6 from the second Iceland, he probably does not dream of qualifying, even as the second 10 group. Just one victory in the last five in its most recent game, when it was prevalent with 2-1 outside of Armenia, breaking a negative four-defeat to the group. Complete her mission.
ICELAND U21:  Her hopes for the first position of the group after the 3-4 defeat last October from France with 3-4 were minimized. Although 1-0, 2-1 doubled, it was the overturn, equalized to 3-3, but it did not last until the end and it was second. Astana has no problems.



114. GREECE U21 - TURKEY U21

All the money the particular match for Greece with victory over the Turks claiming qualification, through the special rating with the second groups of clubs, where he hopes to be one of the four. We have 9 points and Turkey10, with Poland far ahead with 15 points to qualify. After this match we have the trip to Sweden with the last visit of the rather indifferent Poles. 
National coach Kostas Tsanas took 18 players, including 15 in the Super League and 3 overseas. The importance of the absence of the basic diamond wheel was also not called by Marinakis, Staphylidis and Goutas.
The mission of Ethniki consists of: Dioudis, Athanasiadis (replaces Capino at the last moment), Kitsiou, Kourbeli, Kourous, Lykogianni, Bougaidis, Triantafyllopoulos, Lagos, Ballas, Buchalakis, Fourlanos, Vellios, Gianniotas, Kareli, Kolovos, Mavrias and Bakasseta . 
They are currently in second place with 10 points, one in front of our national team. As a second for the time is out of four of the special score of the best second teams. The Turks finish their schedule after today's match, with Malta and Sweden away, so today you judge the continuation of their hopes for qualification. 
They were allowed by the Men's team because of the criticality of the match, the excellent midfielder Tsalhansoglu (Hamburg) and Osakapp (Besiktas), while the doubters are two-backed, De Misritsi of Besiktas and Tsoretsky of Eskisehirspor.
The mission of Abdullah Erkan is composed of: Onurcan Piri, Aykut Özer, Oğuzhan Berber, Hakan Çinemre, Kamil Ahmet Çörekçi, Ahmet Yılmaz Çalık, Uğur Çiftçi, Kaan Ayhan, Muhammed Demirci, Oğuzhan Özyakup, Aytaç Kara, Salih Uçan, Enver Cenk Şahin , Musa Çağıran, Emrah Başsan, Yusuf Erdoğan, Enes Ünal, Kenan Karaman, Ömer Ali Şahiner




IRELAND U21: Quite difficult is the sixth group, as apart from the giant who hears in the name of Germany, there are still Poland and Montenegro that have been nominated for second place. In its last game Ireland won a "white" tie in Podgorica against Montenegro and remained in third place. Worryingly, 2 has suffered a defeat in its 3 match. 
U21 BLACKWEAR: Everyone was expecting the home game with Ireland to give her the chance to take second place and to get scoreboard from her big opponent, but the two teams stayed at 0-0. Offside 1 defeat, 2-0 at home in Germany. 

118. B. IRELAND U21 - ITALY U21

B. IRELAND U21: Just last season she celebrated her first victory in the group with home win over Cyprus with 1-0. The win came with Gorman hard to prove a golden change, scoring at 85 'the only goal of the showdown. 
ITALY U21: Italy is still a favorite to win the first place in the group and is temporarily in third place behind Belgium and Serbia. Luigi Di Biagio's team is at 4 points from the top with a less game. In her last game she was defeated in Serbia with 1-0 




BELGIUM: He is at the top of the group despite two consecutive losses with Italy and Serbia. Since the beginning of February, he has a new coach, Yoann Valem, he was a coach for Udinese and Standard L. I came to help Belgian football with his first statements tonight his official debut. Hawk Carasco (Monaco) and Betotoel (Copenhagen) scorer are the stars of the group. The main defender Meskelle. On the mission and the molded Batshuani in Standar.
SERBIA: It comes from 1-0 on the Italians in mid-November, improved in the last three games in the group. He scored in all five games so far. Paisley is the main hacker Mihajlovic (Kaisership) and the terrible winger Markovic (Benfica). Her stars, defender Narasic (City) and Former Mitrovic (Anderlecht).


Match Info

  • OPAP 112-2,114-1,116-X2,118-2,124-1


Analysis and forecasts for the betting of the matches offered by the OPAP coupon for today's 5 Wednesday in the world.


At the Tokyo Olympic Stadium

JAPAN (50): 
She has the Brazilian World Cup (in our national league) and in a year from now she will participate in the Asian Cup final round. Almost all the European community is calling on the federal technical Zakeroni: Okazaki, Honda, Kangkava, etc. Yoshida. Since the absences, the only ones who "count" is the defense of Yoshida Chasempe medium and aggressive Maeda
Boss in Oceania, but there are no possibilities for discrimination. Outside of course, after a double defeat from Mexico, two Japanese-Colombian friends are scheduled for this year. Among the best-known names we find on the mission are Chris Wood of Leicester, Chris James of Kuopio and our "own" Barbarousis.



