• 21
  • April 2018
  • 17:00

England Wycombe Wanderers - Accrington Stanley

Friday, April 20 2018 18: 12


Undoubtedly 44's very interesting 2 games for League XNUMX, and although the scoring motivation is one-sided, I have the impression that this alone can not justify their much-liking against - not forgetting - the champion and aspiring champion of the category.

In general we have been expressing several times this year with very flattering words for Wycombe and I do not conceal it as one of the teams I like enough, however, these good words have (and have) more to do with their off-season performance, where perhaps because of a tactical approach, usually performs better. It is not a coincidence that it is the best off-season team in the league (it has even been taken from Swindon) with eleven "doubles" and only four defeats (11-7-4 the record); its trips have received seven fewer goals (24 versus 31) versus in-home. We said it is also a matter of tactical approach since the "wood" that chooses to throw away can not do it when it is a favorite to make this game.

That's how the 11-5-5 50-31-3 says, and as an image you do not say bad, it can also be translated as a percentage of winnings that barely exceed 2% numbers, if anything, not so encouraging when you claim an increase. What is proven to be "hurting" is as we predicted the inability to go regularly into the game that suits it, leaving it more defensively defeated, ie XNUMX passive goal, which is the worst performance for the top ten teams. An additional equally interesting feature worth noting is that this year Wickom managed to beat home only a team of the top ten of the scoreboard (Swindon XNUMX-XNUMX) being defeated even by the off-limits Notch County.

On the other side, the festivals continue for Actrington, however, eating opens up the appetite, as we say, and somehow beyond the climb there is the goal of the first, namely the champion, which means that despite the much less pressure now, only as indifferent will not must be considered. Equally, the fact that it no longer has much stress can make it even more dangerous.

So, because we are talking about the leader of the scoring and the team that has been defeated by 27 / 1 (12 wins 14 games since then) and because we are talking about England where the word "indifferent" rarely has a serious base, go with the clearly excessive 4,02 offers the goalbet for the double.

Event: Wycombe Wanderers - Accrington Stanley
Sport: Soccer
Competition: England League 2
Date: Saturday 21 April 2018 17: 00
Tip: 2
Units: 3/10
Odds: 4.02
Result: +0
Profit: + 9.06 (Won)
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His love for the sport called football, his knowledge of this, and more generally his desire to share thoughts, ideas and prognoses, has prompted him to take up a bet from an early age. So somehow, starting out as a stamp from the ... various forums, it has reached a well-known betting newspaper of pan-Hellenic range and now feels ready for new challenges.

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Wycombe Wanderers
Kind Total Home Away
Wins 4 4 0
Drawings 4 1 3
Defeats 7 2 5
Goal Pro 16 10 6
Goal against 21 7 14
Clean hearth 3 2 1
M.O. goals for
(per game)
1.07 1.43 0.75
M.O. goals against
(per game)
1.4 1.00 1.75
M.O. first goal in favor 36m 41m 28m
M.O. first goal against 52m 65m 43m
No scoring 6 2 4
Accrington Stanley
Kind Total Home Away
Wins 8 5 3
Drawings 9 5 4
Defeats 13 5 8
Goal Pro 32 20 12
Goal against 42 20 22
Clean hearth 5 2 3
M.O. goals for
(per game)
1.07 1.33 0.80
M.O. goals against
(per game)
1.4 1.33 1.47
M.O. first goal in favor 48m 52m 40m
M.O. first goal against 48m 58m 37m
No scoring 10 2 8
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