Dortmund and Bayern Munich are competing in the "Signal Induna Park", in the big derby for the 28th game in the Bundesliga. has a number of markets * in competitive odds, but also an amazing offer * for football fans.

The two gladiators come from successively positive results, with the Klassiker on Tuesday (19:30) being characterized as crucial.

Dortmund, after a 2-0 victory at home to Wolfsburg, extended the winning streak to six games and remained at -4 from the top. Jade Sancho is excellent in another match, with the English winger sharing the 16th assist in this year's Bundesliga. In combination with the 14 goals, he has participated in 30 goals! Will Westphalia manage to reduce the difference and get revenge for the 4-0 defeat in the match of the first round?

Bayern Munich was stormy against Eintracht Frankfurt, prevailed 5-2 and continues unabated at the top. Robert Lewandowski is "breaking" the counters, with the Polish striker scoring for the 27th time. In fact, he has proved to be a executioner of his former team, with 16 goals against Dortmund at the championship level. offers in addition to a wide range of bets * for the Bundesliga derby, like a team's total goal, a team win without conceding a goal, a win while back in the score, half time / final & O / U 2.5, equally exciting special bets * for each of the protagonists of the match such as:

  • First / Last Scorer

  • Haland To score outside the area

  • Sanche Over 0.5 assists

  • Azar To score with a header

  • Burki To score an own goal

  • Levantowski Over 1.5 Shot on target

  • Miller Over 1.5 attempts at the target

  • Neuer To repel a penalty

Stay tuned!

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Visit the website PAOK-Olympic Act 2!

Semi-finals time for the Greek Cup! PAOK hosts Olympic for the second time in ten days in Tuba and, offers a wide range of purchases * at competitive rates and unique special bets * for all tastes!

Against the backdrop of qualifying for the final and revenge for his recent defeat in the championship, the "two-headed north" will be featured in this match. On the other hand, the "reds" come with an uplifted psychology from their recent successes in Greece and Europe. Both are looking for a result that will set the stage for qualifying ahead of the second semifinal at Faliro. Who will win?

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"Zero in defense" is certainly the case, as was shown in the recent clash between the two. Will the score be kept low in this match as well? PAOK also had no goals from Panathinaikos in the quarter-finals despite having previously been defeated by the clover for the championship.

Greece Cup Forecasts

In the semifinal with Panathinaikos in Toumba, Virinia had scored a penalty and Varela with a header. Will a PAOK defender score again for his team's victory? How will he do it? offers not only a large number of bets * for the match, but also a plethora of imaginative special bets * for each of the protagonists of the show such as:

  • First / Last Scorer

  • To score outside the area

  • To score with a head

  • To score with a direct foul

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  • Will the race exceed 164 points?

  • Will Panathinaikos score more than 82 points?

  • What will be the exact margin of victory?

  • Fast markets * and cashout * live

Panathinaikos, who traveled to Milan to face local Armani on the 18th Euroleague turn, is decisive for his play-offs. has a wide range of bets * on competitive odds for possible clash.

The Greens, after defeats by Maccabi and Real, got a Pyrrhic victory in the extension against CSKA in Moscow, with Kalathis and Mithoglou leading both double-double. Now with a fun-theoretic program it's time to build your series! On the other hand, Armani won Zenith at home without impressing, but staying in the octagon for the time being. Panathinaikos continues to be the team with the highest average points per match and Armani is over 80 at home. How high will the race go?

Η Winmasters offers exciting options * to clash 'Milan' in Milan such as Winner, O / U Final, team points total, unique handicap selections, margin of victory and first to reach 12/25/45 points

The multitude of options * doesn't stop at Armani's match against Panathinaikos but they are available for all major Euroleague matches!

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At England, η Liverpool (Klopp renewed his contract) is expected to win over Watford. Klopp's team scores easily, inside-out and lately shows pluralism in scoring. The combo: 1 & over2.5 plays low (1.50), on the feet of Liverpool players to raise the handicap to 3.50 (1 & over3.5) and we will trust them.

At Germany η Bayern Munich has the tradition of being part of the unstable defender Werder Bremen. In fact, 7 / 8's recent home games against its current opponent have confirmed 1 + over4.5 (4-1 / 6-1 / 5-2 / 6-0 / 4 / 2 / 1-0 Hoping that the tradition will continue, we will go with it handicap (-2.5) of the hosts at odds of 1.88 on Bet365.