RUSSIA (22): 
World Cup preparation match for the Fabio Capello team welcoming Armenia to Krasnodar. The federation was exposed to the players' initial call when they confessed Andrei Semiovov, a youngster who competes in the Lokomotive Moscow Youth team, with Andrei Semiovov, who is a defender and is fighting at Terek Grozny. The mistake was corrected, but Grozny's defender was out. 
Aleksei Berezutski (a., 51 / 0), Aleksandr Anyukov (a., 77 / 0), Vladimir Bystrov (m., 47 / 0) did not skirmish. 
Goalkeepers: Igor Akinfeev (CSKA, Moscow), Yury Lodyguin (FC Zenit, Saint Petersburg), Sergey Ryzhikov (FC Rubin, Kazan).
Defender: Maxim Belyaev (FC Lokomotiv, Moscow), Vasiliy Berezutskiy, Sergey Ignashevich, Georgiy Shchennikov (all - PFC CSKA, Moscow), Vladimir Granat, Alexey Kozlov (FC Anji, Makhachkala) , Dmitry Kombarov, Evgeny Makeev, (both - FC Spartak Moscow).
Igor Denisov, Yury Zhirkov (FC Dynamo, Moscow), Denis Glushakov (FC Spartak, Moscow), Alan Dzagoev (PFC CSKA Moscow), Alexander Ryazantsev, Victor Faizulin, Oleg Shatov (all-FC Zenit, Petersburg), Roman Shirokov (FC Krasnodar).
Aged: Fedor Smolov (FC Anji, Makhachkala), Alexander Kerzhakov (FC Zenit, Saint Petersburg), Alexander Samedov (FC Lokomotiv Moscow), Alexey Ionov, Alexander Kokorin (both - FC Dynamo Moscow).
ARMENIA (30): 
The Armenian coach only for the current match will be Vardan Minasian as the Swiss Bernard Chalandes will take over the national team. Edgar Manucharyan (e., 40 / 8), Levon Hayrapetyan (a., 19 / 0), Valeri Aleksanyan (a., 27 / 0), David Manoyan (m., 17 / 0) and Edgar Malakyan (M, 14 / 0). 
The mission is 23 players who are: 
Goalkeepers: Roman Berezovsky, Gevorg Kasparov, Arsen Beglaryan. 
Defendants: Robert Arzumanyan, Hrayr Mkoyan, Varazdat Haroyan, Taron Voskanyan, Kamo Hovhannisyan, Hovhannes Hambardzumyan. 
Media: Gevorg Ghazaryan, Artak Dashyan, Karlen Mkrtchyan, Artak Edigaryan, Artur Edigaryan, Aras Ozbiliz, Marcos Pizzelli, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Karen Muradyan, David Hakobyan, Aghvan Papikyan. 
Aggressive: Yura Movsisyan, Artur Sarkisov, Sargis Adamyan.


Friendly game. It takes place at the neutral "Mardan" stadium in Antalya, Turkey.

LITHUANIA: In our World Cup qualifying round, it finished fourth behind Bosnia, Greece and Slovakia, which forced the country's federation to give the keys to a Lithuanian coach, removing the Hungarian Tsampa Lazlo and advancing Igoris Panaktieva, Lazio's assistant the past years. Renewal to the roster with choice of players from the home league and few "legionnaires". Naked in the attack, after the lack of quality in the second half of the court, while outside the battle is the goal of Gorica, Daniellecius. 
KAZAKSTAN:  He remains at the low, after his new disappointing presence in the qualifiers of the IP, behind Germany, Sweden, Austria, Ireland, and surpassing only the Faeroe Islands. Past Czech technician Miroslav Beranek and his substitute 50 Russian Yuri Krasnodan, who makes a debut tonight. Dzhen Kuznickenko, after good performances with Saktieri Garagadi, got a transcript for the Polish Krona.


International friendly meeting, held at Vasil Levski, Sofia.

BULGARIA:  After a moderate World Cup qualifier, where he finished 4 behind Italy, Denmark and the Czech Republic, he is now preparing for the Euro 2016 qualifiers, for which 24 teams will be the first to take part. In a difficult group with Croatia, Italy and Norway. First friendly within 2014. Ljuboslav Penev did not take goalkeeper Mihailov (29), defender Ivanov (39 / 3), Zanev (24), midfielder 14 / 3 and striker 9.
Poor course once again in a qualifying phase, he last finished in a "fire" group with France, Spain, Finland and Georgia, taking just 4 points. Gorgi Kontraev continues on the wheel. Again in a difficult group with Spain, Ukraine, Slovakia and Skopje. In addition to sending for the match in Sofia, defender Rangzhoff (13 co.), Midfielder Chicharov (34 / 1), Balanovitch (16 / 2) and the Cornilen (60 / 14) were left behind.

In Blinda

ALGERIA (26): 
Mustafa Taker of Blinda has now established itself as Algeria's permanent headquarters as it has never lost in this field (19 races from 2002)! In this field he won in November and Burkina Faso stamping the ticket for the Brazilian World Cup. Four new faces were invited by Halilozzic together with all the stars of the group. Exciting absence, Valencia's Feguli.
 From the TV, the Slovenians will see the World Cup even though 2010 was present in the final stage, where they lost the group's qualification by the Americans with a goal at 94 'at the expense of ... Algeria. From the calls of Catanets, "Japanese" Novakovic (61 / 25) and Lubianic (42 / 6) are missing, while the only new face is Belaj goalkeeper of Olaneen. Present also Mirsa, AC Milan, Matavas (PSV), Ilic (Fiorentina) and PAS Strona.


GREECE (12): Our national team wants to get a taste of Japan and chose South Korea, with which they look a bit like the "throttle". Socrates Papastathopoulos (replaced by Abraham Papadopoulos), Orestis Karnezis and Panayiotis Cone and Sivas and Gekas are injured. New faces that Santos has called (the most known news that he does not continue) are Glykos and Djorvas, Fetafatzidis and Dimitris Papadopoulos.
Mission: Glykos (PAOK), Giovas (Apollon), Torosidis (Roma), Vounta (Levant), Papastathopoulos (Dortmund), Manolaz (Olympiacos), Tzavellas (PAOK), Holebas (Olympiacos), Tzoli (Kayserispor) Samaris (Olympiacos), Karagounis (Fulham), Katsouranis (PAOK), Cone (Bologna), Christodoulopoulos (Bologna), Salpingidis (PAOK), Fetafatzidis (Genoa), Samaras (Celtic), Mitroglou (Fulam) and Papadopoulos (Atromitos).
N. KOREA (53): He finished second with a goal difference and will give the team in Hong Kong to Hong Kong. Korea's last three friendly matches are 0-4 with Mexico, 0-2 with the United States and 1-0 on Costa Rica. He is known for being Manchester United and is now playing in Eindhoven, Yang Shang Park. However, the striker of Leverkusen Heung Min Ho
Goalkeepers: Riong Jung Sung, Seung Giu Kim, Zin Hieon Kim 
Defendants: Zheong-Ho Hong (Augsburg), Jung Gwon Kim, Zhou Hongk, Lee Jong, Zin Su Kim, Seok Ho Xang, Zhou-Jung Kim,
Middle East: Sung Wong Ki (Sunderland), Chung-Jung Li (Bolton), For-Cull Koh (Mainz), Kung Kim Bo (Cardiff), Ha Dae Sung,
Aggressive: Chu Jung Park (Watford), Keun Ho Li, Dong Gon (Augsburg), Sung Wu Yi, Heung Min Son (Leverkusen)

