The timeless love bet

The timeless love bet

from / BETTING ADVICE / Friday 20 December 2019 11: 16

Dear friends,

Throughout the year, infobeto society shows its social face with various events of support and assistance to our fellow human beings. But now is the time when this thought intensifies because of the holidays. Infobeto has now become an institution here when celebrations are approaching, and especially at Christmas, to do what we need to do to people who need our help.

An act of love, which for us may be of little value, but for others of enormous importance. We all have problems, we all have difficulties, especially in the season we live in and probably come even harder days, but optimism and love have no boundaries and barriers.

At least these important days we must not forget that we are human beings. Each of us can offer his help where he thinks he will. We all know people who need help to survive. Let everyone put their own stone in our society. We do not have to wait for the state to help them. We are here too.

So we invite as many members of the infobeto as they want to join him "LOVE HEAVEN", not to forget to contribute as much as they can, to whomever they want and in whatever way they want. They just have to feel it!

Without being urged on you, we say that as an infobeto we have embraced since 2002 an orphanage, the Lyrian Children's FoundationAnd since 2011 the little girls of Agia Anna. An institution that has become an institution for infobeto.

Especially the Lyrian Orphanage after the fire of July 23, 2018 and the disasters it left in need of our support more than ever.

Our goal is to increase the time that keeps a smile on all the mumps of these children.

We list the sites of the institutions mentioning various ways of support for anyone who wants to help.


Ways of Support:


Ways of Support:

Happy Holidays to everyone!




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