At Spain and at Anoeta, the strongest this year Sociedad welcomes Barça. The Catalans rested a lot of midfield in European midfield with Inter, so Messi and his team are expected to be fresh in the final Test, before the big derby with Real Madrid following midweek. Sociedad is having one of the best seasons of the last few years and rightly looks forward to a European ticket this year. Both the image and situation of the teams as well as traditionally, we believe that we will see goals and spectacle in this pair. GG + Over2.5 is our choice in the high 1.90 of Winmasters.

At Italy we have the local 'Derby della Laterna', in between Genoa and Sampdoria. The teams are in the "reds" of the scoreboard, with today's match being "six". Genoa comes from a draw with Lecce (2-2) in a match that preceded 2-0 but managed to stay with nine players and draw. Sampdoria also comes from a poor showing against Parma and the defeat with 0-1 in a match that even missed a penalty shootout. We believe that, as in any derby, we will have tension and duels and will be judged in detail. The draw at 3.24 of Betshop may be an option, as they have difficult tests for both Inter and Juventus. So the teams may have to compromise on the point.

On our Belgium the game with her Beverly is particularly critical to the future of its new technician Genk. With the German on the bench last year's champions play a full attack and against weak Beveren they have the chance to win a wide victory and build their psychology. Betshop 1 & over3,5 2.63.

At Greek Super League, full of gaming is expected to be Off-Mars, with g / g playing down, with its performance reaching 1.75. At Xanthi - AEK we have a debut of new techniques in both and we disagree with the strong favoritism of the Union. Indeed, AEK is a favorite but not of the 1.65 class. The pace in these contexts will be difficult to open we will risk the 2.05 Chemistry at Bet365, than at the low 1.53 played by the otherwise likely under2,5.

Saturday Forecasts (21 / 09)

After a busy midweek, with top-tier racing we return to a stream of championships, to a full-day betting slip.


Let's look at the options we have singled out in leagues across Europe.



At Premier League, In the Leicester-Tottenham game that starts shortly from now (14:30), a g / g at 1,67 at Betshop can be an option. Tottenham showed in the middle of the week against Olympiakos that they face important issues in midfield, but from the middle and in front it is traditionally possible. The constant called Vardy (5/3) offers a guarantee in Leicester's attack.


At Championship, Luton - Hull has the necessary conditions to have at least three goals. Teams that score and easily concede goals. Of course, the over is psychedelic and is offered only at 1,59 by Betshop. However, if this is combined with g / g it climbs to 1.85 and there, it can be an option.


At League 1, Peterborough was an option, as long as it was an outsider. We'll probably see some goals here too, but the over is playing very low.


At League 2 the program is better. Northampton is a good ace at 1.90 of Interwetten. Crowley has a good chance ahead of her to go further in the League Cup and probably give weight there. For those who draw, the "X" in Newport - Exeter is a good choice. The "Grecians" are undefeated in the championship, the Welsh are tough at home. For a game with goals, we would choose Plymouth-Cheltenham (at 1.75 by Stoiximan over2,5) and Oldham - Morecam (1,83 over2,5 at Interwetten). From an outsider, Macclesfield is interesting (at 4,00 for Stoiximan, with Grimsby having her mind on Chelsea).


At Bundesliga of Germany, Bremen is facing injury problems and Leipzig this year looks quite serious and ready to star. The "double" in combination with the over1,5 at 1.97 of Stoiximan.


At Netherlands, the over2,5 in the match of Willem (of our Pavlidis and Vrousai), with Fenlo is a good choice at 1.83 of Winmasters. In good condition, Fenlo scores more easily this year, while it was recently strengthened in midfield.


We close with Serie A and the Milan-Inter derby. Both have difficulty scoring, it will be difficult to open the game in rhythm. Under2,5 is a logical choice when we talk about derbies, but the value is in the no goal of 1.93 of Interwetten.


Reminder: Today we are launching our news Live Betting service. On 16: 30 Tsiokos and Infobeto's team will be at chat site with coverage of the German, English and other championships. We all wait for you. 

Special long-term bets * for the 2019 / 2020 football season

The reading for the new season continues at, which offers a wide range special bets * on Team Performance for Superleague 2019 / 20. Will the past of the undefeated last year be repeated? Which teams will be ranked?