In the capital of Podgorica

Outside but with a good presence in the group where he finished behind England and Ukraine. Formally, the qualifiers of Juro in the fall. In addition to sending for several reasons, Jovanovic (E, 30 / 12 of Manchester City), Vukinic (E, 37 / 15 of Juventus) and S. Vukovic (M, 43 / 2 of Levadiakos). New face is the average Brawne's N. Vowewicz.
GIANNA (37): 
He will be present in Brazil, Germany (with Portugal and USA) after (total) 7-3 on Egypt. With a full mission at the Montevideo team: Asamoja (E, 77 / 39 of Al Ain), the two saints (Soso, Marseille), Mundari (M, 80 / 20) of AC Milan, Prince Boateg (M, 10 / 2) of Schalke, and Plato's defensive intum (44 / 1).

In Johannesburg

 From a stump to a stump, the "Baffa-Baffana" wanders from 2010 and then, when it hosted the previous World Cup. Even Ethiopia has been eliminated in recent qualifiers. Today's confrontation is part of the twentieth-century events since the abolition of the Apartheid and will be impregnated by musical-dancing events.
BRAZIL (9): 
He has recorded six consecutive wins, and 17 has lost only from Switzerland (14 / 8 / 13, 0-1 in Basel.) Up to the start of the World Cup, two other Brazilian friendly players have been scheduled. Neumann, Oscar, Ramirez, Danny Albes, Tiago Silva and all other "European" stars. Only the Fred (E), Joe (E) and goalkeeper Jefferson of Botafogo were called from the domestic championship.


Friendly game. It takes place at the "ETO Park" in Gyor, Hungary.

HUNGARY:  The ever-hard Hungary ended third in the qualifying group behind the Netherlands and Romania, and was defeated by 8-1 from the "Oranje". In technical leadership since last December, Attila Pinter, after the expulsion of Santor Egervari after three years. Most players were called from the home league. Apart from Schalke (19 / 7), Schalke was left. 
FINLAND: She has not managed to overcome herself and qualify for a very difficult group with teams like Spain and France, finishing third. Michele Paetelainen continues in the technical leadership, with the Federation being pleased with his work, significantly improving the development of his game, based on many passes and the ball in the grass. From "legionnaires" the mission distinguishes the name of the Pucci of Celtic. They were left out of the oldest Pasanen, Taunus (middle), Forsal (Form).


International friendly game, held at Tel Aviv National Ramat Gan National Stadium.

ISRAEL: In a difficult group with Russia and Portugal, all he managed was to finish third and stay out of the World Cup. Elie Gutman, who is trying to renew the national team, will continue to play on the bench, having a difficult job to qualify for Euro 2016 in a group with Belgium, Bosnia and Wales. Without a win in the last five, while the five most recent within ended up being "ambiguous". Extremely short-stacked AUAT goalkeeper 78 coach lost to Mallorca, defender Tibi (15 co.) Was injured and Ben Xaym was called (77 / 1). Excluding Benayon (93 / 24), who fought last time last August.
SLOVAKIA: Our team of the National Team of the World Cup, Wallace and Sich did not get any better than the third place, with the World Cup qualifier being the "double" champion in Bosnia. In group-mountain with Spain, Ukraine, Skopje and Belarus on the way to Euro 2016. Under 2,5 goals in seven of the last eight. After four years, Vladimir Weis left the technical leadership and from June on the bench sits Jan Kozak. Almost all of her stars in Israel. In addition to the Czech defender (52 / 5), the average Koutka (35 / 2) and the freestyle / middles (36 / 3).


In Innsbruck, Austria

BOSNIA (17): 
He is well acquainted with Bosnia's representative team from the National Championship matches in the World Cup qualifier. For Egyptian-friendly, if we exclude Missimovic's absence (E, 79 / 25), all other stars (Zdenko, Ibezević and Co.) are at the disposal of Saphet Sushic. New faces, midfiers Hadzic (Sturm Grats), Susic (Hajduk) and goalkeeper Fezic of Allen.
EGYPT (31): 
In the midst of an internal turmoil in the country, Africa's biggest football team failed to get the ticket for the new World Cup. With a new coach the local Caribbean, he will try to rebuild the team from the new batch of players. Seven new faces are on the mission, and various comments have been made, not to call players of Zamalek, the country's second largest team. Surprisingly, the call of 41time goalkeeper Al Hendari, who was inactive on Bradley, while Gendo (36 / 18) of Al-Ahli's premier Al Ahli and Chelsech (17 / 17) Chelsea will head the attack.



CZECH REPUBLIC (27): In a rebuilding phase, the Czech Republic after failing to qualify for the Brazilian World Cup. The federation has given a considerable amount of money to break the successful coach's contract, Pavel Virba, with Victoria Pyslein, and assign him the steering wheel of the national team. Twelve legionnaires headed by Arsenal's Tomas Rosicky (93 / 21), while five of the six "locals" are fighting in Sparta Prague. 
NORWAY (60): The second term of the "Drillo" was crowned with absolute failure, so with a new captain Per-Matias Bugo, the Norwegian National Team starts a new trip aimed at the 2016 Yuro. Clear coach's intention to see many faces before it arrives in a more stable shape, although the basic does not seem to change much in relation to previous coach's choices. 


In Barcelona, ​​Spain

2013 has reached a record high, reaching third place in the FIFA rankings and, as it is known, will be one of the three opponents of our national team in the first round of the Brazilian World Cup. Big absent Falkow of Monaco who may also lose the World Cup because of the serious injury suffered in January. All the other basic ones are now available to the federal technician Peckerman.
TUNISIA (45):  
From the constant presence of the World Cup of last decade failed to qualify as 20010, and this year, paying its weakness, to replenish the stars of that time. The mere fact that 2008 has changed eight coaches shows the federal "storm". Nazar Kanfir has called six youngsters on the mission, where we find first-class Ben Hatira (M, Herta), Yachi (A, Lans) and the much-beloved Ismail Zema (E, 80 / 36) in Kuwait.


