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Stoiximan's odds

The red and whites travel to Moscow to one of the most classic and historic bras de fer in the history of the event. The received CSKA is waiting. Which of the two wants it the most?

Olympiacos has managed to turn the spotlight of European basketball above SEF at the beginning of the season. A set with direction, strong - for the time being - communication codes in the game and dedication to the defensive part. It is undoubtedly the team that steals the show in this first four games having created a hype around its perspective in the long run. The dynamics of the red and whites were even more evident in the match where they lost. In Barcelona, ​​with the exception of the bad third period, the red and whites were in control of the match, finding solutions even when things seemed to go wrong. Giorgos Bartzokas, on the other hand, certified the point of view that he wants to be one of the few coaches who can then block the flow in the attack of Saronas Yasikevitsios' teams.

After Barcelona (and the victory over Zalgiris in Faliro) Olympiakos goes to the Russian capital where it will be called to give an equally strong bras de fer. Dimitris Itoudis' CSKA has the best attack in the tournament together with the Catalans so far but also its own problems to solve. After Nikola Milutinov and the super formed "Toko" Sengelia was taken from injury. The Georgian forward was in excellent condition (21.0 points-6.0 rebounds-1.7 final passes) and showed that this year he will be the one to lead in the excellent roster of the "bear".

The Russians brought to Moscow the former star of the NBA and TEAM USA, Kenneth Farid, to strengthen their line of heights. The 32-year-old American F / C (will cover "5" in CSKA) made his debut in the match against Parma where he played for 12 minutes (0/2 personal, 0/1 shot, 3 rebounds). Essentially, coach Itoudis will touch a core of 7-8 players (plus Ivan Ukhov) to cross the reef of the Greek team. It will not be easy. It is a given that the Greek coach will try to find one (at least) extra player who will help this tight rotation to breathe and will help the rest (of the main body) to move within the framework they are used to, without trying to enter roles incompatible with their skills for a long time. In such a mess of this level, the five minutes of a role-player are a "factor".

Based on the image of the two sets so far, Olympiacos is not an outsider in this match. This status is one of the most important things to manage in Moscow. He can do it;

Very clearly.

CSKA so far has presented a solid image but also some striking weaknesses. Her attack is more democratic this season. He reads very well, has alternative sources of creation and the traditional -on Itoudi- power in the part of the personal phase, playing low mistake basketball. He goes with great frequency to the personal line, a sample of high IQ (I am referring to the whole attack). This is an element that Olympiacos should pay close attention to as this frequency of the Russians' visit to the charity line can completely change the context of the match.


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The second, equally important, element that deserves attention from the Greek defense concerns CSKA's ability in offensive rebounds. With this she firmly supports her attack. It is a given that the hosts will throw in the arena players (Bolomboy, Kurbanov, Voigtmann, Clyburn) "hungry" for second occupations. Joel Bolomboy with his physical profile and the dynamism that distinguishes him often works as a game changer in similar cases and Olympiacos must be ready for him.

In the rear, the "bear" still has a long way to go. Her collaborations are not at the desired level but the time point of the season works as a deterrent to the birth of panic. The red and whites can find several productive opportunities in Moscow, as long as they are patient and close the door on any kind of hesitation regarding their executions.

CSKA in the years of coach Itoudis is one of the top rebounding teams of the organization, working collectively in this part. It remains to be seen how much the absence of Sengelia will affect its effectiveness here. The Russian forward, among others, was the reference point in the attack on the low post. Such actions were instrumentalized this year by the coaching staff of CSKA in order for the team to control (through these executions) the rhythm and to prepare its defensive transition. Without Sengelias, the "bear" is a different team. Olympiacos has the material to hit it in the heart of the racket, as Red Star and Armani did successfully a while ago.

Johannes Voigtmann is the player who deserves special attention. Exuberant, highly skilled and dangerous in every part of the floor as creator and executor, he goes through a period of form (11.3 points-6.3 rebounds-3.8 final passes in the 4 matches of the tournament). An F / C that can play with its back, put the ball on the floor or shoot from the perimeter. Can Jean Charles make some effective defensive minutes against him?

In conclusion, Olympiacos must be mentally and competitively ready in Moscow. The received CSKA does not have the advantage of quality depth on its part this time and will try to "outmuscle" the opponent, presenting a dynamic / natural person and chasing every possession. The Greek team has the quality, experience and resilience to respond and take the helm of the match in its hands. The key to this effort will be to stop the action of the main creators of the Russians, Shved-Lundberg-Voightmann, so that the "bear" falls into the trap of predictable growth.

 The opportunity is there for Olympiacos. He just has to put his hands up and take it.

Match Combo with Over 153.5 points per game at odds of 1.95 and Over 74.5 on the total points of Olympiacos at odds of 1.80 at Stoiximan.


Yields may be subject to change.

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