For undefeated

PAOK wrote history of the 18 / 19 season, winning the first unbeaten after Stefan Bobek's 1963-64 championship after the Panathinaikos Championship. In fact, the Bombock team has managed 24 with 6 and 26 draws, while PAOK has managed even better records, 4 wins and 54 draws. The "Bourgeois of the North", however, was the only team to make it through XNUMX championships across Europe.

As the 55 years have come to pass, such achievements are not happening often, but the three contenders in the title, PAOK, Olympiacos and AEK, want to prove that history can be repeated ... right now! Will one of the three be found unbeaten at the top of the scoring? The only sure thing is that the most competitive odds will find them among the many especially long-term *.

The battle at the back of the scoring

As the last championship has shown us, it is not only in the top but also in the queue that the stadium and the playoff are judged last year!

Panionios certainly starts from the last position as he carries a penalty -6 and it is certain that the Neosmithnians will have to make a big effort to avoid the dangerous zone. OFFI, Xanthi and Asteras gave their own battle last season and this year is not very different, while Larissa and their Thessalian neighbors, the "rookie" Volos, who remains to prove that it was not a firework, are added to these groups its rising! already offers the smartest bets * on the teams that will finish in the last or the last two positions of the scoring.

Stay tuned!

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Sunday with Copa Africa!

Tonight the two semi-finals are held for Copa Africa and as it is natural, most of the friends' lights on football, as well as the bet, are turned on.

Senegal - Tunisia: Thin balances and a bet on the favorite

-Senegal: Without showing their good face in another game, Ali Cisse's team managed to prevail 1-0 over Benin and reach the semifinals for the 5th time in its history, while only one of them qualified for the final (2002), no winning the trophy however. There are problems in the match, as Niang and Diane are doubtful, at the moment when Shar and N'Day overcame their own problems and are expected to play normally. An interesting fact is that in tonight's semifinal the Senegalese players will face their former coach and current coach of Tunisia, Alain Zires.

-Tunisia: Winning her first win in the tournament (3-0 in Madagascar), Allen Zirre's team qualified for the semifinals after the far-away 2004. There are no racing issues for the current nodal game in which Tunisia is expected to once again rely on the 'tight' tactics that have been successful so far.

Proposal: Reasonably go to closed match which is likely to be judged on the goal, since we have to do with two teams very good defensive lines. We appreciate that the favorite on paper, Σενεγάλη, mainly because of it personal talent which has been a click closer to getting the qualifying for the final. So we will go with him ace, which we find on 2,00 units in the interwetten.

Algeria - Nigeria: Quality ahead and goal betting

-Algeria: Dzamel Belmandi's team reached the semifinals by winning the Ivory Coast on penalties (1-1 in the regular season). The Algerians have the best attack of the tournament with a score of 10 goals in 5 games, while they have conceded just one, this one in the quarterfinals. The absence of the back, Atal, is important, while the midfielder Fegouli is also doubtful. An important factor that may affect tonight's match is the fatigue that Algeria may cause, at the moment that for this reason coach Belmandi in the previous days followed a conservative training program for his players.

-Nigeria: With "buzzer-beater" Trust-Ekong in 89 ', the "eagles" prevailed over South Africa in the quarterfinals. The game image of Gernot Rohr's team in another match did not change, as the Nigerians were excellent offensively, however they had problems defensively. Musa, Igalo and Avaziem, both key players in the team's course so far, have been facing minor injury problems but are expected to play normally.

Proposal: Based on quality from the waist to the front and racing style of the two opponents, we think they are extremely likely to find it both from one end in the match. So its choice GG in performance 2,15 in winmasters automatically comes to the fore.


Copa Africa: Value on Special Bet .. due to VAR

The Senegal-Benin game opens the "8" tour of Copa Africa, with Mane's team being the big favorite of the showdown (at 1.40 Ace).

In 19.00 time Greece the start of the race, which is the biggest one turnover on bet slip.

Three hours later, Nigeria and South Africa seem to be fighting hard to find themselves in the next phase. Interwetten offers the ace at 2.10, the "X" at 2.95 and the "double" at 4.05.

What is true:

Single encounters for Copa Africa's 8. In the event of a tie in the regular time, an extension and, if necessary, a penalty shoot-out. 

Important note:

A game of historical importance as it is the first VAR to be used in the African Nations Cup.


For Senegal the overall tradition in its confrontations with Benin. Benin's unique victory, in the first match between them in history, at distant 1961.