International Friendly Confrontation, held in Nicosia's new GSP. Free admission to the public.

CYPRUS: He did not make any great progress in the qualifiers of the Brazilian World Cup, saying goodbye early on. Without winning 10 official games, the last six come n / g and under. Change to technical leadership with Nikos Nioplias leaving (Michalis Chatzipieris official in the last games). Pampos Christodoulou makes a debut tonight at the counter of National Cyprus, calling 24 footballers. For the first time in Men the goalkeeper of Halkanora Idalio, George Loizou, defender Andreas Makris of Anorthosis, Giorgos Arestis of ENP and Hambos Kyriakou of Apollo. Return to Andreas Papathanasiou of Mercury. Apart from the defending player Christou (31 co.).
B. IRELAND: Greece's rival in Euro 2016 ranged in shallow waters in the World Cup qualifiers, ending 5 in a group with Russia, Portugal, Israel and Azerbaijan, only passing through Luxembourg. From the Irish mission, Kilmarnok's midfielder Sami Klingan (36 co.) Was eliminated as a result of the injury and replaced by Dow Jones's winger Paul Patton. Apart from defending Hussein (88 / 1), average Overland (64), while Form Xili (95 / 36) withdrew. Coach Michael O'Neal has been coached since February of 2012. 


At Skopje's National Stadium (Arena) the friendly match

FYROM: He was the ... poor relative in the recent World Cup qualifiers, he ended up with only one win in a difficult group. A new era in the group, after the reign took over by experienced Bosto Gorovski, debut tonight. My players have a pace, we want the victory to give joy and pride to our world, Ibrahim our new leader said in his first statements. In addition to being sent by star Paduff and good Nimovski.
He did not show anything special to our national team, in the qualifying, he beat the two ... last at home, that's it! Everyone believes in a new beginning with Paarhas on the bench. For the first time they were called Kourakins (Ventspils) and Salvayn (Jagellon). In the mission 35 midfielder Lajans, punished is the good man Kauna (CSKA M.).


TURKEY (42): Once again he failed and did not participate in the final stage of a big event. From 2002 has to travel to Worldtickets, and from 2008 to Euro. New start to France's 2016, in the same group as the Netherlands (re), the Czech Republic, Latvia, Iceland and Kazakhstan, led by Fatih Terim. They were called for the first time, Defenders Parlak, Dourour.
SWEDEN (25): Very little to resist Portugal. He was locked in the bar with two defeats and farewell to the Brazilian stadium. From 2006 he has to play in the final round of the World Cup. Euro 2012 was blocked in the first phase in Ukraine. For the next, it has been drawn with Russia, Austria, Montenegro, Moldova and Liechtenstein. Berkas of Panathinaikos was called. 

In Antonis Papadopoulos of Larnaca the match.

UKRAINE:In spite of his excellent attempt at the qualifying and the very good first match in the barrage against France, the team of Phoenco finally did not go to the World Cup. In a political upheaval, Ukraine, on the verge of ... war on the country, which has affected everyone. The federation initially wanted to cancel the friendly but will eventually travel to Cyprus. Without absences the mission, meanwhile also the important Konoplianka (M) and Timoshuk (M).
 He will be in the finals of the World Cup in Brazil, good roster and good football from the team of the German coach. "The game is an opportunity for my players to show in Europe who they really are in view of the World Cup," Klisman said. In the mission are the experienced Dempsey (Seattle) and Bradley (Toronto), except for the star Donovan.



ROMANIA: Of course, we all saw the potential of the Romanians in the barrage between us. The National Team had a very easy task and could win them in Bucharest. The lottery again confronts Yuro's qualifiers. Outstanding calls to the coach from Pitsurka, injured and Matsel's side back.
ARGENTINA: Prepares for the great Brazilian World Cup, where he is considered one of the favorites. This was stated at yesterday's press conference and 3 by her big stars. Great reception for Messi from the media. 



AUSTRIA (43): It fought until the penultimate match, but failed to resist the superiority of Sweden, was defeated away and said goodbye to any hope of participating in the barrage. The Swiss Federal Collar continues to target Euro 2016 in France, where he will again face Sweden and Russia, Montenegro, Moldova and LiechtensteinThe Hosiner striker, Zoulerneer, was not called. The average aggressive Burgler was injured. Ilsacker (Salzburg) was called early.
URUGUAY (7): For the second consecutive time, he participates in the final round of the World Cup. After the stadiums in South Africa where he won 4η position, hopes to be distinguished in neighboring Brazil where 1950 has conquered the World Cup for the second time. Repeats Italy (1966,1970), England and Costa Rica. Cavani (E) is not ready for 100%. Injured and left out, Caceres (A-Juventus), Hernandez (E-Palermo).


SWITZERLAND (6): He qualified directly in the final stage of World Cup 2014 as the culmination of an amazing journey. He is in the group with France, Honduras and Ecuador. The best thing he has to do is to fight in today's race. Finally, Hitsefl after the World Cup finals. He takes on the qualifiers of Euro 2016 o Petrovich (formerly Lazio). Doubtful Sakiri (M-Bayern) 
CROATIA (16): He had won the second place in the qualifiers behind Belgium. With the home win, he eliminated Iceland in the qualification barrage and was on the Brazilian stadium where he will face the organizer, Cameroon and Mexico. Nikos Kovacs is taking over from 16 October. Injusters (M-Hamburg) and Rebic (Fiorentina) were injured.



BELGIUM (11): It targets high and not unfairly if you take into account that the current round of footballers is probably the best that the country has done over time. Apart from Armenal's defense team, all the other "basic" ones are available to Vilmos: Copan, Azar, Felaini, DeBebel, Lukau, Bendeke.
COAST (17): For a third consecutive World Cup, the "Elephants" present in the final phase, although the failure to get an African title in the last 20 years is causing frequent turbulence in the country's football community. Of course, we will also be in the summer as it is in the same group as our National. De Didier Drogba leads the virtually complete mission of this day, while the only remarkable absence is Everton's Aruna Cone (E, 39 / 9).



