Triple draw in SuperLeague-Winner by lottery

Triple draw in SuperLeague-Winner by lottery

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Great fight was given to the winner of our competition in the 25th SuperLeague competition, with them Savrinio, Loco-3 and tsitoni have exactly the same numbers at a total of 26 degrees !!!

Incredible and yet as real as you can be see the picture below:

Both had 4 straight scoring forecasts in a total of 7 matches, but ended in a draw against each other: Winning Prediction-Predicting Tie-Goal Goal. - Goal Fil ..

So, according to the rules of the Infobeto competition, the winner was determined by lottery (in the case of an absolute tie, as in our case).

And this is ... Savrinio.



In the event of a tie, the award criteria are as follows:

When 2 or more users have the same number of points, the system looks at the total number of predictions. The least fortunate user wins! If users have the same number of predictions then the system will look at the correct number of predictions for accurate scores. If the tie continues, the winner will be the one who has more accurate point forecasts and if a draw occurs again the draw will be done.

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The coupon for the competition for their games is ready Champions League & Europa League




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Statistics Tipsters

  • Profit-Yield 2020
  • Profit-Yield All Time
  • Hot Tipsters (Streak)

Tipster Profit Yield
PRAGUE +62.71 + 42.95%
SOLAR +59.13 + 31.12%
Pen +1.13 + 16.14%
RAPTAKIS -7.72 -4.83%
ERTZAN -7.80 -18.14%
KOTAKIS -23.78 -31.29%
TSIOKOS -33.36 -29.79%

Tipster Profit Yield
SOLAR +1057.65 + 13.81%
PRAGUE +231.57 + 21.52%
KOTAKIS +164.25 + 5.17%
Pen +84.57 + 10.09%
RAPTAKIS +67.57 + 1.80%
ERTZAN -2.11 -0.05%
TSIOKOS -91.50 -14.45%

Tipster Won Draw Lost

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