Nigeria has the whole of the tradition on its side. In 12 aggregation, 6 counts wins and four draws. Just two for South Africa. However, 2014's last victory in Nigeria has seen 5 as a total of 4 races since XNUMX draws and a victory for South Africa.

Bet on Senegal - Benin

A great favorite for conquering the trophy at the moment is Senegal, which, despite the convenient draw, also has the roster to reach the trophy conquest. Reason is the ace at 1.40 at, of course, Copa Afrika has shown that it is the organization of surprises and we should avoid such returns.

Value to Special Bet .. due to VAR

First VAR match at Copa Africa between Senegal and Benin. We think there will be marginal phases in the Benin area, with Senegal's qualifying players creating conditions for a penalty shoot-out. Like in Copa America, VAR is expected to work beneficial to such a possibility. offers the bet: "penalty shootout" at 3.20.

Fine Balances in Nigeria - South Africa

Groups that are famous for their defensive skills and hardly .. opens the score in their games. Characteristically, the 4-to-now-South Africa games at the event confirmed the "0-1" goals. Also, the 4 first half of South Africa ended in a draw and even all with the same score (1-1). Choose our "X Half-Time" at Winmasters 1.83.

Bet on 7 Parliamentary Elections July 2019

2019 confirms its status as a "hot political year"! After the May 26 ballots, the next national election ballots were to be shorter than expected in October. So on July 7, the national ballot box and the pre-election period have started for good! To accompany the intensity of the night, winmasters has already released its exit polls * with competitive odds for favorites and outsiders!

  • What percentage will the political parties bring to the national elections?

  • Special bets * for the 7 battle of July

The prime minister, two weeks after losing the European elections and local elections, was forced to visit the Presidential Palace and call national elections. This is the first time that the parliamentary elections will be so close to the European elections. Developments overtook Koumoundourou's Party, which is running to close the gap. Will SYRIZA manage to collect more than 26,5%? The opinion of the bettors regarding this possibility is also controversial, as they have cut the watermelon in half, offering both (over & under) at 1.83. 

The blade opens

In Piraeus they certainly celebrate after the outcome of the European elections, as they see from the polls that their percentage is rising, but the demand is now the percentage that ND needs to gather to "lock" self-reliance. The key factor in judging self-reliance apart from the percentage of the first party is the percentage of parties left outside the House.

The higher the percentage they gather, the smaller the percentage will need the first party in either either seven-party or seven-party parliament. With a percentage close to 36.5%, he seems to be securing it, but will he get it?

What we need to emphasize is that according to the latest polls it seems to be gaining autonomy and this has forced the bettors to raise the limit to the percentage of ND. In fact, the chance to get over 38% is offered at just 1.45 by Winmasters. See the odds here. has raised the limit of ND a little more, offering over38.5% to 1.60. 

What about smaller parties

In this landscape, the smaller parties, which either have a secured parliamentary presence or are on the verge, now have another argument against polarization. Their vote blocks autonomy. This applies to the KKE, the Greek Solution of Kyriakos Velopoulos and MERA25 of Giannis Varoufakis. Where will their percentages go? offers over3.5% of MERAS25 of Giannis Varoufakis as a favorite, at 1.70. See the odds of

At Winmasters you can find competitive odds for National Elections

Let's go for the second game of the electoral contests. Will the parties manage to turn the score of the first match? Who consolidates their position and who turns the game around? The registered members of will find competitive odds * for estimating the percentages of the parties in the national elections.

Become a member of by clicking here.

Stay tuned!

* Terms and conditions apply

In the "16" of Copa Africa Morocco, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Algeria (see yesterday's article where several betting offers passed). Everyone prevailed against their opponents and we would say that they achieved their goal relatively easily.

Today, the group tour is completed, with 4 games for 5 and 6. There, only Mali has checked the ticket for the next stage and the last game is considered very important, as based on the data so far it can still give 5 (!) Qualifiers.

That is, from the 8 teams that are currently fighting, with the exception of the Mali team already in the next phase, 5 / 7 teams are likely to qualify.

One point is plenty more ...

In pairs Benin - Cameroon and Angola - Mali the tie is playing at low levels and there is a good reason. Who is this; But of course the qualification in the next phase. One point is hand held in the 16 of the institution (Benin and Angola as best thirds as they outperform the goal difference after yesterday's results). Of course, as we saw yesterday, in South Africa - Morocco ... the convenient results are not .. data in Copa Africa. Therefore, caution is required.