GERMANY (2): By conceding only the incredible 4-4 in Sweden, he travels to the Brazilian stadiums, seeking the distinction in the final phase. It faces Portugal, Ghana and the USA. The Americans have seen their last defeat in a friendly match with 3-4. Returning Swainstayer (M), Klose (E), Pondolski (E). They were first called Lasburg (E-Hamburg), Han (E-Augsburg), Gunther (A-Freiburg), Mustafi (A-Sampdoria). They were not called in for injury, Miller (E-Bayern), Gomez (E-Fiorentina), Roes (M-Dortmund), Chelsea (A-Dortmund).
CHILE (14): Remaining undefeated in the last six qualifiers, he managed to qualify for the final round of the World Cup. Brazil will face Spain, the Netherlands and Australia. He did not fight in the championship, injured Vidal (M-Juventus). Doubtless defensive Mendel (Cardiff). Except Kipper Bravo.


139. IRELAND (67) - SERBIA (29)

IRELAND: For the World Cup qualifiers he was drawn in the third group with Germany, Sweden, Austria, Faeroe Islands and Kazakhstan. Her failure to occupy one of the two privileged positions has led Giovanni Trapatonini to resign. So on 5 November 2013 took on Martin O'Neil with Roy Kin as assistant. In their first two games, they saw their players win 3-0 in Latvia and bring 0-0 to Poland. The Euro 2016 qualifiers were drawn together with Germany, Poland, Scotland, Georgia and Gibraltar. In addition to average Reed (Nottingham), goalie Elliott (Newcastle) and striker Doyle (CUP). 
SERBIA: In the qualifiers of the World Cup, 3 finished behind the second place, which Croatia and Belgium finally took the lead. So he stayed away from the World Cup and Sinica Mihajlovic was past, after he resigned after this failure. The Euro 2016 qualifiers were drawn with Albania, Armenia, Denmark and Portugal in the ninth group. 

140. WALES (51) - ICELAND (48)

WALES: Chris Coleman took over the technical leadership at 19 / 01 / 2012. For World Cup Qualifiers, Wales faced Croatia, Serbia, Belgium, Scotland and Skopje in the First Group. There he was ranked penultimate with 10 points. The Euro 2016 qualifiers were drawn with Andorra, Belgium, Bosnia, Cyprus and Israel. Excluding Aaron Ramsey (Arsenal) and David Von (Sunderland) injured. 
ICELAND: He played against Switzerland, Slovenia, Norway, Albania and Cyprus for the qualifiers of the World Cup and was second in Group E. In the barrage that followed, he was drawn with Croatia from which he was eliminated with a total score of 2-0. The Euro 2016 qualifiers were drawn with the Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Latvia, the Netherlands and Turkey. 


POLAND (70): A Levadovski does not bring the spring for the Polish National Team which has historically low FIFA rankings. Without discrimination in the last eight years, he made a new page last November by recruiting Adam Navatta at the wheel of the team. With the new coach, however, he has two in two as he won Norway (3-0) and Moldova (1-0) in January in international tournaments in Abu Dhabi. Today's match will be missing due to injury Dartmund's Bozzikovski (M, 68 / 14)
SCORE (37): Encouragingly the signs of Gordon Strathan's tenure on the Scottish counter that have been set up to build a competitive team for Yuro 2016's qualifiers. The old guard took a pass from Strachan, so in today's mission, except for McGregor, no player is older than the age of thirty! Four of them compete in Celtic, one at Dundee United and the other in teams in England. 


142. ENGLAND (15) - DENMARK (20)

ENGLAND: For the qualifiers of the World Cup, he faced Ukraine, Montenegro, Poland, Moldova and San Marino in Group H. There he took the first place and in the finals of Brazil will be called to face Costa Rica, Italy and Uruguay in the fourth group. The Euro 2016 qualifiers were drawn with Estonia, Lithuania, San Marino, Slovenia and Switzerland. Apart from John Anderson (Sunderland) and Gareth Bari (lender in Everton). Traumatic is the defender Jagelka (Everton). 18 left-lean backhacker Luc Co. (Southampton), who is expected to become England's new left-back bracelet for the next few years, was called for the first time. 
DENMARK: For the qualifiers of the World Cup, he faced Armenia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Italy and Malta. There he was second behind Italy but could not get into the barrage as he was the worst of the 9 teams that ranked second in the group. The Euro 2016 qualifiers were drawn with Albania, Armenia, Portugal and Serbia. Extremely doubtful is average Eriksen (Tottenham).

In New Dean, London (Milwaukee)

AUSTRALIA (53): With a new coach known from his term in Panachaikos, Angelos Postekoğlu, the "Skokeros" start their preparations for the final stage of the World Cup, where they will face Spain, the Netherlands and ChileSeveral "absences" for the current friendly, as for reasons of disinterest, are not in the mission Kruse, Brouche, Arci Thomson, Fly Williams, Lucas Neil. 
EQUALITY (24): After 2010's "break", Ecuador got the ticket for the final round of the World Cup, which will take place this year in his "neighborhood." Not surprisingly, Rooney's calls for Australia's current friendly, as well as those considered as basic, are only missing by aggressive Aguille. 


Friendly showdown in Paris de Paris.

FRANCE: It has been triumphant and at the same time difficult in the final with its strenuous victory in the rematch towards the Ukrainians. Debut the extraordinary Griesetman (Sosadad). Opportunity for young people to get experience, Desambah said, announcing changes. Experienced Abidhal (Monaco) and Nasser (Manchester City) are out, Robbery (Bayern M.) is reasonably protected.
NETHERLANDS: In another event he goes with ambitions, making excellent qualifiers. We have 50 players who can get a chance highlighted by Fan Gaul who delivers after the World Cup to Hinging. Several stars on the mission will be tested for the 21 time of Ajax Klasen. Besides the main Stechelenburg (Fulham - GK), De Yong (Milan-M) and Fan de Faart (Hamburg-M)


PORTUGAL: Great match in the barrage for the World Cup between Portugal and Sweden. The big stars spoke, in the first match, Ronaldo was decisive for 1-0 at home, while in Sweden he was a star remix, with Ibrahimovic and Ronaldo competing who will clean for his National. Eventually, Cristiano showed that he was a space player, sent his National Team to Brazil and is now preparing in a friendly manner. Except Almeida and Ricardo Costa.
CAMERON: From the moment it fell to the Brazilian club in the World Cup, all eyes will be on it. He knows that the level he will meet will be proportionate to the current friendly with Portugal, so he has to give it all to see at what level he is. Doubtful the aggressor.



