What is the rake in the bet

What is the rake in the bet

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The current article of the Prize is dedicated to rake, a word so widespread but also so unknown for the majority of players, or even those who are "involved" indirectly or directly in the betting industry.

Definition: It is the legal profit of anyone organizing gambling. Where there is no rake (eg in poker), there is a bowl. In most gambling there is a rake. In the theoretical case where all players win, a bookmaker or a casino can not close. He must have secured his profit from the beginning.

The rake varies. In roulette, for example, it is zero. You put a chip, the numbers are 36 + zero. If you find the number, you get one that you bet, plus 35. So, you play one chance at 37, you get back 36, one brand is the rake (from zero).

In the bet, the rake is in the odds. The bookmaker will not ... give money to the world. In the long run, I will always win.


→ The Mathematical Type:


→ Example of rake finding

Let's try a one-time win against 1,80 - 3.20 - 3.80

Rake= 1 - 1 / {(1 / 1.80) + (1 / 3,20) + (1 / 3,80)} = 0.1160 or 11.60%

So the rake in this bookmaker is 11,60%

That is, in every 100 Euro bet every single book, either lose or win, has already earned 11,60% of them, that is, in this case it has already earned 11,60 Euros.


→ How does the above proves?

Let's say that 80 Euro was played on 1.80 Ace

Let's say 45 Euros were played at the 3,20 draw

Let's say that 38 Euro was played in the 3,80 double

In each of the three cases the book owes the player refunds of 144 euro.

In total, however, they played: 80 + 45 + 38 = 163 Euro

If we do the deduction: 163-144 = 19 euro. These 19 Euros are left in the book from the beginning, whether we lose or win and is 11,60% (the rake) of the 163 Euros we have bet.

Simply put: the larger the rake, the smaller or "slaughtered" in the native language, are the odds offered.


→ Internet Companies - OPAP

Most online companies typically play from 5% to 11%, unlike his home book (OPAP) playing with rake near 15%.

A the right player should gives great attention to the rake with which he plays, to avoid the big "supplies".

How is this going to happen; If he plays in different companies (picking out who benefits him) and avoiding many matches.



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