Interwetten offers 1.70 the "X Half Time" in the Benin - Cameroon game. If we think that no one has a reason to start the game and that so far the games are judged at the goal limit.

A little more, at 1.73 and the draw at halftime for Angola - Mali, in the same bet (Interwetten).

Another alternative, which involves greater risk, is "0-0 Half Time Exact Score". O offers these options in Benin - Cameroon and Angola - Mali Games at 2.08 and 2.10.

Goal and sight (statistics)

It's a good idea to organize it Copa Afrika is the organization of under2.5. In a set of 32 metrics we had 24 under2.5 (!). Oper means that in 32 races we only had 8 over2.5.

However, in the last game it seems that the teams play unnecessarily, with half (4 / 8) over2.5 coming yesterday (3 / 4) and yesterday. We also expect such a game Mauritania - Tunisia, as both only need victory. Over2.5 on WinMaster's 2.00.

The group struggles ended in the first two clubs of Copa Africa, with the surprise being in the second group, where Madagascar not only managed to move to the next stage ("16"), but also won 1's position by defeating 2- 0 in Nigeria.

No surprise in the first group, where the organizing Egypt took (fairly) the first place, making 3 / 3. Uganda passed away as 2, while Congo crashed with 4-0 in Zimbabwe and hopes to qualify as the best third.

Namibia - Ivory Coast

Namibia is the weak link of the group (2 / 2 defeats without a score) and its hopes for qualifying in the next round are very few (see scenarios *). Côte d'Ivoire has not been impressed, but is better and more experienced than her opponent, which will probably help her reach victory. However, the performance of the "double" at 1.35 deemed unprofitable.

Scenarios of Group D Qualification:

Η Ivory Coast goes into the next phase bringing at least the same result as what South Africa will bring at the same time

Η Namibia is going to the next stage if it has won two goals in Côte d'Ivoire and at the same time Morocco wins South Africa. He conquers 3 (and hopes to be one of the best thirds) if he wins and South Africa is not defeated by Morocco.

Η South Africa with a win he checks 100% for the "16" ticket, with a tie he will have to wait but probably to qualify as one of the best thirds (* in the defeat with the tie with 2). In the event of a defeat, things are complicated and will depend on the Namibian-Coast result and the rest of the other groups so that it is one of the best thirds.

The Μαρόκο has qualified, plays simply for 1 (if not defeated is definitely first) or 2 position.

South Africa - Morocco

Game that the tie seems to be both good for confirming their goals (see the qualification scenarios). O (0% rake) has the best market price (2.68) on the draw, which falls lower and lower in almost all betting time. Good case and "X Half" at 1.80 or the exact score "0-0 in the 1st Half" at 2.10.

Scenarios for qualification in Group C

Η Αλγερία has been qualified as 1 (superior to tier), while Tanzania is blocked.

Η Kenya with a victory coming in the next round, with a draw or defeat waiting to qualify as one of the best thirds. OR Σενεγάλη with a tie, the win is preferred (it excels in the finishing set), with a defeat being expected to qualify as one of the best thirds.

Kenya - Senegal

Senegal is obviously superior as a whole and is closer to victory. Of course, a tie will not spoil any, but after the defeat from Algeria we are not sure whether the Senegalese are willing to compromise. However, Kenya will try to resist (that is, against Algeria) and we think it is capable of keeping at least zero until 30 '(against Algeria, 1-0 was made in 34 with a penalty shoot-out). We will bet on Winmasters' special bet: "No goals until 30" at 1.66.

In the event of a tie in the group, the following applies:

1. Among the games (a. Points, b. Goal difference, c. Best attack)
2. Goal difference
3. Better attack
4. Draw Will Mesi oppose the "Venezuelans"?

Argentina finally managed to qualify for the quarter-finals of Copa America despite its disappointing start. "Albisilete" defeated 2-0 at the premiere of the 1-1, 2-0 with Paraguay, but 8-XNUMX finishes XNUMX-XNUMX Qatar in the third act and gives the "present" XNUMX ».

Tonight, Lionel Messi and his team will play for their task against Venezuela, which remains unbeaten in the tournament, having even managed to win a white tie against the host Brazil.

Will the Argentinean captain, who so far has only once found the way to the nets, score first in the tonight match?

