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Winmasters.gr: In the hunt for undefeated and stay in Superleague!

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Special long-term bets * for the 2019 / 2020 football season

Reading for the new season goes on winmasters.gr, which offers a wide range special bets * on Team Performance for Superleague 2019 / 20. Will the past of the undefeated last year be repeated? Which teams will be ranked?

For undefeated

PAOK wrote history of the 18 / 19 season, winning the first unbeaten after Stefan Bobek's 1963-64 championship after the Panathinaikos Championship. In fact, the Bombock team has managed 24 with 6 and 26 draws, while PAOK has managed even better records, 4 wins and 54 draws. The "Bourgeois of the North", however, was the only team to make it through XNUMX championships across Europe.

As the 55 years have come to pass, such achievements are not happening often, but the three contenders in the title, PAOK, Olympiacos and AEK, want to prove that history can be repeated ... right now! Will one of the three be found unbeaten at the top of the scoring? The only sure thing is that the most competitive odds will find them among the many especially long-term wimmasters.gr *.

The battle at the back of the scoring

As the last championship has shown us, it is not only in the top but also in the queue that the stadium and the playoff are judged last year!

Panionios certainly starts from the last position as he carries a penalty -6 and it is certain that the Neosmithnians will have to make a big effort to avoid the dangerous zone. OFFI, Xanthi and Asteras gave their own battle last season and this year is not very different, while Larissa and their Thessalian neighbors, the "rookie" Volos, who remains to prove that it was not a firework, are added to these groups its rising!

Η winmasters.gr already offers the smartest bets * on the teams that will finish in the last or the last two positions of the scoring.

Stay tuned!

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