Tadic or Shon will open the score in Amsterdam

Performing a great feat, Liverpool is the first Champions League finalist to be the champion, with 4-0 in Barcelona at Anfield.

The current football betting coupon includes the big game between Ayak and Tottenham, which will judge the pair of the final of the big league tournament. As logical, having the preference of the world, he is first on the list with the biggest turn of the day.

Ajax and Tottenham Hotspur have already made their way to the top league match and there is still one step ahead of the Madrid final.

"Aijanta" has taken advantage of qualification after London 0-1, but "fens" do not give up easily, as they proved in Manchester City for the quarter-finals.

Cain's absence is certainly important for Pottsino's team, but Shon's return to the eleven will give aggressive breathing to the guests.

The hosts will again rely on the shaky demon, Tadic, although the Serb has scored in Europe by doubles in Madrid.

Tottenham did not make it to the first match of London (0-1) and should compete in Amsterdam against Ajax and look for a goal that will increase its chances of qualifying. In the last games she seems not to be standing on her legs (she won only Brighton with 1-0), defeated in five out of six last for all the events. Even 4 did not even score from them.

It should be noted that Ayakas has not won any of the three most recent games at his Champions League headquarters, but with great teams such as Bayern Munich (3-3), Real Madrid (1-2) Juventus (1-1).

Who will open the score in Amsterdam? offers Tadic and Soon to score first in enhanced odds *!

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Tottenham - Borussia Dortmund

Despite considerable absences in recent weeks, Tottenham has found solutions to showcase its quality. It comes from three consecutive wins in the Premier League, all of which have been a bit difficult, but it keeps them positive. With Leicester, Yoris had to take a penalty shootout to avoid being equaled, staying alive in the hunt for the summit. To be found in the Champions League knockout, he opened the gift that Inter Milan gave to the group finals and finished second. Ally (middle) and Kane (aggressive) will miss another match.

Dortmund is not in good shape, within a week he was disqualified from the Cup. Meanwhile, he saw the difference from the second place be reduced, after the home 3-3 opposite Hoffenheim. He scored three goals in 74o minute, but then the child's mistakes in his defense cost the three-pointer. He will have to correct enough in that particular piece if he wants to reach the Champions League.

Showdown without a clear favorite, with all points accruing the same verification rate. Tottenham looks good, but the two absences will play a decisive role. Dortmund defensively does not inspire stability, midfielder presses fires and I expect open match with pace and goals. Select the Over 2.5 to the satisfactory 1.80 in stoiximan.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Champions League
  • Pick Over 2.5
  • Odds 1.80
  • Stake 4
  • Bookmaker Stoiximan
  • result 3-0
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit 3.20

Besiktas - Tottenham

As I wrote in my previous analysis here. the two teams have just qualified the question is who will finish first and second. I do not think the two teams will spoil them, Besiktas aggressively has a problem, and besides, he has a difficult league championship on the other, Tottenham also comes without Adbaughor, who also has a busy schedule in England. Their technician can say that it will not be a friendly match and they will play for the victory but these words have been heard by many and the teams end up playing cards. In addition to X, I will also get Under 2.5 in this game.


Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Europa League
  • Pick Under 2.5
  • Odds 1.70
  • Stake 3
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 1-0
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +2.1

Aston Villa (+ 0,5) -tottenham (-0,5)

Aston Villa is coming to Tottenham Hotspur for 10's Premier League, and is looking for an immediate reaction to 5's recent defeats that I have seen lately and I think Tottenham is the right opponent.

After launching a fire program with Arsenal, Everton, Man City and Chelsea, Villa lost and due to the weak QPR, it is now quite low in the ratings and I think it is time to react. In QPR it was not so bad, it just happened to concede 1 goal from an unsuspecting phase at the beginning of the first half and in the middle of the second it became 2-0 but it was not so bad in the game, it just had possession and tried but it seemed that the player Bendeke has not found himself 100%.

Tottenham is an allegorical team that is capable of all, especially for the worst, no bad roster, but small differences are the divisions of 2 teams, Tottenham generally likes to play a queue and usually makes them a madman with the little ones but gets great results in difficult seats. Aston Villa is not going to offer her the waiting game she wants and will give her the ball to hit herself in counter-attacks, which suits her.

I see a fairly balanced match with Tottenham to have possession (something that is not particularly good) and Villa to hit the counter. If Bentec is on a good day, there is no way to leave Tottenham with the three-pointer and I think all the hosts will give it to the win or even to a certain extent, I'll bet the 1 of the Villa as the Tottenham is not the team that makes doubly easy, the game will go in the Villa's measure and the above motivation will be with them because they will want to finally get a point after 5 consecutive defeats that are a negative record for their history, good coach have, good team have, passion will have, I think the unstable Ms. asovari Tottenham is perfect opponent to begin to turn the Villa.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Premier league
  • Pick 1
  • Odds 1.875
  • Stake 5
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 1-2
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -5

They love hating

Quietness is not the players in the Island, since midweek most of the teams had obligations to the League Cup. Arsenal and Sunderland were defeated by Southampton and Stoke with the same score (1-2) while Liverpool swept until it reached home in Middlesbrough after many penalty shoot-outs. Chelsea and Manchester City made the first easy second, while the Everton and Norwich farewell. On the contrary, Tottenham, West Brom and Newcastle continue.

The program, of course, is dominated by the two big derbys at the Liverpool port, with Liverpool welcoming the hated Everton and London where Arsenal is hosting Tottenham. Let's go to the first match. None of Liverpool and Everton has last year's freshness and, as Brendan Rogers said, is starting again from the basics in order for the newcomers to be grafted into the team and to find the Reds again the terrific form that had ended last season. Liverpool does not hit well and the goals are very difficult, as opposed to what happened last year. Today will be the one who has the stress after the last negative results, which Everton can exploit, as he has proved so far.

In the Manchester United match against West Ham we have to wait for the finals. Fan Haal has just a ready-made shot, which means he's going to turn one of the middle, or he'll try a young guy from the 2nd team next to Roche. Aggressively, United makes fire, but defensively wants a lot of breads to stop getting out of the way. The About 3,0 pays 1,80, that is, if three goals total we get our bet back, while About 3,25 pays the best, 2.08.

In Sunderland - Swansea with odds division I will go to the right, while for more conservative play the double in DNBis played on the unimportant 1.95 and double at + 0,25 on 1,66.

 Steve Bruce's Chelsea hosts Manchester City, who fired and wounded midfielder against Sheffield Winsted with 7-0. The "tigers" often find dense nets and 1,83 in scoring both covers me.

Formed Southampton also showed Arsenal midfielder's head that he does not understand against opponents and against the weak offside KPR can cover the Asian handicap of -1,25. So if you win with just one goal difference, then you lose half our bet.

I close with the London Derby where I think the bets are against the Tottenham Hotspur and the set should be more balanced. Even for the most conservative the double at + 1 pays 1,66. It is worth mentioning that the dry double touches the 5 units.



LIVERPOOL - EVERTON 2 (+0,5) 2,025 BET365

MANYWEIGHT - WEST HAM          ABOUT US 3,25 2.08      SBOBET

Sunderland - Swansea 2 (dnb)  1.95      PINNACLE


SOUTHAMPTON - KPR 1 (-1,25) 1.99      SBOBET

ARSENAL - TOTENHAM 2 (+1) 1,67      188BET


29 Jul 2021
The matches of the Greek teams attract the eyes of today's betting coupon, with AEK and Aris making their effort to enter the Uefa Conference League groups. ... Read more

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