Winmasters, gr offers the most intelligent special bets * in competitive odds, for example:

  • Win a team without a goal
  • Win a team while it is back in the scoring
  • Halftime / Fulltime and O 2.5
  • Match Winner and G / G
  • Match Winner and 3.5
  • G / G and not a draw
  • G / G & O 2.5
  • Match Winner and O / U5
  • Score with penalty shootout
  • Lose a penalty shootout
  • Multiple Scoring
  • Selfgold
  • First and last goalscorer
  • Player to score 2, 3 or more

* Terms and conditions apply

Senegal - Algeria (+ 0.25)

I think that the buck exaggerates Senegal's "superiority". In the first match he easily defeated Tanzania but, like a classical African team, he had to make hundreds of opportunities to score two goals. The same score was won Αλγερία Kenya, but here was the European cynicism that is clearly more inherent in the "Desert Foxes". has the special markets * in competitive odds for the winner of 46 Copa America!

Of course, Senegal returns Liverpool player Santos Mane who was punished, but again the pair will not be so open to a match in which the draw will be a joyous result on both sides, in view of the game of the last game against Kenya and Tanzania respectively.  

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) Copa Africa
  • Pick 2
  • Odds 2.025
  • Stake 5
  • Bookmaker Bet365
  • result 0-1
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +5,13

Egypt confirmed the base bet of yesterday, with 1.70's combo bet being confirmed, as Mohamed Salah's anytime scorer.

Of course, we would have preferred the Egyptian leader to have opened the scoring to confirm 3.60's first scorer.

In Nigeria-Guinea, the Nigerians again found the way to win at 71 '(1-0) and will probably be the first to be in the group.

In our third day of yesterday, Uganda, although ahead of the early stages, failed to win the win against the Zimbabwe team (1-1).

Madagascar - Burundi

In today's games now, at 17: 30 Greece, Madagascar is welcoming Burundi. Madagascar in its first final in Copa Africa was surprised and took the 2-2 tie from Guinea while Burundi reached the source but did not finally drink water against Nigeria (defeat 1-0, 77) .

Both will look for the victory they will find one step before the next phase, especially in the case of Madagascar, as 4 points are likely to qualify as one of the best thirds if they do not qualify directly. So, we think it is g / g at 2.05 at is interesting, with Madagascar coming from the 2-2 gay against Guinea and Burundi only looking for a three-pointer.

Senegal - Algeria

Senegal had a very positive impression in her first match against Tanzania, not so much for winning (7's official and friendly game), but for her image, with Cisse players creating over 20 final efforts.

Algeria easily prevailed with 2-0 in Kenya and today's fight is a battle for first place. Sure is that both have powerful attacks and quality players in their mid-range line. Choose us it g / g on Interwetten's 2.10.

Kenya - Tanzania

A game that completes the action of the day (23: 00) in Copa Africa. Neighboring confrontation, where the loser is lost. A tough match is expected, with both teams being almost equal, we will go with it X half Winner's 1.90.

Ικά Special bets * on the course of Greek teams in Europe

The Greek teams are slowly increasing their pace and are ready to throw themselves into the battles of European obligations, starting all from qualifiers. has prepared the smartest special bets * for the course of the Greek teams in competitive odds!

PAOK champion will start from the third qualifying round and is still waiting for the draw to weigh his chances of claiming entry to the Champions League. In order for PAOK to finally get there, he will have to rule out a more "powerful" opponent in the 3 Qualifying Round and by doing so will take his place for 4 and the final Qualifying Round. Olympiacos, on the other hand, begins his European journey early, with a first stop in the Czech Republic where he will face second-seeded Victoria Plzen. The first match takes place on 23 or 24 July in the Czech Republic and the rematch on 30 or 31 July in "George Karaiskakis". If he manages to qualify for the next round he will avoid Porto, Dynamo Kiev and Eindhoven (or Basel) and play with one of Lask Lindsey, Krasnodar, Basaksehir or Club Bruges. Will any Greek team be able to overcome all the obstacles and represent our country in the Champions League?