SPAIN (1): Great game preparation for Del Bocce's team ahead of the World Cup. 
David Davia, Gerard Pike, Alvaro Abreloa, Juan Mata and of course Fernando Torres have been shot for various reasons. 
Goalkeepers: Iker Casillas (Real Madrid), Véctor Valdés (Barcelona) and Pepe Reina (Napoles).
Defenders: Juanfran Torres (Atlıtico de Madrid), Jordi Alba (Barcelona), César Azpilicueta (Chelsea), Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid) and Raïl Albiol (Naples). 
Aries: Javi Martnez (Bayern Munich), Xavi Hernandez (Barcelona), Xabi Alonso (Real Madrid), Sergio Busquets (Barcelona), Cesc Fabregas (Barcelona), Thiago Alcantara ), Jesse Navas (Manchester City), David Silva (Manchester City) and Santi Cazorla (Arsenal). 
Aggressive: Pedro Rodrguez (Barcelona), Diego Costa (Atletico Madrid) and Alvaro Negredo (Manchester City).
ITALY (8): Italy's request to postpone the friendly was put on the pretext that the teams may be facing the World Cup. In addition to the fight for punishment, Dyanjele de Rosi on the punch that threw Mauro Icardi in the match against Inter. With the exception of Mario Baloteli, Giuseppe Rossi, Alberto Acuilani and Fentrikos Marketti. 
Goalkeepers: Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus), Mattia Perin (Genoa), Salvatore Sirigu (Paris Saint-Germain, France).
Defenders: Ignazio Abate (AC Milan), Davide Astori (Cagliari), Andrea Barzagli (Juventus), Leonardo Bonucci (Juventus), Giorgio Chiellini (Juventus), Domenico Criscito (Zenit de San Petersburgo, Rusia), Mattia De Sciglio (AC Milan ), Christian Maggio (Napoli), Gabriel Paletta (Parma).
Averages: Andrea Candreva (Lazio), Emanuele Giaccherini (Sunderland, Inglaterra), Claudio Marchisio (Juventus), Riccardo Montolivo (AC Milan), Thiago Motta (Paris Saint-Germain, Francia), Marco Parolo (Parma), Andrea Pirlo (Juventus ), Marco Verratti (Paris Saint-Germain, France).
Aggressive: Alessio Cerci (Torino), Mattia Destro (Roma), Alberto Gilardino (Genoa), Ciro Immobile (Torino), Lorenzo Insigne (Napoli), Pablo Osvaldo (Juventus).



ENDURAY: The team of the World Cup and that, many wanted it for an opponent because in theory it is very weak. He has already played friendly, the first to take 5 from Brazil, but 2-2 with Ecuador. This great test to show its strength. 
VENEZUELA: He failed to qualify for the World Cup after making big laps, especially at his headquarters. There is still a long way to get established. However, many players play in big tournaments and are quite competitive as a National. 


Costa Rica: In a group with Italy, Uruguay and England, it is easy to understand the definition of underdog. Has already played 3 friendly in the last two months, 3 defeats, with 6-0 goal against her. It needs immediate recovery, otherwise it is in danger of being mistreated. 
PARAGUAY: Tragic in the qualifiers of the World Cup, he was hit especially at home and is far from the old hard-hitting team we all know. Only with Bolivia was heroic. It is logical that it was blocked. 

Match Info

  • OPAP 111-GG,113-Under,115-2 3 Γκολ,117-1,119-1,120-X,121-2(X),122-Over,123-1,125-NoBet,126-GG,127-Under,128-NoBet,129-GG,130-1,131-Over,132-2,133-2/2,134-Over,135-GG,137-Over,138-NoBet,139-1,140-GG,141-X2,142-1,143-2,144-Over,145-NoBet,148-X(ΗΜ),150-1,152-1,153-NoBet

West Indies - England (JE Root's performance: 41)

Third and final game in this small series of One Day Internationals races between West Indies and England. So far the score is 1-1 and the winner will win and turn and will go up in the ODIs world ranking.

I can not say I see abandas for a team, since the two previous games showed several weaknesses on both sides and they are not inspiring confidence at the moment to rely on a bet. Among the players who have stood out in the two previous games is the young Englishman allrounder Joe Root, who justifies the title of the hot talent of the country.

In the previous two matches Root had 1 and 2 wickets respectively, while batting had 37 and 23 runs. Generally in this line, he seems to take a more prominent role in the team and for the first time he normally takes part in the team's bowling exhausting all the over he has at his disposal.

I believe he will be able to continue his stability and good looks and he is able to score more than 40 points and cover the limit. The player gets 1 points for each run, 10 points for each catch and 20 points for each wicket. You will find this market in the Asian Cup player performances category.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) One Day Internationals (ODI)
  • Pick About
  • Odds 1.80
  • Stake 3
  • Bookmaker Interwetten
  • result 127
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +2.4

Afghanistan - India (Mohammad Shahzad's performance: 32)

Totally indifferent play between Afghanistan and India for the Asian Cup, since both teams are blocked from continuing the tournament.

Typically in such situations groups like India eliminate the stress of discrimination and can also perform good cricket. He is the undisputed favorite in this fight and logically the Indians will not have difficulty getting another win.

Afghanistan impressed with his victory against Bangladesh, which essentially left the home team away, but the wicket keeper of the team does not impress at all. Mohammad Shehzad is making a tragic event so far, and something extra pounds, the weak team in Afghanistan, has failed to achieve some significant performance. In the previous three games he had 9, 2 and 7 runs and did not justify his role as the team's original batsman, and throughout the event he managed to make only one catch.

Again, he is expected to find them very hard against the Indian bowlers and I do not think he can score many runs. On the other hand, I do not expect Afghanistan to get a lot of wickets, so it will not have many opportunities for catches. 32 is a limit that has not been made in any of the three previous games in Afghanistan and I hope it will not succeed even now.