Olympiakos, surpassing Plzen, will have automatically secured its presence in the Europa League groups. However, AEK, Atromitos and Aris will give their own battle to enter the "second class" European tournament. The Union enters the third qualifying round and waits on July 22 to find out the pair from which its opponent will come for its August matches which it will give to the empty OAKA. For their part, Atromitos and Mars want to show that they are ready for excesses. They both start from the 2nd qualifying round and the team from Thessaloniki will face AEL Limassol, and the Peristeriotes will wait until July 18 to find out the opponent who is the winner of the match between Krakow from Poland and Dunaiska from Slovakia. If they both pass, they will advance to the third round, taking a step closer to the dream. Which of AEK, Atromitos and Aris will manage to qualify for the Europa League? How many Greek teams will represent us in the event? Your answers on the advanced winmasters platform. starts early and will accompany the Greek teams throughout their journey in Europe!

Stay tuned!

* Terms and conditions apply It's time for the National ... Calp!

  • What percentage will the political parties bring to the national elections?
  • Special bets * for the 7 battle of July

2019 confirms its status as a "hot political year"! After the May 26 ballots, the next national election ballots were to be shorter than expected in October. So on July 7, the national ballot box and the pre-election period have started for good! To accompany the intensity of the night, winmasters has already released its exit polls * with competitive odds for favorites and outsiders!

The Prime Minister, two weeks after his defeat in European elections and self-government ballots, was forced to visit the Presidential Palace and call for national elections. It is the first time that parliamentary elections will be so close to European elections. The developments have been hampered by the Kundunduru Party, which is running to close the dispute. Will SYRIZA manage to get more than 26%?

In Piraeus, on the other hand, they are still celebrating, but the question now is what percentage of the ND has to raise in order to "lock" in self-reliance. The main factor that will judge self-sufficiency in addition to the percentage of the first party is the percentages of parties that remain outside parliament. The greater the percentage they get, the smaller the first party will need either in a six-party or seven-party parliament. At a rate close to 36.5%, it seems to secure it, but will it?

In this landscape, the smaller parties, which either have a secured parliamentary presence or are on the verge, now have another argument against polarization. Their voting blocks self-sufficiency. This holds true for the KKE, Kyriakos Velopoulos 'Greek Solution and Yannis Varoufakis' MERA25. Where will their rates move?

Let's go for the second game of the electoral contests. Will the parties manage to turn the score of the first match? Who consolidates their position and who turns the game around? The registered members of will find competitive odds * for estimating the percentages of the parties in the national elections.

Stay tuned!

* Terms and conditions apply Will Uruguay Finish?

  • Will Uruguay get the win by playing impressive football?
  • Or can the Japanese overturn the climate?
  • Will Luis Suarez score again?

The first game of the third group had big wins and heavy defeats, depending on what view you see. Continuation is given by the Uruguay-Japan match and the has prepared a wide range of bets with more searched options * even for the most demanding friends of the bet!

Japan's second presence in Copa America has not begun. Chilean champion Moriyasu scored with 4-0 at the group's premiere and now the Japanese will have to show a completely different face to Uruguay if they want to claim anything. In the opposing camp, the company of Suarez and Kavani, started impressively with the scoring opposite (4-0 victory) over Ecuador. With victory against the Asians, they lock the qualification and go to the last game against Chile without stress. Will we again see a game full of goals and a spectacle?

Whatever the second match of the third group has in store, has predicted it and provides the top options * with a number of special bets * for the long-awaited match between Uruguay and Japan, such as:

  • Win a team without a goal
  • Win a team while it is back in the scoring
  • Halftime / Fulltime and O 2.5
  • Match Winner and G / G
  • Match Winner and 3.5
  • G / G and not a draw
  • G / G & O 2.5
  • Match Winner and O / U5
  • Score with penalty shootout
  • Lose a penalty shootout
  • Multiple Scoring
  • Selfgold

* Terms and conditions apply

  • Will Brazil turn into fiestas in the tournament premiere?
  • Can the Bolivians score and cause concern?
  • Will the scoring escape?

Even though the premiere is late at midnight for Greece, the eyes of football fans everywhere will be focused on Sao Paulo for the match that opens the Copa America! Brazil vs. Bolivia so we have a tournament! has the smartest bets on competitive odds * for this match, but also for the entire duration of the tournament, which guarantees almost a month of football fun.

The Brazilians are ready to return to their throne after 2007 and pick up the trophy in the historic Marrakech! Their journey starts from the first group and the match with Bolivia, which is prepared to surprise. The ever-qualitative Seleaio will be flown without her big star Neimar, who will lose the tournament, but confident of victory. However, the prehistory of the two points to caution as three of the six matches have ended in a draw, while Brazil has scored two big wins (4-0, 5-0) and Bolivia another (2- 1).