The player gets 1 points for each run, 10 points for each catch and 20 points for each wicket. You will find this market in the Asian Cup player performances category.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Asian Cup
  • Pick During
  • Odds 1.83
  • Stake 3
  • Bookmaker Interwetten
  • result 22
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +2.49

Houston Rockets-Miami Heat

Derby day today at the NBA after we have several big matches, with Indiana welcoming the Golden State, Houston with champions Maami Heat and finally Phoenix welcoming Clippers in a match that attacks will fire.
We are going to the Houston showdown among the most formidable teams in the league. Meanwhile, 8 is coming from winning streaks (Oklahoma, Dallas, Golden State) while Houston has 11 wins in its last 13 games.
In Miami, all the lights have fallen to Lembron James since yesterday he made a career record against Bobcats (winning Meamie with 124-107) scoring 61 points with amazing rates. He had 22 / 33 shoot with 8 / 10 three-pointers and got their defender defeated Bobcats. In the yesterday's match, Wayne relaxed, who rarely plays back to back games this afternoon to rest his knees that continue to hurt him.
On the other hand, Houston is at 4 in the West with a record of 40-19 and shows that the team has finally found chemistry. Their basic Beverly-Harden-Parsons-Jones-Howard is probably the best in the NBA. Asik's return and the acquisition of Hamilton from Denver, the team gets several points from their bench. In their last game 118-110 defeated Detroit in a match that Parsons did not fight. The game is expected to be ready.
Houston has a 17-3 record against Eastern teams and has not yet lost 12-0.
Meanwhile, Meamie counts 7 for victories against Rockets regardless of home.
I believe that the Rockets will be able to win, since Miami has no one to stand up for Howard and Jones from whom I expect to get a lot of rebounds and give the winner's slogan. 1.93 in the elementary is extremely tempting .

Match Info

  • Pick 1
  • Odds 1,93
  • Stake 5
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 106-103
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +4.65

ENGLAND 2 04 / 03

Analysis and betting predictions for the betting offered by the OPAP coupon for today's 4 Tuesday in England.



From postponing 31 racing. 

 Difficult now is for Newport, which, in addition to Saturday's planned games, is set to make a series of postpone sessions from the bad guy who swept Britain all through February. Tiredness in the roster is obvious, but her players gave it all against the excellent and unbeaten 18 Scunthorpe games, taking last Saturday's 2-2 draw. Welsh was very good in the first place, ahead of 25 'and with some luck maybe they could reach the second goal. In the second part, the picture changed completely, Skanthorp came rationally ahead and with two goals in 61 'and 83' reached the overturn, with the home side equaling the delays. Stays at -7 from the playoff positions. In addition to fighting for a long time, the main Pittsjon Pitt (24 co.), Substitute Stevens (2), while Form O'Connor (last year's top scorer) has not yet fought this season.
FLIGHT: The many absences, as well as Wimbledon's strong resistance to the defensive, have deprived her of two valuable points in her effort to take part in League 2's playoffs, staying in the "white" 0-0. Just one win in the last seven games (1-3-3) on the Northampton.
Problems in the mission's training remain. Extremely doubtful is the organizer Schumacher (25 / 4). In addition to Bowl (22 / 6), and the impoverished Grand Slam, who was injured in December and returned to the pts after only one run. Finally the season for the basic medium-winger Huzz (25 / 3).

Match Info

  • OPAP 104-Under / 1


Analysis and forecasts for the betting of the matches offered by the OPAP coupon for Tuesday 4 March in Argentina.



KOLON SANTA ΦE: Fourth win in the league and first place in the standings after 1-0 away from Rosario, although the fight is to avoid relegation. He won the goal at Carlos XCUMX Carlos Martine Luke because he was effective against a Rosario that was generally on a moderate night. It remains injured midfielder Mariano Bitolos and 11 will be the winner. 
 11ad: Montoya; Castillo, Alcoba, Landa, Cain; Graciani, Meli, Videla, Mansilla; Luque, Alario 
 After three consecutive wins came home 0-2 from Hemnasia, after a match that almost lost from changing rooms. Once in 13 and 16 he received the two goals that influenced him psychologically and took it out of the race. 
Punished is Akinos (m., 7 / 1) and doubtful Gonzalo Kasteigani 

 11ad: Jorge Carranza; Leonardo Sigali, Nicolás Sánchez, Leandro Grimi; José San Román, Federico Lirtora, Gonzalo Castellani, José Luis Fernandez; Gonzalo Dzaz; Facundo Castillón, Mauro Obolo 


CHIMNAIA LA FLAT: Return to victories for his Trogllian team that passed 2-0 in Govindi. He soon cleaned the match with two goals from Dias and Pereira at 13 and 16andres. No danger from 70 and after playing with a player above. 
Travimatos and Matthew Garcia and Max Coronel, but Omar Pouso, 

Possible 11th: FernandoMonetti; FacundoOreja, MaximilianoCoronel, OliverBenνtez, JuanCarlosBlengio, LucasLicht; GastσnDνaz, OmarPouso, FrancoMussis, JavierMendoza; FacundoPereyra, GustavoBou. 

 Second-place defeat for the team of Bourgesaga who this time lost one of the molded Belgrave with 1-2. Excellent start with Eluchan's goal at 3 but bad afterwards after the game turned two goals in 35 and 60. 
Available Maneselli who due to condition in the contract did not play with Belgrave.
Possible 11th: EstebanConde; AlexisNiz, ArielGarcι, RodrigoErramuspe, AndrιsRodales; DiegoFerreira, AdriαnBastνa, CιsarMansanelli, JuanEluchans; LucasAlbertengo, DiegoVera. 


ALL BOYS: Second match defeat after 1-1 in Rashing. In defense for most of the time he threatened with a sut and found a response to the goal he received at 36, two minutes before the final of the match with Bustamante. 
Ghosalos Espinosa is punished, whose position is taken by young Chulian Fernandes. 

Possible 11th: NicolαsCambiasso; SantiagoLadino, CarlosCastiglione, NehuιnPaz, MarceloBustamante; JuliαnFernαndez, RobertoBattiσn, OscarAhumada; NicolαsCabrera, JuanCruzCareaga; JavierCαmpora.