At are playing the most imaginative special bets * for the premiere of Copa America, including:

  • Win a team without a goal
  • Win a team while it is back in the scoring
  • Halftime / Fulltime and O 2.5
  • Match Winner and G / G
  • Match Winner and 3.5
  • G / G and not a draw
  • G / G & O 2.5
  • Match Winner and O / U5
  • Score with penalty shootout
  • Lose a penalty shootout
  • Multiple Scoring
  • Selfgold

Stay tuned!

* Terms and conditions apply

Senegal U20 - Nigeria U20 (Senegal over 1.5)

In the 16 'phase of the u20 world cup taking place on Polish stadiums Senegal will face Nigeria at the Stadion Widzewa.

He easily moved from the group to the top of the list with seven points, making two victories over Colombia 2-0 and Tahiti 3-0, while in the third game he scored without goals with the organizing Poland, playing with several changes in his composition. She has aggressively ways to score, while keeping her intact. She is a team with many runs and plays with power. He's been far enough away for the tournament ... he remains to be confirmed on the pitch. 

Born a winner, play legally at winmasters (21+) - Terms & conditions apply


On the other hand, Nigeria got the qualification from the group, finishing third (as one of the best thirds). He won Qatar with 0-4, 2-0 was defeated by the US and in the third game of the group he took the third place and qualifying. 

Senegal has shown that it is capable of reaching out to the competition ... it will find Nigeria that is not a fuss ... Senegal is the first to qualify. To score two goals at odds of 3,05 in winmasters. 

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) World Cup U-20 - Play-off
  • Pick Over 1.5
  • Odds 3.05
  • Stake 5
  • result 2-1
  • WonDrawLost Won
  • Profit +10.25

Nacional Potosi - Zulia

Very difficult moments live Βενεζουέλα with a large proportion of the country's population living in poverty, not even having the basics for a decent living, and the country's football could not remain unaffected. In recent days, some areas have not even electricity, and citizens live in the dark. One of these areas is Maracaibo, where Zulia is headquartered and has no electricity for several days in the last 2 weeks.

The country's Maduro football club refuses to see the problems faced by specific teams and requires domestic championship matches to be conducted normally, trying to hide away from the problems faced by the people. On 10 March was Zulia's confrontation with Caracas and despite appeals from the host to postpone the fight since the stadium had no electricity and no water to wash the footballers, the Federation demanded it to run normally. The players of the two teams were forced to leave the field, the referee whistled the start but the players did not kick the spot as a protest. In a mock parody the players walked around and chatted on the pitch for 45 minutes and this continued in the 2 half-time which forced the referee to give an early end to the match with the final score at 0-0.

After this game, it's management Zulia announced that he will not play again on the pitch if the conditions are not improved and are suitable for the club players to fight. The training is difficult after the players are almost fast because of the general lack of food. Inside all of this there is the first match for the first qualifying round of Copa Sudamerican, an event in which the team secured its participation in conquering last year's cup.

Do you play many options? Enhanced parole yields - Terms & conditions apply (21+)

The shepherd pulled her as an opponent Nacional Potosi from Bolivia, which is in stunning status this season, by unbeaten with 8-4-0 at the top of the Bolivian championship, with the most prolific assault on the 30 category in 12 races. Over time he is strong at Potosi where he has the ultimate 6 races this year, scoring 3,5 goals per game in these games. It comes from 6 winning streaks and from its best appearance in the season, after breaking the Destroyers on Friday with 7-2.

In addition to the problems I mentioned above, the Zulia will have to face a team that is very much strengthened this year, but also to manage Potosi's altitude, which surpasses the 4,000 measures, altitude that even the great Latin American groups are suffering, whether a group from Venezuela who at this stage confronts the world with the problems.

I do not see how Zulia will escape the heavy defeat tonight, against an opponent that flies aggressively. Nacional is as strong at home as it is so weakened away from Bolivia and altitude and will want to get a score that will mark her ticket tonight for the next stage.

Based on the above, my choice is Nacional's 3,5 goals in 3,10 by Winmasters.

Match Info

  • Other League (If League is not in List) South American Cup
  • Pick Home Over3.5
  • Odds 3.10
  • Stake 5
  • result 0-1
  • WonDrawLost Lost
  • Profit -5
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