ARHENTINOS TZ: Smiles again to Borgie's team that returned to winning ways after the first game, as they beat Arsenal in Maradona 2-0 after a good performance. The protagonist of the match is Piskulitsi who scored both goals in a crucial moment (in 43 ΄ and in the delays of the half). The hero of the match Piskulitsi was injured and is doubtful. The absence remains for the main defender Migliore but Julio Baraza (a., 22/2) and Santiago Nagel (m., 19/0) return. Possible 11th: NereoFernandez? DiegoBarisone or JulioBarraza, MiguelTorrιn, GianmarcoGambetta; PabloBαrzola, WalterSerrano, SergioVittor, LucasRodrνguez; Leonardo Pisculichi, RodrigoGσmez; HernαnBoyero. 


Match Info

  • OPAP 108-1,109-Over, 110-Under

SKIN LINE 2 04 / 03

Analysis and forecasts for the betting of the matches offered by the OPAP coupon for today's 4 Tuesday in Scotland.



PITERCENT: He won 4-0 comfortably with Ist Sterling and retained the difference of five points from his current rival. Anxiety has been caused by complaints about racist behavior by supporters of Ister Sterling's player, investigated by the police. However, the administration separates its position and condemns. Scott Ross (A, 20 / 2) and Ross Smith (3 / 0 + 14 / 1 with Stench) return.
ANNA: She got clean (4-0) at the headquarters of the southern Derby with Bergwick always staying on top. Many will of course be judged by the current playoff with Peterhead and the "rematch" that will take place in two weeks at its headquarters. Singleshare returns (A, 17 / 1) but Wearson (A, 11 / 2) and Hopkirk (E, 13 / 5)

SKIN LINE 1 04 / 03

Analysis and forecasts for the betting of the matches offered by the OPAP coupon for today's 4 Tuesday in Scotland.


105. Eur - FORMER

EIR: After two defeats from the two pioneers (Rangers and Dunfermline), he lost also from the playoffs Endrians 0-3 playing with ten of 41 'and nine by 74' He remains in fourth place with + 3b and a game less . The last of the four days of his punishment is played by Goat Mofat (23 / 13), while the missing Hader (A, 22 / 1) and MacDonald (A, 14 / 0)
FORM: He left 1-4 with a heavy defeat by Ollie Steinhausmir, basically putting an end to hopes for a playoffs, and now he's in danger of clinging to adventures with the tail! Competitive until 60 '(1-1) ended in the last half when he accepted three goals. No problem was reported.


STRANER: Great 3-1 on-home victory on Danfabrik and the playoffs are now considered to be data since they are at + 11 from the fifth place, having two games at hand. The fast goal (1-0 at 6 ') put her in defense but that did not prevent her from getting two more goals before taking the 78' penalty shootout. Always out of action, multiplayer Middleton (15 / 6) and striker Corcoran (12 / 1)
IFIEF: Tough defeat (0-1) at the headquarters of the Rangers champion, having believed in the tie, accepted the fatal goal at 93! With this defeat he completed five non-victory games (0-2-3) for the first time under the line due to worse goal difference from Erdionians. Intermediate Fischer (12 / 1) retired with a rebounding striker Clark (16 / 0)

ENGLAND 1 04 / 03

Analysis and betting predictions for the betting offered by the OPAP coupon for today's 4 Tuesday in England.



SEFILD JUN.: Seventh consecutive win in all blade competitions after winning 1-0 at MK Dons headquarters. The team of the Nato Claw scored 23 'the only goal of the match, and was little threatened. Thus he acquired 6 air from the dangerous zone. Doubtful midfielder (22 / 0) and defensive Maggie (30 / 5), as well as defensive Bradford (5 / 1) and average Murphy (22 / 2) who left wounded. 
PITERMBERG: "If a football match could sum up this season, that would be the current one. We lost again from a team below the middle, "Darren Ferguson stressed after defeating his team at Crowley's headquarters with 1-0. The result was a penalty shootout at 86 '. Again the aggressive Kyle Vassel (4 / 0). Douglas defender Newjent (3 / 0).


COLLECTOR: It may have been worth more than defeating 2-1 at Leyton Oriente. Joe Dan's team was great with Iber and Shires finding a stunning goalie opposite them. He was back at the score, but equaled 79 'and everyone thought he would get the grade. But 83 'has a second goal. Expected average WAT (11 / 3).
RODERAM: Strive Evans's biggest victory in New York Stanley has managed to beat Notts County with 6-0. The game is inappropriate commenting with the score already being 4-0 on 30 '. Meanwhile, Mileson (20 / 1) and Tom Thomas (7 / 3) are doubtful again. Alone with the Icelandic defender Arnasson (28 / 0).


CROOULI: He continued his upward course with the difficult but important home win against Peterborough with 1-0. The victory came with an appropriate penalty shootout of the Tubs at 86 '. This was the sixth game that remains undefeated, while it should be noted that at least 5 games are less than competitive. He scored the top scorer Clark (18 / 5). The absence of the 21 defensive and other top Wolves scorer (23 / 5) is important. With the offensive National Flag (0 / 0). 
STEVENETT: Shot from the bottom of the score after the second consecutive win, this time at Bradford's headquarters with 3-2. The victory gains more importance once it was found twice behind, but it was able to overturn. Doubt again the average Hessop (21 / 1).

Match Info

  • OPAP 101-1,102-2,103-No Bet

FRANCE 2 04 / 03

Analysis and forecasts for the betting of the matches offered by the OPAP coupon for Tuesday 4 March in France.


From postponing for the championship

BREST: With two goals from the experienced Grugi (M, 19 / 4) and with a counterattack in the second half, he managed to turn the game against Laval and get a significant win 2-1, he risked the finale. For the first time this year 3 / 3 wins, all with queue groups. Except for 2ο the first Verdict scorer (E, 23 / 8), except for the CULIBLIA (A, 22 / 0), the remaining long term.
ANZE: Good only for a half-time against Troyes, he showed he was happy with the draw and eventually conquered it, although he got the maximum from the match, stayed in 3a. Except Buka-Mutu (A, 22 / 0) and Manso (M, 22 / 0). In the last five away games, he won the four while scoring in 10 / 12 away from home.

Match Info

  • OPAP 100-X

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